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Scam The Scammer 163 "Everyone Is Named James"
Scam The Scammer Episode 163 - Yep, another friggin' Back Brace scam, but they have all the information *except* the correct Medicare number. Too bad, eh? Up first is "James" from " U.S. Pharmacy" supposedly in San Diego. He then passes Frankin to another "James", floor supervisor, who then offers to call back (YEAH!). Lucky you, the call-back is included at no additional cost!
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Scam The Scammer 016 "I Won A Cruise!"
Scam The Scammer Episode 016 - After receiving an unbelievable offer right from the Grand Bahama Mama herself, I spoke with the adorable telescammer "Heidi Taylor". Unfortunately, "Heidi" didn't realize that "free offers" don't involve credit cards.
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Scam The Scammer 124 "It's Not What It Seems"
Scam The Scammer Episode 124 - This seems to have been Medicare Scam Week, and I don't know about you, but I'm pretty done with these people. Where are the IRS scammers? I need variety! Anyway, I decided to use the "Doomsday Bit" to actually discourage them from calling again. Can you believe it? We'll see if the surprise ending works. Bet you can't predict what happens!
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Scam The Scammer 165 "Scambait Floor Sweepings"
Scam The Scammer Episode 165 - I get SO many calls a day that posting just one causes a log jam. So you can experience one of my average days, here are three-in-a-row for your scambaiting pleasure! 1) "Mark" from "U.S. Pharmacy" shows us how to never get another medicare scam call again ever. Who would have thought? 2) "Angie" from "The Chimney Company" gives up WAY TOO easily. 3) Jeremiah is all ready to battle, but...
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Scam The Scammer 167 "We'll Find Her Breaking Point!"
Scam The Scammer Episode 167 - This extra value episode features Lakshit, Franklin, and Jeremiah which turns out to be too much for telescamchicks "Jenny" and "Erica Smith" from "Medicare Benefits Program" who apparently aren't used to getting tag-teamed on their calls. Time to brush up on these multi-character appearances!
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Scam The Scammer 094 "The Low Interest Cruise"
Scam The Scammer Episode 094 - Telescamchick "Linda Edwards" from "Interest Rate Programs" calls Jeremiah while he's on a cruise with Isabella. "Linda" should sound familiar as she made her Scam The Scammer debut a few months ago on Episode 073 "The Greatest Generation" and now she's back, still working to pry away credit card info. Do you think she's heard of the Costa Concordia?
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Scam The Scammer 172 "Face The Music"
Scam The Scammer Episode 172 - "Jacob" from "U.S. Pharmacy" follows up to get my Medicare information but won't answer my simple questions, like what is his address. Then "Nick" calls and tries his luck followed by "James Smith", floor supervisor, who I make listen to a recording of a previous scam call from "Benny" aka "Giggles The Scammer". James is surprised to learn that I record calls and to hear a fellow scammer admit to being a scammer. Who's having a bad day in India?
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Scam The Scammer 176 "Scammer Smorgasbord"
Scam The Scammer Episode 176 - Three credit card scammers take turns trying to pry away my VISA card number.
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Scam The Scammer 073 "The Greatest Generation"
Scam The Scammer Episode 073 - Colonel Franklin P. Quigley USN (retired) keeps telescam chick "Linda" from "Credit Card Services" engaged for over 13 minutes with his take on world affairs, and in particular, North Korea. Unfortunately, he had trouble reading his credit card info and his nurse "Secretia" was not in a mood to help.
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Scam The Scammer 129 "President Turned Physician"
Scam The Scammer Episode 129 - What's with all the damn back brace calls?? Where are the IRS scammers? Telescammer "James" didn't seem to be familiar with taxidermy but at least he knew the former Iranian president. What was his company's name? "Ventures Of Bali"? I couldn't hear him clearly. Whatever...
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Scam The Scammer 088 "Got Any Raisins?"
Scam The Scammer Episode 088 - This back brace/medicare scam seems to be all the rage these days, and since Colonel Quigley handled them last time, this week Jeremiah Wayland takes the call from tele-scammer "Alex" from the "Pain Management Center". Alex's job is to pre-qualify victims before handing them over to the senior scammer, in this case it's "Chloe" from the "Back And Knee Brace Center". No worries, Colonel fans. He makes a cameo appearance and we learn that he and Jeremiah are neighbors!
