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Phil Ivey Beats the casino for over 20 million Dollars playing Baccarat

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great video
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Ed Petrovski (10 days ago)
I don't look at card counting as cheating--although I have had a casino executive call it that. Here's another little casino trick...playing poker in Vegas. Seven card stud. Seven players. Guy at the end of the table is drinking a lot, smoking a fat cigar and making stupid bets for about an hour. Losing big time. He makes a big deal out of asking for and getting a marker for $5000.00. Suddenly he's not drunk any more and winning. I was sitting next to a pillar. On that pillar was a small brass plaque that said the house reserves the right to have a house player at the table. Now--the house doesn't have to tell you if they have one unless you ask. If you ask they have to tell you--but they don't have to tell you who it is. I asked the dealer and his eyes darted to the guy with the cigar. He said yes. Six players left the table. I'm pretty good--but I'll be damned if I'm going to go up against a professional poker player--especially one who's playing with the house's money.
Rex Henderson (15 days ago)
casino owners and lawyers should have their legs broken
Adam R (19 days ago)
Pey hyeem... Pey det myen his mahni.
ZildjianGuy Man (20 days ago)
This simple. The casino's agreed to all his requests and edge sorting is not illegal. Don't agree to all his requests. That simple. Hey, casino's win the vast majority of the time. Every once in a while, the casino loses.
ZildjianGuy Man (20 days ago)
I'd say his parents are ok with him not having gone to college now. Considering that he is one of the best cash game poker players on earth.
suther751 (20 days ago)
Good Poker Face at the end. 16:16
blackericdenice (21 days ago)
This is another reason white cops are killing black men. We had a set of feet in The White House. It’s all down hill for the white race.
Colteck81 (21 days ago)
A lil dirty but still none the less the casinos did it to them selves. So I say he should get ALL the money that is rightfully his and shame on the casinos for doing this to him unlawfully. He won it, its his...PAY the MAN !!
Johnny Nunya (21 days ago)
Worth over 100mil from a card game, we live in a crazy world.
Justin Allen (21 days ago)
Who would play at any casino where you get refused payment if you win? What a joke.
I bought an ouija board from target for $15.00 then I went home and set it on the counter ate dinner then went up to my room to play it was about 9pm i spent about an hour trying to I guess you could say nothing happened cause nothing did so I jumped in to bed and dreamt about my ceiling with a pitch black smoke swirling in a large circle then iwoke up to a thump I looked at my phone it was 3am then I felt someone sitting down at the edge of my bed but I couldn’t jump up cause that’s what I was trying to do I was paralyzed from torso down I shine my phone at the end of the bed and see a robed person in torn back robes with the hood on but I couldn’t see a face it was facing to the east of me I said hello then I get a reply “ How may I be of service” in a devious malevolent voice sound like a 9 year old kid who’s been smoking cigarettes I was surprised and took me a moment to process what the hell is going on then I remembered the ouija board I looked at it where I left it on the ground then it was set on fire but the carpet didn’t catch it burned up tthe board no burned marks around carpet area i say to the person “can I move” then instantly I could feel my legs moving I got up and said who are you it looked at me but I still couldn’t see a face inside the hood was the blackest black I’d seen in my life it didn’t reply but pointed to my desk and on my desk was a paper I’d never seen before it was old looking didn’t look like paper but dried skin of some sort on was a contract I can’t tell you about it cause it was part of it but it wanted me to sign it I didn’t mind so I reached for a pen in my cupboard but It closed shut before I could reach for a pen then a thump on the desk a thing appeared idk what it’s called but it was a figure of a goats head with the tongue out side ways with one of the horns broken off but the other horn was very sharp the thing looked like it had dried up blood covered on this the blood stained into the metal I got the notion that it wanted me to prick my finger so I don’t and pressed down on the X_________ and then I look back at the person but was gone and the contact disappeared I don’t know if this was a dream but I’ve been luckiest guy ever things happening to that I’d never imagined but I’ve been feeling empty inside I don’t talk to anyone anymore I want to be alone feels like I’ve been robbed
J.C. Lester (21 days ago)
make a movie about this legend
Grady Whitman (21 days ago)
The casinos provide the cards, and they cost $1 a pack...if they're too stupid or too cheap to pay for cards that can't be edge counted, too bad. The casinos won the case because they have more political power than a poker player.
