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CS:GO - Spotlight NiKo (The Deagle GOD)

11859 ratings | 255331 views
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Text Comments (413)
Virre CSGO (11 months ago)
Decided to only use deagle plays from this man, obviously because he is the deagle god :) Don't forget to like my twitter and facebook for exclusive content! https://twitter.com/viRREcsgo & https://fb.com/virrecsgo Take care guys!
Pedro Cottim (10 months ago)
The like/dislike ratio tells the quality of your videos. congrats man!
jowie CSGO (11 months ago)
7k like easy bro ))
Ryzen (3 days ago)
Just Dima (20 days ago)
What name of music in video?
xl3lutx (1 month ago)
seems like there are 90y persons who didnt understand that they have to like the video not the player himself - lmao - great vid
akak325 (1 month ago)
1:21 wtf i laughed so hard at this xD
Duong Quach (2 months ago)
Didn't know Sam Smith can play cs
Mr. TRAVKA (3 months ago)
John Cena (4 months ago)
i love your videos bro
Xristos Kyrou (4 months ago)
DUDE i am adicted to your edits, u are a god man!
amalina syazana (4 months ago)
1:40 is dat real??
CrazyBurnGames (4 months ago)
0:50 omg is it real ?
Jon Heijasto (4 months ago)
Great video thanks
Amon Andersson (5 months ago)
Anyone got the demo file for Niko 5k ace deagle vs Titan on Cahce A site?
S1mple Candyshop (5 months ago)
Please, make a fragmovie about S1mple's Sportlights
ljh nitroflyer (5 months ago)
this frag rly let me wan play csgo now
BORITO (5 months ago)
Niko was the problem xD
Nakwa - (6 months ago)
1:13 suspicious
Seek (6 months ago)
one of the best gamer and games ever 💪
CrazyBurnGames (6 months ago)
niko lucky spam deags :3
2AK (6 months ago)
He plays like an idiot. who tf inspects weapon in a clutch situation?! All it does is obstruct your vision lmao
Marius Richter (6 months ago)
2AK can I fuck you
Metehan arslan (6 months ago)
2:43 de ki karşı takımı anlayan var mı ?
ANGELS Gaming Academy (6 months ago)
Bunun insan olduğuna bin şahit ister :D
Legendary MoMO (6 months ago)
your editing is insane bro
Kristian Bendorff (6 months ago)
Just had to follow u Virre CSGO youre vids are beautiful :D
Amit Murmu (7 months ago)
What's the theme music name ?
Crankyy (7 months ago)
CS:GO - Godtlight NiKo
Owesh Khatri (7 months ago)
He is like a god with deagle lol
Renaldy Dewangga (7 months ago)
the next one tap ?
X-Ray (7 months ago)
Viewmodel with resolution pls!
Ishu Susu (7 months ago)
I 1 deag enemy team in lem rank..and they call me hacker:(
bah CS:GO (7 months ago)
sick my friends
Fflewddur Fflam (7 months ago)
1:13 "They're on site, and he's got a kit BUUUNJUN NIKO"
naman gupta (7 months ago)
The editing is lit af :D
Algerian Nation (7 months ago)
3:08 that transition *-*
CraXe Game (7 months ago)
why use awp when this guy only use deagod
W E E L I E (7 months ago)
wtf is that zzzzzz sound it annoys me so much
fallen (7 months ago)
Virre CSGO (7 months ago)
EvR (7 months ago)
2:51 <3
sleepy frog (8 months ago)
I want this crosshair. How can I find this?
lalit pal (8 months ago)
Fucken awesome for 1 deags and editing
lalit pal (8 months ago)
Virre-love you man - I wish if you could mentor me
Instinct (8 months ago)
wow this video is one of my favorites thank you for making an awesome fragmovie for my favorite csgo player! FaZe Niko <3
Ujju Bhai (9 months ago)
omg such a frag movie which fully shows why is he called deagle god
laamanaama69 (10 months ago)
that transition at 3:07 is one of the best editing I have ever seen just wow
ApeX (10 months ago)
the only thing that comes to m mind hearing Niko is ..... VAC
Sammy (10 months ago)
Niko is the Beast !
SaltyLuigi (10 months ago)
seems like a nice game
Hilo (10 months ago)
What crosshair is that?
flick buff (10 months ago)
My favourite Frag Movie by far. Great job Virre. Everything is perfect here, the music, transitions and the plays ofc!
tacticzz (10 months ago)
he said s1mple's noob xDDD
Onkar sapkal (6 months ago)
tacticzz yeah that was funny but both are of same level their control over game is insane
Tribal Ant (10 months ago)
You are truly a very skilled Movie Creator,Well done.
doookster (10 months ago)
Wow this movie is great work! We all know NiKo is a beast, but what Virre created here is a little masterpiece! Watch how the music fits (ex. 0:38 until the CT drops) or that cut when he uses the knife switch to wipe to the next scene at 3:07 - Thank you Virre!