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Scam The Scammer 056 "All She Wants To Hear Is A Yes"
Scam The Scammer Episode 056 - After a full WEEK of no scam calls, I was starting to think we got blacklisted by the scammers. Imagine that, a DO NOT CALL list they actually honor! Well, "Credit Card Services" called in the last minutes of Friday and surprised me so much I didn't have a bit ready and actually gave out Jeremiah's name without thinking! This is one of the BEST examples of why it's so important to NOT say the word "Yes" by itself, and Scam-Babe tries everything she can think of to hear that lovely word...
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Scam The Scammer 155 "Scambot Doubleshot
Scam The Scammer Episode 155 - Taking a break from the incessant back brace and interest rate scam calls, this double-shot features "Molly" and "Stan". Both are pre-recorded responses run by some scammer with a think, uncompelling accent. Fortunately, I have my own pre-recorded responses. Let the battle begin! While their causes sound legit, their operations are not. Please donate only directly to your favorite causes.
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Scam The Scammer 108 "Turning The Tables On The Scambotters"
Scam The Scammer Episode 108 - While this is yet *another* "Michael Emmanuel" scambot call for the "Veteran Police Association", it also marks a significant breakthough in that I got past the dopey recordings and got to talk to "Carl", a real person. Too bad for him that he *didn't* get to talk to a real person, lol!
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Scam The Scammer 126 "Mile-High Scam Club"
Scam The Scammer Episode 126 - Ironically, I was busy watching some great scambait vids when this call came in. More ironically, I could have been scammed big time, lol, if these guys had any determination. What's vague about having to turn off all electronic equipment?
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Scam The Scammer 128 "The Test Of Wills"
Scam The Scammer Episode 128 - This scam call was edited down from a whopping 30+ minutes of battle between me and multiple scammers to see who would give up first! Round 1: Me vs "Ethan" from "U.S. Pharmacy" Round 2: Franklin Quigley takes on "Steve Murphy" ...and then they threatened to call back to finish the scam!
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Scam The Scammer 178 "The DUMBEST Scammer EVER"
Scam The Scammer Episode 178 - "Daniel" started off calling from the complaint department at UPS (United Parcel Service) wanting to discuss Medicare information about a missing back brace shipment. HUH!?! Then he suddenly became an employee of the USPS (United States Postal Service), and despite getting called on this by Franklin, snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this scammer from the swift completion of his appointed BS. This one is getting added to my faves list. Franklin P. Quigley fans will enjoy how the Colonel handles this mess. After a seemingly endless series of calls where the scammers were given bogus info (of course) they're trying this new tactic to pry out Franklin's correct Medicare number. Good luck...
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Scam The Scammer 105 "Does Not Compute"
Scam The Scammer Episode 105 - This "Michael Emmanuel" bot is really hitting the calls hard these days and is back yet again. I'm surprised that his button panel of recordings couldn't provide a simple YES/NO answer, OR, the scammer pressing the buttons clicked the wrong one. It's nice having my own button panel and I debuted some new recording in the episode...
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Scam The Scammer 166 "Tech Support Scammers Lose To Possessed PC"
Scam The Scammer Episode 166 - Three bogus tech support scammers from "Cyber Security Of WWW Server" become freaked out by Jeremiah's computer issues, including breaking glass when the Windows key is pressed, a folder and file eating cockroach, and satanic "You've Got Mail" laughter, to name just a few. And it got worse as the call went along, causing Jeremiah to get more suspicious that these tech support people were making things worse. Repeated attempts to connect to the scammer's server failed as the super-natural computer weirdness increased, leading the scammers to concede that Jeremiah's computer needs a priest and exorcism. This episode is nearly an hour of the absurd and surreal. Have limited time and want to cut to my favorite parts? Use the shortcuts below: "It's making an All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet out of my files" (26:05) "Doesn't that sound like Satan?" (44:23) "My computer won't allow me to unplug it" (46:53)
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Scam The Scammer 100 "Jungle Safari Adventure Thriller"
Scam The Scammer Episode 100 - I wanted #100 to be extra special and hopefully this pull-out-all-the-stops episode has paid off! To celebrate the hundredth Scam The Scammer, we went deep into the African jungle where "Ann" from Chesapeake Bay Pharmacy was able to find me thanks to an amazing Verizon "Deep Jungle" mobile roaming plan. While discussing non-existant ailments with "Ann", we ventured through the thick growth aided by "Mutombo", our witch-doctor guide and translator. His interpreter skills came in handy when we encountered a flatulent cannibal who warned us about the "Long In Tooth Jungle Walrus" that guarded the sacred burial grounds we were walking through. Poor "Ann" put up with a lot, then the unthinkable happened, and she was clearly shaken at the very end... The making of STS Episode 100: Jungle drums: Memory Tapes "Yes I Know" sampled (cool song!) Witch doctor & guide Mutombo: Leif Erickson's character Whaba played backward from Abbott & Costello "Pardon My Sarong" (1942) Angry flatulent cannibal: Walrus sounds (incredible, eh?) Long-In-Tooth Jungle Walrus: Walrus groans and roars (incredible, eh?) Walking/running in jungle: Me stomping in leaves around the house, recorded on an iPhone
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Scam The Scammer 104 "I Won 2.5 Million Dollars!"
