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Monster School: GRANNY HORROR GAME CHALLENGE - Minecraft Animation

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Video For This Week Monster school decided to visit GRANNY HOUSE. If you have not watch the episode 2 yet, click here - https://youtu.be/sBBSF4xzsa4 Monster School : GRANNY Monster School : SCARY Monster School : SPOOKY Monster School : HORROR Music: ✔️https://incompetech.com ✔️NEFFEX - Fight [Copyright Free Trap Music] ✔️Slendrina the cellar Soundtrack If you want to watch more monster school animation click here, My Monster School Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJv3j-D79_s&list=PLkIf4V1s9enykUqMpDnG2JMJL8BVWr_PX Brought to you by PlataBush
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Text Comments (12537)
Jewel_ Emerald (4 hours ago)
Zombie pigman, wth
Momo pesadichas
kailey lariviere (11 hours ago)
granny in Minecraft before that great 😍😍
Sandra Zegarra Pelaez (12 hours ago)
as lo De five Night at Freddy s
jose aguirre (15 hours ago)
lol Granny
MEMET EDE (16 hours ago)
Юнги Мин (19 hours ago)
😥😥Дай ей с ноги
EliteMubarizun Mubarizun (19 hours ago)
DO IT!!!
White Shades (22 hours ago)
Memes bruh
😎Fake black skeleton😅🤣 enderman noob zombie, noob, criper noob, slime noob, pagman zombie fake!!!😎
Granny w ogóle nie wygląda strasznie
Mike Soukal (1 day ago)
Yeah, this is for fucking kids, some dude juste farted and the teacher took a gun and shooted him? This cant be f*ing real. 2015 Minecraft Monster School: Educational, Funny. 2018 Minecraft Monster School: Granny just took my Fidget Spinner and Dame Tu Cosita killed me bcs Fortnite is better than Minecraft **100% real** **Gone wrong**
Бич Пёс (1 day ago)
Ciro Flores (2 days ago)
Iluminati the cool song
Oli Onofre (2 days ago)
Así no es granny granny los puede matar cuando los vea que se escondan elos casilleros y el las camas actualizarlo por favor
Thaqif Mikhail (2 days ago)
Afonso Sa (2 days ago)
тигр микс (2 days ago)
Я здесь одинешенек руский
Zombie haves anxiety? Because one of the symptoms of anxiety is when you are nervous or feel uncomfortable, you can.... Fart
I so hard my mom At. 5:00
Robert Patynek (3 days ago)
Do robisz subkribe maxyn
Jackson Yt (3 days ago)
teemantlps Aedmae (3 days ago)
teemantlps Aedmae (3 days ago)
teemantlps Aedmae (3 days ago)
teemantlps Aedmae (3 days ago)
teemantlps Aedmae (3 days ago)
Ryan Clemente (4 days ago)
Shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!
Jokes MSP (4 days ago)
Damn, that's very well made!
BramaMunthe Ibam (4 days ago)
Nymdorj Nymdorj (4 days ago)
Milk Gamer (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/5Vd7xHL7oDY SUBSCRIBE LIKE
M.r Torch Torch (5 days ago)
林采柔小朋友 (5 days ago)
Gabriel Jimenez (5 days ago)
0:36 please stand by LOL😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cynthia Lopez (5 days ago)
Part 2
Ewelinka Bejmert (5 days ago)
LOL and xd
4NDRE G4M3R (5 days ago)
Jan Malmwieck (5 days ago)
Gutes Widio
Omar Hamdan (5 days ago)
And on easy mode granny moves a bit slower hard mode granny moves a bit faster and on extreme mode granny moves faster than you and darker mode is on and extra locks On the main door
Omar Hamdan (5 days ago)
Herobrine ask the mobs if they can do it on the extra locks it Wil be way harder u need: hammer padlock key padlock code and the cutting pliers the battery and u need to find a switch and the screwdriver safe key and the master key
6:40 Ahahaha!!!😂😂
6:40 ????
