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Phil Ivey Beats the casino for over 20 million Dollars playing Baccarat

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great video
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Bruce Dormeus (3 days ago)
Move over Ocean's eleven, this guy is the real Danny ocean not to be confused with House of Cards Kevin Spacey lol. I see movie deals even a TV show with this one if he wins both cases . PAY THE MAN🥂
Michel Schlawinski (20 days ago)
10:35 that's fuckin hilarious
jujucrock14 (20 days ago)
Casinos seem to look at their business as an amusement park of sorts, pay for the rides, have some fun, maybe you'll win some money, probably not. But people like money, and they aren't viewing it as an amusement park, but as a job. Kind of naive on the part of casinos, in my opinion.
theclemster74 (20 days ago)
Cheating mofo. Had help from a mysterious lady in every cheat he did. It wasn't just the uk. He went where the cards were. Lied and cheated until he was legal...says it all - then claims he's not a cheat. Buuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllll 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Aberfoyle Samson (20 days ago)
Eldrick woods shaved his head.
Augustus Appling (21 days ago)
If you're that good why win it all at 1 place.
james martin (21 days ago)
I am a dealer at a casino and most of the time I agree with most of the casino decision. However all of the request were met by the casino. He should get the money.
jOSE Cant SEE (21 days ago)
So do they use solid backed colors now or are they still the same?
thetalkingelement (22 days ago)
Michael Scott (22 days ago)
Why dont the dumbass casinos cut the cards differently
acoe Corey R (22 days ago)
This guy is on Adderall for sure
On the edge Blades (23 days ago)
Well the Borgata is closed now I guess he busted them
WickedSharp 001 (23 days ago)
I agree with Phil wholeheartedly.
WickedSharp 001 (23 days ago)
The casinos are like"wait..... This dude. Is smarter than we thought " ivey reqhested and they accepted. Phil did nothing wrong
Rob F (23 days ago)
"Handsome", lol
Trevor Morris (23 days ago)
Leave it to James Brown to play the race card over black and red cards...prick. color has no reason in poker...plus cheating has been around in poker for years and if you've been consulted to protect casinos for 25 years and haven't made a dent....you need to be fired
Antonio Montana (23 days ago)
11:00 lol he almost said "and able to read the cards" but stopped a second before
FED UPPERSON (23 days ago)
Oh come on now. At what point is that not fun anymore? At what point with all these "Demands at time of play, does the thrill of winning no longer exist? I mean can it really still be called gambling if all these strategic options can be deployed? I'm sorry but it just frustrates me when people like him are talking about how unfair it is that their making his lifestyle of betting $5,000 a hand so difficult for him & how he's just a normal guy trying to live & collect his $20,000,000 in winnings. And all this while their are literally CHILDREN DYING OF THIRST & HUNGER. They're are literally children holding their stomachs in pain from hunger while people like him & like Oprah who pretended they care so much spend literally millions on things they don't need. Oprah donates a million and talks about how she can't stop thinking about those dying and in need. Well she forgot about them long enough to spend millions on shoes & purses. SHOES & PURSES. Give me a break
Thriift (24 days ago)
The shady casinos can rig the roulette machines legally but if you outsmart them you get sued. Rich people have all the power
Timothy Meysenburg (24 days ago)
They're fools to let him in to their establishments, but the only crime committed was the casino's acarice-fueled decision to let a wolf into the chicken coop.
JAYW0151 (24 days ago)
Interviewer got his ass handed to him when he tries to instigate the race card. Well done phil 👍🏻
Mr Watto (24 days ago)
After saying black this & black that .... he said being black has nothing to do with poker!
Douglas Edwards (24 days ago)
The court ruling was fair. He had the deck fixed for him so that he could more easily distinguish the backs of cards. That's cheating.
Ray Fuller (24 days ago)
I love to watch Phil play as reminds me so much Favre’s, Michael’s or Tigers’s intensity. It is a shame it had to go to courts as would have rather seen the casinos just ban him if they felt necessary and written it off as a lesson learned.
