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Mgaagaa na upwa : Agnes Kiunga amepata umaarufu kwa kuneng'ua kiuno na 'Sauti Sol'
Amegonga vichwa vya habari kwa muda wa wiki moja baada ya kucheza densi na kunata macho ya wengi kwenye wimbo mpya wa kundi la Sauti Sol kwa anwani Short and Sweet. Mikondo yake kwenye video hiyo imempa umaarufu kwenye mitandao ya kijamii, huku wengi wakimsifu. Si mwingine ila ni Agnes Kiunga, ukipenda Aggie the Dance Queen. Basi mwenye makala ya Mgaagaa na Upwa wiki hii, mwanahabari wetu Joab Mwaura, anamwangazia aggie ambaye kupitia densi anajipa rizki yake ya kila siku.
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How to recycle wine bottles to make treasure out of trash
Jacque Odweso recycles Wine Bottles for hobby to preserve environment but it has turned to be a source of income.She developed the idea during her maternity leave.
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Meet the woman behind Safaricom's 'Mteja hapatikani' voice prompt
Every time you make a call and the the recipient is not available you always get the message 'Mteja wa nambari, hapatikani kwa sasa.' But did you know that this voice is not automated but that of a woman who works at Safaricom to date? Our reporter Yussuf Ibrahim met the woman behind the voice, 48-year-old Maggie Wazome and filed the following report.
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Sokomoko: Eti Matiang'i must go??
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Meet Gor Mahia number 1 fan, Jaro Soja, who eats, drinks and sleeps Gor Mahia
Kenyan Premier League defending champions Gor Mahia have thousands of supporters in Kenya, who follow the team everywhere they play. But one diehard supporter has stood out for years. 34 year-old Jared Otieno popularly known as Jaro Soja is such a big fan of the club, that he has painted everything in his 2 bedroom rental house into green and white - the official colors of kogalo. And as geoffrey wachira now reports, even the water he uses to flash his toilet is green.
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Eliud Kipchoge wins Kenya's second Gold in the men's marathon
Kenya won her 2nd marathon title ever in the history of the olympic games after Eliud Kipchoge fought tough competition to win the 42km race in a time of 2 hours 8 minutes and 44 seconds. His win elevated Kenya to 2nd place in the athletics medal standings this year, with a total of 13 medals, 6 gold, 6  silver and one bronze.
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Otonglo Time - Part 1
Performed during the Presidential Gala of the Kenya National Music Festivals, "Otonglo Time" is a narrative that tickled the crowd to stitches and some, like President Uhuru, to the point of tears. Excellently executed by the talented David Owira of Highway Secondary School, "Otonglo Time" also went on to become one of the most trended social media topics of the day. In case you missed it, here is "Otonglo Time"
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Twins Who Have Taken 'Identical' To A Whole New Level
They are in their 1st year at the university but still share the same bed, use the same mobile phone and do virtually everything together. A casual look at them will not reveal the difference--but believe it or not, 19-year-old Jacob and Esau are identical twins whose thoughts and brains seem to work in unison.
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President Kenyatta bids farewell to elder sister Margaret Wambui
President Uhuru Kenyatta and members of his immediate family today joined other mourners to eulogize his elder sister the Margaret Wambui Kenyatta was laid to rest  at a private ceremony . Deputy President William Ruto led other dignitaries in lauding the late Margaret Kenyatta's efforts in fighting   for the rights of african women terming her a role model and mentor to many. President Kenyatta used the occasion to urge political parties to embrace the two third gender rule and include more women in various positions of representation.
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Selling coins to matatu traders for a profit
Coins are reactively considered to be of little value or use, but in Kenya's transport sector the coin is king, so much so that matatu operators buy coins to help them in conducting their business. Without the coins and the salesmen who trade in them it is said the matatu business would be a nightmare to operate.
