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Phil Ivey Beats the casino for over 20 million Dollars playing Baccarat

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great video
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Peter. Hatch (1 day ago)
Good on him it's called cambling but the house will do a serena Williams
HmongGuitarPlayer (2 days ago)
Hahahaa pay the guy for out cheating the cheater. Pay him
Chris Znidarcic (2 days ago)
Yah i agree! Phil was the better of both sides and won!👍
Igor Belyakov (2 days ago)
Lets say if Phil lost his money - would casino return it back to him? Absolutely not! Casino having a lot of money from unprofessional players, and this is considering a very good deal! However, when a smart man beat them up - it is not good at all! They don't want to pay him! OUTRAGES!
Patrick Fame (3 days ago)
Gotta pay the man.
tim34 (3 days ago)
Kick you bald headed fuck go to hell he should play whatever whenever fuck the house!!!
smart guy
Cybil Ilil (4 days ago)
"based on superstition" lmao, these Casinos that lock down shit like Knox and they're using that as their reason why? High Roller or no that's next level stupid. Get real, you morons.
Ruben Gonzales (4 days ago)
Pay the man..casino has weak dealers
Dan Nolan (6 days ago)
He lost and has to pay up right away. I think he had a negotiated edge and played as agreed, but the law judged him and went against him. Not right.
Tyrone Taylor sr. (6 days ago)
he did nothing wrong. how about the casino pumping u full of drinks there is the advantage for them. can we as the public go after them. no, so this man took advantage of a flaw. fair game. i remember when A,C,used to get an old Philly Eagles owner sauced of his mind and clean his clock on a regular He sued and won
Stephen Flanagan (6 days ago)
David Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Pay Ivey
David Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Phil iveys face man ! I'd never want to play against this guy lmao he always looks like he knows something you don't lol the casinos gave him everything he requested he did nothing wrong casinos just got took n they know it lol
jatkins47 (6 days ago)
He did not cheat.He made requests that gave him an advantage and they agreed to his requests.Bad decision on their part.Move on.
James Chen (7 days ago)
Basically it comes down to this.. You win too much money from the Casinos, its cheating, but if you lose too much, it's you your fault, and you need counseling.
Maro Vok (9 days ago)
What cheating ? To be guessing the back by imperfection of cutting ? The people in casino should show the judge how they can do it and if they do they agreed for him to play with those cards..hope they gonna pays his time and lawyer fees for wasting his time to go to courts ..
Vincent Mckenna (9 days ago)
So if I demanded a white dealer ?
Drew Bravo (10 days ago)
Ivey should be commended for being the only one that could do that! Still......i can't imagine there'd be too many cards with noticable differences.
slunts77 (12 days ago)
They agreed to his requests ?!?!?!? Why would you not pay him ?
Matt P (13 days ago)
Now he has to pay 19 million dollars... nice
DC chitown (13 days ago)
Phil embarrassed the fucking house he is very intelligent and composed I salute u my brother, the casino will try to take you out at all cost so they got beat at their own game end of story pay the man! Hope to meet you one day will probably end up living in Vegas during the winter months. The Tiger Woods of poker hands down!
Mar Par (1 month ago)
hes the floyd mayweather of the poker world
Iain Mackenzie (1 month ago)
Is that the cop from baywatch?
Jack Daniel (1 month ago)
Casinos called him a cheater! HAHAHAHAHAH casinos are the biggest cheaters on the planet! its the name of the game, someone actually wins they say he is cheating HAHAHAHAHAH
Av63PNT0 (1 month ago)
Honestly I dont think what he did was wrong he and the casino played a game with rules set before hand, and the Casino had no problem letting him play at any time they could have stopped the game and thrown him out but they didnt, and after he wins they dont want to pay him? Im sorry I think the casinos did him wrong and what the london casino did should be illegal, you cant not pay the man when he risked millions played the game you set up and beat you.
jeremy fickling (1 month ago)
they got beat pay up they cheat millions of people out of money
Rich Orange (1 month ago)
house always has the advantage ..goodluck Phil ..casino's should pay if they accepted his requests and took his millions before playing..
Damien O Callaghan (1 month ago)
CROCKFORDS - CROCK OF SHIT So he takes them to the cleaners and the MF's sue hin??? WTF?
Rob Ferguson (1 month ago)
Call bet or fold..he is lucky ..he is not anything special..let's play poker
Wolf (1 month ago)
Rob Ferguson luck can only get u so far
Rath Mam (1 month ago)
The Casino must pay him all the money including the legal fees.
james solis (1 month ago)
"Pay that man his money"
James Kenny (1 month ago)
What the fuck is going on with his eyes 👀
thedonleroy (1 month ago)
They agreed to the requests so they should have paid him the money.
tallthinkev (1 month ago)
Not a British court, an English court.
