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SPY HACKS FOR EVERYBODY In this video I'll teach you how to take prints from glass, open doors without leaving your own handprints on them, make telescope, spying glass. You'll also find out how to hide your stuff like a pro so nobody would ever find it! Secret stash ideas for your feelings, money, phone and sometimes even alcohol! :) You're gonna love this message hack! If you accidentally hit send button and want to erase the message, just switch on the airplane mode, your message will immediately be marked as 'not delivered', and you can easily delete it! Another super handy hack is about hiding money. You may need it in any kind of trip or while traveling. Here are the places for money stash: lipstick container, bubble gum strap, under insoles of your sneakers, in a soap bar, under your phone case or even in a folded toothpaste! Stay tuned and don't miss out on anything! Timestamps: 0:14 Real agents hacks 1:04 Spying glass 2:25 Opening without prints 5:22 Better hide your money ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (4826)
Masked Messager (25 minutes ago)
3:21 nobody will believe that
Star Stable (5 hours ago)
7:55 but what if someone really wants that fork but instead gets an million dollars ;-;
TheNovaYT (5 hours ago)
Who just loves to watch these and never does them?
Naeem Ahmad (8 hours ago)
Good vdeo
Kang1200 (12 hours ago)
Spy hacks for me: Your boyfriend don't let you touch his phone but the phone have face scan put lipstick on your boyfriend's face and quickly wash it and put tape on your boyfriend's face and when your boyfriend leaves his phone on the couch put the round tape on your face and what your boyfriend is up to
Kang1200 (12 hours ago)
5:10 welcome to PUBG
Yash Kashyap (14 hours ago)
You are home India
BigBad PlushMovies2 (15 hours ago)
Elise Nguyen (21 hours ago)
2:27 Yeah! Lets help the robbers get into our hotel rooms! BOOYAHHHH da besttt *sarcasm for those of you who can’t take a joke*
Olivia WolfFam (23 hours ago)
wow so now if i “stell a phone i don’t have to cut he’s thum off thanks”
Shailesh Kumar (1 day ago)
Project zorgo. Is. Watching
shamsher Sandhu (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2wAtd_XZDJ8mnvUVVmHN8g students subscribe my channel for easy understanding towards physics
Callynn Weaver (1 day ago)
6:53 spy hacks FOR KIDS!!!
LaLa RBLX (2 days ago)
28 spy hacks for kids every adult should know? Read the title carefully
Roblox Fan (2 days ago)
Roblox Fan (2 days ago)
ROBLOX Ronaldo I told u play Roblox Nearly There Well done
Gàbor Vàradi-Szabó (2 days ago)
shwetank chanana (2 days ago)
In 8:45 for what else do we have time rather than ruining a bloody book!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carrie Loman (2 days ago)
...did you just- write in- AND cut a book?...
Archana Yadav (2 days ago)
Call. 9888801227
Archana Yadav (2 days ago)
The only thing I can do it in my life is a good idea for a while to get back in touch with you on
xGunner1600 (2 days ago)
Arcie Katie (2 days ago)
People were doing this in de comments So I will do it _dont press read more_ *Read More*
The Fashionniecesta (2 days ago)
Who would have a lemon just sitting in class???????
Jaidyn B (2 days ago)
3:58 yup that is why you should always carry my handy iron in your purse never know when you need to read a secret message lol
Emilis Usas (3 days ago)
Don't press read more! Pls don't. I TOLD YOU!!!! I'm gonna go sleep Joking Now you have to like this
Emilis Usas (3 days ago)
W Wh Why Why d Why do Why don Why don' Why don't Why don't m Why don't mo Why don't mor Why don't more Why don't more v Why don't more vi Why don't more vid Why don't more vide Why don't more video Why don't more videos Why don't more videos? Why don't more videos Why don't more video Why don't more vide Why don't more vid Why don't more vi Why don't more v Why don't more Why don't mor Why don't mo Why don't m Why don't Why don' Why don Why do Why d Why Wh W
Vegan Life (3 days ago)
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Debasish Chatterjee (3 days ago)
6:42 if someone throwing this outside then what do I do guys..
ShawnTheGamer Boy (4 days ago)
Press Read more. Yay now you can answer my math question
Antriksh Sinha (4 days ago)
what the! these tricks are awesome.
Rakhi Nirala (4 days ago)
Sheri Campbell (4 days ago)
Hi Warn I told u Not close Haf way Done like and coment if u made it
Sheri Campbell (4 days ago)
Dont press read more Dont Not close Not close Haf way. Done like and coment if u made it
Jack Geer (4 days ago)
Project zorgo is watching...
