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CS:GO - Pro Epic Wins

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Some epic wins from the professionals ! There is a lot more of epic wins out there, might do a second video in the future. Want to see more in the future? Go subscribe! http://tinyurl.com/lm9spqf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virrecsgo I hope you liked what you've seen and stay tuned for more! Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/39p39o/csgo_pro_epic_wins/ ________________________________________ Frags by : Hiko, DSTR, Edward, olofmeister, Xizt, fxy0, dupreeh, pronax ________________________________________ Do you want to buy an edit with your frags? Send me a PM on youtube/facebook or add my steam: - https://steamcommunity.com/id/viRRE3 - https://www.facebook.com/virrecsgo ________________________________________ Song name: Rootkit - Isolate (feat. Joe Erickson) Outro song: Hey Mama (DISTO Remix) https://www.facebook.com/Rootkitmusic https://soundcloud.com/rootkitmusic https://twitter.com/rootkitmusic https://soundcloud.com/distomusic ________________________________________ Buy cheap games at G2A! https://www.g2a.com/r/virrecsgo ________________________________________ Software used: Sony Vegas Pro 12 Photoshop CS6 Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Shadowplay HLAE Smoofofer Adobe After Effects ________________________________________ Special thanks to www.youtube.com/user/TheDemoVault for the demos and www.youtube.com/user/JaCobbGamingChannel for helping me out with some effects
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Text Comments (265)
Tyler Martinez (26 days ago)
RAmon isidro gaston
luis granadillo (28 days ago)
Marcos R Contreras. C (28 days ago)
Official QTC TV (28 days ago)
Carlos Martinez (1 month ago)
no like
Gena Matyyaskevich (1 month ago)
anthony pirona (1 month ago)
pc gamer torrent (1 month ago)
Gamers Bone (1 month ago)
great video :) Your imagination and ability to create things like this is amazing!
ChickenEmpireTV (4 months ago)
the chicken died :(
pawelos4 (5 months ago)
fuck these old maps were lit
ralph Arpaio (6 months ago)
I wish I was recording. Yesterday I killed 6 members of the other team by using my ssg and camping at site A om dust II.
lord11111 (10 months ago)
rip hitboxes at xizt in vents
Reb1339 (1 year ago)
So old but still so good
JorgeGamer23 (1 year ago)
Dylan Cureg (1 year ago)
In the end, the most pro player is the chicken.
Pro Gamer Berke (1 year ago)
not wins it is animation lies >:(
jonad (1 year ago)
WHO watch This in 2017 give This comment a like
Maxxi Gaming (1 year ago)
( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^)^ω^) ( ^ω^)ω^) ( ^ω^) ^) ( ^ω^)) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ^( ^ω^) ( ^ ( ^ω^) ( ^ω( ^ω^) ( ^ω^( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^)^ω^) ( ^ω^)ω^) ( ^ω^) ^) ( ^ω^)) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ^ ( ^ω^) ( ^ω( ^ω^) ( ^ω^( ^ω^) ( ^ω^)( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^)^ω^) ( ^ω^)ω^) ( ^ω^) ^) ( ^ω^)) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ^( ^ω^) ( ^ ( ^ω^) ( ^ω( ^ω^) ( ^ω^( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^)^ω^) ( ^ω^)ω^) ( ^ω^) ^) ( ^ω^)) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ( ^ω^) ( ^ ( ^ω^) ( ^ω( ^ω^) ( ^ω^( ^ω^) ( ^ω^)( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^) ^ω^) ( ^ω^)^ω^) ( ^ω^)ω^)
Lucas Garcia (1 year ago)
I'm interested by .....Can you tell me how much it costs for a 1 minute video like this one, nice job!
Steven Andreas (1 year ago)
was that the old mirrage there? Looks much better then nowadays I think lol
Kenan Memmedli (1 year ago)
old. cs is besy
Ondra Havel (1 year ago)
I dind't get the point of the video but nvm, still good. But I recommend you adding players count to that ninja next time to see how huge it was.
