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Japan - How to #74 - Discrimination

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I have made 710 videos about how great Japan is. I get asked this question a lot so i am answering it honestly. If people actually listen to what I said, NOBODY need be offended by any of it.
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RasseruS (6 hours ago)
I seen, less discrimination in recent years; because of younger workers are replacing the negative old school types; AKA "Closed-minded with outsider fears of change". Plus, English education is higher degree of understanding with the younger people and familiar with western culture from media. They could be super friendly in their curiosity of your culture. Now the workforce is still discriminated with hiring and education. You are more likely getting hired as a English Teacher for a few years then they replace you and get someone new. Being long-term worker is hard to do in Japan. Many companies won't insure somebody without stable career.
Bonnie Lockwood (1 month ago)
I think the japanese are the most racist people in the world.
Jeff Mills (9 months ago)
Is somebody snoring on this video?
Chris Jones (11 months ago)
Visiting japan i felt eyes staring they not used to blonde hair fair skin ,they are rude to stare in uk many different colour skins and hair are nicer,we dont stare,
ShikataGaNai100 (1 year ago)
It's OK, we have plenty of racist assholes in my country (US) too. LOL
Bobby Mancini (1 year ago)
Awesome video. Hey, there's good and bad in every country, but it's how you deal with it. You just gotta man up and have some balls.
Vander Cecil (1 year ago)
If you've been lucky enough to find & follow this channel, you should pledge the measly two bucks our YouTube friend in Japan so humbly asks. You're getting a world class teacher - doing what he does as a labor of love - on real life - as it's lived now - in what has to be the most fascinating country ("civilization", actually) in the world. Come on, my fellow Nipponophiles, show "The Dude" a little love! Hit his link right now & make a pledge! www.patreon.com/TheJapanChannel
Neanis (1 year ago)
Going to Japan next summer for 2 weeks, I've got a big nose, will I be laughed at?
Neanis (1 year ago)
+Keisatsu Muke Meh, I honestly don't care, my other facial features outshine my above average sized nose.
Neanis (1 year ago)
+Keisatsu Muke Nice
Tippersnore (2 years ago)
Yes mate, there is a such a sign directly across from Komagome Station JR about 100 m west or so. 日本語と英語で。
Todd Reuterdahl (17 days ago)
Tippersnore: so, this particular business will only deal with Japanese and English speakers?
Tippersnore (2 years ago)
Android Galaxy (2 years ago)
Good Summary Finale....we are a Buddhist culture....Acceptance and consensus is a key of our culture and life....as opposed to resistance and revolution/argument in the West
berbandis (2 years ago)
+Android Galaxy Understanding goes a long way no matter what culture you are from. The idea that one mindset is correct and the other is incorrect is a flawed notion.
blondegaijin (2 years ago)
The most regularly annoying thing is 'Restaurant Translator'. Waitress asks u what you want to order? You say it, then the waitress looks at your wife, who simply repeats, WORD FOR WORD the zact same words you JUST said. And THEN the order goes through. That happens....I guess 90% of the time. Sounds petty, but I guarantee that after it happens to YOU for the 1,000th time it does get really annoying.
blondegaijin (2 years ago)
1. Apartment finding 2. Getting a credit card 3. Getting insurance 4. Dealing with cops (admittedly 95% of them are very professional) 5. Donating blood, dealing with hospital stuff Those are the biggies. I love most things about Japan, but...yeah, it:s not perfect.
Jetta Driver (2 years ago)
Shogu nai.
4Methylendioxy (2 years ago)
do they threat all white people the same or is there any difference if you are from germany?
BARBATUS 89 (1 year ago)
They can't tell the difference. Europeans all look the same to them.... :-) Maybe.
UncleWang420 (3 years ago)
To avoid all negative discrimination, I highly recommend teaching in Taiwan. Way better in terms of discrimination than Japan or China. In fact, Taiwan is a place where a foreigner can truly belong. Whereas Japan or China, you will always be singled out.