Charles Townsend (21 days ago)
How large were his bets?
Greg Blesch (22 days ago)
He's lying.I'm lie detector. He's giving a dozen "I'm lying" tells.Don't you believe me ??
All one has to do is hit an insane hot streak and the casino starts shitting itself. I've seen casino cowardice and casino cheating. Got on a crap table and was winning WAY BIG. Up about 15k. Just me. Others at the table too. They come over and lock in bet amounts. It was a $10 table. They raised it to a $50 table minimum bet. Then about 10 minutes later the guido pit stooge comes over and just closes the table. I got backed off a blackjack table for getting lucky. Sat there for two hours and would bet low and when it felt good BET BIG. They pulled me off table and told me that I cannot vary my bets. If my first bet is $10, every bet must be $10. FUCK OFF.
MIke MIhaljevich (22 days ago)
The one very weird thing is his Asian companion who spoke same language as the dealer????? And they were talking during the games???? Ah, that is cheating.
Retro Ezzo (22 days ago)
Get black cards ...
Khellendros the Blue (22 days ago)
this dude's eyes looks like he's high as fuck
farrellcityking1 (22 days ago)
Casino gawd!
ir4kk (22 days ago)
how to solve edge reading: dont put fucking dense patterns across the back of the cars. make them a solid color.
Chas UGC (23 days ago)
Come on. You don't let someone like Phil Ivey set the rules. You are going to lose. They knew he was going in with an advantage. Heck, you don't let someone like Phil Ivey play at your casino without an advantage. What were they thinking? It's like the other guy said. You don't let someone as talented at gambling as Phil Ivey play slot machines at your casino. They knew who he was, and they knew he was playing with an advantage that they granted. THEY gambled and THEY lost. Pay up fools.
Neal Teitelbaum (23 days ago)
I'm banned from 2 casinos in Atlantic city because of winning at blackjack. All I did was bet double if I lost. They saw this as card counting and physically removed me each time. I hadn't even won more than $1000 at each casino... They have the right to ban anyone for any reason. Phil deserves to get paid and if they want to they should just ban him. But he was not cheating, just being smart. Not a crime to be smart!
DrLab61 (23 days ago)
he still could have lost....You think the casino's would've given his money back if he did? Hell no.....Pay the man
rlouis215 (24 days ago)
Yup he did nothing illegal the casino allowed his request, they hire and pay millions to so called experts to look at those request to see if there could be any advantage but no they didn’t deny anything and he cooked their ass now pay the man his 20 million.
Dutch Mojo (24 days ago)
he lost both cases
colfrankslade (24 days ago)
Why not use a solid color on the backs of cards instead of the weird patterns ?
Casper YC (24 days ago)
Where dose Baccarat come in??????? Waste of time!!!!!
jonathan bell (24 days ago)
Close your eyes and listen. Phil Ivey sounds like Brad Pitt!
Jason Fletcher (24 days ago)
Ivey is my Hero
How4Basic (25 days ago)
Does he even blink?
Nicholas Sway (25 days ago)
That's like playing with a marked deck. He cheated.
MrPittsburghJ (25 days ago)
They were ok with taking wired $$ but not when you win. That's a casino for you. All they can do is pay him & ban him if they don't like it.
BRICKCITY9MM (25 days ago)
you win some, you loose some and you now need to pay up suckers!
nimble fingers (27 days ago)
Lol, card playing a sport...
Todd Willis (27 days ago)
I'm happy that those evil houses of inequity got burnt.
Neil Mcintosh (28 days ago)
I play Baccarat and haven't made as much as Phil. But my lifetime winnings on Baccarat have been around 1.45 million.