Foufou Doudou (6 days ago)
Foufou Doudou (6 days ago)
1z2r4f5h6g7j8g0hf💋ggnnghlMouuiتبتااناازللظةىتابول بخانبباعلقلرليؤبتارةوىى عن المشاركات التي كتبها
Noor Noor (6 days ago)
MATHEUS MEZADRE (6 days ago)
Update até o fim
Ernur каналы (6 days ago)
jennie Alfaro (6 days ago)
Do yu now the way
jennie Alfaro (6 days ago)
Skeleton died and the dead sign was wasted from gta 5
karel papa (7 days ago)
Edgar Caballero (7 days ago)
Pro esqueleto de witer
Zaara Raza (7 days ago)
Did u guys see it said skeleton died Then i said don't hit him again he already died
Daniela Santos (7 days ago)
Deixe seu like se você gosta do Witherspoon skeleton
camila torrez López (7 days ago)
Matheus Gois (7 days ago)
Matheus Gois (7 days ago)
Tristan Dever (7 days ago)
Hay gaye
sabrina Wagner (7 days ago)
Not dies 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😑😑😑😑😑😑😲😲😲😲💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔👎👎👎👎
ARMY Naty (7 days ago)
This IS Best Video 😂😂🌟♡
Ahmed Kaya (7 days ago)
No granny slendrina mosic
Marko Jeremic (7 days ago)
svi lupite like
Habib Yasmin (7 days ago)
please make more video for me pleaseeee
Fatih Tayaksi (7 days ago)
hannen Umungan (8 days ago)
winther sketon luky ando
Sélia Fasel (8 days ago)
Ça fait froid au dos, ❤️
Logan Bowen Paul (8 days ago)
Wither skeleton savage of the year
Hacking Device (8 days ago)
Levy Llusala (8 days ago)
Sey Chelle (8 days ago)
I laugh at the last beacause they say he need some milk
COD Gamer (8 days ago)
1 like=1 prayer for zombie
COD Gamer (8 days ago)
COD Gamer (8 days ago)
guilherme lemos (8 days ago)
ddfdghf eygdyut
soy julypi (8 days ago)
Woooow cool
Punta Cana (8 days ago)
GAMERS Game in 2018 (8 days ago)
Jetnetrobloxwork24 (8 days ago)
Most Favorite Scenes. 8:36 7:53
Omar deeb (8 days ago)
Ivana Djokic (8 days ago)
Wither skeleton is a hacker
Shahidina Miti (8 days ago)
the game doesn't work in my phone who it will work tell me please
Akshay Mehra (8 days ago)
Wither skeleton is the best???
Akshay Mehra (8 days ago)
I do not like creeped!!!!! He is bad and cowardly
cvevaionut1 (8 days ago)
Everyone farts what's the big deal
Rey Horca (8 days ago)
Wow ARKO hacker mod wither skeleton
Ewelinka Bejmert (5 days ago)
Rey Horca yeah the wither skeleton a hacker mod
Ewelinka Bejmert (5 days ago)
Rey Horca hi what your play is granny I thing
نذير الصايغ (8 days ago)
Animation Horror Doors
nido jr (8 days ago)
Why they are not using bed
nido jr (8 days ago)
0:59 *I know this...I think u copy someone..or not*
Ashraf Alsayed (8 days ago)
Animatonic Horror Doors 👍👍💖
Adam Mohamed (9 days ago)
i love this
David Xuan (9 days ago)
What I don’t they have five days if they put the painting together one day Extra
NO نو (9 days ago)
EthanDessert Seal (9 days ago)
Granny is my best game to play when I'm haven no wifi
EthanDessert Seal (9 days ago)
I remember when there was that glitch in 2016 why did they have take that out yyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYY.............
Kätee (9 days ago)
Lmao I laughed to hard when wither skeleton was a hacker and when he kicked skeleton in the portal
Kačka Sellive (9 days ago)
6:39 Ugandan Knuckles
Jocelyn Sanchez (9 days ago)
This was so funny 😂😂

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