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Evolution Of Counter Strike 1999 - 2018 - ( CS ) 2018 Version

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Evolution Of Counter Strike 1999 - 2018 - ( CS ) 2018 Version 1) Counter-Strike (1999) 2) Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (2004) 3) Counter-Strike: Source (2004) 4) Counter-Strike Neo (2004) 5) Counter-Strike Online (2007) 6) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012) 7) Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies (2014) 8) Counter-Strike Online 2 ( 2015 / 2018 ) ________________________ ⊙ 17,735 subscribers 😍 ________________________
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Text Comments (4120)
Pen Rasin (29 minutes ago)
Could I give me a link of the latest Strike
يسري شراب (58 minutes ago)
Krisna Satria (2 hours ago)
Where the CS:extream?
Sardar Arshad (7 hours ago)
history of farcry
Dani vagyok ! (8 hours ago)
Counter strike 1.6?
Y_r Creation (11 hours ago)
Where is cs 1.6
#Dönerd Memo (17 hours ago)
You forget Source sind zero
#Dönerd Memo (17 hours ago)
Your CS Story is Wrong
jan tagalog (18 hours ago)
do battleground history
TheLifeisPi (19 hours ago)
Ahmed A a1998 (1 day ago)
😂 CS 1999 ما زالت عندي الى الآن
TICK161 RUS (1 day ago)
тоже желаю в CS поиграть (((
giải trí vlogs (1 day ago)
I like cs 1.6
Yogendra Joshi (1 day ago)
Well I have played all of them and I still play some!!
McPeIndo Jr (1 day ago)
real counter strike its 1.6 💜love it
Braincube 013 (2 days ago)
All ass.
Funny View (2 days ago)
Mamma mia che ricordi!!!
synl surban (2 days ago)
source is da best still
extreme funny junkies (2 days ago)
You missed 1.6
I like counter strike 1.6
SekiTheGameplay 10 (2 days ago)
lego animation (3 days ago)
History dead island
pencea nicolas (3 days ago)
Pichacu_ LTU (3 days ago)
I like and play cs16
mohammad abou karnib (3 days ago)
I have cs go
My fav ones: CSGO,Source,1.6,CZ,CSNZ(Nexon zombies)
thfFromRussia (3 days ago)
CS 1.6 Forever!
Dusan Grubesic (3 days ago)
conter strike 1.6
nadir coran (3 days ago)
50lmyr (3 days ago)
lol ... evolution? And the main versions missing (also before 1.0 version - beta version) . And here is some stupid CS mods instead of actual versions. This guy have no idea how CS develops.
swapers YT (3 days ago)
ton pere le jardinier
Zabdiel TS (3 days ago)
jajajaj CS siempre se ve igual esa mierda
Ghosteriz (3 days ago)
CS1.6 = GTA SA CS Source = GTA 4 CSGO = GTA 5
Mr_ Popular Channel (4 days ago)
8:00 not by Valve It's not by Valve
BasSIsTK1 (4 days ago)
I miss CS 1.5... but I can still play CS 1.6 via Steam..
Akegan gamer (4 days ago)
You love 😚😚💓💓💓
COUNTER TECH (4 days ago)
He Is A Lame Youtuber Where is Beta version its the best of all Specially CS 1.6 ... 1.5....1.3 WHEREEEEEE WHERRRRRRRR 😠😠😠
PGY Gaming (4 days ago)
The new version of cs source is just the best
Emir TV (5 days ago)
marcin nowosad (5 days ago)
Counter strike global offensife the best
dude awesome (5 days ago)
Cs online 2 :-)
Mouad Tibas (5 days ago)
lol cs go and 1.6 and source
Reynaldo Iligan (5 days ago)
Counter Strike Extreme ?
mega pixel (5 days ago)
Where are the 1.6 and 1.5?