Alfred Punkers (3 years ago)
4:28  I imagine that is a *_massive problem_*. Even if it doesn't look like it to most people from Western cultures I've not lived in Japan... but as far as I'm aware from what other people have told me, and various other sources, that kind of behaviour is remembered over there for a *_very_* long time. Far more than in Western cultures. They _don't_ forget, and they _don't_ forgive that kind of behaviour. For example, they don't build up their business relationships as much on the basis of giving either party the power to sue the other over a breach of contract (for example), like people do in the USA. In the USA some cretins sue each other for any idiotic thing now. Even tripping over their own shoelaces, some white trash will try and sue the shoe manufacturer for it. That doesn't happen much (if at all) in Japan. They build business relationships based on *_trust_*. It's more of a "friendship" than a "business relation". Sure, there are legal documents and contracts, but they are _not_ the foundation of business relationships. So... screwing up that way in Japan, is more than a matter of them loosing a bit of money. It's as if you've betrayed a certain form of friendship, and personally I'm with them on this. I have *_no_* sympathy (or respect) for people who behave that way.  Is it fair to generalize and discriminate against _entire_ races or cultures because of it? No. But that's what people are like everywhere. People generalize. Japanese are no worse because of it. Nobody is... and if anyone has intentions of travelling to a _foreign_ country, they should make an effort to accept at least _some_ of their customs, especially ones considered important. And this applies universally. It applies to Americans travelling to Japan, Muslims travelling to Britain, British travelling to Poland, and Indians travelling to America. Really... the examples are endless. And if certain people make _no effort_ to adapt to their new country and experience a backlash because of it, then I'm afraid it's not "racism". It's disrespect at best... but to get respect you have to give respect first. Respect their rules, and they might respect yours.
BARBATUS 89 (1 year ago)
Yes, except the United States was founded on NOT respecting the rules of the Natives, and that's putting it mildly.
JohnConnor1985 (3 years ago)
All the same discrimination foreigners in Japan get. Western countries should systematically discriminate against Japanese immigrants the exact same way. As soon as the Japanese embassies in our countries complain about it, we should tell them that this is how we are treated when we are in Japan and now they know what it's like.
Keith Cleghorn (3 years ago)
The good and the bad in all countries. I think that what you have said in this video and many other I think the good out ways the bad. Japan is a unique place. You are a second class citizen. I was in Saudi Arabia teaching their Air Force maintenance personnel. I was a second class citizen while in that country. The Japanese police in Okinawa back in the late 70s those asshats were beating up military personnel and hassling all of us. But what we did at Kadina Air Base decided to not go off base for a month. the bars and taxis lost about 75% of their business and that change the Japanese Polices attitudes. There were several of us that were into Martial Arts and decided to participate in a tournament that was being held in Okinawa in which the Japanese police had a team participating. 7 Americans all black belts in various forms pretty much put 11 of that team in the hospital. After that the police stop bothering American Military. That was a very good feeling even though I left that tournament with two broken ribs and hairline fracture in my left leg. We cleaned the floor with those ass monkeys.   
ShikataGaNai100 (1 year ago)
So, let me get this straight. You were stationed at a USAF base in Okinawa, yet you can't even correctly spell the name of the base (Kadena)? Your attitude sucks...and, as a former USAF officer, I call bullshit on your whole story. It seems, by your remarks, that YOU are the racist. "Ass monkeys?" Seriously? You are some fucking teenage keyboard commando...or some pathetic USAF one-striper who is pissed at the world. BTW, take a course on English grammar and composition. Nobody who is seriously into martial arts would talk the shit you are talking.
Martin Sage (3 years ago)
When I first moved to Vietnam in 2010 I used my HSBC card at ATM's to get cash but later when I was doing business I opened a local bank account.  Now this is a Communist country and they had no problem.  How can you function without a Bank Account in Japan?  What is their reason for not allowing it?
Bai Haak (3 years ago)
As a descendant of a german worker in Russia I always experienced discrimination. They were calling me a nazi or something like that. Then when I moved to Germany and I was a barbarian russian guy.
bubb3432 (3 years ago)
discrimination exists everywhere, how you counter it on a personal level is to have the support of friends. conversations on the phone with friends and family overseas is good but you need to make friends locally. oddly, scientific research shows you get more benefit from offering a shoulder to lean on than the other way around.