Declan Wright (1 year ago)
May I ask what the program you use to edit is?
Virre CSGO (1 year ago)
Sony Vegas & After Effects
sadlife goodlife (2 years ago)
what is the last song?
stuqedits (2 years ago)
In the outro, it's Spotlight Shox not Snax
I Think its your best video!
SyleaM CS:GO (2 years ago)
SyleaM CS:GO (2 years ago)
+Minty Fresh oh ok man(
Minty Fresh (2 years ago)
this was 11 months ago
Avram Marius (2 years ago)
i got a beautiful Ace in deagle . can i send you replay for makeing a video ? :)
Borislav Bojilov (2 years ago)
Which is the last song ?
Bluexy (2 years ago)
Amazing! You The Best!
jesus gud (2 years ago)
I love ur videos and edits! Keep up the good work man! :D
Der Klavier (2 years ago)
could be from isis faction v |>o<| v
Rzr 53 (2 years ago)
hi sori for my bad london.i wants to game konter strik.i is a travesti from madagaskver.i selled i wiyf fer internet konecktin
sheepdynamite (2 years ago)
How do you sell your wifi for Internet connection?
Giuseppe (2 years ago)
1:56 wtf ?
Girish Chandra (2 years ago)
thats some really gr8 work...
joão neto (2 years ago)
how can i put my maps like this?like,with those other textures sry 4 my bad english
Jan Knoblich (2 years ago)
These are the old versions auf the maps
momodelair (2 years ago)
Fricking Awesome!, the usual, i always like the video before it even starts haha :D
Catalin Sechila (2 years ago)
Wow pronax his good for kiled the chiken ? :)))
Marqouu (1 year ago)
Catalin Sechila i think i just got a cancer
Alex Mit (2 years ago)
I can't stop watching this video man, it's absolutely amazing, the edits , kills and music! fucking perfect!!
Poinu Channel (2 years ago)
2:33 Epic kill ever
Mr.Syvar (2 years ago)
Sir tell me please how you get this kind of quality out of your vids o.o
赤城先輩 (2 years ago)
sorry, but what was the second map?
Tim (2 years ago)
+PeZ Oh sry i wrote the other  name sry
PeZ (2 years ago)
+Greg The Dark Lord (GregTheDarkLord) Actually it is the classic/old Mirage. Workshop is as de_mirage_ce
Tim (2 years ago)
+赤城先輩(ダークアサシン) Old Inferno
Lukas (2 years ago)
Du är fan bäst !
SeoN pl (2 years ago)
Chicken kill is the best lol
FuriousDragon (2 years ago)
Lol anyone els notice the shox highlight in outro that's labeled "spotlight SNAX"
Lighting Guy (2 years ago)
damn! Hiko
Ramboh 187 (2 years ago)
I feel so bad for the chicken ;(
EbenenGerste (2 years ago)
Outrosong ? :)
jordy ruting (2 years ago)
this man deserves more subs/views this work is amazing
李亦鑫 (3 years ago)
wtf is last one haha xD
Lord Obvious (3 years ago)
Some1 has a link to the matches on cs:c maps?
Supernova097 (3 years ago)
Your amazing bro, best montage vids in my opinion :) could you post your viewmodel or make a video on your config maybe???
Do Bacon (3 years ago)
That chicken tho lol
Eversky CSGO (3 years ago)
may i know your viewmodel settings,i cant seem to find them on your page on facebook
João Pedro Oliveira (3 years ago)
dude, i am so glad that i found this channel, wow
nathank7256 (3 years ago)
This guy is like Sparkles! Subbed.
crosshair settings?
frozeNNNcs (3 years ago)
nice fucking edit bro
rlywhocares (3 years ago)
1:16 is not olof moment. it's kovac's moment, cuz he lived long enough for bomb to detonate & olof couldn't kill him so it was kovac's win
Niko (3 years ago)
Das könnte interessant sein: "SwiftKey Tastatur + Emoji" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.touchtype.swiftkey
HOZE (3 years ago)
+Virre CSGO how u make a4a1-s sounds?
woahhh (3 years ago)
love it especially the hiko kill if that wasn't in here i would've been disapointed
11 12 (3 years ago)
How you can play these old looking maps `?
