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Top 10 Fastest Football Players 2018 HD | 17/18

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Top 10 Fastest Football Players 2017 - 2018 HD Ft. Aubameyang , Gareth Bale , Mohmed Salah , Leroy Sane , Hector Bellerin , Kylian Mbappe etc. Can't watch video or livestreams in your contrys? Get VPN! 👉 https://billing.purevpn.com/aff.php?aff=35367 👉 Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IbraAlliance 👉 Twitter https://twitter.com/ibraalliance 👉 Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/ibraallianc3/ Contact me (Business only): ibraalliance10@gmail.com 🎵Song: 💰 BUY BITCOIN AND MAKE MONEY! https://goo.gl/TQ34ju COPYRIGHT LAWS AND PROPOSALS: Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work.
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Text Comments (2083)
IbraAlliance (6 months ago)
Late upload for European guys like me, hope it's okey! *This list is ranked on FIFA 18 stats + my own opinion from this season, so don't take it to serious!*
Artemísia Belém (1 month ago)
IbraAlliance vai da o cu
Marlon Mejia (1 month ago)
Por Q no sale messi
Ayan Ahmad (1 month ago)
Evil aliens you forget Cristiano Ronaldo the Cristiano Ronaldo the fastest fastest player
IbraAlliance do Songs?
Julio Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Como se llama la primera cancion?
Ethan Samuels (5 days ago)
i dnt understand how ronaldo nd walcott are not here
Arfan Nuub (5 days ago)
Where Ronaldo?
BALE 🔫 11
and D3MB3L3
PROfotbalPRO (6 days ago)
First melodi name
kamaldeep singh (6 days ago)
Irrelavant video. While it is about sprints, it is mostly showing players dribbling. Which makes no sense.
mohamed gabr (6 days ago)
Salah is the best player in the world in the future
MrFreidCookies (7 days ago)
Mo salah is top
MrFreidCookies (7 days ago)
What is sound track
Crown royal And lime (7 days ago)
This shit looks like an european only
Fagan Aliyev (7 days ago)
How about adama traore and inacki williams
Philip X (7 days ago)
Where is ADAMA?
Tuts 176 (7 days ago)
This is fake
Tuts 176 (7 days ago)
Thais isso fake
Nick Greensage (8 days ago)
Didn’t mbappe run like a 44.7 km/h
omar Maro (8 days ago)
Joseph McDonald (8 days ago)
In fifa maybe not, but in real life, Gareth Bale is probably higher than 5
Carlos Mejía (8 days ago)
Really? Bale is not the number one... At least in the top 3!!!
Pakhan Basumatary (9 days ago)
Neymar Jr
Gustavo Barbosa (9 days ago)
Aubameyang? Coman is the fastest player in the world
Versinie Osako (9 days ago)
Mbappe is one of the fastest players in france
POST 2B_music (10 days ago)
Gerlene Saboia (10 days ago)
karalho meu
idris Schamursajew (10 days ago)
1.Bale 2.Christiano Ronaldo
Sebastian Marquez (10 days ago)
Mo salah is fast
Hanin Tarek (11 days ago)
jordi alba ??
RJ Point (12 days ago)
2:52 is the greatest..super 🙏🙏
himed beaudoin (12 days ago)
bale is first in reallity
jolyen sampson (12 days ago)
mo salah nuber 2 or 1 why number 7 this false and lie
sajjad Bhat (13 days ago)
Mo salah is the fastest
Joaquin Serrano (13 days ago)
Music 4:39? Pleasee
Riyaadh Shaik (14 days ago)
We're is Rashford
Luvkush Singh (14 days ago)
taha mostafa (14 days ago)
Salah iS Best player of the year <3
Misna Beegam (15 days ago)
Messi supper
Ahsan Faheem (15 days ago)
GENERAL KRISH (16 days ago)
bro cristiano
Logistica 16004 (17 days ago)
gelson martins is a bestt number one and mohamed salah is a second bestt
b boyz (17 days ago)
nice video
Rodrigo Ramos (17 days ago)
Nelson Semedo
Andre Allen (17 days ago)
Adama traore and coman are faster than atleast half of the players on the list
Vishal Asgolkar (18 days ago)
Kylian mabappe is the fastest footballer
God Of War (18 days ago)
Song on 2:00 ؟
Mitch Kiddos (18 days ago)
number 1 hector bellerin
Martin Gonzales (19 days ago)
Hmmm.....La verdad,aunque tal vez me equivoque ,tengo que decir que Aubemeyang no es el mas rapido.Tal vez tiene explosividad,pero,no hay ningún video que lo evidencie.