Discrimination is inside us, the human beings; Japan for japaneses, America for americans, etc. Being a 2nd class, is horrible, in the same time, it'll strength you. Thnx 4 that.
Ross Mandell (3 years ago)
It is a sad reality but I suppose discrimination exists all over the world.
jimmiemclovin (3 years ago)
Love your candor brother.
hi (4 years ago)
where the hell is he driving to?
Vivian Darkbloom (3 years ago)
here's the catch, you cant stay away from yourself lmao owned phucking phaggot
ilovenh1 (3 years ago)
+hi You are the one who started and cant seem to stop himself from talking about gay people so... Project much ?
hi (3 years ago)
ew double teaming is gay!
jimmiemclovin (3 years ago)
jimmiemclovin (3 years ago)
I am laughing so hard right now!!  Gawd...I have to get back later...ha ha ha!
JOOPPOOJ K (4 years ago)
Good on you mate!
Dale Reynolds (4 years ago)
Chugoku Bank deals with foreigners, they are based in Hiroshima and there is a Tokyo branch. You need a Japanese co-signer for a nice apartment. 
Joseph565112 (4 years ago)
Sadly, as a white, heterosexual male, you will experience discrimination in many cities in the U.S....especially when you're also clean cut - no piercings or tattoos etc.
Insert Name Here (4 years ago)
Uh-huh? I would've thought with the Yakuza-targeting anti-tattoo prejudice and all, it'd be the ones WITH tattoos that'd be feeling the discrimination. :/
Vision821 (4 years ago)
uh huh. and every other race just has it so much better than the whites. lmao, oh okay.
Redraw4444 (4 years ago)
I'm of the train of thought, that if under certain circumstances I was asked to leave a Japanese establishment of some type, I would certainly adhere to the request. I wouldn't want to make people feel uneasy. They are 98% Japanese, and really have low English comprehension here. You can see certain Izakaya's that you would just never step foot in, as they seem to be filled with middle aged Japanese men. I would feel uncomfortable in there, never mind them. I guess it's a cultural thing. I know there are certain pubs in the UK foreigners wouldn't be welcomed into. Perhaps not too many nowadays, but certainly mostly in suburbs of major cities in predominantly white, working class areas that have a local crowd. I would liken the Japanese situation to that, only in the UK, you are more likely to encounter violence in those situations than you ever would here in Japan. Racism is a form of ignorance, and ignorance can be blamed on lack of exposure, poor education, or an unwillingness to accept anything outside your comfort zone. This is why I think Japanese people should be given a break when it comes to this racism lark. They are no worse than any other country. Every country has its far right elements, and will continue to do so. I actually think too many foreigners, and therefore mixing of cultures is not the best idea. Just look at America, and the UK. 
SolariEcho (4 years ago)
White people tend to let discrimination slide because they often come from developed countries that also deal with immigrant problems so they can understand those problems easier so I think they are often more passive and forgiving about problems they face as foreigners. 
Wayne Samuel (4 years ago)
+SolariEcho white people are unaccustomed to being discriminated against so why would they be willing to let it slide? The first reaction would be to get annoyed or maybe even angry. The author in the video adapted to the discrimination as he readily says if you complain they will be offended and you will just make things worse. He's obviously not a white American who would more feel entitled to have people listen to him and be swayed just because of his race and his historical perspective in the world.
Senia Vergmann (4 years ago)
Sorry i have never meet any of these things,and i have lived her for 34 years ,white female ,lonely mother with 4 kids.
Yetizrach (4 years ago)
It is Western world that gone into political correctness to crazy degree. In Poland we follow European Union law on discrimination, but we can at least say openly what we think without fear of being perceived as racist, prejudiced etc. It is normal to feel little discomfort when cultures are clashing. I think that if Law in certain country says A, and in other country B, if we can pursue A in this, and B in that country - it's perfectly fine, and up to the country to change the laws.
Yetizrach (4 years ago)
I hope that I did not offended anyone. Japan was 'alone' for so many hundreds of years, and it is very homogeneous society. So I can understand, and I don't feel that Japanese should 'change' to please the World, it is up to them, of course to reasonable degree ;-) (but I guess we all know that...) Poland is very homogeneous too, but it is changing.
