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Kylian Mbappe 2018 ● Humiliating Everyone

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Text Comments (906)
Fahmi Benbarka (9 months ago)
bravo this is the best video mbappe in youtube
Cup full of Skittles (4 months ago)
Fahmi Benbarka I
Lionel Amegnizin (5 months ago)
Fahmi Benbarka https://youtu.be/E8OeXdiHG7k
TiM Football Magic (5 months ago)
Video editing and skills choice is excellent. Is Mbappe next ballon d'Or??
Osvaldo Flores (7 months ago)
Fernando mape
Ashmbappe7 (4 months ago)
Futura grande promessa 🏆💎⚡⚽
Obed Soludo (4 months ago)
martial is better
Gaby Escamila (4 months ago)
foot work is crazy
Philani Phungwayo (4 months ago)
He would be lethal if he could spend more time working on his left foot
LFC_YNWA (4 months ago)
People say English talent is overhauled. People here are comparing him to el fenomeno
Mbappe taleto
Karine Oliveira (4 months ago)
freestyle soccer skills... so good
lobo solitario (4 months ago)
Futuro mejor jugador del mundo
El Schlaraffi (4 months ago)
mbappe is for me one of the best Newcomer in the future but salah is my favorite player, now.
No Si , (4 months ago)
Bou Menn (5 months ago)
What a beast
Ron Bd (5 months ago)
נוה אתם יחולים לטטלי לאיכ
Ron Bd (5 months ago)
Ron Bd (5 months ago)
אני מת אלחם ממש בלי לאיצתרף אל אלאחם
Lionel Amegnizin (5 months ago)
Alvin Hepburn (5 months ago)
At a crappy club and league should be developing in la liga at Madrid or barca or Premier league at Man Utd or Man City
Simke17 (5 months ago)
He was in psg on loan from monaco 2
մղʂէօրրმჩlε (5 months ago)
That last Song is even better than the Video
Zawisza (5 months ago)
He's sooooo fast
Wasim fc (5 months ago)
come home boy 👉(RM)
Mome Messi (5 months ago)
Best video😍😍 awesome player
Alexander Montoya Ipia (5 months ago)
Hoyga soy de s. D. Q cauca colombia y yo creo q el rempaso de cr mesii neymar etc tiene talent
انجولا (5 months ago)
Mbbape maybe he will be the new ronaldinho
GILET DE SÉCURITÉ (5 months ago)
Kylian "2Fast" Mbappé
The Inspiration (5 months ago)
But he has to work hard more to be dangerous against Madrid and Barcelona.
Taisa (5 months ago)
Reus Moctezuma (5 months ago)
It a bad copy kg Cristiano Ronaldo
Umid Quliyev (5 months ago)
super muper
Logitech (5 months ago)
mbappe the new kaka
Christivine Pauline (5 months ago)
survival marici (5 months ago)
1 music
Matías Molina (5 months ago)
3:50 music please 🙏
Youngcream II (5 months ago)
Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm)
Zua Kring (5 months ago)
king sleid (5 months ago)
Wath is the musique 4 min23?
king sleid (5 months ago)
C quoi la musique à 4 min23
king sleid (5 months ago)
C koi la musique à 4 min z3
brayan fernandez (6 months ago)
donatello mbappe
Said Tosun (6 months ago)
Mbappe kaç gol kaç asistle oynuyor
Leo Diaz (6 months ago)
La re mueve el loco
Anyanwu Richy (6 months ago)
Thanks mabppe year siiiiiiii
SerAngel Bejar (6 months ago)
Matana Katana (6 months ago)
He looks like ninja turtle 😜
Israel Hernando (6 months ago)
Me nuda makina te nia k estar jugando en la liga española
De La (6 months ago)
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Mark Rogalski (6 months ago)
Fuck france is stacked with young talent
Adrian thegk (6 months ago)
Great vid
Kamil Garbien (6 months ago)
hi is so fast
Christian Wong (6 months ago)
He has a great stride when he is running plus arguably the best trio in football.
Raul Vega (6 months ago)
He plays very well againts litle teams
Rasmus Suominen (6 months ago)
Anyone knows the song names? Thank you!