ProGamerHD YT (5 days ago)
CS 1.6 is legend🖒
Tr1ggaBykln 18 (5 days ago)
Man, When I was 7 in 2014, I used to play this game with my teenager friends. We have this internet place (it's kinda like a library) and it's for gamed only, and the all-time game we play is Counter Strike. It's sooo fun, I still play it to this day. And with my brother I play it, too. It's the best game ever man.
Rocket Bee (5 days ago)
csgo ITS 2013 NO 2012
Angel Toro (5 days ago)
yo tengo ese counter
Pradnyavant Nirbhavne (6 days ago)
where cs 1.6
GULL RAMAY (6 days ago)
you skip alot of vision
Kubawor (6 days ago)
Subscribe me
Ya oN CrAck dod (6 days ago)
Man i miss the old feelir of heavyness with the ak like lower recoil o older cs games
omer cansever (6 days ago)
2018 cs or 2017 cs ???
Emperor Wu (6 days ago)
CS source is amazing, I still play it on my HD 530.
QartveliGamer (6 days ago)
8:48 music pls?
-Ryan Fatana- (6 days ago)
boleh minta link downloadnya mulai dari nomer 3 2004 sampek 2018
Ryan W (6 days ago)
Skipped the Best One Lol
PomiToO (6 days ago)
History of CS maps
Isantox (6 days ago)
Where is the LEGENDARY cs 1.6?
Felipe Tenório (6 days ago)
CS GO ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Shatank Gadpayle (7 days ago)
Cs 1.6?????
Shatank Gadpayle (7 days ago)
CS extreme ????
Jimmy j (7 days ago)
It hasn't evolved much 😂😂😂
Dragon :F (7 days ago)
CSO not cs
CS: GO had the best look and graphics (was that released on 2012?) but the 2014 editions look like 1.6
como se llama esa cansion
kossaer keserop (7 days ago)
where is cs go
İsmail Taş (8 days ago)
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Yaseen Maqsood (8 days ago)
Please background music name?
Yoel Fredrik (8 days ago)
you forgot CS Extreme
Jenri One (8 days ago)
I rember the old days
ilominus studio (8 days ago)
Evolution of factorio
Matuš Staňo (8 days ago)
where is 1.6 ???
Bahpu# (9 days ago)
Why have you gotten a really old version of CSS?...
The Pauliux (9 days ago)
i think global offensive is the best version
christian barela (9 days ago)
no counter strike extreme
YouSoEzX Ryo (9 days ago)
CSGO best
Amr Amr (9 days ago)
i like nexon zombies and csgo they are the best
Matte X (9 days ago)
song name outro ?
葉冠婷 (9 days ago)
CSO2 best
Kukurusjolo 10 (10 days ago)
I love counter strike 1.6
Sultan tekin 3419 (10 days ago)
Online 2 very like
Vô EmersonTM (10 days ago)
nice ! brasil !
Delirium (10 days ago)
Patata Galactica (10 days ago)
cs 1.6?
Rafinha vr (10 days ago)
Oai cade a de 2018
knk ben (10 days ago)
İntro music what plase
Angel Maritinez (11 days ago)
hola mellamo angel franco i su video megusto mucho
Gibson Mark Vito (11 days ago)
Where's the counter srike extreme?
DUYMADIM SANMA (11 days ago)
Tek türk benmiyim
Talha tükenmez (11 days ago)
1 cs 1.0 2 cs 1.1 3 cs 1.2 4 cs 1.4 5 cs 1.5 6 cs 1.6 7 cs cz 8 cs s 9 cs n 10 cs online 11 cs nz 12 cs go
lel lel (11 days ago)
Youcdidint even show a bit of cs history
Muhammad Yusuf (11 days ago)
рус я
Nänni Gt (11 days ago)
What outro music?
Igneous Rock (11 days ago)
intro song
Adam CSGO____ (11 days ago)
Rainbow Dash (12 days ago)
cs 1.6 is the best
jonathan meza (12 days ago)
tampoco cambio tanto q digamos sigue siendo las misma weas sin fisicas pero con mejores texturas y sombras

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