Fastest game Asy (10 months ago)
maybe best cs go moviemaker but your videos coming too late
Fastest game Asy (10 months ago)
atican mi artık bekliyoz burdaa
Fastest game Asy (10 months ago)
Aynı videoları derleyip duruyorlar anasını satayım
Fastest game Asy (10 months ago)
Alt tarafı 4 dk lik video aq 2 hafta bekliyoz len
Fastest game Asy (10 months ago)
wtf virre!! New videoo??
Tim (10 months ago)
0:47 legit made me laugh out loud. 3:07 nice transition btw.
xThePrime (10 months ago)
His Deagle is an Awp
Gustavo Flora (5 months ago)
Pocket Awp
Fastest game Asy (10 months ago)
Heeeey virre where is the videoo
Sam Panchal (10 months ago)
damn man your editing skills... nice video man
wrx12 2012 (10 months ago)
Great video as always lets see a stewie2k movie!!!!
Brieen (10 months ago)
When deagle>Awp
TechSandvich (10 months ago)
Crisp clean lock bois
Bloviation Station (10 months ago)
I kinda feel bad at the fact that id probably be convinced that hes hacking in an overwatch but knowing that he isn't is insane...
DaViD (10 months ago)
8k likes very nice viRRE!
Utku k4h (10 months ago)
pls dont buy deagle when your team is eco, u arent niko!
Why Be yblyitmtmyoi (1 month ago)
Punisher4bmw Even if you never miss a deag, Niko is a different person so you can never be him.
Punisher4bmw (3 months ago)
Not ... YET :D
Andrew S (4 months ago)
ur still not niko tho
Punisher4bmw (6 months ago)
i kinda am today i held A long on dust 2 alone vs 3 , 3 hs one taps with deagle :) from pit when they came out at double doors
Wanees Meftah (6 months ago)
Sponge DH (10 months ago)
1xVisionx1 ' (10 months ago)
Sieht so aus wie Aimbot, aber er verfehlt sehr viel😞
DCTwix (11 months ago)
I would legitemately prefer ONLY having NiKo with a deagle on my team instead of 4 LEM players...
DCTwix nt Karrigan lul. upd: 4 LEM players instead? meh, that would be only NiKo v 5, not actually you in this team xd
Soul On Ice (11 months ago)
amazingly well edited video :)
Gor Ter-Mkrtchyan (11 months ago)
3:08-3:10 transition is clean
CRaNki085 (11 months ago)
awesome video !
Asian Panda (11 months ago)
Every time I think the editing can't possibly get any cleaner you upload again xD amazing video as always
Berzerk (11 months ago)
Absolutely great man. Keep it up :>
hi im guiz (11 months ago)
report niko because he so strong he dont need cheat he is cheat
ik0 gaming (11 months ago)
Niko - N = iko See my name
Matheus Miralia (11 months ago)
niko mouse aimbot
Sponge DH (11 months ago)
I say one word amazinggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jokker (11 months ago)
6 years of goodness!
ZowKa (11 months ago)
3:07 What a transition :o Gj bro :D u're the CsGO Fragmovie God obv :D
Lcz1n (11 months ago)
second best player in the world, first this absolluty coldzera :>
TheDevBabbar (11 months ago)
Man if i had a desert eagle blaze, i would pull of the same shots :(
Julio Cesar (11 months ago)
kennyS pls
GamingPotato (11 months ago)
You indeed reach 7k likes
Team SwiftFox (11 months ago)
0:34 wears gloves 0:37 does not wear gloves anymore o.O
Lil Swag (11 months ago)
kennyS pls !!!!
HyperGamingTM (2 months ago)
FilLing Z the beast the myth man da legend
Vijay Rawat (11 months ago)
2:58 what was that!!!!!!!!! awp VS deagle and awper down :o :o
Definitely flusha (7 months ago)
Vijay Rawat nothing new, jw always gets killed like that :(
Vijay Rawat (10 months ago)
But that was pretty impressive and we all know that right😉😉
Abhishek Amin (10 months ago)
Yeah its easy at silver or nova or MG level. Not beyond that.
xThePrime (10 months ago)
Vijay Rawat i mean he took down jw one of the best awp's his deagle is insane
Nismo (10 months ago)
all about map knowledge crosshair placement and learning how to shoulder peek :D
xEroarz (11 months ago)
Virre is such a good csgo moviemaker dayum
AerWck (11 months ago)
that karambit transition was so smooth, nice video!
weirdoCS (11 months ago)
theres gotta be a day Virre is making a video of me. it'll be, legend, wait for it...
Marvin Domingues (11 months ago)
Crisp clean locks everywhere with him
Victor Alves (11 months ago)
Virre you are a god :)
Blaze (11 months ago)
GeorgePlayz (11 months ago)
amaizeing fragmovie but can u make a fragmovie on a tournament?
Kaan Karaman (11 months ago)
Please Make Xanteres !!!!!!!!!!!
Smrt _NO2 (11 months ago)
Now , This is VERY good video with very good music.
Christopher Jacobsen (11 months ago)
Very cheeki breeki in the beginning
Sparky (11 months ago)
Anyone else wondering when they will add a Niko Deag's graffiti on headshot?

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