Pokeman Z (5 days ago)
Hi Bye
Bkboss 7 (5 days ago)
Don’t press read more What did I say Keep going Come on stop complaining almost there Finally your still not done Ok now your done plz like if you made it this far 👍
All in One (5 days ago)
Bhai you are the genius
Marian Hawkins (5 days ago)
I thought this was for kids
AnonamallyGames jyy (5 days ago)
6:34 blazin it
Jim Sweeney (5 days ago)
you copy and what's up mom soo I will give big thums down😡😡😡
Alisha Rogers (5 days ago)
Project Zorgo is Watching...
Danielle Raley (5 days ago)
Don't press read more I told u Olmost there Like if made it
Lesley Gebhardt (5 days ago)
4:03 speed to 0.25x so its slow so you can actually see it. Mute it cuz it sounds really creepy. Especially when ur about to go to bed like i am.
KawaiiTaco 369 (5 days ago)
Literally why are the top 3 comments “dONt pReSs rEAd mOre?”
gdloosemoose (5 days ago)
Spying has became illegal..
Malloy Gamer101 (6 days ago)
You guys know these don’t actually call as a life hack
TigerGamerITA (6 days ago)
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii _read more_
Fyre (6 days ago)
Press read more Don’t press the other read mores
The Yolk Star (6 days ago)
Hello 5 Minute Crafts
DONT PRESS READ MORE!! *Read more* Wow what a waste of time
Keosha Dass (6 days ago)
Why do you and troom troom have same things?
Exxotik Gaming (6 days ago)
Don,t press read more
bernardo games (6 days ago)
Não pressione ler mais Se você pressionou você não sabe o que é o Pablo picasu
Destiny Vital (6 days ago)
Press read more Stay true to ur self, ur not on this earth to impress anyone Like if u made it ❤️
3:16 "Sarah? You've Been Staring For a While.."
TheNiceAlpaca's-BFF : (7 days ago)
Don’t press read more
Aria Ramos (7 days ago)
Don't press read more Not even half way Still not Half way Now your half way Almost there Project zorgo is watching.like if you made it
DziugsBugs (7 days ago)
1:49 Was she surprised of what is in her USB? lol
Jeffrey Hipolito (7 days ago)
Dont press read more i told you warning ya almost done Like if you dont
Lauren Florendo (7 days ago)
Don’t press read more I told you Almost done Like if you made it
Black Man (7 days ago)
She is so sexy
Black Man (7 days ago)
I love the girl with the spy hacks
The Savage Duck (7 days ago)
Do not press read more Fuck you
Minion Guy (7 days ago)
Desiree Hawkins (8 days ago)
Don't hit read any more 😶
MATTHEW WEETMAN (8 days ago)
How you have 34 mil subs is just so shocking how happens to all of your crafts being five mins
LOL, now what’s the hack for more subs?
EnepiEnezepi (8 days ago)
Ha You made it out goooood job :p
Chandra Prkash babani (8 days ago)
I'love it can you properly teach me how to be a wonderful spy please! please! please!and you don't care whatever people's are saying in my eyes you are good
This "life hack" is in the wrong video
TrapHD (8 days ago)
Don't press Read More! I Told You Byee Like this comment NOW!
Peeps (8 days ago)
Project Z margo is always watching
József Stadler (8 days ago)
RavenTheDragon 2 (8 days ago)
The last one is a legit hack to cheat on a test!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Nguyen (9 days ago)
You can use gloves instead of cutting your card
The Friendly Guest (9 days ago)
There reusing old videos
Maddie Mac (9 days ago)
*someone steals my phone with $100 in its case* ooooo I got a phone!*takes off case* OOOOOOO $100 AYE
Itz_OreoGaming (9 days ago)
Suseli Ordonas (9 days ago)
How genius
lailah lailah (9 days ago)
DONT PRESS READ MORE!! I told you Almost to the end Like if you made it👍
frame hunter (9 days ago)
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Aparna Subhedar (9 days ago)
KevChannel (9 days ago)
The half video is not spy trick 😒
michelle quinn (9 days ago)
So weard🙄
A to Z game and app (9 days ago)
My new channel please subscribe
Ratcha Gamer (9 days ago)
4:44 wow what a spy
ssouass !! (9 days ago)
The others aint for spyin
Alice Nacpil (9 days ago)
Lolman124 (9 days ago)
There video Good
Hytrix Prime (9 days ago)
The whole comment section in a nutshell Don’t press read more I told you not too And then some random bs saying to like there comment
Richo cheted (9 days ago)
Sub plz?
Ramon Chavarria (9 days ago)
Don’t press read more I warned you Stop scrolling Cmon I give up
thumbnail is gross. I am a child and i would immediately was my hands
Mansoor Ahmed (10 days ago)
Clorox Bleach (10 days ago)
0:30 when your GF looks at your history
Phenix OP (10 days ago)
Project zorgo is watching
very beautiful tricks

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