Scam The Scammer Episode 104 - Don't you just love it when someone calls to tell you that they want to give you millions of dollars? That's exactly what "John Williams" did, and the pre-recorded gang here was thrilled! I'm sure all it would take is a Social Security number and other personal information that should never be given out. I sure could have used that cash!
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Scam The Scammer 159 "Anatomy Of A Computer Scam"
Scam The Scammer Episode 159 - In this episode, we strap on our latex gloves and delve deep within the inner workings of computer help scams to reveal just how they work. "Morgan" from "VT Support" is the gatekeeper who determines that I'm easy prey for their scam. He then passes me off to the next level scammer who ultimately wants to gain access to my computer for their nefarious purposes. Too bad for them that there's more wrong with my computer than they could imagine!
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Scam The Scammer 119A "Scammers On Parade - Part 1"
Scam The Scammer Episode 119A - This became a two part series, spanning multiple scammers and calls, a real test of who was going to break first! Part 1 begins with telescambabe "Jessica" from "iGlobal Pain Solutions" calling Jeremiah while he was on a cruise with his wife Isabella. Unfortunately, routine ship noises such as horn blasts and P.A. announcements interrupt the reading of his valuable medical ID card info. Bummer! Then Scam Verification Specialist "Needle O'Brian" takes over to close the deal, or at least tries to...
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Scam The Scammer 114 "Shocking Electric Rate Scam"
Scam The Scammer Episode 114 - Telescamchick "Angela" pitches a classic bait-n-switch electric rate scam, but it quickly becomes apparent that this is her first day at the scam enter. This was a LONG, BORING call as she bumbled her way through the qualification process, asking co-workers for help and even putting me to sleep, so I did the unimaginable and hung up on her. Fortunately, all that lame stuff was edited out, and as a bonus, the scam-boss calls me back to close the deal and attempts to get valuable electric bill account information from Franklin P. Quigley.
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Scam The Scammer 136 "Allison Wants To Lube Up Franklin"
Scam The Scammer Episode 136 - Word must be getting out in Scamworld that the back brace thing is getting old, and it is, but since there's still medical fraud to be had, "Allison" from "Pain Relief Assistance Center" tries pitching pain and skin cream instead. Same scam, different crap. Want their phone number? 3:15
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Scam The Scammer 093 "Computer Viruses on Parade"
Scam The Scammer Episode 093 - "Larry" from "Tech Help Line" was kind enough to call because my computers, both Windows and Mac, were downloading nasty files without my knowledge! Oh my! Need a quickie Scam The Scammer? Larry's interest in helping me doesn't last long...
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This One's Also For Francine VS Scammers
Francine REALLY wants to call the Back Brace scammers. What does it take to get their number? A lot, apparently. See Francine? It's just not that easy. BTW, those calls came in within 5 minutes of each other...
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Scam The Scammer 097 "Open Wide And Hold Still!"
Scam The Scammer Episode 097 - It's bad enough having root canal work, but to then get a scam call? There's no such thing as too much novocaine as some punk scammer tries to extract my credit card number! A very different visit to the dentist. As you can hear, I almost lost it at 4:56, lol...
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Scam The Scammer 106 "Scam Call To Santa Claus"
Scam The Scammer Episode 106 - In this festive Christmas episode, telescammer "Debit Parker" calls the North Pole and ends up speaking with Christopher Kringle! Imagine! But even a four year old knows not to anger Santa Claus, which is exactly what "Debit" does, and that lands him on Santa's shi... naughty list!
