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How to Download PUBG Mobile on Your Computer! (PC/Mac Tutorial)

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"PUBG Mobile PC Download - How to Download Rules of Survival on PC/Mac (How to Download Rules of Survival on Computer) Tutorial - How to Download PUBG for Free PC/Mac (Download Tutorial)" ★ LEAVE A LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! ★ ULTIMATE PUBG MOBILE TIPS & TRICKS GUIDE!! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_3u5U7d7X8 Hey guys! ExxotikGaming here back with another awesome PUBG Mobile video! In today's video, I explain in-depth how to download this game for free for both PC and Mac! It's a pretty involved process, so make sure to pay attention!! This is also a great alternative to people who can't afford to play the full version of PUBG off of Steam on their computer - they can download this and play for free, getting a similar experience! Have fun, and enjoy getting the epic chicken dinners! :) Hope you guys enjoyed! Liking, favoriting, and subscribing helps a ton! :D Enjoyed the video? Make sure to smash that "like" button, comment, favorite, and subscribe for more PUBG videos and streams! Heck, even put this video in a playlist if you so desire! The next video, whether it'll be a regular post, or even a challenge, will usually be out about a week after the previous video! HOW I RECORD MY iOS SCREEN! (2018) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNfWOz3O7No My Instagram: http://instagram.com/exxotikgaming My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExxotikGaming
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Text Comments (1192)
ExxotikGaming (2 months ago)
Hope you enjoyed! Best thing is, this entire thing is safe and free! To anyone who either can’t afford the regular PC version of PUBG or anyone looking for a different experience playing PUBG Mobile, this is it! I hope this video tutorial helped you - feel free to subscribe for more PUBG Mobile content on this channel! 😊
Hasan Zbib (5 days ago)
ExxotikGaming please
Hasan Zbib (5 days ago)
ExxotikGaming please solve thia when i enter the game it said that your device is not supported at this moment ease solve it
DIAMOND KING (10 days ago)
i have the steam version but my friends don't have pubg
Alexandra 815 (15 days ago)
What if pubg doesn’t show up
rippin panda (20 days ago)
i really hope it works on my mac
maliniprakash99 (5 hours ago)
Madman2105 (6 hours ago)
Don’t comment anything stupid
Madman2105 (6 hours ago)
Lol I love how he said do comment anything stupid
Black beard (7 hours ago)
u are the best bro
ED Gray (14 hours ago)
Nice, you can now cheat all the real mobile players... it’s called mobile for a reason
cmhardin0929 (20 hours ago)
no stupid np
Kurdistan Tube (1 day ago)
don't download *lag* full FPS 12+20
Dat Gamer (1 day ago)
Pls help why can't i enter the login part of the game
Black nightcore (1 day ago)
Heeyy Dude it says '' your device is not supported at the moment, but it will be included at a later time. thank you for understanding'' plssssss help!!!
Aditya Sharma (1 day ago)
Thankyou for this videos!!!
Yohar Villegas (1 day ago)
I just downloaded it but it tells me that it is not compatible with this device HELP
CM (1 day ago)
app is not compatible!!pls help😥
Samah Onaissi (1 day ago)
NOX on Mac comes with 4.4.2 which is below requirements to run PUBG Mobile. This is a problem from Nox. Waiting for NOX to allow OS upgrade o just come with 5.1 o better.
LIghtStRiKeR force (2 days ago)
I like to fart
Rishikesh Rai (2 days ago)
Not working in my laptop it says device no support... Please suggest me...
waqas hadayat (2 days ago)
bro i download it and when it finish downloading after instaalling it dissapere all my wait
Tushar Kumar (2 days ago)
help me pubg showing your device is not compaitaible
Aditya Nim (2 days ago)
It doesn't start on pc. It load 42% and then automatically close.whyyyyyy?????
JUN MENDOZA (2 days ago)
thanks so much
Lizzie (2 days ago)
Cool panda (2 days ago)
fish frenzyyyy
major crazy tracie (2 days ago)
Like of u watch this even know u don't have a computer lol
R.B.B RAMA BA BOYZ (3 days ago)
Pubg is work in 32 bit ????????????
Daniyal Abdullah (3 days ago)
without any emulator
Daniyal Abdullah (3 days ago)
it runs on intel gma 3100 tell me please
Bipradeep Mandal (3 days ago)
it is starting it is only showing the first page 'tencent game'
mex herr (3 days ago)
Why dont you just ... Nevermind... 😂😂😂
PUBG mobile is for MOBILE, that’s why it’s called mobile
Darthvarden (3 days ago)
your device is not compatible with this version
Unknown Soul (4 days ago)
doesn`t work for my windows 10.please help
Classic sainath (4 days ago)
bro its not coming
Joshua Cabrera (4 days ago)
Can You Make Another About FORTNITE?
Vijeth Kalavarkar (4 days ago)
Hey bro , am on windows pc ... but here downloading will stops after 99.98 % . What to do plz help...
Dry Ice Thug (5 days ago)
my nox app player is android 4.4.2 but i need 5.0.0 to install pubg. how to fix?
Minaga Vidyarathne (5 days ago)
Sarabjeet Kaur (5 days ago)
thank u soooo much
Pratham Shrivastava (5 days ago)
Can you provide pc version, instead of this mobile version?
Sky24islife _Roblox (5 days ago)
hey i think ur really really really really really really really really really really really reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally dumbreareallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallylly
Sky24islife _Roblox (5 days ago)
my sister called you cocu
Learn (6 days ago)
Thank you, Friend can i play with Xbox 360 controller ?
