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MADtv Allergy Medication

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SpeedHomeAttack (9 hours ago)
Those 2 minutes are funnier than every SNL skit combined
Jarren Z (16 hours ago)
Has he been bald forever Jesus
Tommy Petraglia (1 day ago)
Who's funnier than this guy... ?
Harrison Johnston (2 days ago)
This is amazing
Marc Terry (2 days ago)
300th comment
Tommy Petraglia (1 day ago)
Marc Terry 302
jhoodedbeast (3 days ago)
I feel like he's describing the pharmacist off Superstore LMAO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Son~Rize (7 days ago)
Gay is a Disease.
Rochelle Ballah (17 days ago)
Yoooo funniest sketch on Madtv 😭🙏💀😂😂
Atheist Power (18 days ago)
This skit is not funny only because a real Doctor talked to me in the same way thing back in 1992 WTF !
Sky 4 (1 month ago)
sorry I'm so bad ...☺🎶
Sky 4 (1 month ago)
LOL shrink hunting shrimping in Waxy Peachview after Gate Frank..I get it...homo or it done drugging smoko no mo and while pressure cooking % 100 all beef ST.PAT.✌🎧😀its going to hopefully come from sniff and tissue relief fund of who do personally trust in your living room with your most trusted heart rate.💘I'm hoping John Barrow instead of I'll fine you a %1.oo if you use certain angry feelings words with a cup of Tea from Nana's Chair that can go along with Noah's Lost Ark. Not to be heartless but little rude in G.A septic tank of Uncle Wayne and Little Kim's issues with our beloved Biggie Smalls walking away from a God Bless I'm getting my smoke break and dumb bitch can go collect her medicade at America's next stripper yo yo Wisconsin air or Blow Outs For the passing of the Bee Hive..C.A its all been done👿😈🚬😡move cat faith and you move like you mean customer service on coupon day!!!
Patrik Wrange (1 month ago)
Oh the good old days when people could make and take jokes like these.
pgrieves14 (1 month ago)
I like how snl ripped this off of mad tv
Frosty L (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IZrYeUX3MI very similar snl skit that came in 2017
devon howe (2 months ago)
you heard me tinker bell 🤣
Subbura 1988 (2 months ago)
It can’t cure gay! 😂🤣😂
nsxpetes (2 months ago)
SNL stole Xentrex from this!
Jeffrey Clarke (2 months ago)
He's so gay/I mean cute.
The young coach hines
Hannah Marie (2 months ago)
Well that escalated quickly.
Ella Teaches English (2 months ago)
Didn’t SNl copy from this?
PJ Walker (2 months ago)
Or a priestly caste of gay Levite trolls. Quite a few of them around here in fact.
Central Scrutinizer (2 months ago)
............I miss comedy.
Why so serious? (2 months ago)
Lots of people have gay
Suk MaDiq (2 months ago)
zoyzoycornface (2 months ago)
so you have to be gay to have allergies?
the420xtc (2 months ago)
JOHN DAVIS (2 months ago)
I was the 8,000th like!
Piontro Pechetrini (2 months ago)
Homosexualism is a decease a mental one.
Nullll1111 (2 months ago)
Joshua Cisneros (2 months ago)
We all know allergy medication can cure gay.
Pahari Mini (2 months ago)
😂😂 I Lough and the search what is levitrol ? 😂😂😂 Advertising company's should try this kind of Advertisement..
Joshua Gladwin (2 months ago)
Didn't SNL do a skit like this?
the_randomizer (2 months ago)
Guy: First of all, I'm not gay, and second of all, gay's not a disease Doctor: Wow, you're pretty smart, fancy britches Guy: I said, "don't talk to me like that, you son of a bitch" Doctor: What, you bonin' up on me, sugar? You wanna throw down? I will drop you like a bad transmission.
Raymod G. (2 months ago)
Brooks needs 1 million tuck loads and it probably won’t cure his gay
Those stereotypical drug commercials are so ripe for parody. I'm glad they took on the "Ask your doctor!" line, which always struck me a very aggressive way for these companies to try to get their drugs prescribed. "Be one of our marketing footsoldiers. Your doctor not familiar with Extensizia? Educate him! Does he want to prescribe some other drug that he's had success with? Time to ask some _other_ doctor about Extensizia."
Gsquad193 (2 months ago)
This is hilarious! I hate the fact that it's 2018 though and if this came out today it would be slaughtered...