AF Boogy (24 days ago)
This is why I stopped going to casinos... if you win a lot of their money they call you a cheater. I was casual player, I would take no more than $200 and if I lost that... I'm out. Occasionally I'd win a couple hundred but that's it, most of the time lost. One day I sat down at a $5 minimum $500 max black jack table. Toke $60 out of my pocket playing $5 a hand... hit a winning streak. Next thing you know I'm playing two hands $500 each. I could not loose. Dealer showing 10, I have 18 and figure the dealer may have 20... hit me and a 3 comes. Just one of them days. Next thing I know a pit boss taps me on the shoulder pulls me aside and I see a casino worker gathering my chips and I'm asked to leave and never come back. I asked why and was told I'm a card counter. I to this day have no idea how to count cards. It's been explained to me but again, I was a casual player... cannot and do not count cards. I was allowed to keep the money.. quite a bit I must say but I am still shocked I was banned from the casino. As said, it was just one of those day where it seemed I could do nothing wrong. Have not been to any casino since. It's all fine and dandy as long as they are taking your money but take too much of their's and you're labeled a cheater... although from my understanding counting cards is not cheating either... as Ivey puts it and even the professional casino worker in the piece said... it is not cheating... just something a player can use to his/her advantage.
Scott Conlin (25 days ago)
"Handsome". Nigguh please.....he looks like a serial killer.
kssksskills tank (25 days ago)
What beats big money......bigger money!
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William Curry (25 days ago)
1 thing is certain - they now know ......not saying he cheated but he will probably be baned from the casino
erocs22 (26 days ago)
The casinos are just pissed because they only saw millions in profit and found a way to win that the casinos didn't like. They gave him everything he asked for because they were blinded by the dollar signs. They never gave credit where it is due. He happens to have an ability to edge sort, i'm sure if he can do that he can count cards as well. Anything a player can do to gain an advantage is cheating or frowned upon. However, anything the house can do to increase its advantage is smart or good business. Double standards are great aren't they?
jim jim (26 days ago)
cheated casinos out of money lol , wonder who funded this interview
Russell Payne (26 days ago)
The casino offered a game . He played it. The fact they offered a duff game is not his fault. He agreed to play the game offered
Jonny Sandtrap (26 days ago)
*Title misleading, should read..."Phil Ivey **_cheats_** the casino over $20 Million dollars... thats what the courts ruled basically*
Colin Toft (26 days ago)
He's 100% made more that 20 mill
Black MacGyver (27 days ago)
13:49 how it is illegal.
Black MacGyver (27 days ago)
"The black kid who played poker all day long" worst nickname EVER.
Réda Chraibi (27 days ago)
It’s way more than a 5 to 6 percent chance
Eleuterio Valdez (27 days ago)
In this case Phil Ivey could NOT win against the casino because the casino knew it was definitely a cheat so they allowed him to play by his requests/rules so they can sue him if he wins but if he loses, duh...casino is smart AF. The cheat was card manipulation with an acquaintance, an Asian dealer. Some would say, ‘but the casino allowed him to’....ha ha that’s the point so they can sue him if he wins. You can never outsmart the wise guys LOL.
Hesam0000 (28 days ago)
Phil you're full of shit :)) but it's nice to take thieves' money.
Donovan Greenwood (28 days ago)
He obviously cheated. Fair rules mean no advantage, neutral playing field. Can you imagine if the casino adopted the same philosophy? you'd call that theft and call the cops.
due whit (28 days ago)
So the big casino dudes who have judges as friends send Ivey's request to the judges to see if they can spin it in their favor in the event that Ivey wins big. Judge reads and says OK, It's gonna embarrass both of us if he wins big but since we're all shameless well get over it quick while taking back his money.
Trey Nixen (28 days ago)
Phil 1 Casino 0
Victory Iscca (28 days ago)
He said Race didn’t play a part but the fact that the 2casino are taking him to court is because he is black- No other black man has been in court that I’ve heard off. Give the man his money if it was up to the casinos to PAY out they wouldn’t MAKE UP some rubbish like the Slots machine defaulted. People LOSE there whole Life on gambling and casinos don’t give a toss.