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Scam The Scammer 119B "Scammers On Parade - Part 2"
Scam The Scammer Episode 119B - Following "Jessica" and "Needle-Dick's" failure to secure Jeremiah's medical ID information (crucial for a successful scam), "Jessica" calls back and then puts frustrated pitbull-in-pants Scam Supervisor "Kate" on the line. Oddly, the name of the company changed since the previous call five minutes earlier. It's now "Back Brace Specialists" located in Fairfax, VA but she can't mention the street name. Who would you say won this one?
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Scam The Scammer 116 "Back Brace For The Head"
Scam The Scammer Episode 116 - Is it true that "third time's a charm"? This episode has a whopping three parts beginning with telepest "Eric" from "Medicare Patient", or something like that, who tries to pitch ol' Jeremiah Wayland on a bunch of medical braces for free thanks to this medical claim scam. "Eric" promises to call back later, and those calls get handled appropriately. Our Scam The Scammer 3-In-One Value Video!
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Scam The Scammer 018 "A Free Alarm System For A Fee"
Scam The Scammer Episode 018 - How incredibly lucky I am that telescammer "Kelly" from "The Alarm Company" has an unbeatable offer for security for everything but my phone number. Trying out "Gilbert Sullivan" as a name for this character. This call went so long I had to use the bathroom, with "Kelly" on the line, yet that didn't even phase her.
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Scam The Scammer 057 "Gotta Get This Phone Line Fixed"
Scam The Scammer Episode 057 - Telescammer "Jessie" becomes quickly frustrated by the noise on the line that somehow keeps interrupting my reading of that invaluable credit card number. Bummer, eh?
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Scam The Scammer 054 "No Discount For Military Service"
Scam The Scammer Episode 054 - "Christina" from "Interest Rate Programs (IRP)" seems mildly amused by the Colonel even though he almost blew it by claiming to pay off his debts. Gotta remember that gotcha from now on...
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Scam The Scammer 175 "The Hold From Hell"
Scam The Scammer Episode 175 - This episode is designed to test the determination of telepest "Lily" from "U.S. Pharmacy". As a bonus, Franklin makes it through to floor supervisor "Parker" who is also subjected to a challenging scam adventure. Like characters? You get an assortment in this one!
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Scam The Scammer 118 "Not Worth Getting Scammed"
Scam The Scammer Episode 118 - The "Jungle Safari" (episode 100) was so much fun that I had to try it again! Yep, all the favorite characters are back, and of course the Long In Tooth Jungle Walrus! What wasn't expected was the ending...
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Scam The Scammer 009 "Let's Be Honest"
Scam The Scammer Episode 009 - Here's one that will tug on your heart strings. Did you know that all the telescammers want is some honesty? Pretty ironic I'd say... (and NEVER be honest with them!)
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Scam The Scammer 173 "A Day In My Life"
Scam The Scammer Episode 173 - Even wonder what a typical scam-call day is like for me? This episode is a compilation of the SEVEN telepest calls that came in today. It's remarkable. They're the ants at my picnic, starring these scammers (in order of appearance): (0:00) "Lucas" calling from "something-Pharmacy Management" in New York (4:41) "Steven" from the "Medicare Department" in Oklahoma (727-552-5477) (10:36) Where's the scammer? Someone can't think of what to say. (12:36) "Joe" from "Better Off Healthy" (17:09) "Ann" from "Pain Management Center" (18:38) "Blaine" and his senior agent "Roger" from "Healthcare Specialists" (23:43) "Jane" from "Medicare Patients" gets so rattled when Jeremiah asks for the address where her company is located that she puts her supervisor, "Alicia Ann" on the line.
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Scam The Scammer 085 "Cash From My Rich Uncle Sam!"
Scam The Scammer Episode 085 - Here's a different one... "Kelvin Murphy" of the "Verification Dept" of the "Federal Government Grant Department" calls to advise me that my wealthy Uncle Sam has $9000 for me, tax free, that I can pick up at Walmart, if I want. All I need to do is call 315-333-2193 and claim the cash. Come on... Seriously, this has to be one of the LAMEST scams around, but it's apparently working since it's been going on for some time. Incredible.