Joseph Gallaнorn Sr. (1 month ago)
Fuck casinos haha! Get that $$$ phil.
Jordan Applegren (1 month ago)
It's funny cause he told him he was going to cheat, and they let him TRY, and he DID cheat and it worked lol. Only person to blame here is the guy that allowed him to play there. He out cheated the cheaters and I have zero sympathy for the casino.
Michael Kaminski (1 month ago)
RIP he lost the money in 2017.
Brent Marsters (1 month ago)
He's bluffing at the end hahahah 🤗
Sandman (1 month ago)
So casino ban autistic people? The casinos sound like spoilt children.
Constantine K. (1 month ago)
Why not hire the dude to play for the house? then they both win
Marcus Rezzonico (1 month ago)
aussi3212 (1 month ago)
brad pit voice double ?
aussi3212 (1 month ago)
cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Toni Smith (1 month ago)
YOO!! What the fk is up with this shty ass quality!!!? Can we not be rolling out in 2001 480p........ It's like do fking hd or don't post .............Fuck sake it's 2018 after all.. (2016 when the video was released).
Google Plus Sucks (1 month ago)
The casino lost, tough shit, pay up and deal with it.
Sticky59 (1 month ago)
2018.....Ivey lost in both cases ......court said edge sorting was cheating. Casino, Mafia, Court....there ain't no difference there. Win small but win often...keep your head down.
Will (1 month ago)
Holy shit this guy is a fucking mastermind. Needing an Asian dealer for some reason that normal people won’t even understand
Roberto Leeva (1 month ago)
Good Lord, and I feel like I'm on top of the world when I win a $100. . If I put up that kind of money, and work my ass off to win it, I'd expect to get paid.
Yunior Gomez (1 month ago)
the black kid who played poker all day long loool
yopagedotcom (1 month ago)
Most people are sitting ducks walking into a casino, the odds are NOT 50/50. No one explains this to the customers walking in. Also most people talk about their wins, NOT what they lost. The casino's are run by the lowest forms of life.
gk10002000 (1 month ago)
He did not beat anybody. His team that was cheating won some money that they were not paid and other money they had to pay back. To even imply that edge sorting is a method to play baccarat is stupid.
Adam (1 month ago)
Such a hero. I love the eyebrow raise at the end. #legend
E. Trano (1 month ago)
He did cheat but in a weird and very smart way so more power to him but he Definetly isn't the "best poker player" they only say that cuz he's black
Lanzo (1 month ago)
Not good, just LUCK. You just need luck in gambling lol.
Jeffrey Wang (1 month ago)
true crazy eyes
Eleazar Hernandez (1 month ago)
Phil Ivey the myth, the man, the legend!!
tauke dabai (1 month ago)
his eye looked like its about to pop out
Lilbuddahman (1 month ago)
He is the Lebron of gambling
SWAZ (1 month ago)
Jamie Hammond (1 month ago)
Wow smart cookie.
ev1lcupcak3 (1 month ago)
Phil Ivey, that’s my nigga right there. They wouldn’t give him his money back if he lost.
demad777 (1 month ago)
Since this much of money involved, simply use new deck of cards for every hand. So players like phil ivey can not edge sorting!!!
joe basil (1 month ago)
If there is a defect with the cards the game becomes unfair according to the gaming commission. Wins or losses are corrected and the game is null and void. Simple
Boris Matic (1 month ago)
I always thought Ivey was a net loser in the non-poker world! Read it somewhere. Anyway, dudes brilliant and even quite honest here. I see an other video that says he lost the suite here on my suggested bar. I'll check it out later but if someone sees this comment please reply insofar as whether or not Ivey is a net loser and if he lost the case or not! Cheers guys.
kensei85 (1 month ago)
He lost both lawsuits, ouch.