Tomás Silva (28 days ago)
Yes I'm sure they took him to court cause he's black. What a joke
HypliX' (28 days ago)
ALLWAYS gotta bring up that he's black.. ofc it shouldn't matter that he's black. and ofc it hasn't mattered that he's black. fuck off fucking reporter, dude
wildwildben (29 days ago)
So Ivey is edge sorting when he plays poker also?
Kevin Campbell (29 days ago)
easy for them to change the design on the cards
Kevin Campbell (29 days ago)
mr ivey get at me i have a system that works no cheating 100%
MinoritiesRlazy (29 days ago)
This dudes got an intense ass look in his eyes.
Myrviss (29 days ago)
"has race been a factor" wtf kind of question is that? everyone that watches the program can see that, so why does the host need to state "you are black". why does everything has to be about race? and why is it always the left and many black people that has to bring up race. they are pissing away real racism out there...
Diaz_So_Raw (29 days ago)
Give him his money! Their mad because he didn’t lose. Their the idiots! Fuck the casinos
Mike McGomer (29 days ago)
To coin a phrase "You are young, you're gifted and you're black" imagine if it were the other way around in an interview​! Blacks in the US are color obsessed it seems.
Jim Jo (29 days ago)
Saw that “did race play a factor” question coming from a mile away god that was cringey. It’s 2018 asians give up like 400pts on the sats to their african american counterparts where are the cries about institutional racism then?
Creatrix Trodler (29 days ago)
"Has race been a factor ? no " Thank you Phil for not being "that" person and making everything even whats not about race,much respect to you man.
Russ Pawlowski (30 days ago)
Andy Block and the team?
Scott Ehrlich (30 days ago)
Well done Phil!
Puck Fussy (30 days ago)
At the end of the day, he's just smarter... That's all. You fix the game not the players. Coaches found out having a Skinner, faster guy play wide receiver was better. So someone countered it. Pay the man!
wjkssmd (30 days ago)
Phil the Cheat... how anyone can say that is legit play is beyond me. Edge sorting is marked cards. Maybe everyone cannot read them, but one woman can.
SoleBrother 1987 (30 days ago)
Karate (1 month ago)
He was know. As “the black kid who played poker all day long?” Hahaha really nigga
SpacePrez (1 month ago)
Lmao at requiring an asian dealer, wtf
benz500r (1 month ago)
I think they must settle with Ivey. He played with their cards. He DID NOT cut them. They agreed to conditions. Had he lost they would have kept his money. Because they lost, they make a big deal out of that. Big pussies!
Dick Hammerbush (1 month ago)
Whites are just jealous that a Black Man outsmarted them.
Molesy66 (1 month ago)
Dick Hammerbush Not for long,they got all there 💰 back 😂
RunningSD (1 month ago)
did he win his case?
Matthew Wyman (1 month ago)
he had the balls to place the bet. they better have paid him.
쩜넷ssaja5874 (15 days ago)
ndbd90 쩜컴 자세한 사항은 아래블로그에 방문하셔서 확인해주시기 바랍니다.
Max P (1 month ago)
Cheated! Fuck that googly eyed mother fucker!!!
Frazier Lee (1 month ago)
He got that oj Simpson/tiger woods look in his face. He's winning killer!!!
La Lechuza (1 month ago)
5:21 fishing for a racial issue.
dafullclip (1 month ago)
I read the courts sided with the casinos. I guess its true that *the house always wins*
Simon Baran (1 month ago)
Pay the man !! You thieving casino cunts !!
Nicholrudley R (1 month ago)
Pay him his money and stop BS him around....
Red Pill Nation (1 month ago)
Sounds to me that the casino's are using the court's to cheat Phil our of his winnings.
countys32 (1 month ago)
Casinos always label winners by charging them with cheating when all they have done is beat the system, Phil's a winner so of course they're going to accuse him of cheating, the casinos just want it all their own way.
