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CS:GO - ELEAGUE Major 2018 (Fragmovie)

19166 ratings | 493282 views
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Text Comments (1179)
Virre CSGO (5 months ago)
Thanks for 200 000 subscribers! The support has been amazing, thank you so much everyone. Do you guys want me to do a Fragmovie of when I play as 200k special? If so, like this comment!
Fury L1_NeVeRz (2 months ago)
Mladen Mladenov (4 months ago)
https://www.twitch.tv/ktrlegenda follow i m good player in cs go and new streamer...
Burro (5 months ago)
fragmovie + Project files
Emre Kaan APAYDIN (5 months ago)
Yuginet (5 months ago)
Virre CSGO is
Idallas 2015 (23 hours ago)
https://skingame.co/win-70574 перебегай на веб-сайт и получай 25 рублей на халяву, умозаключение мгновенный скины дота и кс го, кушать рулетка можно возвысить баланс!!!!
CSHgaming (11 days ago)
its insane how good they are, but Kenny S will alltime being mine;)
Aleks (19 days ago)
Я не понимаю будто сделать такое лучшее размещение рук????
Estabn Primero (1 month ago)
Somebody can help me to find the config this crosshair ?
Highlight Only (1 month ago)
you make one the best clips keep up the hard work
nova grav (1 month ago)
2:30 round
DarKF4aR (1 month ago)
2:30 MAJ3R <3
wuyazou feiji (1 month ago)
Barnabás Szabó (1 month ago)
You are best youtuber
Fury L1_NeVeRz (2 months ago)
You deserve much more subs for all these amazing works!! Edit + music =💯
woody becker (2 months ago)
last song i need the link pleaseeeeeee :'
Zane (2 months ago)
Oh yeah literally has to be one of the best fragmovie.
DracoPlaiz (2 months ago)
What's the name on the font u used?
yguıo yffnk (2 months ago)
paz ... nice man
eSk0o (2 months ago)
one of the best grandfinals i ever seen.... gj pro's and GJ virre
Aleksandras Fedotovas (2 months ago)
Elia Semaan (3 months ago)
We miss you stewie
Nao Tomori (3 months ago)
good edit, gay music
zedNa (3 months ago)
What skybox do you use?
Ememエムエム (3 months ago)
so so so strong
dead pool (3 months ago)
i like the set in your guns in your skill go!!go!! ^_^
Ez Man (3 months ago)
Is not 2018 felps is no sk in 2018
Harold Villarante (3 months ago)
7:11 aimbot?
D3crypt Esports (3 months ago)
Please bro, your intro! Is there any link for it? I am going to pay for it if needed!
Wubzy (3 months ago)
For a second I'm like yo who is hitting these dope no scopes. Then I see KennyS and I'm like oh ok makes sense.
Endless Cs Go (3 months ago)
what Iz the name of this music 8:30
Anar4j (4 months ago)
Ergun Madran (4 months ago)
Where is XANTARES 1 tap??
ViruS KannoN (4 months ago)
Best Fragmovie I have ever seen!
eksoot1 (4 months ago)
I want this crosshair :/ you have a command for this crosshair and view model?
1:00 music plz
Games killer (4 months ago)
Where is IEM katowice 2018
biish plisss (4 months ago)
Outro song??
mlg CK (4 months ago)
song from the outtro? please!
JIMMY XIN (4 months ago)
Best frag movies i have ever seen thx dude.😍😍
kobi. (4 months ago)
Aditya Sarkar (4 months ago)
abso-fucking-lutely beautiful
Mladen Mladenov (4 months ago)
https://www.twitch.tv/ktrlegenda follow i m good player in cs go and new streamer...
maks kaiser (4 months ago)
Fred Machado (4 months ago)
nice vídeo! high quality images and professional lower thirds,congrats dude!
Z D (4 months ago)
Probably the best cs go editor I have seen so far. Great job. Love the way how u combined the music and video .
Raoni Lucas (4 months ago)
What is this fov please answer me ????
where is flamie highlights against QF ?
Bud Doward (4 months ago)
Nice frags obv but the music choice is horrible
Matt Burlage (4 months ago)
what crosshair do you use with these videos? it looks nice.
clinically dead inside (4 months ago)
glad that you didn't just show c9 faze and sk
ea09 (4 months ago)
"Not enough dubstep."
