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CS:GO - BEST Pro DEAGLE Plays 2017 (Fragmovie)

10278 ratings | 194647 views
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Text Comments (490)
NikoDenZa (2 months ago)
бля че свет вырубили? контраст настрой.
deathoos (4 months ago)
u the best bro, keep the great work and improve ur edit skills! :)
Virre CSGO (4 months ago)
thanks so much dude!
Packz z (5 months ago)
AS A Niko fan I dont think he is the best I think Lekro or simple is tbh.. (Not byast am a faze fan)
6ix 9ine (5 months ago)
1:16 plz explain lmfao @ me when someone has a proper explanation of that bs
kinukiyaki (5 months ago)
Nothing and colozera it is best
El Mandril (5 months ago)
The best video in yt!! Excelent sincro music... WOW
abdou soki (5 months ago)
NOthing..... WTF THIS......,,,,?????
Strong (7 months ago)
imt fnx 1x5 at cobble
Jaroslav Gyesko (7 months ago)
Virre do u like Rob Swire's songs? ( knife party founder ) I mean, i thought not a lot of cs related people know this band and the song itself
BrutalYasuo (8 months ago)
oh my god you have no idea how much i enjoyed this with that frag and music shoots holy shit
sudhakar dwivedi (9 months ago)
Happy deagle missing
Jamikun (9 months ago)
Dem syncs
Shivansh Walia (10 months ago)
Virre csgo doing good job and will continue to do like this
Tomi Ceballos (10 months ago)
Where’s happy’s 5k inferno
mtxNTC (11 months ago)
Fnx 5k vs cloud nine
Mr . G (11 months ago)
What is lmao and rofl?
LUDELBOL (11 months ago)
Autimatic 3k in finals of esl cologne vs sk?
slisken (11 months ago)
sick edit on 2.37
Mordekhai Hamonangan (11 months ago)
Pro editor 👍❤👍
WheelBite (11 months ago)
1:15 for those of you wondering wtf is this n0thing is the wallbang master he is a cs 1.6 veteran
PhotoMan (11 months ago)
What's the crosshair thanks you virre
Salomão Barros (11 months ago)
que otaaaa
Mike Wu (11 months ago)
Really like the way you edited it :) thank you!
Bhushan S (11 months ago)
That shot from n0thing is pure dope and VAC omg!
alt f4 (11 months ago)
I like edit
Fredrik Stoltz (11 months ago)
Pushkaraj Bhor (11 months ago)
2:36 those 2 shots........ON THE BEAT
NinjaThug (11 months ago)
Awesome edit broooooo!
Marcin Majewski (11 months ago)
1:15 da fuq ?!
Ryan Chen (11 months ago)
How about Niko in cache b site ace?
Kraito Krombongus (11 months ago)
delete deagel its disgusting
Mig876 (11 months ago)
Q U A L I T Y & S Y N C 10/10
Virre CSGO (11 months ago)
MARK OF THE TIMES (11 months ago)
Больше похоже на мистическую фортуну чем на скилл .. ибо будто зашквар в плане управления и механик
Gaelen Adelard Jeffry (11 months ago)
Excuse me? Shroud is insane
Dot Matrix (11 months ago)
How can someone even Dislike the Video Awesome work done man I just love it Can you do Best One taps please By the AK
xFang PubG (11 months ago)
close youtube. play csgo. buy deagle. not even kill one people. quit.
Aakash Bose (11 months ago)
when is the esl NY frag movie coming?
Dennis W. (11 months ago)
When I try to hit deagle taps on 64tick it's like playing lotto.
k cat (11 months ago)
trash songs
Alee Xufyan (11 months ago)
nice video that deagle is on fire
Charlie Kloss (11 months ago)
Bro your edits are so hype HOLY FUCK, keep up the gw
Virre CSGO (11 months ago)
Yusuf amrizal (11 months ago)
U deserve millions sub
flux (11 months ago)
where is kjaerbye in cbble vs faze
Aksenerotos (1 year ago)
Virre i noticed you still changed the sky,altho the last month csgo isnt letting me to change the sky while im on gotv demo,any suggestions fellah?
YALPY (1 year ago)
Hey mate awesome video! I have one question, since you are one of my favorite movie makers/editors. Do you record clips via console or with software? I never achieved such quality with console nor with software... And now I'm confused... :) Thank you for your answer in advance. <3
KS1ck (1 year ago)
MatEZz (1 year ago)
Make edit with roadman shaq song :D
Morpheus Neotrinity (1 year ago)
what i guess is more impressive than those deagle clutches is the music sync. by virre!
hl j (1 year ago)
like movie highlights, good!
