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Fake online reviews: How easily can you buy a reputation? (CBC Marketplace)

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Faking It | Originally broadcast November 7, 2014 The better the reviews, the more we trust a business. And for companies that means a better bottom line. In a months-long investigation, we went undercover posing as a new business, and discover how companies can buy a positive reputation online. We reveal an entire industry devoted to helping businesses mislead you. Host Erica Johnson reveals how cheaters pull it off, and how you can spot a faker. More from CBC Marketplace, Canada's top consumer affairs show: Watch episodes online at http://cbc.ca/marketplace Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cbcmarketplace Talk to us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace Follow our hosts @cbctom and @cbcerica
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Text Comments (877)
casey ellison (19 hours ago)
I don't always believe in review I go there
taygata (1 day ago)
After getting wisdom teeth pulled i shouldnt be watching this cause im hungry
KAYLEE YANG (2 days ago)
I accidentally inhaled a bug... This has nothing to with the video, but it happened so suddenly
Seudon Amous (2 days ago)
so these companies are paying for commercials??? or are all the people we see on commercials and paid for shows supposed to be real people???
floffz fox (3 days ago)
Can we just mention how the guy who edited the truck just pressed a button to edit like it's that easy
jcspider (4 days ago)
17:23 EMIZR is still in business, doing the same thing.
ღ J-me ღ (4 days ago)
I'm completely floored by the fact people could just straight up buy YouTube views. Guess it's a good thing I look at, read and base my decision on the bad reviews.
Sunnyneko * (7 days ago)
I don't like the black lines in the logo they should have stuck with a dark red-brown for it instead tbh...
kk doc (8 days ago)
Amazon reviews unreliable too. Negative reviews can be manufactured by competitors. I wonder if the verified purchasers, (which is all I check), are legitimate or not.
Coach Derrion (10 days ago)
They legit just showed everyone how to start a business.
Why Could We Music (12 days ago)
But... I am always in story telling mode.
Mike R.L. (12 days ago)
extremely easily if RottenTomatoes.com is anything to go by.
Arif Khan (16 days ago)
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Coring Supino (16 days ago)
just checked with youtube, and it was found out that this particular video only garnered half of the total views reflected here! Lol.
Félix An (16 days ago)
Anyone here Google Local Guides? I am!
Robert Buchwald (21 days ago)
Why are these people so gullible about "reviews" from social media? Can't they make decisions on their own? Trendy nonsense.
Jeong-hun Sin (23 days ago)
I also do not like those YouTubers (even famous ones) who give away free stuff in exchange for subscribing, liking, and commenting. That is basically buying those for money, which in turn brings more money to the YouTubers for the sacrifice of other YouTubers who do not give away free stuff (because they could get relatively less precedence in search results).
Cody Andrew (26 days ago)
Am I the one who doesn't use reviews.
axer351 (27 days ago)
Face it. It is much more likely that a pissed off person will take the time to write an online review then to stop and write good one for good service. I do not trust online reviews and I do not believe many people do trust them.
Leo Foenerro (28 days ago)
tell stewart to stop leaving his damn bike wheel in the office.
Leo Foenerro (28 days ago)
do ppl actually read 100% reviews?
Rekt.aka.flekt HD (29 days ago)
you forgot to to paint the tire caps on some of the photos xD
i automobile (1 month ago)
Wow thanks guys knew Danny hang the little Chinese was involved
Cavsome (1 month ago)
SOLD!!! I want it...You guys are the best.
dan86896 (1 month ago)
this is the reason we dont want stupit imigrant to our small contry they bring in the stupit brains
dan86896 (1 month ago)
how dumb are you so call amarican/canadien
cLuTcH BleacH (1 month ago)
3:52 Bro how the hell do I get your job? I'm an expert 8 clicks later see its a whole new truck lol
SuperMishkah (1 month ago)
i had the police at my door, over a review on google #focusfamilymediation
Siara Hughes (1 month ago)
CHEATING! I CALL CHEATING! I have Photoshopped things before, he can't just "click a button" and make stuff appear. He turned the layers he spent an hour or two off and then turned them back on for drama.
