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eclipse vs mischa daniels Makes me love you / So Strong
After discovering the video of Eclipse's great house tune "Makes me love you" and later on discovering Mischa Daniels "So Strong" , a number of people have commented that they sound similar. I decided to do a nice mix between Eclipse's "Makes Me Love you" and Mischa Daniels "So Strong" Check it out!!!
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Video reaction to fat girl dancing to "Shaggy's It wasn't me"
So a friend posted this on Facebook so I decided to record my reaction. This is by no means of putting down this young girl because she is fat. I'm happy that she is proud of her body. What I'm not happy about is her a) grand mal seizure like dance moves b) saying that "all bitches are jealous of her body" c) playing Shaggy's "It wasn't me" d) trying to gain her 15min of fame when it is really 15 mins of shame e) Her trying to act like she is from the "projects" or from the "hood" when clearly she waited until mommy and daddy left to work and was alone in their suburb home that she decided to do this video. I'm sorry but this is CANTANKEROUS and DANGEROUS but a hilarious video lol.
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Dutty wine gone wrong
Girl doing a dancehall queen competition does the dutty wine but ends up falling
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WMC 2008 Hotel Beach Plaza Party
JASK spinning Alfred Azetto "colours" vs. KOT "Finally". This was my first time at WMC and trust me I enjoyed it.
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Murder soundboy dubplate clip lol
I can't sing for shit and I did this out of boredom and plus I love my dancehall. This is me attempting to sing Tony Curtis verse on" big bad and heavy " by jingsy king and tony Curtis
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Video reaction to Who's African grandfather is this?!?!!
I'm not a hater but there's a reason why we need to regulate Viagra Cialis and Levitra lol. I don't know you but if I saw my legally blind bilaterally hip replaced Nitrospray carrying Grand dad being twerked on by some younger woman Id move him out of the way and take his place lol.
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