Sidharth Sehgal (1 year ago)
shots syncing with the music is the best part of the video .. keep it up 👍🏻
George Lopez (1 year ago)
Wanted to see shroudies deag play on mirage
D S (1 year ago)
I came to your channel and see whether u have make a ESL New York highlights video.
Guinnezz (1 year ago)
lol where is niko's 2 deagle aces????
z0mbie_ man (1 year ago)
Its Amazing!!
zooka t9028 (1 year ago)
Fucking enjoy!
Hey virre, a simple question to ask here, hopefully u noticed xD do you preferred to you velocity or ctrl "dragging" kinda thing and to sync up the sound clip with?
Abhinav Sawant (1 year ago)
Osssum work dude
Prof.F (1 year ago)
Virre > Superstitum
Breizh fighter (1 year ago)
Nice montage
Alex Bondar (1 year ago)
NiKo? s1mple?
leo (1 year ago)
Sick frags awsome movie
Tmesb (1 year ago)
Where is autimatic vs sk on eco round, esl cologne 2017, or shroud 4k vs faze in ecs :(, but all otherwise good video!
Sahil Soni (1 year ago)
GREAT VIDEO!! Always LOVED your videos Keep UP!!!! (y)
Mathieu Deprat (1 year ago)
Great edit!
Peacok (1 year ago)
1:20 tf
Aksine (1 year ago)
Your videos and editing are fucking insane, the music and the sync oh myyyyy please don't stop...
veracity (1 year ago)
where's happy????
Camila Prado (1 year ago)
and FNX 5K vs Cloud9 5v1 ?
umit607 (1 year ago)
good edit, BUT where the fuck is Shroud on mirage at ecs vs faze??? or at esl colonge vs nip on cache was also a sick 1vs4 clutch...
Virtue (1 year ago)
Amazing edit as usual
ReSpawN (1 year ago)
Spotlight oskar? :o
Andre Kim (1 year ago)
less music more commentators pls
csepic (1 year ago)
Virre is Virre. Amazing edit bro.
balashuhn (1 year ago)
Every single shot fits on the beat... Wow nice work man
oakkar min cho (1 year ago)
Dude this video is fucking amazing.
Manix (1 year ago)
Some sounds from annihilation <3 keep it up virre !
KING J (1 year ago)
81 dislikes all from revolver players
Benjamin Tressler (1 year ago)
Best csgo editor by far. God bless man
Ross Smith (1 year ago)
Got excited when I heard Knife Party at the start :) Fantastic video as always!
Hashwell (1 year ago)
3:00 that music timing omg
HONG setiawan (1 year ago)
Bestttttttttt frag videoooo
EditedFullOfSht (1 year ago)
Where is the ScreaM peeking kennyS awp?
pablo cesar (1 year ago)
Hack nothing
Mervsterrr (1 year ago)
holy shit bro!! this is just an awesome frag movie!! fucking well done!!
Virre CSGO (1 year ago)
TF5 (1 year ago)
The Best Video Editing i've ever seen on Youtube, My gosh you should be given a medal. Absolutely great work
Virre CSGO (1 year ago)
Wow thanks!
Sania Rus (1 year ago)
FaceMC (1 year ago)
I really appreciated the music synced real well with the gun shots. New sub, this is some quality stuff! I've never turned on notification on any channel until today lol, amazing work Virre, keep it up you just got a sub for life! <3
Virre CSGO (1 year ago)
Thank you, much appreciated man!
Friddle (1 year ago)
Hashwell (1 year ago)
Virre what is the cross hair used?
_Jake all ok_ (1 year ago)
where is s1mple?
Filipe Figueira (1 year ago)
end/final song??
This edit man.... I love it !!!!!
Roberto Dhorn (1 year ago)
THAT'S a fragmovie.
johnguchko (1 year ago)
Nurbek Kuantyrov (1 year ago)
loved the edit Virre! the sync with music is on point !
Nurbek Kuantyrov (1 year ago)
gloves at thumbnail are cool, really want them ingame
Humy (1 year ago)
Knife party ?
Amsal Tarigan (1 year ago)
Crosshair pls virre
mukanov (1 year ago)
Fkin insane

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