Ian MD (1 month ago)
the reporter is THICC asf
DakuenjeruX (1 month ago)
That dude is a graphic designer?
Kenya N. MBA (1 month ago)
EVERYTHING is a con these days!😒😒
Kenya N. MBA (1 month ago)
I ALWAYS read the negative reviews.
tty23 (1 month ago)
I only pay attention to neutral reviews, 3 stars or whatever rating system middle ground is. Glowing reviews are obvious, but negative reviews can often just be a disgruntled customer upset over who knows what.
By the way, I can find out if the review is genuine or not.
Kat B (1 month ago)
Could they move the camera more?!
Marie Campbell Dawson (1 month ago)
Yes, now with social media internet, they lie more and more and people’s believes it , what I didn’t see with my eyes 👀 and don’t trust..... have to work to hard to give away my money to lazy people... Good look.... Thanks
SOGINI12 (1 month ago)
Yelp never works
Jeff Vanter (1 month ago)
Ohhey erica!
Kay Lee (1 month ago)
I can't even watch this, it makes me too pissed off!!
Prizoh Mue (1 month ago)
All of those people all work for y’all or at least connected to y’all in a way
TruthAndMoreTruth (1 month ago)
Remember when they did good investigative reporting in the US? I remember watching Dateline take down Wal-Mart. Those where the good old days.
Yako YT (1 month ago)
lmao they forgott to make the rims orange
Smurfy Smurfmess (1 month ago)
The feel when you realize this is a YELP advertisement.
Blueberry (1 month ago)
*does this video have 500 000+ views?*
species (2 months ago)
10:23 is that normall in Canada? :D Like who cares if hes canadian?
Kaithai Sayarath (2 months ago)
At least on Google, you can look up the profile of who is reviewing. There's even a Lv system with GPS tracking of your timeline.
Jermaine Sam (2 months ago)
Damn canadians!
Matt Z. (2 months ago)
I don't live in Canada. I'm not Canadian. But, if you manage to have an American love your videos, Then you make some really good videos.
Joaquin Boyle (2 months ago)
But no ones in line in the photos
Caleb Wolf (2 months ago)
Just so everyone is clear, Fiverr isn't a terrible site(Despite this comment being 2 years late). It's just being used by the wrong set of people. Honestly, I use it to help build my portfolio for my work and it's been a wonderful experience.
Sofía Pamal (2 months ago)
Actually I don't see any difference from those shampoo or celebrity ads.(don't Know why is legal for them) I really doubt they use the product. I just don't trust anyone with this things. 😂
Hideika (2 months ago)
“Aboot deception”
MadRobot_Malfunction (2 months ago)
I wish I would try driving a truck once.
Emily Fisher (2 months ago)
18:52 You can hear it in his voice!!! Trimble from nervousness and/or anxiety of being confronted with the truth... Oh but he throws the "new girl employee" under the bus.... TOXIC
sagasumomo (2 months ago)
What? Fed up? Should have been "Fetta..p"
Dharmakyah Lai (2 months ago)
Some people are garbage at reviewing places. There was this great restaurant that had only 2.5 stars but was my favorite. I think those reviews where part of the reason that it closed a few years ago. Thats why I never trust Yelp.
atomicdeath10 (2 months ago)
The Minority Report style graphics is annoying as hell.
Hamooz (2 months ago)
The best show I ever watched
gamatron17 (2 months ago)
neg reviews are also created by competition.
Hydro Reefer (2 months ago)
Never used online reviews for a food. Only for everything else
Phoenix (2 months ago)
I only check for funny reviews. :)
Gry Phyn (2 months ago)
I never trust any review. I don't rely on others to figure out if I would like something or not.
Jessica Denver (3 months ago)
I do but I don't I like to try and find the real reviews from real people so I try to see the negatives to see what people truly experience and find people who will tell you the truth from their truth about business and ask people in person who have been at these places
Tariq Shabazz (3 months ago)
Omg that microphone though 😂
BombDame (3 months ago)
I feel like Trump might use these kind of people
kelly shea (3 months ago)
How can she be that surprised over Photoshop?