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Against All Odds: Natasha Wambui's Inspiring Story
Going through the trials and tribulations of life and still hold up your head and believe that something good will still come out of your situation, does not come easy for everyone.   For 15-year-old Natasha Wambui Wanjiru, going without food, being chased out of school due to lack of fees, and even lacking a home, did not dampen her spirit.  The 2015 KCPE examination candidate who scored 364 points, to emerge the best in her school, Natasha is now a high school student in the United States after securing a scholarship to study at Episcopal High School. In the first of a four-part series, Joy Kiruki tells us the inspiring stories of four students who defied the odds and secured  scholarships too study in the USA.
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Group of youth turns human faeces to cash minting project
A group of youth in Machakos county have taken a leap into a different future and creating a new adage " One man's waste is another man's wealth" the youth in have been collecting human waste and processing it into animal feed, which experts claim improves the productivity of domestic animals and poultry .
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The Brachiaria Hay Embraced Worldwide Originated In Kenya
A tropical grass species known as Brachiaria that originated from Kenya, and was improved and embraced by dairy and beef farmers in Brazil, Colombia and Australia, is back into the country. The grass is already changing the fortunes of livestock farmers in Machakos county as well as 5 other parts of the country where it has been grown for two years now. Commonly known as the Maasai, Tanzania and Mombasa grass, the improved species produces palatable and nutritious biomass and increases both milk and meat production. Our reporter Violet Otindo caught up with a 32-year-old dairy farmer in Kangundo whose fortunes have been transformed almost overnight by the wonder grass.
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3 teachers found absent in a Nakuru school under siege
The fate of three high school teachers at Njoro Boys High school hangs in the balance hours after education cabinet secretary Dr. Fred Matiang'i made an impromptu visit to the school and found that three teachers had absconded duty. Matiang'i clarified that he was not on a witch hunt, but was acting on recent findings of the ministry's baseline survey attributing underperformance of candidates sitting national examinations in public schools to massive absenteeism by teachers.
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Kenya makes history by record turnout at the IAAF games held at Kasarani Stadium
Kenya has set a new record in the huge number of fans who turned up for the 2017 IAAF world under 18 athletics championships at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani in Nairobi. The country also made history on the track by setting world leading times in different events. The national team finished in a remarkable fourth position on the overall standings with 4 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze. The nation has proved its capacity to host a major global event as Tony Kwalanda explains in this report.
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Namibia's Brahman Breed Weighs 1,200Kgs Despite Desert Conditions
Tucked neatly in the Namib desert, is the Okoruzengo ranch where the Brahman cattle breed thrives in the hot desert climate, making Namibia one of the largest producers of beef on the African continent. While a mature Kenyan bull weighs about 500 kilograms, Namibia's brahman breed that is twice the height and width of a Kenyan bull, can weigh as much as 1,200 kilograms; that is one point two tonnes of meat in one cow! In the third of a four-part series, 'courting Namibia', our reporter tells us how the desert-defying brahman breed can be used to improve the cattle found in arid and semi-arid regions of Kenya
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Sauti Tajika: Talia Oyando
Muziki wa reggae, huhusishwa na kundi fulani la watu lenye nywele za aina ya rasta, au wanaopenda kuvuta bangi haswa nchini Jamaica, asilimia kubwa ikiwa ni wanaume. Lakini je, wajua kwamba hata kuna akina dada walio na sura za almasi na sauti nyororo wanaoenzi muziki huo? Kwenye makala ya sauti tajika wiki hii tunamwangazia Talia Oyando ukipenda 'Your Night Nurse', mtangazaji wa redio, ambaye uwezo wake wa kufahamu masuala ya muziki wa reggae, unawaduwaza wengi.
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#VillageEngineer: Kericho Man's Innovative Mind Proves Valuable To His Community
3 years ago, 24-year-old Hillary Chirchir submitted a project on a wind-driven turbine as part of his certificate course in electrical installation at the Kericho Technical Institute. But, little did he know that this would mark the turning point in his world of innovation. Two months after completing college in the year 2012, he decided to implement the project at his rural home in Motosiet village. And after several trials,the project is now a success story providing electricity for his neighbours, with 14 homesteads so far connected. Duncan Khaemba has the story of the village power man.
