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David Silva ● Silent Genius Skills ● 2017

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Mayank Singh (1 year ago)
silva is too underrated. This is because he quietly stitches together games. He is like the person standing behind the throne. He is the person who really does the ruling, but isn't noticed.
AntonioSaucedo22 (5 months ago)
Mayank. You notice; so do I, you know, those of us who know the beautiful game notice.
신지현 (6 months ago)
Mayank Singh ㅇㅈㅇㅈ
F1F1 G4m3r (7 months ago)
With iniesta the best passes
Andrei Parfeni (9 months ago)
Mayank Singh Mike Pence.
CPFC 2017 (10 months ago)
You lot's best player by far in my opinion. Absolutely fantastic
Arebian horse Channel (8 days ago)
Nice and best player i; man city
Rizky F. (1 month ago)
Silva wore his Spanish jersey... . . . I'm imagining him plays for Man Utd.
Harry Bennett (1 month ago)
Great song
rohan raut (1 month ago)
Unsung Heroe
Hector Guerrero (3 months ago)
My favorite player in terms of how he moves.
SMC01ful (4 months ago)
What a horrible little bastard to mark. I've always rated Silva extremely highly, and whenever he plays LFC I am always wary.
Tenerife Phil (4 months ago)
One of the all time greats !
silva should have been buy by barcelona instead of fabregas imagine xavi iniesta silva messi
Mahtalis Munglang (5 months ago)
Give me Silva on any day .....I know well he will just do his work and not fuss about it.....a true legend in my opinion.... privileged to have watched him play.
Anjum Mughal (5 months ago)
Can anyone please tell me the name of the tune. It's so beautiful.
AntonioSaucedo22 (5 months ago)
0:43 sick!
MF엄 (5 months ago)
Pressed the subscribe😁
Swapnanil Chakraborty (5 months ago)
Got him in pes 86 rated !!
Renchii (5 months ago)
El Mago! An absolutely captivating player to watch. He pulls the strings at City.
Dante Vera (6 months ago)
David Adamson (6 months ago)
Best player in City history.
silver (6 months ago)
Silva was cool until he made a monk
Luca Ascione (6 months ago)
You can watch videos about David Silva on my Channel. He recived his portrait in Napoli and you can watch speed drawings ;) www.youtube.com/LucaAscioneArt
David Montana (6 months ago)
Bernardo Silva, David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne ... Pure Magic
Rahat Bolotov (6 months ago)
The smartest midfielder.
Mia Khalifa (6 months ago)
I've been following him since 2011. I remember I used to say he was better than 2011 messi. Legend
Bean x (7 months ago)
Music plzz
01001001101010 (7 months ago)
1:58 lol arda
boniface munyao (7 months ago)
My best after Iniesta
matt ko (7 months ago)
little magician
Roopesh Krishnamoorthy (7 months ago)
sane is almost involved in every silva pass
eyesopen (7 months ago)
Our greatest ever little playmaker, passer and number 10 at Manchester City!
DestoryerGames (8 months ago)
So clam and precise but fast with his mind ... Maestro I bow
Jim Gipson (8 months ago)
Best midfielder in the world. Spanish scholes for manchester city
Miraç Karaöz (8 months ago)
ayy hadi inşallah
sonosmanlı gelecek (8 months ago)
welcome to FENERBAHÇE
Doğuş Ç. (8 months ago)
Welcome to FENERBAHÇE 💙💛
beyaz sarap (8 months ago)
türkiyede iş yapmıcak oyuncuları bu fenerbahce nasıl buluyor akıl alacak iş değil..ulan arkadaş bu feneri sikmek lazım.umarım bu sene gelen cakar giden cakar fener sana
Yusuf (8 months ago)
Çok uğraştım hoş geldin
Play Gamer (8 months ago)
Buralar Değerlenince Uyandırın :)
Play Gamer (8 months ago)
Well come to Fenerbahçe :)
DEEPTURCO (8 months ago)
Hürriyetin haberinden gelenler burdami ? Yine yalan haber aq
Randy Marsh (8 months ago)
David silva is better than modric its not an ophinion its a fact
Dmarsolutions (5 months ago)
hahha gtfo
Daniel Andelic (8 months ago)
my idol david silva
Randy Orton (8 months ago)
I cummed
Guillermo Bello (9 months ago)
Better player than Andrés Iniesta in the last four seasons but Iniesta always appears in all nominations for best player or in best team. That is a bad joke. Iniesta is the most overrated player in the world, the darling of UEFA and FIFA unlike David Silva and so many other players that are constantly neglected in favour of Iniesta.
in 2015-2016 he was not better than iniesta
Guillermo Bello (7 months ago)
SuperMonkey Luckily and surprisingly, Iniesta has not been included in the candidates for the Ballon d'Or.
