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How to Download PUBG Mobile on Your Computer! (PC/Mac Tutorial)

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"PUBG Mobile PC Download - How to Download Rules of Survival on PC/Mac (How to Download Rules of Survival on Computer) Tutorial - How to Download PUBG for Free PC/Mac (Download Tutorial)" ★ LEAVE A LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! ★ ULTIMATE PUBG MOBILE TIPS & TRICKS GUIDE!! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_3u5U7d7X8 Hey guys! ExxotikGaming here back with another awesome PUBG Mobile video! In today's video, I explain in-depth how to download this game for free for both PC and Mac! It's a pretty involved process, so make sure to pay attention!! This is also a great alternative to people who can't afford to play the full version of PUBG off of Steam on their computer - they can download this and play for free, getting a similar experience! Have fun, and enjoy getting the epic chicken dinners! :) Hope you guys enjoyed! Liking, favoriting, and subscribing helps a ton! :D Enjoyed the video? Make sure to smash that "like" button, comment, favorite, and subscribe for more PUBG videos and streams! Heck, even put this video in a playlist if you so desire! The next video, whether it'll be a regular post, or even a challenge, will usually be out about a week after the previous video! HOW I RECORD MY iOS SCREEN! (2018) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNfWOz3O7No My Instagram: http://instagram.com/exxotikgaming My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExxotikGaming
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ExxotikGaming (10 days ago)
Hope you enjoyed! Best thing is, this entire thing is safe and free! To anyone who either can’t afford the regular PC version of PUBG or anyone looking for a different experience playing PUBG Mobile, this is it! I hope this video tutorial helped you - feel free to subscribe for more PUBG Mobile content on this channel! 😊
Daniel Robinson (1 day ago)
I've got the game on BlueStacks on my PC and I want to boost the performance. I've given it max RAM and CPU cores but when I use task manager it tells me the integrated graphics are only working at 20%. How do I get it to max out the graphics? Thanks.
jaime novak (1 day ago)
ExxotikGaming I saw on pg3d somebody else was trying to act like you It said Exxotikgaming240 and said I just got finished posting my video
nikhil patel (2 days ago)
ExxotikGaming but this is unfair to people who use touch screen,
please do gta v pc
Jordan Maijol (5 days ago)
same situation right here
harshil gondaliya (5 hours ago)
There was a problem to sign in google account..... I cant add my google account... What should i do..
KingAj23 (6 hours ago)
can you hook up yourXbox one s controller to the windows 10 to play?
Robert Whittington (8 hours ago)
You're the best thanks 😀
justin dubien (11 hours ago)
can you sprint
Joshua C. (17 hours ago)
thank you so much for making this tutorial. it worked for me!
Shea Osorio (18 hours ago)
why It’s not working? :(
GAMER _YT (18 hours ago)
Gianluca Gasparis (20 hours ago)
i installed nox on my mac and it won't let me install pubg because its incompatible with my device
Joshua Petersson (23 hours ago)
why dont you get the full version of steam bitch xd
Xun Nuo Kuek (23 hours ago)
i cant install it HELP!!!
Xun Nuo Kuek (23 hours ago)
this app is takes 1 GB :(
FreeazY (23 hours ago)
is there any emulator for iphone
Queen Zaya (1 day ago)
it works THANX
Thilak Kaarthik (1 day ago)
very very thanks bro .you stopped me to by a cd from shop.thanks keep it up . now only i downloaded. i want to friend with you in pubg .
jhun mar pabayo (1 day ago)
just get the pc version off steam Idiot! just kidding,.. I loved your video
OVERLORD gamer (1 day ago)
You have a lot of money just give us some money so we can the game
Sanserko -_- (1 day ago)
Thank You Bro :D
Tyler Ray (1 day ago)
Do I have to download both? I downloaded memu but when I went into it, it would not load past 99%. Help
Aggeto (1 day ago)
For me its really laggy,... idk why can you tell me why?