Nicole Bell (2 months ago)
The prequel to Claridryl
Inunexceptable condition (2 months ago)
bullying ninja thief transvestite doctor
Channel M (2 months ago)
People nowadays would be so offended by this
The Nightmare Before you (3 months ago)
Yeah I love the way ppl are like it’s there choice if they want to be gay. Well it’s my choice to think it’s sick and fucking nasty to be gay. They think I sld like it bc they like it. Fuck no!! I wish hitler wld have won so he cld have fixed this problem!!
Yeah Right (3 months ago)
so random.. this is real humour.. tgis is madtv
Todo 1996 (3 months ago)
I always thought he was cute 💕
Dwight Cook (3 months ago)
Can’t cure gay lmao.
Delishia Hollingsworth (3 months ago)
OMG this is so silly and funny. u miss madtv gosh
mkmd13 (3 months ago)
I'm glad I never caught the gay.
simon h (3 months ago)
_cant cure _*_gae_*
lune78 (3 months ago)
"You heard me Tinkerbell" lmaoooo Keegan is amazing.
Error 404 (3 months ago)
I'm suffering from the BIG GAY Will this still work for me?
tjpokomo (3 months ago)
Ikue P (3 months ago)
The story of the most savage doctor of all time.
greg55666 (3 months ago)
That was very good.
Zeeshan Mukhtiar (3 months ago)
Depends on level of ur gay
Pupl Bean (3 months ago)
Doctor: It can't cure gay Me: *Good.*
The Raj (3 months ago)
Tr Hof (3 months ago)
There was so many talented actors on madtv!
Josh Mulvaney (3 months ago)
SNL copied this skit with the Rock.
Mister jackster (3 months ago)
You might have been rape
Toogood_ JLV (4 months ago)
I have allergies lol
sexobscura (4 months ago)
*only quinoa without msg and gluten free peanuts sourced from accredited sourced arms where the growers are given 95% of the profits, thanking you*
Nicole Morris (4 months ago)
Ummm....... Dwl how we get to this?
Hung Lam (4 months ago)
Wow! Lol
ivan ivanec (4 months ago)
Positive Vibes (4 months ago)
I miss mad tv
Why Me? (4 months ago)
This is every doctor visit at the VA
kingmortz (4 months ago)
Steven Scott (4 months ago)
Being gay IS a disease. Jesus can cure it.
Afonso de Portugal (4 months ago)
This was surprisingly funny!
Dudeofdawn (4 months ago)
it was a different era....
Joshua Bathke (4 months ago)
Lmao this is Gold!!! 🤣😅😆
Tim Riley (4 months ago)
How nice that this isn't another racist fucking skit :)
King Darnel (4 months ago)
Isnt this that guy from key and peel
Dualshock Entertainment (4 months ago)
James Zimmerman (4 months ago)
The Rock copied this spoof on Saturday Night Live
doggo (4 months ago)
So....he was raped......
jorge perez (4 months ago)
Ross Moran (4 months ago)
madtv should getback on tv just like family guy. this is pure gold comedy at its finest!!! hahaha!
Casey Gray (4 months ago)
Yeah, we need Xentrex. That will solve the problem
Bryce Shawgo (4 months ago)
Madtv is genius. This is one of my favorite akits
Chris Harder (4 months ago)
Wonder if he goes to the same doctor as Louie
The Mystery (4 months ago)
Best Commercial Ever!!!
François Dion (4 months ago)
He looks like an ethnic version of Charlie Brown..
mysterybat35 (4 months ago)
ROtf !!!!!!
ErikRichardson (4 months ago)
Well that escalated quickly
BonI BOn TV (4 months ago)
This is hilarious
MutoreoCookie (4 months ago)
Well I'm very gay XD
Daniel Nelson (4 months ago)
1:28 I love when he does that crying laugh
Roberto (4 months ago)
Can’t cure gay ! I lost it there lmao
DelfiaMaria Christ (4 months ago)
Robert Ewing (4 months ago)
Would have been better if he did it as coach hines
sirjames45443 (4 months ago)
Hahaaaa this has been curing my depression for the past week.
King Alazar (4 months ago)
"What do I know I'm just a doctor" 😯 shit is about to get real
MRWhoreoscope (4 months ago)
God I want to see this man Naked.
Kylena Pfautz (4 months ago)
The cutaways to his facial expressions are too funny
a l (4 months ago)
Soooo funny. Lolll
Aayush scissorhand (4 months ago)
i am high but this is beautiful. 😂
Kayla Rocs (4 months ago)
Ive had doctors talk to me like this before its fkd up
m fadhli d i H (4 months ago)
What can I understand from this ad is, gay is a disease
Olivia Moten (5 months ago)
Your mum gay
Dylan Shiflet (5 months ago)
That was amazing
Mir Raw (5 months ago)
Can’t cure gay 😂😂😂

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