Jessica Bellandy (1 month ago)
Anyone with power can abuse it, the casinos won because they hold bigger power.
c n (1 month ago)
Lmaoooo @ 10:55
GTC (1 month ago)
Then why don't you casinos, with your billions of dollars, figure out a way to PERFECTLY cut casino cards? You allowed him to play the game, with YOUR CARDS. He won that money before you accused him of an advantage and kicked him out. Bullshit to sue for that money. It's nothing to you, you greedy bastards. Pay the man.
Irvin Vega (1 month ago)
Man i can watch this guy play for hours. Bonkers good at the game.
Miles Foster (1 month ago)
The borgorta have pulled this shit in in poker tournaments they are babies who because they bought a judge won their cases way too much. They are a joke and just don’t know how manage their games.
kill nurse ratchet (1 month ago)
Fuckin desperately wanted him to say yes to the race baiting question!! Typical!! That's why being called a racist means the same as someone telling you that they just ate a jam sandwich!!! It means zero!
Paul Suprono (1 month ago)
This was a few years back. What became of this 'scam' ?
Josey Wells (1 month ago)
These 2 casino's are worth hundreds of billions of dollars and yet they still to screw people>>GREEDY BASTARDS
Pablo Cruise (1 month ago)
The house uses defective decks, player spots it, and wins.. now you lose? GTFOH...
Vitruvian Stickman (1 month ago)
The courts ruling on this case is an absolute travesty. Casinos set up everything in their casino to get an advantage over the players. And I mean everything. From their rooms that you stay in, the way the casino floor is laid out, free booze and to the fact there are no clocks anywhere to be seen and that's just a few examples. Everything is meticulously designed to keep you in the casino, where they have the advantage. So, with these rulings, doesn't that mean that I should get back every dime that I've lost over the last thirty years? It sure seems like it does to me.
Łaldemar Wysiak (1 month ago)
Ivey! Ivey! Ivey! 👍🏻
C Apep (1 month ago)
I well known power player makes a list of requests and the casino personnel think nothing of it. That's all I would have to hear as the judge on the case before I dismiss it. At no point did any of them think to investigate and determine why the requests were being made. Just plain stupid and it's their own fault that they were taken advantage of. I wouldn't just agree to a list of request from someone coming to try and take my money. I would automatically assume that there's a motive and look into it before I give an answer. PATHETIC...
Gamblerscop (1 month ago)
How did I know before watching this that him being black would be brought up...
J Alan (1 month ago)
Name 3 black poker players.
Russ Pawlowski (1 month ago)
Similiar to blacjack my butt! More similar to heads or tails with rules to determine the call.
Mentor Tairi (1 month ago)
People saying he's on drugs 24 7 that's why his eyes are wide open...fn idiots. Maybe he has graves disease. He made zero hand movements etc in the enitre video to even think he was on coke smh
Mentor Tairi (1 month ago)
So the casinos asked him to wire money up front thinking in their minds they would clean Ivey out. Instead he cleaned them out Now hes a cheater???? Are you fn kidding me Casinos are the biggest scams
IG LuckyFetus (1 month ago)
I challenged Phil to a coke-off once back in the 90's. After going back and fourth, line for line, 30 mins straight, I tapped out. Phil did one last line before saying, "Now you know why they call me Ivey" No shit? I said laughing to myself. Before Phil left I asked him if he was okay/cool to drive. He said, "yeah man I'm fine" I only asked because before our coke-off his eye's were smaller, almost as if he was squinting. I said Phil, Do you know that look on a man's face when his girlfriend finds out he's got a wife on the side? Well Phil, your eye's are bigger than booty cheeks 👀) Phil Ivey has always been a champion, at everything he's ever done. Never underestimate a man's heart, especially when it comes to pride, to be a champion, to do cocaine.
