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Why Marshmello didn't come to Nepal(club dejavu kathmandu )

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KATHMANDU CLUB DEJA VU KO THOD FOD, MARSHMELLO NA AAKOMA| Club Deja Vu as Marshmello did not arrive on the program Club DejaVu because Marshmello didn't show up!
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Text Comments (5)
Samir Khadka (4 months ago)
No problem bro I am big fan of you
Aakrish tv (6 months ago)
he sucks
Adip thapa magar (7 months ago)
I think Marshmello was good hearted person ans he really wantec to come Nepal
TE3n Azarath (9 months ago)
Love u marshmello :(
Ashim don (9 months ago)
He didnt come :'(:-(

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