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CS:GO - Best of SK 2017

10075 ratings | 215192 views
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Text Comments (602)
Juan Djuan (1 month ago)
Sdds do time td br
Ariel Bahia (2 months ago)
santosjunior fall (3 months ago)
que qualidade de imagem o.0
I_ate_a_cake_yesterday (3 months ago)
- Why your eyes are red, son? + I smoke weed, dad. - Stop telling lie, you cried because youre a SK Fan :D
Mr Devil (5 months ago)
How do u do this fraggiemovies? SO AMAZING
Renan Goiana (5 months ago)
Cold é foda
arif çakır (6 months ago)
veri nice edit video
G N1TE (6 months ago)
Lemos (6 months ago)
And Fox?😥😬
EmiliaYT (7 months ago)
Your editing is awsome! Good luck with your work!
Geekboi Gaming (7 months ago)
Neon (7 months ago)
Whats the intro song ??
MAG1CZCS (7 months ago)
Kodrtainment (8 months ago)
FALLEN is god.
Davi nunes (8 months ago)
Faltou aquela jogada do coldzera namirage
Luiz Edward (8 months ago)
Beautiful video, thank you from brazil!
Gonzalo Selpaz (8 months ago)
Brazil = bots
Moni (8 months ago)
(8 months ago)
BR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EUA SUCK'S
Anze1 2009ヅ (8 months ago)
Like, Fragmovie FalleN 2017 please?
noname acc CO. (8 months ago)
So... neverthing can't beat this TEAM!...
Ah Heng (8 months ago)
TheToxic (8 months ago)
kod1 CSGO (8 months ago)
Why COLD is the best in the world ? 💪💪 SK BEST TEAM EVER
your fetish (8 months ago)
Rodrigo Font (9 months ago)
best team in the World!!
Ke bez (9 months ago)
Waiting for next video :b
Sadland (9 months ago)
quando eu assisto seus video eu sinto vontade de jogar ahuehueuheuhe BR COMANDA DE NOVO
Gabriel Oliveira (9 months ago)
melhor equipe do mundo sk gaming
Diney Martins (9 months ago)
Melhor Equipe do mundo
Mattheus SouzaSz (9 months ago)
Brazil win <3
GamExpert (9 months ago)
fähb (9 months ago)
Best CS:GO Fragshow Video i've ever seen
Live TV (9 months ago)
0:05 what sound?
Suprem (9 months ago)
Just a non Brazilian SK fan passing by
Chriix (9 months ago)
Melhor time da porra toda
Kikug Production (9 months ago)
Yoshi : (9 months ago)
Aqui é Brasil!
Alex da Costa (9 months ago)
Coldgod 1:42
Bryan Molina (9 months ago)
Crosshair plz? ty
zAnT (9 months ago)
Afinal, brasil n é tão ruim assim
gozpel (9 months ago)
Fking insane editing
Pedrohacs (9 months ago)
Edição foda lek. Parabéns
QuieT - BS (9 months ago)
*Virre, the fragmovie god* Keep it up man, insane plays back there! : )
naman (9 months ago)
Blast pro series had some amazing plays please make a video on that !
Charles (9 months ago)
great job as always virre
ScorpioN (9 months ago)
Make one for NiP and VP
Deattrt (9 months ago)
Please work hard
Javy Dones (9 months ago)
Seloco qnd esse time chega em final fica invensivel
Aysulu Akmatova (9 months ago)
please make a vidio about S1MPLE
TylaTV (9 months ago)
I’m from America and I love SK so much. This vid is legendary
Katosinho (9 months ago)
4:36 concentração do Taco chega a arrepiar
Hello There (9 months ago)
lol everyone shittalking on TACO when he is giving up his individual space for fer fallen and boltz,holy shit all u TACO haters STFU,and also TACO is the best aimer in pressure situations,like always,when he sees enemys head only he gets the kill all the time,bruh,so if ur TACI hater get ur facts
Ω Matheus Ω #Mafia (9 months ago)
Fallen é o melhor guys
Rishabh Sinha (9 months ago)
Coldzera the best
M1guelZ (9 months ago)
Nice video but , where's fox?
Vitor Emanuel (9 months ago)
sick edit
Vinicius Cunha Ferreira (9 months ago)
Br mermão
sayeed faisal (9 months ago)
3:40 superstitum spotted...