Sonny Dbaby (1 month ago)
Eye's wide open very observant kind of paranoid definitely a crackhead
wenksification (1 month ago)
Ivey is really good in poker. Just by looking at his face, its very hard to read lol. No emotion at all hahahaha. Much like exophthalmos eyes lol
absolute757 (1 month ago)
Props to this dude....get ur money boy
Tax Free Productions (1 month ago)
Has being black been an issue at poker? Shut da fuck up
Craig B (1 month ago)
Poker champ Phil Ivey just hit a $10 million setback in his court case against the Borgata Casino. hahahahaha!!! filthy cheat!!!
Craig B (1 month ago)
typical cheating Wakandan.
Zach m (1 month ago)
Craig B funny even a casino security manager said hes not a cheat. Name the cheating device he used please.
Alien Intention (1 month ago)
A smart black man tell's the truth...race is not a factor.
Alien Intention (1 month ago)
How can Phil Ivey be the GOAT when I am?
dphotos (1 month ago)
Ivey did nothing illegal and should be paid. He was smart enough to find a flaw. All power to him.
jose Gomez (1 month ago)
His just the best on what he does.
"cheating is having information that both parties were not privy too" ....... Well the casino did not know that brand of cards could be used to count cards better. So yea bro you did cheat. you admitted it right here.
Lisa Sorrentino (1 month ago)
I have 1000% fool proof way of never losing money at a casino, never enter one.
John Smith (1 month ago)
Completely legal. Any casino that uses imperfectly cut cards is asking for it to be exploited. Don't want card cutting? Then pay for good cards.
Julian Gallego (1 month ago)
"Has race been a factor at all?" The suposition is ridiculous. The US overthinks race a lot.
Joe Schmo (1 month ago)
He has an ancient Chinese secwet.
S (1 month ago)
I love him!
ganzosleeper (1 month ago)
Nice house he has in cabo one day I will have two to
Michael Hosdo (1 month ago)
Of course the first question is about his black struggle, he shut that down immediately. Big Ivey fan, even more so now..
diver dave (1 month ago)
my my my... he WON and they LOST - pay him
Joseph Reyes (1 month ago)
...the house NOT always wins😁
Alex Hazelwood (1 month ago)
I didn't know the casino had an advantage over me last time I played... GIVE MY MONEY BACK, OR I'LL SUE!!!
EL MECHE TV (1 month ago)
Players can't cheat, but Casinos can.
Lamont (1 month ago)
Unbelievable. You got beat now pay him.
Trap Life (1 month ago)
I love Ivy, he's the best gambler alive but he knew what he was doing. He made the requests specifically to set the edge sorting scam and that is why he lost both cases.....
Trap Life (1 month ago)
pingwrx if he told the casino he planned to edge sort and they agreed then he would a solid case. He didn't and he knows the casino would have never allowed it.
pingwrx (1 month ago)
How's it a scam if the casino agreed to everything including the cards.
itry2brational (1 month ago)
Yet another successful black person saying "no", he didn't encounter racism during his rise to wealth.
MIKE D (1 month ago)
Pay that man, and do it with class! You guy are quick to take everybody's money and send them home rebalancing their life savings. That action was laid and played so it should be PAID!
NaNoChain (1 month ago)
He ended up losing both of the cases, shame he deserves that money
adriaan van harrick (1 month ago)
They allowed him (them) to play, and they went along with his requests, af accommodated him (and his companion). He played accordingly. Then he won. They must not complain, they themselves did not use their right to keep him away from their tables or put of their joints. And also a good point in his favour, it is not forbidden to use your eyes, is it?
E Q (1 month ago)
Just make the back of the cards one solid color!
Joseph Shahbazi (1 month ago)
In the old days, he would have not walked out the casino with a dime if they thought he cheated them. 😜
JDR (1 month ago)
Cheater. Flat out. Gambling is not gambling if your calculating the outcomes.
Justin Damirgian (1 month ago)
Fucking idiots! If its no longer a game of chance u r cheating. Looking at the back of cards and knowing the outcome b4 the game is felt is not chance
Dennis Delano (1 month ago)
Leave it to a fool to bring race into this.....WTF....C'mon James brown

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