Yetizrach (4 years ago)
You say discrimination, but in Poland if we treat foreigners that way it would be called racism based discrimination. I guess in Japan you would not encounter 'racism' as we see it in Europe, because of Japanese culture - harmony, non violence, but it is more 'subtle'. Somewhat people in Japan tend to call it discrimination, as it would be lighter term to swallow when feeling second class citizens - or really - just 'permanent' guest. Flyjin nickname for example, or many things you mentioned
Lyricalboy (4 years ago)
Anyone that is not Japanese.
deaconsmom2000 (4 years ago)
Apparently you're an expert since you can't even tell an Aussie accent from a US accent. Please stop speaking from your anus and bad-mouthing my country when you know nothing about it.
NYer79 (4 years ago)
If a japanese foreigner--though able to speak English--living in the US openly gets denied some services, housing, jobs, etc, for being a foreigner, there'd certainly be hell to pay, because the foreigner would sue, the media would be all over that discriminating institution like white-on-rice, and the institution would be fined. Western countries HAVE TO not discriminate foreigners or else we're racists, yet non-western countries can because--well-- it's their *culture*...hypocrites.
Julie Levesque (4 years ago)
I sure wish that the immigrants who come here in French Canada would follow that saying.
Nancy J (4 years ago)
Does the discrimination apply to those who are non-Caucasian?
Sparky0359 (4 years ago)
Doesn't sound like a big deal to me, this discrimination stuff. People can be a real pain in the ass on a good day. Throw in an inability to understand the language and culture and you got trouble. Who wants to deal with that?
Marcus Broadnax (4 years ago)
Assuming he's American just because he's white and speaks English is discriminatory in itself, idiot. Can't you hear that Australian accent? Just another hater talking out of their ass.
DJ SALTYNUTZ (4 years ago)
alright thanks i have a japanese restaurant i go to whenever i have the chance to learn their food and culture
Ole Fella (5 years ago)
I'm a long time resident, adjusted to culture/way of life here in Japan, and quite frankly foreigners are nuisance sometimes!
VastGameMaster (5 years ago)
Jeez man, it sounds like it would be better to go to the US where they can't discriminate foreigners looking for jobs.
rajamatt2 (5 years ago)
One time I was walking down a street in Osaka and I could smell marijuana in the air. I didn't see anyone around though, but the smell was so strong. There was a police officer about 200 yards up the street and I thought, Oh Sh**, there is no way they are going to believe that it wasn't the white guy! Well, I continued on past the cop but the smell was gone by then. Whew.
LuigiGodzillaGirl (5 years ago)
My honorary aunt (a very close friend of the family who is like an aunt to me, but not related by blood) has a son in Japan. I believe he was an English teacher, but is moving back to the States so his wife (who's Japanese) can earn her medical license to practice here. On the topic of discrimination, I have heard, and correct me if I'm wrong as I have never been to Japan, that young school children have a tendency of treating children who are half Western half Japanese differently.
DJ SALTYNUTZ (5 years ago)
do you think its best to educate yourself on the japanese culture as much as possible do you think that person will suffer discrimination as much as a regular forengier or what i do plan on living in this country for most likly most of my life
Ken Scherer (5 years ago)
You have a great attitude. I enjoy your videos.
saintsecond2 (5 years ago)
They should have citizenship vending machines haha
otakutatami (5 years ago)
Brian Wilson (5 years ago)
Seeing the racist remarks to this video just illustrates that it's NOT an uncommon thing and it IS in every country/culture. Thank you for the great videos, I lived in Japan for 3 years as a child (military family) and still remember most of the experience VERY fondly. Keep up the good work!!
Pope Francis (5 years ago)
I meant, HOW did you overcome all that?
Pope Francis (5 years ago)
what you spoke about in this video sounds very much like what ethnic minorities experienced during the 60's here in America. So, given that you could"ve gone back to Europe any time you wanted and not experience discmination, why did you stay in Japan? What did you do to overcome all that? Do you have a Japanese credit card now?
