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Roblox Episode 7: Bloodfest, Grenade Launcher Review
Recommend on getting it. It's 200 robux to unlock and 6,000 ingame dollars to get.
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Roblox Episode 8: ODERS EXPOSED!
Discusting! I found 5 online daters, in one server... in less than 10 MINUTES!!! Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/853970996/Boys-And-Girls-Dance-Club All rights go to the owner of the game
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The Roblox Series: #1
(Published on 12/9/12) Help me xD You probably clicked onto another video, not even half way in.
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Roblox bully stories put in a nutshell{}Terrible nutshells pt 1.
A new vulgar to terrible recorded series. If you want youtube, I'll delete this video.
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Roblox Episode 5: M60 and Remington 870 gun review
Heavy weapons for life gg get rekt nub
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Terrible Nutshells: CS:GO in a nutshell
Terrorist win
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Roblox Episode 2:One life challenge! Plus a bonus at the end!
(Published on 12/8/17) Yeah meh second video. Game:https://web.roblox.com/games/231465483/MUFFIN-KOMBAT-WAR-WITHOUT-END Enjoy!
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How anime is potrayed sort of{}Terrible nutshells #2
OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU YOGI? -Some random videogame sounds with with blood-
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Roblox episode 16: Trolling at RBH Again pt 3
Late upload Published on 3/4/18
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Trolling Oder's 1: IDIOTS!
Featuring this youtuber: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFxWxdjUJjWUZ0uuz2prcg This is my 2nd oder trolling video! I've decided to make this a series! :D
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Eradicating a team of combines in less than a minute
Didn't expect to get the badge, but now you know something. Don't fuck with me in "The Stalker: Reborn."
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Episode 6 pt1: Ricky!
999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 views. QUALITY CONTENT!
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Trailer: The attack...
Coming soon. Live action film!
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Roblox Episode 10: SWAT Review
Prison life
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Roblox #14: WW2!
Roblox WWII! Hoped you enjoyed this.
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Roblox Episode 8 pt 2: Add some salt...
A few minutes later I found a group of oders... do these people learn?
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Horrible Rappers [Read Desc] Roblox, episode 12
Due to the fact that I have notice that my videos say "this video uses copy righted music," I've decided to mute this video, in order to further prevent that chance of a copy right strike. Happy groundhog day!
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Terrible Nutshells 4: Roblox Bully Stories pt 2!!!
Music used: https://soundcloud.com/v0hrtex/ghostemane-x-shakewell-x-pouya-x-erick-the-architect-death-by-dishonor-bass-boosted Videos used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEPySMfDvM4 Other vid used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ickMHvvr88k&t=122s
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Roblox episode 16: Trolling at RBH Again pt 2
Forgot to upload Published on 3/4/18
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Roblox Episode 18, M60 Review! (Blooddfest)
Finally got another review! Summary: High fire rate, 21 base damage, good for crowd control, mid range accuracy and lastly 50 (or 75 robux forgot lol) and it cost $6500 in the game.
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Roblox Episode 12: Introducing a new character...
Ein Geist aus dem zweiten Weltkrieg ... er lebt ... wie? A spirit from World War two... he is alive... how? Lol used google translate for that. Use google translate to look like you got a doctorate degree!
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Roblox Episode 18: A tank that floats!?
A heavily armored IFV with 99999999mm of Chobham armor that has a bulldozer and crosses the sea!
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Roblox, episode 17. Design it! Pt 2.
Beautiful... Forgot to upload this with part 1. Oof
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When your alone in the streets
Song used: Clubbed to death, from the Matrix.
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The Attack...
Why would I make a video about a school shooting? That's a waste of time! School shootings are terrible, and I don't want to die in one.
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Roblox Episode 4 part 2: Alone!
Welp, apparently roblox doesn't record for a long time... so I needed to make a part 2 smh.
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Terrible Nutshells #5: Nuclear Warfare
10/10 Grammar /e dab rekt nub u nob cuz u gOT nA robax AQSHZFJERHJGRFHRFGHDWSNH
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Roblox Episode 4: Alone!
Yeah we are playing another roblox game... is meh channel a gaming channel? Nope.
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Holiday Special: Rush, Shield review
Who cares, at least we got Christmas outfits xD
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Design it! Part 1, Roblox Episode 17
Fashion has evolved.
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Roblox Episode 3: RUSH EM!
A new game on roblox called Rush Beta. Enjoy. Also can you believe that I did 5 videos in a day?
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Episode 6 pt 2: RICKY!!!!!!!!
"OMG make my babies"- 17 year old white girl. "Infinite Percent"-Rotten Tomatoes. "This will bring world peace!"-The soul of Adolf Hitler. "This video is complete trash!"-A logical person.
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Trolling Oder's 1 pt 2: There life is a lie
Welp, deal with it. Youtuber featured in this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFxWxdjUJjWUZ0uuz2prcg
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Trolling at Koala Cafe, Roblox Episode Number 13
Lmfao, Koala Cafe doesn't care about the song I played! I'm lucky! Roblox Code Used: https://web.roblox.com/library/1409959909/scars Original: https://soundcloud.com/addivt/scars All credit goes to the Addivt, the creator.
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Secret Shrek Sex Tape!
Now the real question is... what are you doing in HIS swamp, Shrek?
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Roblox episode 16: Trolling at RBH Again
Forgot to upload this yesterday Published on 3/4/18
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Horses are sexy
BYM Exploiter
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Roblox Episode 15: Operation Scorpion!
Try it out yourself.
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Roblox Episode 11: RBH Trolling pt 3
Welp... the morale of the story... "SLOB ON MY KNOB, LIKE CORN ON THE COB. CHECK IN WITH ME AND DO YOUR JOB! "
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