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Juventus Defence vs Barcelona (Away) 20/04/17 HD

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Text Comments (151)
Khalid Juve (8 days ago)
when Italians use defence by their own strategy no one can breakthrough
Teo794 (1 month ago)
Forza JUVE
Hamsa Awil (1 month ago)
Marios Rossidis (2 months ago)
Juventus is better than Barcelona of course
Starboss05 (3 months ago)
Italian clubs are known to have great defense then hit their opponent with a counter attack and Juve does it the best
Alejandro Lanza (4 months ago)
Juve will beat Real
MAJID JAD (5 months ago)
Marcel Al Kees (5 months ago)
This is juve❤️❤️❤️
Leo Leo (5 months ago)
the defence in this game should be taught in football academies across the world
priyesh yadav (5 months ago)
they are so god damn good at it that they , even, didn't leave a chance for suarez to dive.......
Hawk Who Knows All (5 months ago)
Franzu (5 months ago)
quella partita la potevamo giocare altri 15 giorni da lì non si passava !
Franzu (5 months ago)
Squad Family❤⚪⚫
Jeeri Jeesto (6 months ago)
Lov ittali juventus
Jagrata Bhattacharjee (8 months ago)
Even if they are old now if you can stop messi and iniesta like that you will have my respect anyday
OswaldoSRangel (9 months ago)
Italia, la mejor escuela defensiva del mundo
same tactic of inter de milan in 2010
Erjon Vishaj (1 year ago)
Mr.PokemonSirTCG TCG (1 year ago)
Trump should hire Juventus for his wall
LuvsAmberAndEXO (1 year ago)
they didn't park the bus, they brought China Wall to Barcelona
Hash N (1 year ago)
Juve make defending look like an art
Roberto Cairo (1 year ago)
in questa partita barca-squadra media 5-0
Ouechtati Amir (1 year ago)
really juve deserves to win UCL ( I am a barca fan)
AHMED - (1 year ago)
they cut the water and the power most completed defense line ever one step remaining to win the UCL
Muares Ahmed (1 year ago)
Messi kept running around like and idiot hoping something will fall for him in the end he give up he knew exactly who he was coming up
irfan dirga (1 year ago)
Juventus vs Madrid and, the winner is Juventus..Forza Juve from Indonesia, Audero Contry's
pandu nuswantara (1 year ago)
they didnt park the bus, but built a wall. defence is an art of football too.
hakam glarendhy (1 year ago)
I just see the wall in this video
Ardillez barullo (1 year ago)
Limpy Dimpy (1 year ago)
dude this is pure tactics! i think allegri used his defense very wisely. Great Manager.
GK Show (1 year ago)
they definetely don't let you play... barcelona made 2 shots on target in 180'
furrycheetah2000 (1 year ago)
Jose Mou says "We don't park the bus,we park the plane."
iliass belarbi (1 year ago)
11 player in defense is stupid ..barca still the best
Alessio David (1 year ago)
stupid? Champions league final is stupid? only 3 goals conceded is stupid? 0 goals in 180 minutes against barcelona is stupid?
Hassan Khan (1 year ago)
if msn can't get past, what are the chances for bbc?
enyongbae yaa (1 year ago)
BeastMK (1 year ago)
1:51 Dani Alves Beast!
Koko Wijanarko (1 year ago)
wtf defense,
Lillo Alaimo (1 year ago)
The Italian Wall !
Mariano Guimarães (1 year ago)
MSN's nightmare!
Carlos Ruvalcaba (1 year ago)
Just wait until Cardiff 2017 Ronaldo will tear apart that defense
AlexFilmz (30 days ago)
Bryan Cardona hahaha where are you faggot. 4-1 bitch
Francesco Marinelli (9 months ago)
And he did tear it in pieces :( #ForzaJuve
Pedro Vitor Martins (1 year ago)
Ronaldo did exactly that lmao Barcelona really made this defense look good.
Bryan Cardona (1 year ago)
Carlos Ruvalcaba Haha! Ronaldo barely past Umtiti against Barça wide open defense. Keep dreaming.
Ricardo Alfaro (1 year ago)
Remembers me Milan of Maldini, Nesta, Stam, Cafu. Legendary defense.
Ultraman Merah wkwk (5 months ago)
Pirlo And Gattuso protect them and DIDA is sleeping i think
Trevor Dias (1 year ago)
Ricardo Alfaro front of them gattusso the animal
zrzzt (1 year ago)
For attacking soccer it is often obvious what makes good teams so good. But... I dont get what juve did so much better in defending than the average primera divison team that gets at least 4 goals per match in nou camp. ok, the juve players are very good at tackling the ball in the close dribbling situations vs MSN, this is where other teams fail, barca would get freekicks or penalties. but the athletics of the juve  defenders shoulds be so much superior to others league teams.
Luise206 Fc (1 year ago)
Trump need this!
CleFesse (1 year ago)
Juventus defence vs Monaco "the best attack" in Europe ?
