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Noodling 'Round With Viagra
I'm lying in bed late one night and again see the ubiquitous Viagra commercial where a woman states she'd rather have a man in bed than a book. Having several women friends who had confidentially said the opposite, I realize this might make a terrific video parody. So I get up and start writing knowing the most important visual catchphrase, a woman in bed with her knees bent, would be my opening. But who would I cast as the actress? I had hired a woman (Delores Bernardi) to do my filing several months earlier. The first comment I had made as she walked into my loft was: "Wow, what a commercial face you have." Plus, her voice reminded me of the wonderful Brenda Vaccaro's. So I talked Dee into doing the video despite her many fears that she would never remember lines, hated being in front of a camera, had no showbiz aspirations. My instincts were correct. She did a fantastic job. The reason for creating "Noodling 'Round With Viagra" is to gain attention, as a writer, to enable me to sell my film scripts. As a former professional photographer, magazine writer, and now script writer, my soon to be 78 years is an obstacle. Of course I create characters who are older such as in my comedy Teach Me Tonight, a naughty comedy about two women, in their early 50s, who hire a faux gay man, to teach them what they've long forgotten about sex. Hey, I want to see films without violence and raw sex -- I can get this on local news. For more information or to learn more about screenwriter, Holly Bower, visit http://NoodlingRoundWithViagra.com or E-mail: HollyBower777@gmail.com You can also follow Holly on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/MsHollyBower
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Dee Breaking Up   outtake from "Noodling 'Round With Viagra"
This is an outtake from "Noodling 'Round With Viagra" where Dee reverses her lines and realizes "that's not right"!
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Anders showing Dee how   out take Noodling 'Round With Viagra
Anders was demonstrating how Dee might walk to the window during the filming of "Noodling 'Round With Viagra".
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Tease: A tale of sensual corruption played against a Nazi past
The trailer for Tease was shot using Polaroid Transfers (putting the negative side of a Polaroid on wet watercolor paper) because I wanted to create texture. Due to the cost of this process, I ran out of money and then used transparencies videotaped against textured cloth. I decided to make a movie trailer in order to raise money to do the actual film. I took my completed script and selected certain scenes to give the 'feel' of the story. I had very little time so I quickly cast Tease by going to NY street fairs to find the 'faces' that would visually fit my characters. I was not necessarily looking for actors since I planned to go to Berlin and cast theatrical or television actors once funding was raised. For me, casting is one of the most important elements in a film. Already this year's works-in-progress screenings have thrown up some hotly tipped contentders... fifteen minutesof Holly Bower's appropriately named Tease, a tale of sensual corruption played against a Nazi past, has had buyers apparently panting for more." – Screen International
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