Paul Ballou (1 month ago)
This guy is great! He has made it on his own terms. Would love to meet him.
Adam Evening (1 month ago)
So they let him play anyways in written documentation and they still won't give him the money they won? I wonder if they'd have asked him to pay if he has lost it...
MGTOW TALK (1 month ago)
He really is lucky. To only have a 5% advantage and get like 12 mil in two days...
MGTOW TALK (1 month ago)
You can say intelligent all you want but that's a lot of luck
MGTOW TALK (1 month ago)
I don't really envy him. I would be scared for my life. I could see casinos hiring hitmen.
Cameron D (1 month ago)
Dude with all that money don’t got Bluetooth beats lol
David Chandler (1 month ago)
did they say mobbed by fans, nobody knows ho this ugy is, hhaha
Hurbii (1 month ago)
if they pay him they can't operate lol. the casino knows ivey won...
Paul Mullin (1 month ago)
He did nothing wrong. Even if the courts side with the casinos I personally will never believe Ivey to be a cheater.
Efrain Gutierrez (1 month ago)
So it's his fault the casinos cards were "imperfectly cut"?..
Jamal Funchess (1 month ago)
His last statement reminded me of OJ so much lol
Mike Devyne (1 month ago)
Its like Phil was scratching the cards or bending the corners.. that's illegal and not legit.. banned, like, take him to the back room to talk to the professionals
supercyberfunk (1 month ago)
If I were a casino, I wouldn't sue him or even make an issue of it. It makes them look bad; it makes it seem as if someone were to win big, their win wouldn't be honored, and that a casino expects people to lose. Even though that's true, it shouldn't be obvious. I would just learn from my mistakes of giving in to such requests and move on.
Anonymous User (1 month ago)
Dirty casinos agreed to take his money but then complain when he wins and he takes their money.
Knows football (1 month ago)
Guarantee the dealer card counts tho it’s their job to take out money
Mike Elbow (1 month ago)
Has race been a factor? Wtf is wrong with all these big media networks? Anyway...If you figure out how to master a game, that is not cheating, period.
Brandon Foust (1 month ago)
Plain and simple, casino wan'ts there money. Going to court? HAHAHAHA what a joke This casino probably held that judge and family at gun point, and said grant us our 12 million back or else your family dies. When they get desperate, they will do ANYTHING to get there money back, even if it isn't done legally
BACCARAT PLAYERS (1 month ago)
He beat the casino his got property cars and money 💰 from them
iTRYER (1 month ago)
If Ivey lost to these casino's edge reading, would they still be suing? Mmmm nope.
GenericYoutubeAccount (1 month ago)
If he requested they played with the cards face up and the casino agreed would that be considered cheating? Of course not. They agreed to play with specific cards to allow for this strategy, maybe they shouldn't do it again.
GenericYoutubeAccount (1 month ago)
"Obsessed with gambling" is what they call "Addicted to gambling" when you're good at it.
Mobley Mcfly (1 month ago)
It’s all fun and games till they get hit lol pay that man
02cents (1 month ago)
The casinos take advantage of drunk/impaired players 24/7/365. They exploit their advantage every chance they get. Phil just turned their own tables on them and used the same tactics they use.
glendale73 (1 month ago)
You grant him his requests thinking you'll take all his money (that he wired ahead of time) at the end of the day. The opposite happened so you now use the things you allowed him to do against him and call him a cheater? Reminds me of a playmate of mine when I was a kid who kept changing the rules because he kept losing.
CouveTJ (1 month ago)
As a Baccarat dealer myself, there is still one thing that doesn't make sense, we are trained to cover the shoe with our hands so that the next card to be dealt is not visible to the players (thus not able to be edge counted). These "Asian" dealers he requested must have been in on it and not protected his/her shoe. I love this piece. I love Phil Ivey and I think it's ridiculous that he didn't get paid in London.
Kyle H (1 month ago)
I couldn't understand the interviewer because he had Phil Ivey's dick in his mouth...
John Smith (1 month ago)
I don't like the race bullshit questions thanks Obama for dividing our wonderful country with your racism you piece of shit.
John Smith (1 month ago)
Oh yeah Mikey your right our former president did all sorts of thing to advance our social environment like one example would be Black Lives Matter. Why can 't all lives matter more white people are killed by police than other wise.
MikeyJoJo6385 (1 month ago)
John Smith oh yeah blame the problems on Obama retard. The country has always been divided because of slavery and Jim Crow laws
Roberto Castro (1 month ago)
it's clear his game is 100% legal !!!