KiKni GT (6 days ago)
But pubg mobile is 1gb not 600mb
ALBERT ROGER (6 days ago)
does voice system work in pc
Do you khow De Wae ? (6 days ago)
Do you khow De Wae ? (6 days ago)
why my Mac OS don have pubg mobile in google store :(( PLZ HELP
Do you khow De Wae ? (6 days ago)
thanks :))
hayat ansari (6 days ago)
i susbcribed and you can call your new fan jack
mspkv mspkv (6 days ago)
hi i have followed all the steps for mac but when i type the pubg it is not showing the app atall
richard crisologo (7 days ago)
Why i can’t find pubg on nox player ? I searched it on google play but nothing came out? Im using mac. And i dowloaded ROS but it wont let me play so i did more research then i found out i need GLtools so i can make adjust with the graphics. But GLtools cost money. I was expecting everything is free with noxplayer. Do you know what else i can download aside from GLtools so i can play ROS?
Azell Azly (7 days ago)
sawbit raz (7 days ago)
Hey! I cannot use my mic. and voice chat. What should I do? Help me!
koushiki chakraborty (7 days ago)
Thank you bro.
rahul.m chavan (7 days ago)
bro its not working for me,i don't find pubg mobile in the playstore
Redon Memia (7 days ago)
@Exxotikgaming When i open play store it says : there was a problem communicating with google servers . Try again later . But i have tried a lot and still doesnt open what should i do ?
rozeen subedi (8 days ago)
It didn't load 100% it stoped in 99% what should i do now
Master Dabster (8 days ago)
I'm trusting you... if I get a virus my parents will kill me
Sunil Shetty (8 days ago)
on my pc memu is not working plz help
EVILANGEL (8 days ago)
thank you sir
Noah Douglas (8 days ago)
didn't work.
Claude Didi (9 days ago)
What if im using apple smartphone but using a windows pc?
jodymev (9 days ago)
Can't find any PUBG Mobile on the Play Store. Su*ks Mac.
Mayank Karnati (9 days ago)
I downloaded nox but I can't download the latest version, so pubg doesn't appear
Van Vargas (9 days ago)
Thanks bro , it help a lot , godbless bro hope more subscribers.
NaveGamingGG (9 days ago)
i think mine crashed
NaveGamingGG (9 days ago)
i buyed pubg and it cant carry to my pc soo am gonig to use pubg mobile like my cousin playin in right now
real trends_ (9 days ago)
when I search it it doesn't come up it comes up with these tips on pubg not the actual game.
real trends_ (9 days ago)
how do you unistall the apps?
gamer j.v (10 days ago)
it runs smothly on your pc but is very laggy on pc
kimleng chhou168 (10 days ago)
I don’t see puge on my nox ... :(
Why did you get the full steam mobile idiot
Fast Gamer (10 days ago)
I didn't tried it yet but it looks real ,i guess?
Darren Oellermann (10 days ago)
I prefer pubg mobile
Shashank Gupta (10 days ago)
dummybrodumdum (10 days ago)
Remon Chowdhury (10 days ago)
Mine got the opening screen where it says "PUBG"
Alex10000 Gmailll (10 days ago)
i sub and turn the bell :)
End Excely (10 days ago)
Why i cant play it on my memu
Brandon Ramirez (10 days ago)
pubg doesn´t appear in my Nox Mac
Aman Chaubey (11 days ago)
i bought pubg for pc but my pc couldnt run it so now lets see if vid is real or fake
Luxario (11 days ago)
Oh Thank God!!!I finally Can Play PUBG!!!!Thanks a Lot!
w s chong (11 days ago)
i have a message say this games not suport emulator, how to sort out, and is not load the games? what to do
Fabian Garcia (11 days ago)
I swear you got the fastest internet speed ever
minecraft gamer101 (11 days ago)
Why couldn't you just get the full game on steam on PC even if it cost money
Swapan Ghosh (11 days ago)
would u pls tell me which is the best antivirus that is istalled in ur pc,which u mentioned in ur video.
tony wang (11 days ago)
thats not even pubg, is pubg mobile, and u guys copied it from china without permition.
Andy Bong (11 days ago)
Shaadh 16 (11 days ago)
How to play on the keyboard i can touch ny laptop
Shaadh 16 (11 days ago)
Mine is kinda slow
Jonathan RC (11 days ago)
Excellent vidio !!!! This is my favorite game on movil, and im a PC gamer so this is a Plus plus for me thanks for this 💪😎👌👌👌
Jimbo Jacob (12 days ago)
I cant install/ find PUBG Mobile. Help?
Ghost Rider (12 days ago)
why dont you bye the full game on steam ;)
Nikola Jelenkovic (12 days ago)
Bayu Adityawarman (12 days ago)
ist not working on my macbook
Shaadh 16 (12 days ago)
It takes 5 hrs to download the file but i am downloading it
Shaadh 16 (11 days ago)
It works
chicken adobo yumyum (12 days ago)
why does it always say "please reserve 2 gb free disk space"? huhu help meeee
Kaine Tomes (12 days ago)
Can you do fortnite like this
Kat Pals (12 days ago)
Omg thanks! IT WORKS!! :D
Kat Pals (10 days ago)
Jimbo Jacob (11 days ago)
Kat Pals are you on pc?
Kat Pals (12 days ago)
hope it works
Leo Kan (12 days ago)
what if i already have PUBG Moblie in my Phone can i still download at PC?
PringleLegend27 (13 days ago)
Says vt isn’t enabled
ShaodowPlayz (13 days ago)
the nox in my mac is 2017 does it work?

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