Guillermo Bello (7 months ago)
SuperMonkey Once more Iniesta has been included in the FifaProXI 2017 very undeservedly.
SuperMonkey (7 months ago)
Guillermo Bello agreed. Iniesta has become overrated for the past few years after Xavi left
mudit nautiyal (9 months ago)
One of the best player in EPL
ORFLMi (9 months ago)
How do you get the clips?
matthew (9 months ago)
basically equal to xavi and iniesta from barca
Mynameisnot Carlo (9 months ago)
David silva is the guy who can make great passes in sticky situations
Athul raj (9 months ago)
That perfect weighted passes between the lines gave me chills, beauty at its best. Nice editing bro perfect like Silva
Marco Lionti (9 months ago)
Name de la canción?
D10S (10 months ago)
imagine silva at barcelona at his prime. would have been unreal
DrowNigol (10 months ago)
You've gotta feel for the guy.. absolutely nobody on hand to finish.. astonishing they've been able to keep him tbh.. If he had a consistent striker in front of him and a consistent mid behind him, he'd get most assists every season by a long shot.. worst misuse of talent seen at this level in a long time.. almost criminal
Ay Mo (8 months ago)
DrowNigol who you support ?
王朝愉 (10 months ago)
David is the best in bpl at his position. He's better than Kdb or Ozil
王朝愉 (10 months ago)
I came in to see David. it turns out to be a sane's highlight. lol
Athul raj (10 months ago)
The silent genius . Yes the title says it. Football beauty at its best which is only visible for the trained eyes.
Ryan Dawson (10 months ago)
Few years left in the little genius yet
Mohamoud Yasin (10 months ago)
toni kroos skills?
Jere Auvinen (10 months ago)
Him and Messi are one the few players who can absolutely destroy any team in the world with their passes.
xavi and iniesta in his prime also can
Pedro Galiano (10 months ago)
I would love to see him in Barça a long time ago
david martinez (10 months ago)
Yo soy David.
jeff dario (10 months ago)
great vid!
phcace (10 months ago)
yes genius, 1.iniesta 2.silva 3.modric
GamingGutta02 (10 months ago)
What a brilliant player. Could sit here and watch him all day
Cleber Almeida (10 months ago)
Sou fã de David Silva
Phil Tenerife (11 months ago)
In a class of his own :) .
student helper (11 months ago)
I like the way tose wingers run when they see silver on the ball. Its like get set GO, the ball is coming.
Rilind Bardoniqi (11 months ago)
Great viseo
K I N G - WHD (11 months ago)
all I just remember is when man city where really good when Silva and Jesus nanas and Nani what at their prime
Paolo Channel (10 months ago)
nanas mean pineapple bro.
Paolo Channel (10 months ago)
Afak Rajput (11 months ago)
no one can replace David Silva. none...... 💙💙💙
NicoRoyale (11 months ago)
I have David Silva on PES2017, yay xD :)
yus AbdRahman (8 months ago)
juz obtained david silva on my PES2017 today. yuhuwww
Masternatorman (11 months ago)
rey de tiki taka seleccion española
daniel gomez (11 months ago)
david silva un jugador inflavalorado pero es uno de los mejores medios
Look at his ratings on fifa he ain't underrated
Tiger steel at least pogba does things with long passes and controlling the tempo of the game
Tiger steel (9 months ago)
Man U are the best look at pogba he is overrated 88 in your dreams
Renato Salina (11 months ago)
Pablo Avila (1 year ago)
Silva is such an underrated player. He is the best midfielder in the prem.
Djibril Diagne (1 year ago)
great player
Anoop Jose (1 year ago)
Whats the song?
Tiger steel (9 months ago)
Anoop Jose Darude sandstorm
jonte98440 (1 year ago)
The best in the league!!