CaptianNelf (5 years ago)
Discrimination there sounds a bit like my high school life...
jfan4reva (5 years ago)
I was wondering. I'm bald, and have had Skin Cancer surgery on my scalp, which has left very large, unattractive 'divots' and scars. When I go out in public, I always wear a hat. Would this be an issue in Japan? I'm guessing that not wearing a hat would make people uncomfortable (including me!) Are hat's acceptable in restaurants? I've been trying to think of alternate ways to cover my head - a bandanna perhaps? Any thoughts you might have on the subject are welcome.
t e o h (5 years ago)
they alrdy did, in the 1900's during WW2 the japanese were put in camps seperated from americans. This happened in the US, even though they were Japanese-Americans they were still locked up in camps, where they were treated badly even though they did nothing wrong.Try reading The diary of Ben Uchida such a sad life, one of the mistakes in US History.
cam mciver (5 years ago)
Put your fucking hands on the wheel ! I don't wanna crash
Elbottoo (5 years ago)
hear hear.
Alexis Baltazar (5 years ago)
It's funny cause if they brung there ass to the us and they say no to them like they do there a bitch get sued and all kinds of shit
Cruel Oak (5 years ago)
you must not be able to hear properly
boob slime (5 years ago)
Japanese is mostly racist against other asians, like chinese and korean.
leftarmchinaman (5 years ago)
Difficult to avoid a fight when the customer attacks you. Also not much point when the customer runs off and gets the police.
JoachimderZweite (5 years ago)
The English boss should have called the police immediately and avoided the fight. Being in the right does not have to mean being "in the stupid."
Fawful0 (5 years ago)
Are you Australian, mate? Sounds like it.
TDot Toons (5 years ago)
I love Japan but they have some serious xenophobia problems. They dont't like many of their neighbors (China, Phillipines ect). What other country or people do they like?
fireice2037 (5 years ago)
It comes down to the fact that japan has been an isolationist society up until the end of the Meiji period. It was basically cut off from the rest of the world. Then after occupation the japanese experience of a foreigner was not very good so lots of mistrust had been planted lots of japanese were taught to distrust foreginers due to those reasons of not knowing. Still to this day the main reason for distrust and discrimination is just not knowing.
David Eriksen (5 years ago)
Do you feel the same way about folks from the United States? Would you volunteer for that treatment? Speaking as a person who is half-Japanese/half-Northern European and born & raised in the U.S., it's already tit for tat, with Western folks getting off easy in Japan. And I am speaking from experience. Has there been any U.S. students who've been shot at anyone's doorstep in Japan? Maybe the Japanese need to "reset the balance" for that kid killed in Louisiana? Children, please think!
Knorssman (5 years ago)
an important question to ask concerning this topic is... would you be willing to point a gun at som1 and threaten them with violence if they discriminate against you? or the alternative where you can vote with your pockebook
leftarmchinaman (5 years ago)
Ive lived in Tokyo for nearly 2 years and I haven't really experienced discrimination that much. Maybe ive been lucky or because its Tokyo and they're used to foreigners. Police won't hassle you unless you cause a public disturbance. If you get in a fight with a Japanese person you've had it. My girlfriends boss (englishman) got thrown in jail for 3 weeks for getting in a fight with a drunk and aggressive customer. The customer (Japanese) who caused the trouble however walked away with nothing.
ihuu1767 (5 years ago)
I seriously think the Japanese should get treated the same way when they move alsewhere, so they can feel whats it like!
TheJapanChannelDcom (5 years ago)
I do the same thing. The businesses on our EnglishFriendlyJapan directory WANT foreign customers. That is why I do business with them before any others.
Carl Cubillas (5 years ago)
Discrimination exists probably on all countries. Would be interesting to know why he said that maybe there is some history to it. Personally, it doesn't bother me at all, I always try to treat anyone good regardless of race.
TheJapanChannelDcom (5 years ago)
There were no Americans in this video and it was not about racism, it was about discrimination.
Webon39 (5 years ago)
lol, an american speaking about racism on another country when. It is so funny, due to the fact that discrimination in the US is very bad.
