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Text Comments (329)
Virre CSGO (11 months ago)
Holy damn, quite exhausting to add all gunshot sounds 1 by 1 in this spray video ^^ But worth it! Hope you guys enjoyed :) ~60 hours edit time. I hope you guys follow me on Facebook & Twitter, otherwise you are missing some cool stuff! https://twitter.com/virrecsgo & https://fb.com/virrecsgo
KINHO (10 months ago)
sfx king hahaha <3
Salamalec (11 months ago)
DELUXETheWAFFLE The miner (11 months ago)
Virre CSGO if
RaS (5 days ago)
That spray by stewie was crazy
Hakiro O (26 days ago)
You're doing best fragmovie about cs :o
sexhaver420 (1 month ago)
if you made another one of these you would have some nasty rain clips to include
Wu James (1 month ago)
What's good for spray transfer... if u have to turn 180 on low dpi?
Nicolas Aires (2 months ago)
Shkodran Osmani (2 months ago)
Coldzera everytime jumps up at monster canal overpass and gets triple kill like with faze final IEM Sydney
Shkodran Osmani (2 months ago)
DIEGUITOGAMER (3 months ago)
and get right ?lol
Manan Man (6 months ago)
Inhuman editing skills❤❤❤
Gamma (6 months ago)
0:20 is it me or theres a hand above the stair case?
Lassii (7 months ago)
No rain? gtfo
Jorex Calamba (7 months ago)
Shit virre!Fuck u!Your videos are too good!!
Disarray 98 (7 months ago)
1:49 his neck😖
general andriy (7 months ago)
this is definitely the best channel to watch well edited vids of csgo so nicely made keep it up
Hakan VANLI (9 months ago)
@Virre CSGO where is XANTARES ?
GameTubeRed (9 months ago)
i steel watch this video most evry day sick edit
Jam SUPER (9 months ago)
OMG love from China. Every fragmovie.
LockyN - Player (10 months ago)
You should make a "tutorial" of how to do fragmovies and etc...
Mr. Мурлычкин (10 months ago)
lake's and subject
Bot Eric (10 months ago)
Gets inspired Plays csgo Still plays bad End of story.
Sleepy sniper (10 months ago)
Могу лишь одно произнести ебать он задрот!
Fay Kun (10 months ago)
why the mirage transfer is missing that nothing did?
FlamerWalker BGC (10 months ago)
Frags:"snax" or JW?
FlamerWalker BGC (10 months ago)
In descripition
Parker Newlin (10 months ago)
Before I watch "rain" better be in here
Parker Newlin (10 months ago)
Wow kms
CR0SS CHANNEL (10 months ago)
unreal video dude , very nice montage )
azxrni (10 months ago)
Amine Gaming (10 months ago)
Virre I'm sorry but these are a clear aim
Chip Hazard (10 months ago)
LegendaryVegeta (10 months ago)
i want ur crosshair but i dont know if white is a good colour
MNL [CS:GO CONTENT ONLY] (11 months ago)
nice video as usual but im actually sad that you missed Niko 4k spray transfer vs nip recently
Viann3y27 (11 months ago)
Love the videos mate. Cheers.
EnduroForEver (11 months ago)
virre where pasha spray vs fnatik ? :( 4k inferno
TuggeN CSGO (11 months ago)
Virre CSGO we need a fragmovie of the clutchmaster xyp9x
Dunkee (11 months ago)
Just noticed it says 150K subs and not the rest of the numbers. Dat is al
Hattrick (11 months ago)
3:02 my favourite
Sanaseppo (11 months ago)
such an awesome video once again, the train in the beginning was so cool! great job Virre love your work
Russ :} (11 months ago)
sick virre
ZerefGG (11 months ago)
7000 likes soon :D
ENES BEATS (11 months ago)
where is snax on the cache!?
Dlcdrummer (11 months ago)
hey bro whats the crosshair thats used in the video?
Kevin Xu (11 months ago)
Best silver plays xd
Silentium (11 months ago)
Virre, really nice modulation of the music volume and casters! Enjoying your edits, thanks for the work.
Virre CSGO (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Jarif Yasir (11 months ago)
almost 7k likes :)
30 % Usman (11 months ago)
Coldzera did a sick one today vs Faze, too bad you didn't get that one. Nice vid though
REPEAT||ST (11 months ago)
Great job on this man, I remember when you first started your channel, you've come a long way. Keep up the incredible work.
Xero- Swati (11 months ago)
most of has aim assitsance tho
saBrox (11 months ago)
do you play at csgo ? if the answer is yes what is your rank ?
Filipe Fernandes (11 months ago)
vai postar vídeo novo!!
