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Toni Kroos 2018 ● The Sniper | Skills Show

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Text Comments (312)
Kauan Vitor Plays (18 hours ago)
Nss deus a maneira que ele pega na bola e totalmente diferente de outros n erra passe vou treinar e mi dedicar cada dia mais pra fazer igual a ele essas virada de jogo pqp ⚽⚽⚽❤❤❤
Ahmed English (22 hours ago)
my lovely player. He is the beauty of footballl.
Ben Coneybeare (1 day ago)
Kroos-Modric is probably the best midfield duo of this generation (if Xavi-Iniesta is considered the previous generation, although if they weren't it would be close)
Artimest Vorton (1 day ago)
Similar with Steven Gerrard And Xabi Alonso..Maybe Better?
Rocket leauge song
Rocket leauge
renato95100 (2 days ago)
The best midfielder in the world. I hope in the UEFA champions league’s final he makes a goal against Liverpool it would be great for him. for Real Madrid and for all supporters... Grande Toni, eres el gps del equipo, vamos real hasta el final!
Juca Barros (3 days ago)
See he’s moves it’s inspiring for sure, but I really preefer modric because of his defending talent
Houda Houda (5 days ago)
sedki elhadi (5 days ago)
Great player...
Ahmed Zakaria (5 days ago)
I love kroos very much and i think he is the best Midfielder in the worled Who agree with me
Rahul Singh (6 days ago)
He loves to roam free and provides long balls
Bilal Khan (7 days ago)
Toni kroos is simple player
Vanness127 (9 days ago)
welcome to Manchester united
Bruno neves (9 days ago)
+1 inscrito fiel só retribui e tmjs
LUIZ FERNANDO (9 days ago)
What is the intro song?
kekko tromba (10 days ago)
2:11 what
Lychax (10 days ago)
Sniper Made in Germany 😍🔥👌
Guys the name of the background song pls
Prasanta Chhualsingh (11 days ago)
Both modric and kroos r world class midfielders
Gioerdano Medina (12 days ago)
What is the name of the intro song?? Please
james ksai (12 days ago)
Please someone tell me the name of da song please
Akim446 Akimjr009 (14 days ago)
Likely sniper ever
HA MID BESS AOUD (14 days ago)
in the best player توني من بين الافضل عالميا
Javi Rodriguez (14 days ago)
2 legends SEN31 and Toni Kroos
Pierre LUNDU (16 days ago)
He is very best than Isco
ply games (16 days ago)
habib assilmi (17 days ago)
judul lagu ?
Lindokuhle Hopewell (18 days ago)
da best midfielder 4 me
Fahell S'ilva (20 days ago)
C,Loko Kroos Foda De Mais
Light Fortune (22 days ago)
Try and guess where he is gonna pass it and you won’t even guess one right! (Crosses and long passes)
HP_TVii (22 days ago)
Hi Admin.Ronaldo is the best best best...
Bin Yahya (22 days ago)
Ricardo Niebla (22 days ago)
Toni Cross😎
Mekhy Nipu (23 days ago)
King of passing
razlan lan (24 days ago)
Real madrid you all star💪👏👏
sadik amar (25 days ago)
This guy is a magician . I like him 😍
Uncle Bernie (26 days ago)
Reupload the modric video
Good thing about Kroos, he will prob play late into his 30’s, at a high level. His game doesn’t rely on speed and athleticism. He’ll be like a pirlo
Football TV (28 days ago)
video good
Superstar World Cup (29 days ago)
Dewe Bae (1 month ago)
The next paul scholes
Nichalaus Rook (1 month ago)
Who has a better longball? Pogba or Kroos?
abdullahi shafii (1 month ago)
Toni kroos is the chemistry of football.
Dunning Kruger (1 month ago)
gs games (1 month ago)
Vc nao colocou um drible ou muitos chutes pro gol, q merda mano,so vi ele dando virada de jogo,ficou ruim!mais o cara e bom
The Dreamer (1 month ago)
What a player
Ana Lucia (1 month ago)
um jogador pra ninguém botar defeito
Tori Figueroa (1 month ago)
Terrible video
CLASH MASTER (1 month ago)
I love real madrid
Trí Phúc Lê (1 month ago)
Toni Kroos, the Mozart of football!
