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So I was taking a walk, and I was THIS. Who has the time for this?!?! I know it's a really awful video, but I wanted to show you guys this, I was gonna retake the video, but the guy who lives here came out and was recording, sooooo, yeah. Just deal with the crappy quality.
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Anti Cyberbullying video with hate comments
Hey guys, a certain girl named sash has been being mean to people, I don't want make th is description to long so, enjoy the video guys, but I don't recommend watching it u don't like rants
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Storytime- The Time My School Counselor Dragged Me Into Drama
Skip to 2:50 if you want to get right into the video.Also I'm not 100% sure the title perfectly suits the story, but it'll work I guess. Sorry if the story's not exactly what ya expected.I'm also sorry I haven't done a 200 Subscriber special yet.
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Well Then... This Is Rather Odd.
Uh, ok, now I don't even know what to say or do about this at this point, btw I'm so sorry I having done a 200 Subscriber special yet, I'm struggling to come up with a good idea, but I'll get to it! I promise! also, please forgive me f or my crappy thumbnail! I know it sucks, but please forgive me!
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I'm Going On A Break
Don't even ask.
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The times I got detention
Hey guys, today I'm gonna be telling you about the time I got detention, enjoy!!
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Weird Dreams From This Week
I haven't to learn how to make a decent thumbnail, but I'm working on it. Sorry if I sound weird in this video, I'm a little sick today, anyway, hope you enjoy the video
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Going Back To The Woods (Again).
These woods may not seem scary but they are, there is just something I never told you..
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*crystål kitty* please listen to what I have to say (sorry if this is cringey)
*crystål kitty* Just ignore it. Time to shrug it off, smile, and move on.
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A Message to Diamond Petunia
Just stop hating on my friend already diamond petunia!!
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More Hate From Sasha
Hey guys!! Sasha has said more rude things to me, please don't be mean to anyone guys, it's really not cool, but Sasha s insults are only bringing me higher!!
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this isn't ok.
I'm sorry, but what she's doing isn't ok. I'm not perfectly innocent, but neither is Crystal kitty, and I don't appreciate what she's done
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It's NOT my fault
I don't really know what to put here except, I hope I get my message across
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Storytime: The Time I Saw A Ghost In The Woods
Hey guys, I know my hair looks super bad in this video, but please ignore it if ya can, enjoy the video guys!!
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Storytime: The Time I Got Kicked Out Of The Dollar Store
Hey guys!! I had a random memory from about a month ago and decided to make a story time on it, please like and subscribe and enjoy the video guys!!
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For Starscream and Alexis and Any Other New Subscribers!!
Just a quick vid to show my appreciation thank u guys so so much for subscribing! It really makes me happy when I see u have new subscribers!! Road to 200!! Also forgive me for the crappy thumbnails recently
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The Spirits That Haunted Me Are Back
Hey guys!! Sorry it's been a few days since I last filmed. A family issue came up and I had to step away from th camera.But the spirits that haunted me are back and I don't really know what to think of what to do.
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Room Tour!!
Hey guys!! Hope u guys enjoy the video!! Please like and subscribe if u haven't already!! BTW Sorry about the ending
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Going Back To The Creepy Woods
Let me tell exactly what happened before I ran out. I was staring at one of those underground areas (Which I might go explode in these areas with a friend or my sister), and I heard something but the wall. I'll go back again but with a friend so I won't be as paranoid or scared. Sorry if this video kinda sucks.
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My mini baby doll nursery tour
Kari's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA2ePW7H6Bo6Csmo-aaLktQ
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Gachaverse | Ellie and Mallory quick skit
So I have been watching gacha vids a lot, and then I decided to make a Gachverse skit. But I was having trouble with ideas so I figured you guys could help me. I tried my best and I hope u guys enjoy something new on my channel!!
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Me And My Insane Friends (SO much running, whhyyyy?!?!)
Conner, Brayden, Andy, Morgan , and me. It got insane. I'm downloading a thumbnail maker and editing stuff tomorrow. Sorry if this quality is awful but I did a lot of running g. You try running and holding a camera.