ERSC (9 months ago)
6 dias que foi postado? Parece que ja se passaram meses ;-;
Nathan Carmans (9 months ago)
J'ai eu des frissons sur le moove de coco dans mirage
Luffie (9 months ago)
hi can u pls make fragmovie tutorials thanks <3
Dima Toper (9 months ago)
ALKING (9 months ago)
wait movie dreamhack astro:)
Kieran Winstone (9 months ago)
Love the B&W + heartbeat and sound effects on the fallen train clip, thats proper movie making hahaha
Kash Haroon (9 months ago)
you deserve so many more subs <3
DK Gaming (9 months ago)
this fragmovie is great I love it!!!!
小伙仔 (9 months ago)
Aleyzr CS:GO Guides (9 months ago)
Incredible edit man!
Marcos Montebello (9 months ago)
You're the best man!!! nice video #runSK #AquiÉBrasilPorra
Leandro Martinez (9 months ago)
Hey Virre, how is it going? I tried to message you directly into your website, but the contact form doesn't seem to be working My name is Leandro and I'm from Brazil. I wish to create a frag movie for my self for a while now with some of my plays and started to do some research and stumble upon your work, which is awesome by the way. I'm not a professional player, just a really long time CS player and it would be awesome to have a compilation of some of my kills. I was wondering if you do this kind of work to create movies for ordinary people like me. It's definitely something worth paying for and I would be happy to do this with you. I'd really love to give you some idea about the project and what I'm looking for. Cheers.
Azik (9 months ago)
Best editor <3
Aim Bot (9 months ago)
What is the viewmodel of This fragmovie
Υᗩᑌ (9 months ago)
O melhor fica pro final ❤
3301 (9 months ago)
4:48 wut???
Mahmouk Awaii (9 months ago)
Júlio César (9 months ago)
Fucking hater.
TERGO (9 months ago)
Why? I not fan of SK, but WHY?
Jon Figueroa (9 months ago)
Such an amazing edit, well done. Subbed
zeze lopez (9 months ago)
virre so good
RAWSOLDIER (9 months ago)
When you have the best player in the world (COLDZERA) and the best awper in the world (FALLEN) and the best rifle player in the world (Fer) followed by BOLTZ its normal to be the best team in the world
swastik shuvam (9 months ago)
Plz ....make a fragmovie of BLAST Pro series ..... please 😊😊
FogY (9 months ago)
G2 esports best 2017 pls
Diogo Bastos (9 months ago)
You miss for there
Ganesh Bhatt (9 months ago)
OMGGGGGG....Thank you so much bro ...I'm big fan of SK <3 ....Love you so much for making this video....You are always above the world...Lots of Love <3
Virre CSGO (9 months ago)
johnzki (9 months ago)
This shit is so fucking good.
Madafaka (9 months ago)
inscrito fiel do virre ja entra no video dando bundada no like mermao
jetsp (9 months ago)
Coldzera pqp!!
Matias Garay (9 months ago)
SK ever. Grettings from argentina for a fan since zqks times
Fallen is too good
la11arn (9 months ago)
Can you make a tutorial
omjee shukla (9 months ago)
Most awaited video do make more bestof coldzera and bestof fallen
NBKfans (9 months ago)
Kristoffer Jørgensen (9 months ago)
So well made dude gj!
S!5T3M// (9 months ago)
Please make a faze fragmovie
BestJo - Rocket League! (9 months ago)
Insane montage
BwKy YT (9 months ago)
Esse cara e de prozak mano e muito bom ✌
Junnior Ju (9 months ago)
Alko (9 months ago)
Junnior Ju are you poor? cuz im not
Junnior Ju (9 months ago)
are U mad? CUZ, i'm not! ^_^ #RUNSKG #TOP1 #CRYEU
Alko (9 months ago)
Junnior Ju stfu poor monkey you are bad yourself in cs
Happer CS GO (9 months ago)
The power of Brasil!
Tasha (9 months ago)
Please make one for FaZe
GUARD1AN __ (9 months ago)
Pra mim sk e a melhor equipa
Deguin (9 months ago)
Mas ela é a melhor do mundo men...
Henning Hagen (9 months ago)
Just amazing editing! stunning... well fucking done!
Virre CSGO (9 months ago)
fl3x1e :D (9 months ago)
Where FNX? He have got beast moments.
RJ (9 months ago)
Emphatic Gaming ya
fl3x1e :D (9 months ago)
Leandro Matsuoka FNX out in 2016?
Leandro Matsuoka (9 months ago)
2017 dude

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