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Football Players As Kids ● Crazy Skills ● Back To The Future

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Text Comments (469)
Dan1s (5 months ago)
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dan1s/
Music is not good for kids to hear while watching...
Mahadi Plays (1 month ago)
Dan1s what's the song name?
Kevin Abbaszadeh (2 months ago)
Dan1s this song is so inappropriate if you listen closely can you please take it out
poke nation (2 months ago)
L30887 (4 months ago)
Why use that awful song?
TK (1 day ago)
trash music
Nice bro
ÇhãrmíNg PrîNçE (4 days ago)
6:53 van persie is handsome i guess
Pannekaka (4 days ago)
Where was Pele and Ronaldo R9?
Nyajum Yudik (6 days ago)
Song name
Josh Vickers (6 days ago)
Has to be the shittest song I've ever heard in my life
Chris Cowle (8 days ago)
But a legend
Chris Cowle (8 days ago)
The quality shows how old marodona is
Adham Qattan (8 days ago)
Messi is the best in the world number one
Minimaster 08 (8 days ago)
The title says back to the future does he mean back to the past
Akhmad Karimov (9 days ago)
80% of comments GAY SONG 20% Messi is insane
Adeniran Omoleye (12 days ago)
CR7 Aze (13 days ago)
CR7 the best, but Robinho is good too
Vegard Knutsen (13 days ago)
Probably one of the worst songs ive ever heard
Seyran Danielyan (16 days ago)
Sardor To'laganov (16 days ago)
Ronaldo phenomeno and Zinedine Zidane
sjcowlishaw (17 days ago)
Why? Why do these videos always have such HORRIBLE music?
Callum Russell (17 days ago)
Puts a song about sex and drugs over a video of kids playing football...
Chayse Fuller (19 days ago)
God that song is terrible. Cool video though
Skaiste Poniskaitiene (19 days ago)
shoron jarif (20 days ago)
Messi's running style is still the same..
anup talukdar (20 days ago)
CR7 never seems too far away from a hot broad, even while sweeping the floor
Works Jock (21 days ago)
Messi de kings
splash _master (21 days ago)
how is that back to the future idiot
Adnan Shahriar (22 days ago)
So cute
Just for fun (23 days ago)
Yojimbo (26 days ago)
Nice video but the music....couldn't watch it.
Sudhir Kumar (27 days ago)
Muan D. Kim (30 days ago)
The best song and the best video
Muan D. Kim (1 month ago)
Messi is the best
thabit mohamed (1 month ago)
the players that have good and strong hearts make it to the finals like neymar i love him and the music in the background is cool
Rayane patcher 2 (1 month ago)
8k like ( me
77 Days1000 (1 month ago)
I miss Ronaldinho why did he retore
Иван Тюмень (1 month ago)
who is paul pogba?
faceandaname (1 month ago)
2018 more pixels then ever - <3 youtube hd
Bryan Perez Herrera (1 month ago)
this song sucks
Ruben Galassi (1 month ago)
Qué música HORRENDA!!!!!! Hace Insoportable al video
Martin Kopecký (1 month ago)
Neymar je buzerant...
Acroze (1 month ago)
Raheem was a beast lol
Tamar Kiria (1 month ago)
ronaldiniho is very good footballer
MINTZ (1 month ago)
The music please just no
David Feeley (1 month ago)
this song kickstarted the depression that fortnite cured 2 months ago
gosko420 asasddfsad (1 month ago)
Ronaldinho legend best❤❤❤❤
FatMacGaming (1 month ago)
better on mute
Postage Gaming (1 month ago)
I don’t like song it’s only about sex and drugs which isn’t anything to do with soccer but it’s a good tune
king of Wars (1 month ago)
Most of the Brazilian professional players played Futsal as a kid
jay d (1 month ago)
Sergio ramos still got that evil eyes
Sgeet Drol (1 month ago)
Best video
DOMINIK NIKOL (1 month ago)
What is the called ...
Saulito Quintanilla (1 month ago)
Could they put bts music
Miguel Komrd (2 months ago)
Jyoti Daware (2 months ago)
Which song you had taken for this video?
gangster banaan (2 months ago)
neymar as kids is so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mashaaa 209 (2 months ago)
Great video then it ends with welbeck Lolo a
Paul 04 (2 months ago)
Music ain’t killin it
liquid_snake (2 months ago)
Maradona=Oliver Atom.
Florin Dorin (2 months ago)
Raheem £terling
Finn Knight (2 months ago)
james missed a free kick
XxCrainRugze xX (2 months ago)
"Go to sleep in Denver wake up in Denmark" thats a long way - btw its the background song
Christian Massamba (2 months ago)
Futur ballon d'or
Claudio Isaac Coronel (2 months ago)
you say futbol players ,sergio ramos is a donkey
SOCCER TIME (2 months ago)
Rijad (2 months ago)
Best video in 2017
abdu2s (2 months ago)
This video made me smile a lot.
Tony Gamer VN (2 months ago)
good song dude
ads (2 months ago)
Salatsoße (3 months ago)
what happened with robinho today
MrSamba86 (3 months ago)
Couldn't watch till the end, way too cheesy music.
The back ground music?
Daniela Bianchetti (3 months ago)
Messi so quick and smooth, unreal talent 😍
Yeah M8 (3 months ago)
That music started to piss me off
BershkaBoss (3 months ago)
The music doesn't fucking fit the video... 😂😂😂🤣🤣 Melody about ass n' curves but we are at football, idiot...
Andrew Burns (3 months ago)
Seriously rapist Robinho like haha 🤣
7:25 "you can bring them tits out" 🖕😂 oo
TNT arabic (3 months ago)
Messi messi messi
miskaeemelii (3 months ago)
cmoon where's all goalkeepers
SPhilpott 9 (3 months ago)
The f**k is this sh*t music
Jonath Suarez (3 months ago)
bruh fuck kinda song you choose g smh
David Escallón (3 months ago)
wtf with that song
Dominic Gadalinski (3 months ago)
That song wasn’t nessesery
LiAm Gi 6330 (3 months ago)
What the fuck is this song
Hessan Meer (3 months ago)
Ramos was always captain
THE TEAM l (3 months ago)
The fastest sprinter 😱😱😱 3:57 OMG😱😱😱😱
Juan Aguilar (3 months ago)
It's back to the past dumbass
humza khannmnb (3 months ago)
Bad song
77 Days1000 (3 months ago)
ask Neymar why his face is the same then and now
Christopher Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Music is shit
NEYMAR T (3 months ago)
I swear kid Ramos was so Adorable ✌️💯🙏
lachie Bosman (3 months ago)
danny welbeck with man united player lol
HotchiwawaChronicles (3 months ago)
Ronaldo was different :D
Sean Robinson JR (4 months ago)
6:48 This is so cool. Pep handing a medal to Iniesta
gayel el lokillo (4 months ago)
y hugo sanches
Shreyas R (4 months ago)
6:28 its messiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii............
Gamer Pro (4 months ago)
What was with Pelé
Hernan Sainz (3 months ago)
Gamer Pro he's to old cameras didn't exist back then? Kidding lmao
gustav häggström (4 months ago)
The song is so gay
Ahmad Rozak (4 months ago)
pogba most boring
Jocelyn HG (4 months ago)
This song makes me want to end it all
Luciano Santos (4 months ago)
Horrible song choice

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