Donald Mantur (1 year ago)
Why the forward players are always get highlights and the most prominent figure to grab any awards?, just looked how useless they are in such a defense
Jose Montes (1 year ago)
khedira and pjanic bloque
G-Cheema (1 year ago)
la più forte difesa del mondo
alputh putra (1 year ago)
imagine if sergio ramos and thiago silva in juventus
mitswO (1 year ago)
Estaría en el banco.
Kevin Ong (1 year ago)
They play so much with dribbling and air pass, Think about how the result if they pass more with ground pass
never seeing defense of any football club like these. salute for juve
IronMat86 (1 year ago)
L'arte italiana della difesa. Senza eguali :)
Macky Baka (1 year ago)
I want Juve to win the CL!!!
i am barca fan but juve defense is the best,the only way to enter is to make a perfect pass like messi to iniesta but still they have the best goalkeeper
Alexander Johnny (1 year ago)
you shall not pass!!!!
Davide Di Paolo (1 year ago)
Best thing is Barzagli coming from the bench and still DESTROYED every single attack Barcelona created in that small period of time he was in the game. What a monster, underrated player. We should clone him.
rrradodddupa (1 year ago)
That defence is something special... I just saw like Messi ripped Madrid defence apart with his runs but with Juve? He couldn't make 3 steps with the ball, And they were not brutal in any sense, there was not some injury danger in any minute of the game, there was perfect game reading from all defenders. Bonucci and Chiellini are always in position, never late, always helping themselves, not scared to make a tackle and great in the air, two of the 5 best central defenders on the planet, three with Barzagli. And if there is a miracle (like Messi pass to Initesta from game 1) and you pass the wall there is another monster - Gigi Buffon who have seen everything, knows every trick and is still in great shape. Good luck, 180 minutes without goal with Barca says everything.
Gaza Strip (1 year ago)
Forza Juve For Life ⚽🇨🇮🏆🎖👊😎
StewieGriffin (1 year ago)
Buffon Alves Bonucci Chiellini Sandro Best back 4 on the planet.
Luca Uno (1 year ago)
Buffon Barzagli Bonucci Chillini Sandro
shalke08 (1 year ago)
juve juve juve...i feel no mercy for farca considering they eliminated the back in 2015 final
Nasser Auda (1 year ago)
since italy won wc 2006 i havent seen anything like this .... thank you juve for brining the art of difince back
furrycheetah2000 (1 year ago)
Nasser Auda n don't 4get da '94 UCL final AC Milan vs Barca where AC Milan beat Barca by 4 goals 2 nil n show how good their defence at that time.
StewieGriffin (1 year ago)
When Barzagli and Chiellini retire there is still Bonucci, Rugani and Caldara so Buffon can play on for another 10 years lmfao. Chiellini is the best defender on the planet.
BARCELONA CRACKS (3 months ago)
bonucci at ac milan buffon retire
Carlos Ruvalcaba (1 year ago)
StewieGriffin nope Ramos is
MagnusTM (1 year ago)
StewieGriffin Sei ovunque ahahah grande
giaso ricci (1 year ago)
Bel video, complimenti. Great video compliments.
Sparta Otano (1 year ago)
Everybody missed it. And when Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli wall were destroyed, Juve still has great wall Gigi Buffon defending their fortress. What an art of defense. Vinci per noi magica Juventus. Bring the champions league title for us, and for Buffon !!!
Love Leggins (1 year ago)
Li abbiamo annullati
Alessia Colombo (1 year ago)
La miglior difesa del mondo💎
Muares Ahmed (1 year ago)
Please do miralem pjanic vs Barcelona home and away he was fantastic
Salar (1 year ago)
Incredible defense... Coming from a Barca fan.
Roberto Angel Ros (1 year ago)
la bellezza e l'importanza del sapersi difendere. gran bel video
Mirabelli (1 year ago)
1 shot on target 😂😂😂
La Juventus siempre ha tenido los mejores defensas de la historia. ¡Forza Juve è Fino alla finale! ¡A vencer en Europa!
subandi halim (1 year ago)
a beautiful art of defending... an Italian way... bravo..👍👍
subandi halim (1 year ago)
Amazing defense... by the world's best defenders and goal keeper. For them who mock it as bus parking strategy, don't blame the strategy. Tell it to neymar, messi and suarez, if they are so great strikers why they couldn't break that strategy...LoL
vellfire world (1 year ago)
amazing defence
Yuraditya Atharayhan (1 year ago)
MagnusTM (1 year ago)
Anche all'Europeo 2016 sono stati fenomenali..subendo 1 sola rete dalla Germania Campione del Mondo
CleFesse (1 year ago)
1:05, 1:30, 1:40, 1:45, 2:07, 2:12, especially 2:17, 2:24; 2:45, 3:16, 3:38 (with Barzagli it was impossible at this point) and 4:17. All those moments are amazing and they are reducing all the incertains areas and eventual passes to 0 with that incredible covering. Since Conte I think it's the best defensive perfomance by far!