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Scam The Scammer 001 "Direct from Delhi"
Scam The Scammer Episode 001 - Direct from Delhi, Heshi argues with a telescammer about how they won't get disconnected, irritating "Jess" from "Bank Card Services" into hanging up on him. Too bad she missed out on valuable account information!
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Scam The Scammer 005 "Was That A Zero Or Capital O?"
Scam The Scammer Episode 005 - I really dragged this one out, determined to waste as much telescammer time as possible. The up side is you get to hear her whole pitch, and she gets good and mad by the time she hangs up (I'd never hang up on her, of course). Despite this, we'll be hearing from this lovely Southern Belle again soon!
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Scam The Scammer 177 "The $9000 Cash Call Jackpot"
Scam The Scammer Episode 177 - "Grace Marshall" from the "U.S. Treasury & Grants Dept" calls to let me know that I am APPROVED to receive $9000 that I can spend any way I want and never have to pay back! What a deal!! All I need to do is call 360-569-139 and give a grant code number. How could so many people post unkind comments on the net about this offer?
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Scam The Scammer 045 "Have A Nice Day"
Scam The Scammer Episode 045 - "Frank Edward" thinks his leg is getting pulled by Jeremiah when his bogus card information foils the scammer.. Nah...
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Scam The Scammer 049 "Yes Is The Word To Never Say"
Scam The Scammer Episode 049 - As if these scammers aren't crafty enough, now the trick is to get their victims to say the word "YES". Why? They use that recording to access voice-recognition systems to access your account. "Absolutely" is a finer term to use and it will really piss them off! This episode marks the official re-naming of Colonel Wayland to Colonel Quigley (Franklin P. Quigley) to avoid confusion with Jeremiah Wayland. Hopefully the scammers won't notice!
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Scam The Scammer 131 "Try To Sound Surprised, Okay?"
Scam The Scammer Episode 131 - Jeremiah gets a call from the "U.S. Treasury & Grant Department" offering him $9000 that he never needs to pay back! An unbelievable deal that gets blown by Jeremiah not sounding convincingly surprised.
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Scam The Scammer 076 "PC Support Goes Terribly Wrong"
Scam The Scammer Episode 076 - Telescammer Hadji from "Microsoft Tech Support" claims that my Windows license key has expired and he's calling me to either fix the problem or destroy my PC. Having no choice but to follow his instructions, very strange things started to happen. This scam has been around since Windows was loaded from floppy disks!
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Scam The Scammer 125 "Don't Call Me Princess"
Scam The Scammer Episode 125 - Scamgal "Ianna" is not impressed when Linton Irie puts on the "yagga yagga" (pick up lines) and casts his Valentine's Day charms to the wind. Undaunted, we try the Caribbean theme again. But there's more! This is a Three-In-One STS Bonus Pack and you not only get three scam calls in one, but virtually the whole cast shows up to take on the scammers!
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Scam The Scammer 179 "Viagra For Vets"
Scam The Scammer Episode 179 - "Mike" from "USA Online Pharmacy" has a complete catalog of pills for every ailment. It's not long before he wants to turbocharge Franklin and Bernice's sex life despite them being in their 70s. I wanted this to be a Jeremiah Wayland video but "Mike" insisted on speaking with Franklin...
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Scam The Scammer 151 "Dave Lies Like A Persian Rug"
Scam The Scammer Episode 151 - "Dave" from "Health Solution Group" claims that he's in San Diego but is unable to answer the simplest questions about his company or San Diego. This episode actually inspired Episode 150 "Lets Play Stump The Scammer" (https://youtu.be/JHJ3OLgZc7Q). Plan to hear more of this theme as I really like how it cuts through their B.S.
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Scam The Scammer 162 "Pill Peddle People"
Scam The Scammer Episode 162 - "Fiel" and her supervisor "Kim Smith" have pills for all occasions, but their two favorites for Franklin are a weight loss pill and a colon cleanser. Just what the septuagenarian needs, a decent bowl movement! Adding to the mess are rambunctious kids, disagreeable family members, and even a prostitute. Lots of good info in this half hour episode: Mutual Health Wellness Center (www.nhealthcs.com) 15805 Stagg Street Van Nuys, CA 91406 "Fiel" ID # HB15115 1-800-254-3727 Kim Smith - Supervisor 1-888-895-6205 http://www.nutrohealth.com Franklin's order # 033951
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