13 12 (6 months ago)
awesome edit . i hope one day he join city
France is the next World Champion.
Benjamin (6 months ago)
What’s the first song?
Football Girl (6 months ago)
Better than moneymarrr
king sleid (6 months ago)
Quoi la musique à 4min
Rolando (6 months ago)
Il fallait faire ceci face à Madrid
luka yipshidze (6 months ago)
mbappe i love you my name is omari useneame uznadze your fan
FML CGA TV (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/bZNWzfx-Y2M CR7
Нияз Садыков (6 months ago)
Anando Grgic (6 months ago)
I want to see him in manchester united..
Kylian Weijler (6 months ago)
mbappe is beast
Nightelve (6 months ago)
Mbappe a fking monster
The magic of this errant sorcerer just astonishes and mesmerize, all that defenders can do it is just throw up their hands being at a loss, he is absolutely in a class of his own
must afa (6 months ago)
5:52 the best moment
انجولا (6 months ago)
What’s name the song 0:47
MDC (6 months ago)
Ppl shouldnt compare him to Thierry Henry, they are not the same in their skills ( Mbappe far better with footwork ) I would say that Mbappe is an inspiration of CR7 and Ronaldo Da Lima that is the real truth and in the mix of these two, you have the young Mbappe who’ll be better and better days by days
Giovanni123456789101 (5 months ago)
MDC I also would say cr7.
Emmett Brown (6 months ago)
I ll give Nasser a call and tell him that we sell Neymar because we have Mbappé.
Louis edr (6 months ago)
Introduction music name ??!
exauce mboyo (6 months ago)
Continue mbap 👏🏾👍🏽💪🏾⚽️🥅🎉
SamzzrFootball (6 months ago)
Hey,I'm just making a football videos,if you guys have time,please consider to look to the videos and give your opinion about itThank you and consider subscribe okay??.😉
clayton coca renaudin (6 months ago)
CLEEPER (6 months ago)
mbappé:paris saint germain:france
sai226 (6 months ago)
I maybe high but I think I am watching Thierry Henry as a winger
bravo mbappe
Mael Godlove (7 months ago)
9min31,the speed,18 years old😱
Nicolai Borg (7 months ago)
1:48 check it
Lucas Jean Marcel (7 months ago)
Hey guys we can clearly see his talent and abilities; but can anyone see also how much he loses the ball and sometimes makes way too individual decisions in front of the goal ?
DuK1ng- (7 months ago)
Mini NINJA (7 months ago)
Mbappe looks like Ronaldo at man utd
adam games (7 months ago)
Gdzie lewy i messi?
Dan Hawk (7 months ago)
He reminds me Henry
Sagar Murmu (7 months ago)
youngstar i think you need again practice
OUMOHAND SAID (7 months ago)
Thierry Henry !
Timur Abbasow (7 months ago)
На этом моменте круто 1:22
YA10L (7 months ago)
Anas Peake (7 months ago)
all he does is follow cristiano ronaldo
Logan Paul (7 months ago)
Can someone tell me the music for the first part
Élise W (7 months ago)
Tellement fort 🇫🇷❤️
Yann Gnahore (7 months ago)
Didier Drogba
koliovic (7 months ago)
Everyone that subs me gets a sub back!!
Monkey D. Rufy (7 months ago)
Dunno know why, but this player remember me Jiren of Dragon Ball Super.
Wissàm Sàm (7 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NJwLvChhuo abonné svp thnks
Wissàm Sàm (7 months ago)
bravo bon travail
Carlito Zayas (7 months ago)
Uno de los mejores del munde de soccer
Mr. T (7 months ago)
buy so expensive so sad he doesn't know how to play anything only some skill and speed 150$ million
Knowledge Kodzawako (7 months ago)
Mbappe is a beast
dadan mulyana (7 months ago)
Marcos Lopes (7 months ago)
Mlk joga muito , lembra muito Ronaldo fenômeno jogando , joga muito , logo mais vai tá disputando bola de Ouro!!
lasss lixo (7 months ago)
Si escreve a procura da cura

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