TheMirsinho (3 years ago)
Amazing work... As usual :D
Alex (2 years ago)
+Virre CSGO 5.9K off 100,000. You're getting closer everyday.
Virre CSGO (3 years ago)
+TheMirsinho thank you!
get (3 years ago)
Hmmm... Spotlight "Snax" yet it's showing shoxie's spotlight, odd?
Buk rzycia (3 years ago)
you can give your settings? PLS i need
khzz (3 years ago)
Virre really nice video! as always :D Can you please say who made intro for you? :)
Snicker55 (3 years ago)
Hey you have nice edits can you do a tutorial video how you doit
Jan Jetschin (3 years ago)
You are the best editor love your vids <3
Tripify (3 years ago)
AhMeD alzeem (3 years ago)
söppeR (3 years ago)
As when he's got to disarm that? Pls =/
T-M9 Style (3 years ago)
That 1 dislike is from get right
João Quintela (3 years ago)
Hey, can you tell me whats your crosshair config? :D Btw sick edit men!
Virre CSGO (3 years ago)
+BlyndCreations ™ Thanks! You can find my crosshair settings at fb.com/virrecsgo
Jeremy Kim (3 years ago)
Excellent video! Seriously good editing skills you have there :)
Jeremy Kim (3 years ago)
+Virre CSGO might be good if you included the song titles in the description - I wanna look them up haha
Redlaw (3 years ago)
R.I.P Chiken. pronax, stop the violence.
Overtone (3 years ago)
RIP Nuke Old train Old Inferno Old Mirage
NETy (2 months ago)
Old sounds, gloves(
Old dust 2
Lugia :3 (2 years ago)
+VersatileNeb Old Nuke now
magiciaN (2 years ago)
Oliver Heide (2 years ago)
Old cbble :(
Adacy (3 years ago)
best youtuber
EvEChris (3 years ago)
Nothing but fantastic videos so far, +1 sub
Will Mason (3 years ago)
How come the nuke CTs have varicamo clothing texture?
sYstem (3 years ago)
I really love your vids. ATM your my favourite editor. Maybe you could do a best of Deagle by Professionals or Best Flickshots :) Just some thoughts by me x) Keep it up :)
ntGater (3 years ago)
Damn all these clips are really old, like devgru on nuke? xD nice job
Collin Buckley (3 years ago)
Pro grenade highlight video incoming after that chicken got hit at the end.
qubA (3 years ago)
yeah, still the best editor ever. I've a question, how do you do that animation "defusing...", which program do you use?
Vitaly Rudenko (3 years ago)
DevQuantum. (3 years ago)
Sparkles is gonna upload this soon 100% :D
Chewable Chewy (3 years ago)
Virre your stuff never ceases to amaze me, great job on this. I hope to find someone with your talent to make an intro for me. keep up the awesome work.
Virre CSGO (3 years ago)
+Chewable Chewy thanks!
Tariff (3 years ago)
Epic edit, nice. :)
Aleyzr CS:GO Guides (3 years ago)
Really cool video! Love your smooth's
Curtis Pedler (3 years ago)
The only useful thing pronax has ever done..
Dany HD (3 years ago)
wow Best editor by faaaar! :D keep it up.. i can already see you with thousands abd thousands of subs! ;) btw. how to do that cinematic mode oj start when u follow tge players? Plz tell me.. i wanna start a youtube chanell but first i wanna know the basics xD :P
HydraPredator (3 years ago)
Nice video dude!
Grabbity (3 years ago)
Too awesome video xD
dupphy (3 years ago)
a dislike:(
HavdiTV (3 years ago)
Isac _ (3 years ago)
Wow great editing m8. You really deserve more subs :D how long did it take to make that video?
Virre CSGO (3 years ago)
+Bambusleitung Tiger thanks! about 50hours

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