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EasyStreetSports.com steals $46,000 from a casino player

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The casino accused its player of using bots to automatically play Jacks or Better, and zeroed his balance. Consider the evidence yourself. Did EasyStreetSports cheat the player, or are they the victims here as they claim? Follow the news on this dispute here: http://www.sportsbookreview.com/NewsWire/4842/easystreet-casino-winner-dispute-update.aspx
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John O'brien (10 months ago)
Why can these companies do this to punters how can it be legal that when they lose they can keep your money it’s a fucking disgrace
sumerbc (1 year ago)
You can simply have a print out of perfect strategy next to you, but that takes times to look over. You can have a laptop next to your desk top and plug in hands to get the perfect play, but that takes time also. A smart human who studies alot and memorizes 99.9% of hands, after a while it's just the same thing over and over again with the oddball "weird" hand that you've already learned what to do before hand for those also.
Datruth 8 (3 years ago)
Please tell me the best site to bet on sports
MT2R (7 years ago)
ridiculous since most live pros in Vegas get 800-1200 hands per hour. easystreet's software should work faster than the average Vegas stand-up. Clock any guy playing JoB on the 10-play at the Palms. Easy game. Most pros play 99.5% or better, which isn't quite 99.54% perfect. Easy to do 6 hours straight as well. This is bogus.
drpackinwood2 (7 years ago)
the vid keeps stopping at 4:40 anybody else having that trouble?
Chevy Chase (7 years ago)
Very interesting as always, thank you
zeejustin6 (7 years ago)
Love watching your well researched/thoughtful videos even though i dont do much online gaming.

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