Mili Pro (4 months ago)
cloud pidori
FirsT Ez (4 months ago)
who know the song on outro ? Thank ahead <3
Lunatico Lpx (4 months ago)
All your vídeos is amazing!!!
Sian Andrie Colclough (4 months ago)
You are a freak Virre! Hats off.. Awesome editing skills. I'd love to sub a thousand times dude
Krishiv Patel (4 months ago)
Stewie saved Cloud9 EPIC Major Epic Video
LAST Warrior (4 months ago)
Maj3RRRRR veeeee PAZZRS🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Wrise Rise (4 months ago)
Guardian and Skadoodle were absolutely awesome! Faze and Cloud9 have the best awpers ever!
33 victims (4 months ago)
Give commands for this sight
Ryan Bestor (4 months ago)
Awesome vid man
Verzon (4 months ago)
What was that little colour effect from 1:46 to 1:48? I need to know! 5:32 to 5:34 too
manzero134gd (4 months ago)
Keep the videos coming man. You're the best!
Komba (4 months ago)
What crosshair is used in this video?
SteelGolem (4 months ago)
tbh cloud9 is my fav team
Malimbagerz Productions (4 months ago)
Outro Song: Krewella – Be There
Burak bilcaNNN YÖRÜGEL (4 months ago)
Sophia Febrianti (4 months ago)
I wish i could edit like tou what software you using
Torne!d (4 months ago)
Daniel Berman (5 months ago)
niceee work in this fragmovie, congrats!!
Levent Yılmazer (5 months ago)
Spaceeeee baba
funyou (5 months ago)
what program do you assemble in?
Donuberry (5 months ago)
I honestly don't understand how you're so good at editing dude, love these vids my dude.
Sakata Samig (5 months ago)
This was my first major, and it was brilliant!
Eman ASMR (5 months ago)
4:20 damn
Rem1x (5 months ago)
nice Cloud9 chempions
Abdelmalek Simerabet (5 months ago)
Me: -Watch Virre Fragmovies -Play Matchmaking -Derank -Repeat
Srypex1 (5 months ago)
Please can u make video how you edit video like this or how you use camera path in csgo ? all about this video THX bro
Chris Ping LAGGER (5 months ago)
ohh sorry Virre :( i'm late to know you ... i didn't hear anything about you but here i'm ... i'll watch all your videos it looks sooo amazing >>
Azuza 98 (5 months ago)
Salvador Rodrigues (5 months ago)
the goosebumps are real wtf this video so good
Forest Oak Gaming (5 months ago)
Best major I ever watched. Thanks for this!
Kaneki Kenzo (5 months ago)
We aren't the Ones who's awesome man,You Are #BestFragMovies!
Rev (5 months ago)
Hey Virre do you record the clips in 4k? They look crazy crisp and it's confusing me XD
RoaringWhale (5 months ago)
Dope FragMovie
Reece Rowland (5 months ago)
Why no final round clip how silver bro
you are the best, :3 thanks, I LOVE YOU
Parker Schroeder (5 months ago)
i had faith in cloud 9
Miniman Games (5 months ago)
Real Beta (5 months ago)
crosshair settings pls
tchizu LoL (5 months ago)
dis sound is stupid man
Tolga Tevekkel (5 months ago)
Space Soldiers !
darkkislich (5 months ago)
subbed. These fragmovies are some of the best I have seen.
Mr.GeCKo! (5 months ago)
is it me or is this channel better than superstitum?
Dubzz voodoo (5 months ago)
3:59 NAVI ❤️
Dubzz voodoo (5 months ago)
Niko was nervous :D
Nurlan Sheranov (5 months ago)
that moment when Niko got nutty)
miTEL TV (5 months ago)
NutmegPluto (5 months ago)
Why do all the new CS movies use lame music. Back in source days we had loads of drum and bass videos, now we get this fucking tosh. Nice vid tho btw dude
Asil (5 months ago)
Metal Muxxer (5 months ago)
What about blblina's ace against Mousesports?
Ionut Iorga (5 months ago)
Nice video. Thank you for uploading.
TastyAnime (5 months ago)
Ez comeback

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