Rohit Pal (1 year ago)
A rock, Ronaldo and Griezmann can not get past this.
AlexFilmz (30 days ago)
Lol Ronaldo scored 5 goals past this Juventus since this game
Ahmad Jomaa (8 months ago)
Rohit Pal ronaldo??
xShaxOx (1 year ago)
Everything was masterclass but 1:13 tho
Trevor Dias (1 year ago)
xShaxOx that's Italian class defending...bonucci .was amazing
Danar Yudhistira (1 year ago)
salute this defence.. they stop barca's attack better than any other club
ashni kumar (1 year ago)
Italy, Juv, be like Hit me as much as u can, I am gonna defend till the last min.
Federico Nina (1 year ago)
best difence in the world
Buffon be like let me save it at least for once
Vasav Chaturvedi (1 year ago)
what a defence that was .. i watched that game Juve deserve to win CL..coming from barca fan
StewieGriffin yeah true
StewieGriffin (1 year ago)
SHUBHAM MAHAMULKAR Buffon can play till age 50 with defending like that ahead of him.
Senso vietato (1 year ago)
Lasciamo a secco anche il monaco per favore
Eric Fifa (1 year ago)
All'andata è rimasta a secco
Azriel Iwan (1 year ago)
What if kante play for juventus?
maximiliano marigo (1 year ago)
I would agree, near pjanic in the 4231
Anish Ujoodha (1 year ago)
what about Bailly?
Alessandro Animobono (1 year ago)
Vini 101 as an italian I think that the italian teams play with a mildfielder that is more defensive and with a mildfielder that is more offensive.
WorldGoneMad (1 year ago)
nothing most teams in serie a dont play with a defensive mid
shalke08 (1 year ago)
Azriel Iwan Buffon would have a hammock from goal post to goal post chilling on it.... drinking fine italian wine....while wearing his raybans
Chandra Purnama (1 year ago)
the chinese wall
Chandra Purnama (1 year ago)
this is fashion the italian. The best!! forza romaaa!! #Respect
Aliyyus Syaami (1 year ago)
The great wall of turin
Samarjeet (1 year ago)
No words. Salute!
lili cheung (1 year ago)
I just noticed how many times Juve stopped barca
AlexFilmz (30 days ago)
Edward C 4-1 bitch hahaha cry faggot
AlexFilmz (30 days ago)
Ardillez barullo 4-1 bitch hahaha
LuvsAmberAndEXO (1 year ago)
Tfjoker 03 i know that sucks 😂
Tfjoker 03 (1 year ago)
LuvsAmberAndEXO sorry it's 1-4 Real Madrid champions
Tfjoker 03 (1 year ago)
Sumit Samuel (1 year ago)
Barcelona be like I'm gonna hit you hard and juventus be like don't matter cause I'm gonna block that and hit you twice as harder. Anyway great performance #forzajuventus
Alk tp (1 year ago)
Best defence on this planet
G-Cheema (1 year ago)
Haitam Ghennaj hahahahaha
Gaetano Federico (1 year ago)
Haitam Ghennaj (1 year ago)
Alex Kompf what about other planets?
SE9 (1 year ago)
classy videos as always, that defence wasnt messing around that night
Seigneur Beerus (1 year ago)
Amaaazing , i love football
killer sharma (1 year ago)
Seigneur Beerus hi wanna have sex
Rom Forte (1 year ago)
Parking the bus? We own the parking lot. Forza Juve!!!!
Hawk Who Knows All (5 months ago)
Federico giosa (1 year ago)
Guys don't forget that we started with 3 gol advance...
Dhanang Wibowo (1 year ago)
More like parking the tank. xD
tempoblu (1 year ago)
La Juve e' come Rocky, sembra sempre sul punto di barcollare ma resiste, e' la migliore incassatrice del mondo, ti sfinisce. Un'altra squadra avrebbe preso 4-5 goal, perché il Barca ha attaccato senza sosta, ma con tutto ciò ripartiva sempre, controbatteva colpo su colpo. Ps A. Sandro fenomenale, sta sempre al posto giusto, pronto a chiudere la diagonale in caso di bisogno. 2ps Si scrive Cuadrato si legge Speedy Gonzales.
GABRY BAZZA (1 year ago)
Federico Nina colpa del correttore mi sa...
Federico Nina (1 year ago)
tempoblu Infatti si scrive Cuadrado
Zekerja Musli (1 year ago)
a love you juveeeeeeee
Count Dracula (1 year ago)
The great wall of Torino!! Buffon, Alves, Bonucci, Chiellini, Sandro, Khedira, Pjanic...
CleFesse (1 year ago)
Trump asked that if European's leaders don't pay OTAN, he will replace this system by Bonucci, Barzagli and Chiellini next year...
mario bustos (1 year ago)
Fer (1 year ago)
mario bustos (1 year ago)
Add cuadrado, he destroyed many plays
brotherfranciz (1 year ago)
All day long.
Igon Igon (1 year ago)

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