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Little Kid Break Dances on Acid
Im not sure what this is. It looks like Michael Jackson the early years. This kid is crazy and awesome at the same time. http://topick.com/
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Stripper Class 101 Gone Wrong - Very Funny
First of all i didn't even know there are classes on how to be a stripper or a pole dancer. Watch what happens when student fails the calss. Funny as hell. http://topick.com/
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Dog Tackles Women and Humps Her Senseless
Big dog tackles women to the ground and humps her and he cant fight the dog off. But then the women starts to enjoy it a little .. i think. I couldn't stop laughing http://topick.com/
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How to survive a huge tidal wave
Either this guy is lucky or totally insane, he is one experienced mofo. Any one i know would have died in that situation for sure. http://topick.com/
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Psychic Drawing Total Fail
This means that a psychic receives spiritual visions or images in her head and then involuntarily puts them on paper. Check out her vision http://topick.com/
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Poor Old Man Breaks One of a kind Item
this nice old man is on a tv show and is show a some stupid item thats suppose to be one of a kind and while showing it he breaks it http://topick.com/
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Creepy Dude touching Squirrels Inappropriately
wow this dude is disturbed. He gives Squirrels massages and touches them and talks funny like he is interested or something http://topick.com/
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Fat lady crushes a camel with her fat butt
poor animal was screaming for its life .. but did she get up? NO http://topick.com/
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George Bush speaks funny nonsense as usual
George Bush State of the union address http://topick.com/
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Alligator with no teeth to scare the locals
Playing stunt man with a huge alligator with no teeth. See what happens http://topick.com/
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Viagra Spray Street Commercial and Demonstration
Viagra Salesman stops people on the street to demonstrate the awesome effects this new Viagra spray. Out side in front of everyone http://topick.com/
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Brave Little Boy VS Kitchen Counter
This kid is trying it play pirate or something. I dont know.. but ths is a very short video http://topick.com/
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Lighting your Crotch on fire.
you can play with matches you can play with pants but when you play with pants and matches you end up lighting your crotch on fire. http://topick.com/
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Workout video that will make you pee your pants
Please don't watch this at work because you might get fired due to all the laughter. http://topick.com/
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Cheerleader gets knocked out by a soccer ball.
Cheerleader is in the stands cheering on the game when a fly ball hits her in the face
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Laser pen prank gone wrong
Dog follows the laser pen and attacks the poor kids package while he is sleeping. http://topick.com/
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No Mice Where Hurt During the Making Of this Video
Incredibly luck mouse outsmarts the mouse trap. http://topick.com/
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Homosexual Gift for his Birthday
this guy has a surprise birthday party and his friends got together and decided to get him a gift. http://topick.com/
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Cops find a penis on a man they where frisking.
That must be embarrassing, while frisking a guy cops start grabbing a hand full of penis http://topick.com/
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Monkey Pee Monkey Do
Sprite isn't the only thing that can quench your thirst. http://topick.com/
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This guy will pee on you in the water park
Pretend blind guy stands next to the water flow Peeing on people http://topick.com/
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insane Pelican
I have seen hungry pelicans before but this is my first time seeing something like this. http://topick.com/
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Ever look for worms in your back yard?  After This you wont.
Backyard action VS huge worm. http://topick.com/
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Angry Office Guy with a new style
I'm sure you all seen this video where the guy gets angry at his computer but this time is much better. http://topick.com/
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Nasty Surprise At Wedding
If this was your wedding you'd probably asking for a re-taping. http://topick.com/
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Runway Models look good. Until they fall.
This runway model is all confident walking down the the runway trying to look all pretty .. and then.. well you gotta see it. http://topick.com/
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Using My Sneaker as a Sex Toy
Have you ever tried to use your sneaker as a sex toy? Yes a used sneaker. http://topick.com/
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Mega Slap In Slow Motion
This is a awesome slow motion slap. You really get to see the details of the impact http://topick.com/
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Some people walk on water and some on CARS. And some...
This dude is crazy.. running on to cars as they drive by. All caught on video http://topick.com/
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Rollerblader jumps from second floor
Rollerblader jumps from second floor and has a very rough landing. Fortunately for him he rides away with out a scratch.
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Dude jumps over a van
Best jumper i have ever seen jumps over cars like its nothing. http://topick.com/
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Fat Women and Playgrounds don't work out
Kids were playing having fun until the mother decided to jump in to the mix.. Have you seen Titanic? http://topick.com/
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