Graveyard (11 months ago)
3:00 Shroud 180 spraycontrol vs Fnatic xD
narancs5 (11 months ago)
Really awesome movie, great clips. The Scream one was fairly average though.
Ironjagg (11 months ago)
anomaly can transfer his spray from dust 2 to banana in inferno he is that pro
Dcchill (11 months ago)
how did you get the m4a1s to sound like that?
Scott Scott (11 months ago)
What is that watermark thing called. Like where it says og Jasonr. How does he do that? Is that a banner?
Patryk (11 months ago)
How did you do that insane m4a1-s sound <3
Pertamax S (11 months ago)
best inhuman reactions 2 ?
Ron (11 months ago)
i made you a 150k edit, how can I get you to view it
Ron (11 months ago)
haven't leaked it yet
Jon Mann (11 months ago)
Those gloves are already so ugly but then u combine it with the blue knife and it's upsetting
Jayendra Pratap (11 months ago)
Damn.. That is some serious editing bruh.. 👌
Enes Uğur (11 months ago)
Where is the maj3r and paz?? They r better than these.
Xion Salisbury (11 months ago)
JRnasty boiz
Breku (11 months ago)
Please dont ask for likes in video...just because is a good video... and wont be nice to see that in future
youngrodriguez (11 months ago)
1:49 so satisfying lmao
:o spu (11 months ago)
You forgot frozt's spray transfer on inferno D:
LinkyParky (11 months ago)
good shit..love it!! rep!!
Manish Tomar (11 months ago)
nice video but was waiting for get_right till the end
mussnich sein (11 months ago)
2nd shot of JASONR on inferno looks so triggered
mussnich sein (11 months ago)
1:02 check it out
chen.child (11 months ago)
Waaaait.... Adil with a spray transfer? this can't be real.
Moataz Ahmed (11 months ago)
bro the quality and editing are extraordinary, subed, hope u post more like these, keep it up
bagas Ramadhan (11 months ago)
it was nice, but i think you forgot to put pasha
ravi_ arithocrix (11 months ago)
great video
BILADOR_NOTURNO (11 months ago)
q ota?
Sumit Chatterjee (11 months ago)
i love your channel and your edits <3 awesome! big fan from INDIA :D
Virre CSGO (11 months ago)
aadhithya selvaraj (11 months ago)
You added that neck crack sound at 1:50 , love your attention to detail :*
BasildoomHD (11 months ago)
insane dude. I love watching your edits
Hasan Furkan Altıntaş (11 months ago)
where is Xantares
McDidde (11 months ago)
you are so fkin good at making those kinds of videos
Virre CSGO (11 months ago)
McDidde (11 months ago)
Pinki Pinkovai (11 months ago)
Virre is a living legend in editing!! :)))
Leung Mathew (11 months ago)
Clorox Bleach (11 months ago)
make a fragmovie on loop , the twitch streamer pls
Koh Aaron (11 months ago)
this is ridiculous =w===========================
BlueCrowN (11 months ago)
scream spraying? HERESY
sleepyhead Ⅺ. (11 months ago)
malteM (11 months ago)
I fucking love your Fragmovies
Siddharth Sharma (11 months ago)
Damn! Everything about the video is so good, the content, transitions, camera angles, music etc. Take a bow, my kind sir!
Virre CSGO (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Patryk Kwiatkowski (11 months ago)
Majority amount of sprays is from NA, so NA spray is great :D
Sovereign (11 months ago)
holy shit JRNASTY
Reason (11 months ago)
How do you make the sky look so awesome like that at 1:31
Fire Fist Ace (11 months ago)
Just missing Krimz spary transfers vs Liquid and Envyus
sixthfingertv (11 months ago)
thirteen37 (11 months ago)
Hmany Hosam (11 months ago)
I'm sad you didn't get niko's 3 kills spray transfer on inferno with faze.
sayeed faisal (11 months ago)
sure u can reach 10k least on a video like this...
OHxygen - Gaming (11 months ago)
my only criticism is in shrouds first clip(2:53) i would have liked to have seen it with x-ray on becoz it doesnt look that impressive it only looks like he just sprayed randomly in case of a push which i am assuming it isnt coz of the title of the vid but other than that everything else was perfect just wanted to get it out there
jason l (11 months ago)
dude your edits are sick
ZunnyZeBunny (11 months ago)
But rip fribergs transfer in the grand finals of katowice nip vs fnatic
bR3NO * (11 months ago)
Brilian Fifarsyah (11 months ago)
byali's spray transfer will always be my best
Arez (11 months ago)
Fikri Haykal (11 months ago)
Nice vid man! keep it up

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