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A "special" video for Sasha
Yeah, not scared she said, then why did she block me? If I she's to scared to say it to my face!
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Things That Unicorns Love About Fall🍁
Now I know this video is i guess odd, bu t hey, you can't have me film a video and expect it to be a normal video, I don't know what else to put here, I hate doing descriptions, so why am I still typing this one?? Btw the unicorns told me what to say in th is video.
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My Friend Saw Something Scary..
Why do ALL My thumbnails suck?!?!!? Ugh, anyway, my friend was something scary today. Btw we got six more subscribers yesterday and that is epic! If one more person would sub to me so I could have an even 240 that would be so amazing!!!!! Thanks guys!! Enjoy the video!! ❤
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Because I have 200 subs now I'm doing to do what I can to make my vids better quality! Get editing equipment, a thumbnail maker, just gonna do what I can. Things like making sure my TV is off when I film...
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Top 5 Favorite Things About Unicorns
Mine the crappy lighting and met hair please! It was SO hard to choose only five! Next vid is a 200 subscribers special!!!
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I think I'm being haunted.....
Before you call me insane listen to the story, I dunno what to do, enjoy the video
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Rude People I have encountered at hotels
Sorry if this vid sucks, but all my vids sucks so yeah..
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Paranormal Update
I hope u guys enjoy the better quality camera!
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A Short Cat Video
I. Wanted to upload so I filmed my cat. This was a short video which is why I'll be uploading again later. I am still so o friggen sorry I haven't done a 200 subscribers special yet!! Please forgive meeee!!
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Jackson, kindly leave my friends alone, thaaanks
He told m e not to and then I wanted to
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We Need To Talk
Hey guys!! I know this is a short video, but I had to let you guys know this stuff, I hope you guys enjoy it even though its short!!
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All of my unicorns
Hey guys!! I hope ya like unicorns becuz they a re today's topic, enjoy the video guys!!
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I Get The Point, Please st ok Pointing Out The Obviou s!!
I get the point, for real. Jeez.
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The spirits are not happy with me - Paranormal Update
I'm sorry about the lighting, I'm sorry this video was short, I'm sorry u guys had to see my ugly zits, but someone. Please help me!! I know I never sound scared or anything, but I am actually scared out of my mind! And I don't wanna sound like a total soft fricken' baby or anything, but I have cried out of fear before, if u can help remove the spirits tell me what to do in the comments
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My Weird Reccurring Dream
Um, a little help anyone?
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Update On The Spirits....
Ahh!! That was me screaming, heh, please if any one can help me, please feel free to tell me what to do in the comments!! Also sorry for da thumbnail!
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I Told You It Was True
I tried to tell u that I was a unicorn but some of u didn't listen, oh, BTW Im wearing a human costume from the neck down. Big thanks to my friend Lizzy for being in this video!!
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I Went Back To The Creepy Woods.... Let Me Tell You What Happened...
This was a very creepy adventure, I can go back and take another attempt at filming out there if yo guys want, btw THANKS SO MUCH FOR 200 SUBS!!! I'll be making a 200 Subscriber special tomorrow!!
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Tsum tsum unboxing
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Should I quit youtube? (Read description)
Yes or no? Two specific people in my family (I refuse to say names) are not happy with the amount of time I'm spending on my channel, so maybe I should quit? Idk just what do u guys think?
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I Almost Fell Off The Stage
Hey guys, sorry my camera's a little fuzzy from the lighting, I hope you enjoy the video anyway
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Jumping Into A Pile Of All My Stuffies!!
Hey guys!! Today I jump into a pile of all my loved stuffies!! Enjoy the video guys!!
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This Paranormal Activity Has Gone Far Enough
I'm ending this, I'm done chasing spirits, I want to be anyway, look out for my next vid!! I've finally worked up the courage to do the ghost paper challenge!
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I think I'm being haunted, UPDATE
Hey guys, today I'm giving you an update about me being haunted, enjoy the video!!
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180 subs!!! How did that happen?!?
Thanks you guys s so much!! Please subscribe to join the unicorn squad! It means the world to me!!
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My New Beanie Babies
I can't stop buying stuffed animals. I can't help they are to cute to not buy!!
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