Dimitar Nedelchev (19 days ago)
Song name is?
Hassan Assi (19 days ago)
What is the name of the first song?
sad aris williani
Famiely Anyanwu (19 days ago)
bale dived
Ravi patwa (20 days ago)
JRA Games (20 days ago)
rlly????? Where is Theo Walcott or Arjen Robben
madridbravo (20 days ago)
Where is arjen roben?
Ebnul Haisam (21 days ago)
Name of this song please?
Nauval Pizzeriax (21 days ago)
Donatello the faster boy/turtle
Adam Malobický (21 days ago)
wtf ??? :D
What's this song's name- 3:36?
Cris 1 (21 days ago)
Thieo Walcott?
Apex (21 days ago)
mo salah is way faster than number 5,4,3 and 2
Shefin Shefyy (22 days ago)
y they didn't ad arjen robben ?
Bikash Lama (22 days ago)
Mohammad salah is fast player
Abner Alvarado (22 days ago)
What is this song name
Mrxzer Productis (22 days ago)
The fastest player is Adama Traore, search him up.
Xx_M-Train _xX (22 days ago)
10 Jordie Alba 9 dimitri 8 sterling 7 Messi 6 martins 5 Ronaldo 4 Neymar 3 Bellerin 2 Bale 1 Auebameyang
haris n m (23 days ago)
Efirem Wakie (24 days ago)
Hector is the fastest
Ahmad Alg3ood (24 days ago)
w̸h̸e̸r̸e̸ i̸s̸ m̸e̸s̸s̸i̸ d̸. c̸o̸s̸t̸a̸ c̸u̸a̸d̸r̸a̸d̸o̸
Hicham Boufrioua (24 days ago)
Juan cuadrado
Setyo Pamungkas (24 days ago)
Judul lagunya apa yaa
MD omar (25 days ago)
Mohammad Sala
Niko Nikolic (25 days ago)
Whats the name of music
Faisal Ansari (25 days ago)
Kyle Walker?
Angry Guy (25 days ago)
Mo Salah
Victor De La Cruz (25 days ago)
3:42 SONG:Prismo weaknes
XDmaster 2.0 (25 days ago)
Hazard and Willian should be up there
Lalram Siama (25 days ago)
Bullshit video
Eng.Haitheam Gamers (26 days ago)
Mo salah Garith bale
PRO JEX (26 days ago)
why is not here Barta(barcelona) vs BALE moment ?? in that moment bale is awesome
Ahmed AlMesri (26 days ago)
Cristiano ?
Sena Sung (27 days ago)
What's da track name???
PIWI 98 (27 days ago)
What the Title song of the opening video ?
Manuel Fritz (27 days ago)
Song at the first minutes?
Chris Ngwa (27 days ago)
Kylian mbape was born in Cameroon in central Africa.
랑개 (28 days ago)
Madrilista_GAMER_ (28 days ago)
Bale must the first
Φωτης τ. (28 days ago)
Where is Kostas Manolas
TR SHARMA (28 days ago)
Hey are you fool where is Ronaldo?
Anthony Harris (28 days ago)
Jordi alba should be there
Borris Droege (29 days ago)
Coman ???????
Ruyman Santana Cruz (29 days ago)
Gareth bale number one
Gennaro Bottone (30 days ago)
1.12 whats you name song please??
vasilis kara (30 days ago)
Alex Geha (1 month ago)
Oberlin is 78 pace in fifa 18
GRASSIE HU (1 month ago)
8:01 wtf
Varane is faster than bale he admited
armaan bahree (1 month ago)
Cristiano ronaldo? ??
Antonio (1 month ago)
Douglas Costa?
ALL ABOUT MUSIC (1 month ago)
Name of song first
willem sowdhan (1 month ago)
Sane is the fastest

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