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Meet Jane Mukami, One Of Kenya's Outstanding Female Body Builders
She is commonly known as the fit Kenyan girl who took up a sport dominated by men across the world. Jane Mukami is currently among the few outstanding female body builders in the country. Tony Kwalanda spent time with the body builder who recently turned 35 at the Windsor country golf club gymnasium in Nairobi and filed this report.
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Pres. Kenyatta, Dp Ruto Meet Rtd. President Mwai Kibaki In Nairobi
President Uhuru Kenyatta today met his predecessor retired president Mwai Kibaki at his new office in Nyari, Nairobi county in a rare special visit, with what the three leaders among them deputy William Ruto discussed, remaining highly guarded. The meeting which lasted well over an hour was jovial in nature as the two leaders paid a courtesy call to the veteran politician. Aides described the meeting as private and its agenda as informal but sources close to the retired president said the two leaders requested the visit 48 hours before the meeting.
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Uhuru Meets Moi at Kabarak, Nakuru
President Uhuru Kenyatta today met his political mentor retired president Daniel Moi at his home in Kabarak, Nakuru. the visit whose details could not be ascertained comes in the wake of a series of challenges facing the jubilee government in particular a biting teachers strike which now threatens to enter into its third week.
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Nakuru Farmer Introduces Mattresses For His Cows
As is common with every living creature, the urge to rest and sleep beckons. But it is with this need to rest that George Kagima, a dairy farmer in Engashura, Bahati constituency, Nakuru county, thought to make pleasurable for the cows in order to improve milk production. He introduced mattresses made of tough rubber to take on the weight of the cow and to take off the strain of sleeping on a hard concrete floor.
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Muthoni Kirima, The Only Female Mau Mau Field Marshal
51 years after Kenya attained internal self-rule, many of those who were actively involved in the struggle for independence have since passed on. For those still alive, some are living in conditions of abject poverty, clinging on to hope that one day they will be recognized for the role they played during the independence struggle. For field marshal Muthoni Kirima, it dawned on her that the struggle for a better life would continue even after independence, when her expectations of rewards for her sacrifice were dashed. Being the only woman freedom fighter to be accorded the title of field marshal, the tenacious 84-year-old is concerned that the freedom they fought so hard to wrest from the colonial masters, may become a thing of the past if not held onto dearly.
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Gibson Mwandawiro: The Military MC Who Enlivens National Celebrations
His voice has now  become synonymous at national ceremonies. It's a voice that is ordinarily heard only three times in a year during the celebration of national holidays. Our reporter caught up with the military MC during rehearsals of the December 12th Jamhuri day celebrations and today unmasks the identity of Warrant officer 2 Gibson Mwandawiro.
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FlipSide 9th May 2014
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President Kenyatta Travels To Arusha, Tanzania By Road
For the first time since his election, President Uhuru Kenyatta made a road trip to a neigbouring country, Tanzania. Kenyatta who made several stopovers underscored the need for Tanzanians to embrace the East African spirit, which includes abolishing travel documents and encouraging free movement of persons and goods between state parties.
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Destiny Shapers : Wambui’s baking business that started from her mother’s kitchen
In entrepreneurship it is often said you will strike gold if you are driven by passion and do what you love doing as a business. From watching her mother cooking in the kitchen to lending a had, today Natasha Wambui is a proud business owner of cake heaven, who’s humble beginning can be traced back to her mother’s kitchen Sara Adam narrates her story in today’s episode of Destiny Shapers.
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Meet KCSE candidates who defied challenges to emerge top
For some of the candidates who sat the 2015 KCSE, theirs has been a journey fraught with many challenges, that bordered on moments of wanting to give up. But out of sheer will and determination, the students emerged among some of the top performers as told by our reporter Joy Kiruki.