[crocodile] (1 month ago)
Legitimate follower of Andrea Pirlo and easy in the top 3 of Reals most important players (together with Christiano and Ramos) - in my opinion.
Rahim Rahman (1 month ago)
That accKROOSacy
鄭銘揚 (1 month ago)
More than a sniper, he is a lethal marksman!!
Jonathan L (1 month ago)
World class
Madridista (1 month ago)
Я одинешенек из России? Канал топ))
Moussa Dioubaté (1 month ago)
He is a good play game of football
Amrit Aryal (1 month ago)
wow this video is amazing
Next video pogba 2018 , please!!!
Vinicius Silva (1 month ago)
Nawaf Abdullah (1 month ago)
Made in Germany %100
alisafi99 (1 month ago)
Hey sen31.I'd watch this video for many years to come.Dont tell me you are deleting this. Secondly,Tell me the name of the first song in the video
Leonardo Football (1 month ago)
Amazing Work! Kroos has an out-of-the-ordinary pass and game vision
Lilbite50 (1 month ago)
my dream mid field: Kroos Modric Iniesta. 3 best in the world
Abel Ogbamicheal (1 month ago)
For me the best Middenvelder in the world💪, and great video bro 😘💪
Modou Lamin Fofana (1 month ago)
The Sniper
Jann Marvic Apurado (1 month ago)
It is just me that Toni kroos ability is similar to David Beckham back in the day in real madrid??
Joho Sphat (1 month ago)
Jann Marvic Apurado Yes its Just you.
José Tobias (1 month ago)
Gênio Kroos (1 month ago)
Ídolo ❤
Play Muu (1 month ago)
kroos e o 4 melhor do rma mais a midia vai todo para penaldo.ja que os 3 primeiros são.marcelo,isco,caseimiro
Gutemberg Barros (1 month ago)
eu sou fan dese cara kroos tué idolo vei joga muito génio
King of merdfirlde to real Madrid
XOHAN (1 month ago)
no mames whe la publicidad pe quitala
TS SOCCER (1 month ago)
AMAZING ❤😍 Wow omg
Q Watson 18 7 (1 month ago)
Welcome to man u
Senen Santos cruz (1 month ago)
Griezmann video ?? ⚠️
Joao Vitor (1 month ago)
and the name of the music from the video speaks
Joao Vitor (1 month ago)
Speech name of the song of the intro dessi video
Joao Vitor (1 month ago)
speaks the name of the song of the introduction of the video of Andreas Pereira 2017/2018 ● The Future of Manchester united
Samuel Wumbee (1 month ago)
Belerin Next
Camar putih (1 month ago)
Toni kroos is the best player pass..
Sanskar Baral (1 month ago)
Tony Kroos = best since Paul Scholes. Pogba Scholes Kroos Wish I could see these three together.
Hasbi Nur Ichsan (1 month ago)
What a song? 0:24
Léon S04 (1 month ago)
Wer ist alles Deutsch?
ZzTiaZz 99 (1 month ago)
Salah please?
Biz FootBall TV (1 month ago)
*Wow! i like video*
Pyrex Tv (1 month ago)
His free kick gave me goosebumps for what reason does ronaldo take em?
sunny footy7 (1 month ago)
One of the BEST MD in the Europe
ronaldinho 10 (1 month ago)
He is trophy machine since he came in real is banging ucl after ucl . Before him real was always performs average in ucl even after having great players
Samuel Gomez (1 month ago)
Minh Công Nguyễn (1 month ago)
The song 0:57 pls
Edejanio Fortes (1 month ago)
true maestro
Soul YT (1 month ago)
Playmaker and God of Passing!! Hala Madrid!!
Anup Tamang (1 month ago)
Love kross ❤️❤️❤️
genrallyawsome5 (1 month ago)
James Rodriguez is better. Someone tell me otherwise
jesus brito (1 month ago)
Name of the second song?
Abrar Alam (1 month ago)
make a video on how to make a football skills video
Cleinha Hungria (1 month ago)
Cleinha Hungria (1 month ago)
Cleinha Hungria (1 month ago)
Kooors 👍👍👍👍
Krystian Kuzmicki (1 month ago)
Der Held von Real Madrid und Deutschland.

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