Fk Off (3 months ago)
*Does anyone know where I can find that video which showed that someone Edited that someones review from this video clip? ...Bcz it didnt appear amongst the others that I found.*
Lava Earth (3 months ago)
Woow that girl is a lying genius woow that's really messed up I wonder how she has a job.
Lava Earth (3 months ago)
I don't trust reviews at all I am my own review I go, I try and judge for myself
Royal Ace (3 months ago)
I used online review to marry my wife... ended up in divorce 5 mins later
Furry Control (3 months ago)
they forgot the yellow wheels in every picture except the first
AAron Lifts (3 months ago)
Should have used Fiver for a better acting reporter. Cringe worthy.
Joe Langley (3 months ago)
Why in the hell you hide the faces if these stinking crooks?
jacky zhu (3 months ago)
Hotels.com had a pug bongo ad, it was animal abuse.
Alexis Carter (3 months ago)
Some company is using my name for positive comments. Amazon won’t help. I keep getting alerts about thanking me for my review. I don’t do reviews unless I’m ultra happy.
Angery Mechanic (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/YWdD206eSv0 🐰 people lie on the internet? 🐹
spacemunkey08 (3 months ago)
all these marketplace videos add up to one thing: people and companies will do anything for money. Capitalism in these days has destroyed our trust in people and products. we don't even know what is real and if we have been manipulated to make a certain choice..
paul vancoughnett (3 months ago)
20:50 I would like to see that story. Anyone got a link?
V E (3 months ago)
but conventional advertisers are never deceptive.
Bob E (3 months ago)
cbc marketplace is the most honest media out there. (Not a payed for review)
Raymond Caylor (3 months ago)
Crap! Sampan said I was the best she ever had. I'm not taking it off my website, business cards, or car.
zyxwvutsrqponmlkh (3 months ago)
I hate Canada for being a liberal cesspit of degeneracy and for actively destroying what little actual culture they have left but I don't get this kind of sleuthing from american sources, it makes me sad. Yeah there's James O'Keeth and such and I really do like his work but it's always got a political bent. Seems like no one's willing to dig into something in america unless they can use it to support or attack ideological allies or enemies.
sailingsolar (4 months ago)
I trust negative reviews 100% but with a bit of doubt. It could be a competitor. Positive reviews not nearly so much, mostly because most people are not really qualified to give a very accurate reviews.
Oh No its Dexter (4 months ago)
Easy money though
king james488 (4 months ago)
already knew tiger direct were scumbags, but lol...
ImJustDead (4 months ago)
5,126,514,337 views on Despacito That wasn't cheap! :/
Trevor Thibodeaux (4 months ago)
That’s why I always look for negative reviews, and then keep that in mind. That’s why I watch Angry Joe Show for movies. He helps provide a contrast to people off of their post-movie high where they always say “best movie ever”
Inae Kim (4 months ago)
Mostly I check bad review with reason.
H.4.R.M To (4 months ago)
Did u guys *REALLY* get 510k views?
Tony Mondola (4 months ago)
This video has 500k + views yet only 600 comments 🤔
Flat Foot (4 months ago)
Nice come F me shoes baby.
Don Mega (4 months ago)
selling themselves for a buck. paid liars, just like public relations firms. and guess how much this goes on in politics.
FoxeyPlays (4 months ago)
Hand cox
No Name (4 months ago)
Science has shown that you should read reviews from people who leave 3 star reviews. Those reviews are more likely to be written by a real customer. The data shows that those people also leave opinions that are based on actual use/consumption of the product(s).
VALE (4 months ago)
You can’t completely trust people these days, even people close to you can betray you.
Potato Godz (4 months ago)
u forgot, all online reviews have terrible grammar
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (4 months ago)
Will never happen in my country cause my country loves to complain
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (4 months ago)
Cant find the website

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