Zakallwayswatchin1 (1 year ago)
Great music and great video
Michael dm. (1 year ago)
one of the most underrated players in European football
abukar sheikh (1 year ago)
to be honest David Silva is the only world-class player in the premier league, he has a quality on the ball. magic David Siliva
Marcel Wierzbicki (1 year ago)
Best player on the world
Lito (1 year ago)
he is the best
Let'Us DaPp (1 year ago)
this guy can't be hated
clásicos motos (1 year ago)
preparando el mundial con isco y Silva 👍👍
Ferdinand Harvan (1 year ago)
If silva & de bruyne in underperformance, city is nothing
Usman Farooq (1 year ago)
Hes not silent if he's the boss of midfield.
canonmg5150 (1 year ago)
silva is neglected by EPL fans because they always expect him to deliver. he is too consistent, that people forget how the team is when he is not playing. It's not just EPL fans, but Man City fans themselves don't regularly praise him when he is on form. But when Kevin De Bruyne did the same thing like what Silva did, then all of the sudden, Kevin is the best midfielder in the world. Like for example yesterday's game, Soton vs Man City, Silva assist one goal (Kompany's goal) and deliver incredibly fine pass to Kevin, that led towards Sane's goal, all of the eyes focus only towards Kevin because of that assist, but fans doesn't praise that pass from Silva. that's why silva doesn't have chance even to win EPL player of the month, because the fans themselves don't always appreciate him like they appreciate Kevin.
Rizky F. (1 month ago)
That's why City don't deserve EPL title... Silva should join Man Utd because his fellow teammates, Juan Mata, was used to play for the same team.... Now, City.... RELEASE HIM HAHA
Lam Edwin (4 months ago)
Stego1819 i agree with u on the gundogan point but hard to argue we struggle more without kdb considering hes played literally lke every game and only gets rests in irrelevant games
Stego1819 (4 months ago)
You struggle even more when de Bruyne isnt playing. Which shows how great both of them are considering that Gündogan is another fantastic midfielder but City arent nearly as good with him than they are with Silvi and KdB.
Lam Edwin (4 months ago)
Stego1819 he doesn't get overshadowed if u look close enough... There's a reason why we struggled when he doesn't play
Stego1819 (4 months ago)
This year de Bruyne is better than Silva. De Bruyne is the best midfielder in the world right now and if it wasnt for Neymar and Messi he would be the best in the world atm. Silva is great and consistent but he gets overshadowed by de Bruyne this year.
10pelusita (1 year ago)
En tu casa esperandote con los brazos abiertos pa que dijistes que vendrias sufro cada minuto que no estas aquí pero se que vas a vestir de amarillo gracias por tu MAGIA
HyperPlay (1 year ago)
best passer of the ball in the PL era
best EPL playermaker
dcampbe (1 year ago)
Ahmed Abdi shire KEYSE BY FAR
Nemo Nobody (1 year ago)
Every City line-up is made like this: 1) first we put David in, 2) then we give him the captain's armband, 3) then the manager and David decide how to carve the opposition up, 4) and finally, the rest of the team is selected. The man is a true legend. Every time he gets the ball you know something magic is about to happen. I feel sorry we didn't build a better team for him at City, he definitely deserves a few more titles added to his legacy.
Vadhna Samedy Hun (3 months ago)
Sabina Latif (1 year ago)
Nemo Nobody yes barcelona wanted him but he stayed city for success wasn't really much tho :/
Kaloyan Georgiev (1 year ago)
anurag shrivastava (1 year ago)
he's nothing below fantastic. pure magic <3
H-trep caveliar (1 year ago)
is it only me who hates pep and bravo
Tiger steel (9 months ago)
Bravo I hate but pep I love
Mayank Singh (1 year ago)
hate bravo, but not pep.
Mila Alvarez (1 year ago)
When David Silva is playing its a great lesson of excellent football... Thanks a lot !!!!
Rohan Rai (1 year ago)
one of the best midfielders in the world . i have always admire him, what a playmaker.
Rohan Rai (11 months ago)
Ay Mo Tottenham hotspur
Ay Mo (11 months ago)
Rohan rai no I mean what club ?
Rohan Rai (11 months ago)
Ay Mo (11 months ago)
Rohan rai who do you support?
Chris Madden (1 year ago)
I can watch him all day. The greatest city player i have ever seen live. i was'nt around in the 60s and 70s
Breezy Wizzy (1 year ago)
The guy I would love to see with a Barça Jersey on his back.
Muhammad Abrar (1 year ago)
one of the reasons pep came to the Etihad. Merlin, one of the best of this generation!
Luís Silva (1 year ago)
My favorite player, magnificent, brilhant.
Nargis Yilmaz21 (1 year ago)
David Silva the best 💪⚽

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