BestRivenEUW (1 day ago)
If u CaaN AfForD A Pc wHy CaN´T aFFOrD a GAMe
kashyap devidasani (1 day ago)
I installed it on my windows 7 PC
kashyap devidasani (1 day ago)
Sir I need your help as I am not able to gain access on pub g mobile on pc as firstly I installed Memu application from Google and then connected Memu application to my Google account which is on my mobile where as my pub g mobile which has already been installed long back was upgraded today to a new version and as we know that the new version of pub g only allows Facebook users to play and not guest and as soon as I installed pub g Memu hopefully the game started but when I reached Facebook login, I logged in but it said that its don't support and maybe corrected later on. I want a solution to it please and I hope u give me a quick reply and help me out
i cannot sing in pls reply
legend (1 day ago)
i tried to download it with nox but it says 'You're device isn't compatible with this version"
TheXorum (2 days ago)
it says that my device isn't compatible, how should I do ?
ExpotGamer 123 (2 days ago)
Do u really need a pc to get some chicken dinner??
Jechra Isini (2 days ago)
thanks for the cool video. i have a question can i link my pubg mobile and pc (my mobile version pubg) as one ?
Karan Sarswal (2 days ago)
I guess i just found the reason how people shot me with handgun from miles away.
iDurp (2 days ago)
memu no work on mac :((
BallXD (2 days ago)
It broke my computer.
arnav 07 (2 days ago)
U did a great job dude..tc
Sabine Friedli (2 days ago)
Do you happen to know if that works in europe aswell?
Yuio Plays games (2 days ago)
i won first time
Ninjas hyper (2 days ago)
Fortnite is the best.
Adhithya 600 (2 days ago)
Emulator is not opening in my laptop windows
giant enemy crab (2 days ago)
On nox pubg it says: your device isn’t compatible with this version. I’m doing it in a mac btw. Pleas help
ApplePieYT (2 days ago)
I got a new 64 mBs ( around 8 MB PER secont ) and y took me30 seconda
Call Me Jeff (3 days ago)
The problem is it says that emulator detected. You can only play with people who has emulators. I wanna play with my friends on mobile. (I have an old phone and I wanna use my laptop)
BlckPwr 007 (3 days ago)
Game changer!
Gabriel Stearn (3 days ago)
Still got top 100 and plat 3 on mobile without being sweaty enough to play in pc for an unfair advantage.
Gabriel Stearn (3 days ago)
You people ruin the game for everyone else
Mizan Nor (3 days ago)
I can download mobile legend in pc thank you I subscribe and like and share
Tracrep - Games (3 days ago)
for nox it says its not compatible for pubg
TheFerociousGamer (3 days ago)
Well while it’s a better experience it is a big disadvantage for people on mobile
John Mylex Pacaco (3 days ago)
Nice tutorial.. bro
Niko Guaglianone (3 days ago)
MEmu sucks dick, nothimg works on MEmu on my fucking gaming pc!
shadow world (3 days ago)
hey bro when i open the link could not show download link sooo what i do plss show tutorial
tech with Asjad (3 days ago)
Can I install bluestack for this game
tech with Asjad (3 days ago)
Bluestack is good
Devil shadow (3 days ago)
it says emulator detected im only pllaying with other people on emualtors you said i would be against mobile phone players
Knuttsack Jones (3 days ago)
this is sooooo cool!!!!!
Knuttsack Jones (3 days ago)
omg, I have this exact computer and the background. wow
x_Buddy Games (3 days ago)
WhY dId YoU JuSt NoT bUy ThE pC VeRsIoN?!?
BirthLord Playz (3 days ago)
I'm in mac
Sk8ter Gaming (3 days ago)
Why didn’t you download the full version from steam?
BallXD (3 days ago)
+Sk8ter Gaming Some people said Steam was full of trash in PC. Dunno why..
Calvin N3387 (3 days ago)
Rip Mac user 8==D
Idk why, my Nox is laggier than my android phone, even my PC has GTX 1050 and 6gb ddr4 ram, pls halp!!11?
Sana Salman (1 day ago)
The problem is your ram
Ayesha Imtiaz (4 days ago)
Blaze YT (4 days ago)
Need help When I open it. It just gets stuck on PUBG CORPERATION screen :(
Jack Graham (4 days ago)
very good nice loud speaking very easy to follow liked and subbed
GamerPLAYZ (4 days ago)
LPV Official (4 days ago)
“Device not compatible” you guys have the same issue? What do i do?