Pimpo168 (5 years ago)
I would complain I couldn't help it I just don't have a buffer lol
Manmaas (5 years ago)
As you say, discrimination happens in all countries to a greater or lesser extent. I think much of the time it just comes down to the hassle of dealing with the language; I know I've done this on a few occasions, not to my credit.
actorsnonactors (5 years ago)
Or, as one Japanese friend said (very bluntly) "The Japanese hate the Chinese, the Chinese hate the Japanese...but we all hate the Filipinos." I was at a loss for words when I heard that.
actorsnonactors (5 years ago)
People would move away from my friends and I on the train. When I asked my Japanese friends...it was very embarrassing to them to tell me, but the response was "because they think you smell like meat."
mehrshadvr4 (5 years ago)
do you complain about discrimination to your wife?
MrEvol94 (5 years ago)
Foreigners are discriminated in every country to a certain extent. Some more some less.
yukikevo (5 years ago)
Nevermind my previous comment, sorry sir! I found your videos on purchasing a house, I love your channel!!! Cheers.
yukikevo (5 years ago)
So you talk about a foreigner buying a house and basically saying "forget it", even if they have a Japanese wife. How would a foreigner go about getting a house with his wife then? Would you need to get a loan through her, and put it in her name? Or, if you have cash, I'm sure they would sell you the house straight up, since you don't have to deal with a loan? Honest question here, I will be trying to buy a house in a year or two, and would like to know what I'll be looking forward to.
Daidara Daimaou (5 years ago)
It may be the wrong video for it but... Man! i love your voice and where do you get this accent from?! i listen to it when i do my homework #Nohomo xD
Maori Dem (5 years ago)
thanks for the video~!
shade38211 (5 years ago)
I always like these in-depth conversation.
Clyde Cash (5 years ago)
So black people who wanted equality in America were complaining?
Clyde Cash (5 years ago)
Japanese people don't want to feel bad?....oh well boo hoo like I care about their feelings.
Jonatha De Sousa (5 years ago)
LoL XD Racism against Racists
MsHyde1 (5 years ago)
This is one of the things I don't like about Japanese culture. Expecting everyone to just endure whatever is happening to you and not complain because it might make others feel uncomfortable, even if they are part of the problem as a society. No wonder so many Japanese commit suicide if they are always left alone with their problems even if it is unjust and not their fault at all, without being able to talk to anyone. It seems cold and heartless and leads only slow improvement of negative things
MsHyde1 (5 years ago)
I agree with mandowarrior. I'm German and lived in the UK for half a year. I expected some not so nice reaction because of the past attitude of the English towards Germans but nah, not a single negative experience, quite the opposite was the case. However, my Polish house mates experienced quite some discrimination and they were blond and blue-eyed.
LadyRae (5 years ago)
You can experience discrimination even in your home country. I'm from Quebec (Canada) and when people from Quebec go and live in other places in my country. We will sometimes be looked at strangely and/or treated bad because we are from there. Some look down on us because we speak French (even though most of us are also able to speak english fairly well) and because our culture is a bit different from the rest of Canada. Discrimination is everywhere, you have to deal with it.
Warren Cash (5 years ago)
Colour has nothing to do with it, theres a lot of discrimination against polish here for example. Whereas a black american coming here would revieve none whatsoever. Mainly it has to do with your accent and the representation of your country of origin in poular culture.
LIQUID SNAKE (5 years ago)
wow sir, you do have a car... you're rich...
DPAce456 (5 years ago)
Just take your case to court, but don't sit down and NOT do nothing. It maybe a lost cause but it is better then simply sucking it up
TheJapanChannelDcom (5 years ago)
He was in his own country.. not someone else's.
Otium Borealis (5 years ago)
It's funny that you need to adopt the "shouganai" mentality to live in Japan :)
DieHARDmitsu (5 years ago)
When people from foreign countries migrate to the UK or USA they feel discrimination too; especially if they are of color and live in a predominantly White area.
moikanos11 (5 years ago)
Your videos are wonderful. Thank you for all of this. :)
Simplgod (5 years ago)
What America do you live in? If you try to deny some won because their a immigrant you can face federal charges. Actually a poll by the bbc of Views of Japan's influence by country putts positive influence at (74%) after Nigeria (80%) and Indonesia (77%). You can dislike my comment but it is backed by objective facts. In reality Japanese culture is extremely popular and a multimillion dollar industry. Yes i'm sure some people may be racist towards Japanese but it is fare from common.

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