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Dairy farmer earns big by rearing 30 cows on quarter acre land
When he dropped out of school in class eight many believed that he would soon end up like most of his age mates who had dropped out of school,lost and useless to the society. However one gift from his in-laws seven years ago revolutionized his life, a dairy cow. Keneth Ngethe who is not a stranger to working hard now owns a herd of 30 cows , which he breeds on a quarter of an acre peace of land . His dairy cows are of high quality one will cost you, 200,000 shillings . Tonight brings us the story of, a farmer , who has made it beyond all odds
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Second Liberation: Mwandawiro Mghanga Speaks Out
Mwandawiro Mghanga was  among founder members of the Students Organization of Nairobi University, SONU. In 1985 he was expelled from the University of Nairobi on claims that he had become too radical, after he inspected a guard of honour mounted by fellow students. He ended up spending fours years in detention. On our continuing series, the second liberation, Mwandawiro Mghanga opens up about his struggle and painfully narrates how he almost lost his life during his last month in detention at the Kibos prison. He was saved by public protests organized by his wife, and his lawyer at the time, current Bungoma senator, Moses Wetangula.
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Staftahi ya William Ruto na K24
Msisimko ulikumba naibu rais na familia yake kabla ya kuelekea kwenye uwanja wa Kasarani kwa sherehe ya kuapishwa . Tunakuonjesha jinsi mambo yalivyokuwa kabla ya sherehe hiyo, ambapo runinga ya K24 ilipata fursa ya kujumuika na naibu rais kwa kiamsha kinywa katika makaazi yake.
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62-storey, Hazina Tower Will Be Nairobi's Tallest Building
They will be Nairobi's and perhaps some of the regions tallest buildings. We are talking about the ongoing construction of 14 megastructures which dot the city skyline with the tallest so far being the 33-storey UAP towers which stands at a height of 535 feet high. Our reporter Yussuf Ibrahim takes a look at some of the upcoming megastructures in the city and their unique Features.Take a look.
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16 Year-Old Boy Overcomes Physical Challenges, Exhibits Talent In Performing Arts
At sixteen years of age Omar Juma, a class eight pupil from St. Joseph Catholic primary school, Kwale county has big dreams despite his small stature.Omar who is a drama student hopes to become the next big thing on Kenyan televisio, but he faces a myriad of challenges including lack of school fees.
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SOKOMOKO: Tumbili mtamu
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Second Liberation: Otieno Mak’onyango Speaks Out
On 17th August 1982, a team of the then dreaded special branch officers led by head of police reservists, the Late Patrick Shaw, pounced on Otieno Mak’onyango and arrested him. At the time, Otieno Mak'onyango was a print journalist working with the Standard newspaper, and the reason provided for his arrest was his alleged connection to the august 1st 1982 attempted coup. On 23rd September 1982, he was charged with treason and put on trial, a case that was terminated in March 1983. But, little did he know that, that would mark the beginning of his never-ending tribulations. immediately his charges were dropped, the police once again arrested and detained him without trial under the preservation of public security act. He was only released in december 1986 on what he claims were orders from the then President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. Despite successfully suing the government for illegal detention and being awarded 24 million shillings as compensation by the high court, the government is yet release his money and he now leads a desperate and bitter life, sharing a tiny tin-structure with a friend in Ngong'. On our continuing series, second liberation, K24’s Duncan Khaemba brings you Mak'onyango's tribulations.
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Unsung Heroes: Focus on a Security Guard who runs a children's home
On unsung heroes , we bring you the story of a man who is a security officer by night and destitute children rescuer by day. Patrick Alulu runs a children's home in Lucky Summer and a charity rescue centre for abandoned and orphaned children in Mathare slums.
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Obama Arrives In Kenya
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Obama To Deliver Speech At U.S-Africa Summit As Kenya Woos Investors
U.S President Barack Obama makes his maiden speech before a gathering of African heads of state and dignitaries in Washington DC, for a summit that seeks to set a new platform of engagement between Africa and the United States of America. Among those in attendance is Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta who was for the better part of the day engaged in high profile meetings, among them  former U.S President Bill Clinton and Secretary of state John Kerry. Kenya's delegation at the three-day event is highly optimistic of securing trade deals and investments.
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Over 4,000 structures built on riparian land to be demolished
Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko Friday supervised the recovery of a public land meant for the construction of a fire station in Gigiri, which had allegedly been grabbed and a private car showroom built on it. At the same time, Governor Sonko remained firm that all public property grabbed in Nairobi will be reclaimed.
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Young Rich: Heshan De Silva
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