Zayyad Ibrahim (4 days ago)
can you use a controller for it
juan melendez (4 days ago)
Find a subscriber bruh you know the struggle
we bad boys (4 days ago)
do the graphics differ alot as they are both different version i.e mobile version in pc so will it work in pc?
Jom Rax (4 days ago)
not work for mac air
GamerPLAYZ (5 days ago)
Are u sure that it will not lag in my shittest pc
aj cadacio (5 days ago)
thx bro it works but what is the best emulator nox or memu? lol
jonathan Mendosa (5 days ago)
how come it dont work on bluestacks
The Gamer (5 days ago)
Does this work with fortnite?
Gameowood City (5 days ago)
a dialogue box open stating that "PUBG on Mobile is developed and mainatined by lightspeed G quantum studios group at tencent it was developed on UE4 to fully reproduce the pc experience on mobile your device is not supported at the moment but it will be included at a later time OK *and then it crashes nd returns to the home screen again*
Herokan Gaming (5 days ago)
Can we also use blue stacks?
Haky Scaletta (2 days ago)
What means GB? It's free2play game.
Herokan Gaming (2 days ago)
Wait it's free2play (or maybe not) but how much GB does it's cost
Haky Scaletta (2 days ago)
Yes it is. U must install Garena , then the game , but It's on thailand language , u got tutorial how to change it on english. I played it the game is perfect , even better then PUBG but makes much lag to me. :/
Herokan Gaming (2 days ago)
Haky Scaletta is ring of Elysium free?
Herokan Gaming (2 days ago)
Haky Scaletta the only problem is my wifi sucks.... It only has 300gb/Mbps which sucks. So I can't really download pubg plus I'm saving my money for a gaming laptop or PC.. that's why I download foking ROS/Rules of survival.. because Furtnite is Foking 13 GB and my wifi Will be wasted..
idk (5 days ago)
On my Mac, I use Nox and it says "This app is not compatible with this device" any help?
Andrea plays (5 days ago)
What do I do when I download nox?
jake pual (5 days ago)
how can u get it on dell
Razoyer (5 days ago)
I dont wanna turn on my Cpu virtualization do i need to ??
KYo JiN (5 days ago)
Which is better?? Nox or memu?!
Cthulhu Gaming (5 days ago)
bullshit. it says its not compatible for the tablet.
ExxotikGaming (5 days ago)
Because this is a tutorial for PC/Mac, not tablet... 🤦🏻‍♂️
The dude (6 days ago)
Great video. Nothing rushed and explained it very well. Worked for me.
HAIDAR HAYEK (6 days ago)
thebestkid1133 (6 days ago)
Why DoNt YoU JuSt GeT ThE VeRsIoN On StEaM IdIoT
Thunderstrike Thomas (7 days ago)
I have it on my pc n9w but h9w do I play it wih controller?
damon murray (7 days ago)
Boy i can play PUBG now
prayash das (7 days ago)
Says emulator detected.
9AUTO (7 days ago)
Can I use this without a google account And is PUBG mobile more optimized?
George Neville (7 days ago)
Where do these file downloaded save to..??
Clue L3SS (7 days ago)
It crahes when I click on the "guest" so I can't play. What's happening?
On my pc when i press ok ans goes back to my apps canyou fix it
meme-sama! (7 days ago)
just a 600mb 2hours left
Murtaza Gheewala (7 days ago)
Thanks man..helped me alot
Is there any method for an iPhone?? I’ve really been looking for one
Tanner Larson (7 days ago)
why didnt you just get pugb off of steam
It suddenly disappear
iwill destroyyou (7 days ago)
I clicked like button do you know why....? Cause you are smart enough to know that some people will surly ask why not to buy pc version...I'm sure they clicked on video and paused it immediately so that they can write in comment 'ohh why not to buy pc version'... you dumbass if you can buy thn you even clicked on this video 🖕
ExxotikGaming (5 days ago)
And amazingly enough, there actually are comments like that still! 😂 But thanks for the support dude, I appreciate it!
TecnoMix (7 days ago)
Plss help say that my device its not compatible with this version
KennyFromYT (7 days ago)
Thank you EG that's help love you!
jeboy rosgaming (8 days ago)
Mc Float (8 days ago)
hey i got a problem. why im stack at downloading the game at the playstore? please help me. thanks
Top Boy gamer (8 days ago)

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