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No Use For A Name - Pacific Standard Time
one of my fav songs from the new no use album go get the album its awesome!
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You Are Guilty - UMvC3 Ghost Rider Combo Video
Best viewed in 1080p :) Special thanks to http://suspension99.deviantart.com/ for the sweet art
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DDR Speed over beethoven AAA
pretty old video, forgot to put this up :S
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Daikenkai ONI AAA
feetcam lmao
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Fascination Maxx (ex stage)
8x no pants halfway fail thx toby for recording lol
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richie - Primal soul [Stealth] (DMV3)
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Chaos OMES
yay passed it on video lol
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Fascination(ELM) 2x nonstop
me and tim playing felm on 2x in players best nonstop course
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Stepmania - Alive
i put a few mods in =)
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Flowers 4 greats
my best is 2, ill try get better or AAA next time =)
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Onihime A on DMV
4.5 hidden, dark, isuck, autobass
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MAXX Unlimited AAAA
stupid stupid song....
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one more lovely 1.1xrate AAA 8 ex
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over the rave 100%
nice noteskin
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UMVC3 - Nicolas Cage VS Abegen (SSV 2014)
sorry, stream sound wasn't working until about 1:40
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Marty Dances to DDR with shoutouts
lol @ random girl recording marty on her phone
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T6BR Combo Vid ACT 1 - nemesis (WCC?)
Alright! Bout time, sorry for the long wait had like mass work and christmas/new year busy busy. I wanna give a massive thanks to my nigga zarzob, helped me with all sorts of stuff! (no homo) no but seriously helped with capture card shiz, compression, etc the whole deal. So go visit his channel and subscribe or something: http://www.youtube.com/user/zarzobb Thanks also goes to my bro who lent me his PS3 and his mate sue who provided the capture card. OK so basically I started working on capturing this in December '09 off and on every chance i got.. well apart from some pretty ridiculous raging moments, I had a few of them but thankfully you don't get to see them since the combo's were directly captured =P. Some combo's i would've liked to capture but couldn't pull them off as there was a slight delay on my PC when recording since i didn't have the option to play through TV and record via PC and my PC is slow balls. I pretty much have nothing else to say apart from, enjoy the video and if possible please comment, rate and subscribe i'd appreciate it alot. Thanks! ---------------------------------------- Tools used: WinFAST TV2000 XP Expert Capture Card + WinFast PVR Program Sony Vegas 9 Photoshop PS3 HRAP3 (Hori Real Arcade Pro 3) Stick
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Kazuya - Speed Demon T5.0 [nemesis]
My first kazuya combo video. Drop a comment =) Cheers *Apologies for the dark line that appears in most of the combos, due to a crappy ass camera*
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Eudemons too much ep
hahah i also forgot to note it's $20 NZD a pop
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Rohan PvP - nemesis
- BEST VIEWING IN 720HD - Sorry for not uploading a video in like forever This is a collection of FRAPS video i've been meaning to clear off of my HDD for a while now, it's some pretty old rohan footage which I whipped up in sony vegas in a day.. and I apologize for the shotty editing as well as I haven't edited anything in a long time :) Not the greatest rohan footage, but oh well... for those curious how much dex I reached here's a screenie: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z213/nemesisnz/3455.jpg I will get some more tekken/ddr/itg footage up at some point just bare with me :)
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Bad Religion - Generator @ AKL Town Hall
NOFX and Bad Religion Punk Show 4/10/2009 @ Auckland Town Hall - NZ
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t4jin law combo video
this is my first full combo video for law on tekken, haha well this took a day and a bit to perform the combos, and edit the video, these combos were all done on ps2 pad. had fun making it as well :O enjoy higher quality version here: http://www.carnagenz.orcon.net.nz/t4jinlawHQ.wmv heres the transcript http://www.carnagenz.orcon.net.nz/lawtranscript.txt
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AAA Babys tears remix DDRSN JPN
this is a new song to supernova, pretty fun =)
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Tekken 6 Deviljin VS Bob
deviljin's moves look way different... and bob looks bs lol
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online cd+3 techtrap lolol
thanks for teching dude
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Boss machine AAA mods
yay such a cool song mods: 1.2x music rate, drunk, hidden, dark, incoming enjoy :D
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teh noob song
heyy noooob
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SFxT Kazuya combo 508dmg (no meter midscreen)
just toying around in practice mode with kaz transcript: 1st combo - jump,MK, crMP, LK,LP,MK~ewgf, HP~ewgf, HP~ewgf, ewgf 2nd combo - jump,HP, HP~ewgf, HP~ewgf, HP~ewgf, ewgf
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Lvl 251 Monster Warlord - Opening 100+ Mystery Eggs
scrambled eggs
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Bloodrush 1.2x rate
me playing itg2 song bloodrush on stepmania on 1.2x music rate with couple mods: fade out, hide targets, hallway and getting 96.80% damn keyboard arrows are too small to crossover haha.
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Shunsuke - spaceman 98.38%
smashed his old score lol
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MC Soul - HammerTYME (feat.Barrack & Chan)
Biggest hit sensation #1 Music video Top Of The Pops (1990) Academy award winner - Best supporting role: Barrack Oscar emmy - Biggest improvement: Chan VMA music award - Most records sold: MC Soul Enjoy
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legend of max stepmania? lol
3gr with some padcrap
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Good times!
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T6BR Combo Video Trailer
If you have any questions, what sort of angles/notations were required for the combo's etc just message me via youtube or msn voldoarrowyou@hotmail.com and i can teach you and maybe you can become a champion too. Thanks
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ryan(DJIN)vs(FENG)Zenki #1
wellington new zealand timeout casuals
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Lagwagon - Memoirs and landmines
fucking cool song off the new album "i think my older brother used to listen to lagwagon"
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Unspeakable (titties pierre) 99.57% SM
cameras rockin it
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Heroes - Save ANDO KUUN!
hahah, had fun compiling this =)
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Tim BossRush II again
yay chaos oni
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Skycity cinema
mmm popcorn
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wellington new zealand timeout t5dr casuals
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Twenty knives AA
im still learning spread - -;
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Destiny expert 89.03%
this is me playing itg for the 2nd time, destiny on expert getting 89% i love itg :DDD
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stepmania - tell 2 misses =(
me playing tell from ITG stepmania i'm not that good but what the hey
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beyond abilities AAA 34ex
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Voyage 1969 - Stepmania AA
i've FC'd this =D
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Drivin' 2 Greats
so close =(
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