David duFresne (1 month ago)
The casinos freerolled him. They knew that despite him having the edge he could have lost due to bad luck, or if he won they could refuse to pay him and let him sue them in court. Kind of like the old mafia, although the old Vegas mafia probably would have cared enough about their reputation not to have pulled this.
Maximus Meridius (1 month ago)
fucking casinos are EVIL MOTHER FUCKERS>>>>>>>> GO PHIL IVEY
DeathlyDiJ (1 month ago)
so what if the law doesnt classify you as a cheater. i would still say you cheated.
Crash33 (1 month ago)
I wonder if Ivey told them the reason he wanted to use the shuffle machine or if like they say he said it was superstition. If he misled them which just watching him not directly answering questions about the stuff, that seems to be the case. I don't like hm, along with a few others that are "big names", and I wondered trust him as far as I could throw a 500 pound person. My opinion, the casinos keep their money bases on his misleading them on the reasons for his requests.
wowgek7 (1 month ago)
also thanks for not adressing any of the questions i asked shows you relay only care about defending a scamming company
wowgek7 (1 month ago)
lol thats a stupid reason they agreed to his terms so they shouldnt cry when they lose. also the casino always has a way bigger advantage but it only worls in their favour if you win they say its not fair wanna bet if it was the oppisite they wouldnt complain? thats the reason i dont go to casinos they can refuse to pay you for every reason they see fit its 1 big scam and even if you win you get fucked over a friend of mine once won 1000 bucks they accused im of cheating too he didnt cheat at all but its impossible to proof you didnt cheat so you always get fucked. they have to proof you cheated and this guy didnt cheat and my brain is working fine thank you not too sure about yours though because I dont see you make ANY argument
Crash33 (1 month ago)
He knew he wouldn't be allowed to play there if they knew why he wanted his "partner" with him, what he wanted a shuffler. They have the right to refuse him or anyone for any reason and playing with that big of an advantage. Go home fool, doesn't tale much to see how your brain works. It IS their business to know they didn't ask why he drinks what he does, now THAT is none of their business stupid.
wowgek7 (1 month ago)
why would he be required to answer those stupid questions anyway? if I make a request thats my decission the reason why is none of their business
Liquid Cobra (1 month ago)
If he was smart enough to beat the house where so many people lost their entire savings to for God's sake don't punish the man CONGRATULATE him!
Irish603 (1 month ago)
You notice Ivey isn’t in Prison, or charged with anything..the casino has an edge all the time..phil found an edge of his own and he requested things from the casino to gain that edge and they accepted it! They were money hungry when he wired that 3mill and phil beat them...they lost and cried to MOMMY (judges/court) Fuck the U.K. and their judges the US needs to wake up and realize casinos always have an edge..they offer drinks to get you drunk(edge), they only show one card in black jack(edge), they have 2 green slots in roulette (edge) we can choose not to play, Ivey asked for certain things like the brand of a deck, an Asian dealer, and his friend to be there and they accepted his requests..they could have said NO..but they wanted his money...idiots and the courts are idiots for falling for this crap from the casino..they even had he nerve to sue the card company..I would NEVER go to the borgata..my luck I’d win a slot for 50k and they would say I pressed the button a way that gave me an edge..WAKE UP JUDGE the casino is playing you too
Irish603 (1 month ago)
It’s crazy that U.K. took the casinos side and the US case he also lost but still has that money and is appealing..he beat these assholes at their own game..why can’t a judge see that..casinos take take take take..and they get beat finally BIG and they go crying to MOMMY (courts)..unreal..bitches
Psycho One (1 month ago)
RIGHT when it started I had to shut it off....it said 60 mins “sports” THEN it showed a dude playin poker hahaha that’s not a sport
John Kaszanek (1 month ago)
Casinos would have cheated him out of every penny if they could. This guy just outsmarted them. Casinos say players must be dumb or they can’t play!
BEAUTY BAR & SALON (1 month ago)
Funky ass casinos smh
V H (1 month ago)
Aw he was working at McDonald’s
V H (1 month ago)
He’s on the griffin book?

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