Enzo Sperandio (1 month ago)
In london he might but in the states he is all good. I hope he gets all back.
super man (1 month ago)
Once a pizza guy was insulted by car service company and many people knew what happened to their business.You(casinos) can imagine how much money you'll lose if don't pay Phill ivey
Steve Chavez (1 month ago)
Did he get his money ?
Ed Petrovski (2 months ago)
I don't look at card counting as cheating--although I have had a casino executive call it that. Here's another little casino trick...playing poker in Vegas. Seven card stud. Seven players. Guy at the end of the table is drinking a lot, smoking a fat cigar and making stupid bets for about an hour. Losing big time. He makes a big deal out of asking for and getting a marker for $5000.00. Suddenly he's not drunk any more and winning. I was sitting next to a pillar. On that pillar was a small brass plaque that said the house reserves the right to have a house player at the table. Now--the house doesn't have to tell you if they have one unless you ask. If you ask they have to tell you--but they don't have to tell you who it is. I asked the dealer and his eyes darted to the guy with the cigar. He said yes. Six players left the table. I'm pretty good--but I'll be damned if I'm going to go up against a professional poker player--especially one who's playing with the house's money.
Rex Henderson (2 months ago)
casino owners and lawyers should have their legs broken
Adam R (2 months ago)
Pey hyeem... Pey det myen his mahni.
ZildjianGuy Man (2 months ago)
This simple. The casino's agreed to all his requests and edge sorting is not illegal. Don't agree to all his requests. That simple. Hey, casino's win the vast majority of the time. Every once in a while, the casino loses.
ZildjianGuy Man (2 months ago)
I'd say his parents are ok with him not having gone to college now. Considering that he is one of the best cash game poker players on earth.
suther751 (2 months ago)
Good Poker Face at the end. 16:16
blackericdenice (2 months ago)
This is another reason white cops are killing black men. We had a set of feet in The White House. It’s all down hill for the white race.
Colteck81 (2 months ago)
A lil dirty but still none the less the casinos did it to them selves. So I say he should get ALL the money that is rightfully his and shame on the casinos for doing this to him unlawfully. He won it, its his...PAY the MAN !!
Johnny Nunya (2 months ago)
Worth over 100mil from a card game, we live in a crazy world.
Justin Allen (2 months ago)
Who would play at any casino where you get refused payment if you win? What a joke.
Shadow Government (2 months ago)
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J.C. Lester (2 months ago)
make a movie about this legend
Grady Whitman (2 months ago)
The casinos provide the cards, and they cost $1 a pack...if they're too stupid or too cheap to pay for cards that can't be edge counted, too bad. The casinos won the case because they have more political power than a poker player.
Charles A Townsend (2 months ago)
How large were his bets?
Greg Blesch (2 months ago)
He's lying.I'm lie detector. He's giving a dozen "I'm lying" tells.Don't you believe me ??
All one has to do is hit an insane hot streak and the casino starts shitting itself. I've seen casino cowardice and casino cheating. Got on a crap table and was winning WAY BIG. Up about 15k. Just me. Others at the table too. They come over and lock in bet amounts. It was a $10 table. They raised it to a $50 table minimum bet. Then about 10 minutes later the guido pit stooge comes over and just closes the table. I got backed off a blackjack table for getting lucky. Sat there for two hours and would bet low and when it felt good BET BIG. They pulled me off table and told me that I cannot vary my bets. If my first bet is $10, every bet must be $10. FUCK OFF.
MIke MIhaljevich (2 months ago)
The one very weird thing is his Asian companion who spoke same language as the dealer????? And they were talking during the games???? Ah, that is cheating.
Retro Ezzo (2 months ago)
Get black cards ...
Khellendros the Blue (2 months ago)
this dude's eyes looks like he's high as fuck
farrellcityking1 (2 months ago)
Casino gawd!
ir4kk (2 months ago)
how to solve edge reading: dont put fucking dense patterns across the back of the cars. make them a solid color.
Chas UGC (2 months ago)
Come on. You don't let someone like Phil Ivey set the rules. You are going to lose. They knew he was going in with an advantage. Heck, you don't let someone like Phil Ivey play at your casino without an advantage. What were they thinking? It's like the other guy said. You don't let someone as talented at gambling as Phil Ivey play slot machines at your casino. They knew who he was, and they knew he was playing with an advantage that they granted. THEY gambled and THEY lost. Pay up fools.
Neal Teitelbaum (2 months ago)
I'm banned from 2 casinos in Atlantic city because of winning at blackjack. All I did was bet double if I lost. They saw this as card counting and physically removed me each time. I hadn't even won more than $1000 at each casino... They have the right to ban anyone for any reason. Phil deserves to get paid and if they want to they should just ban him. But he was not cheating, just being smart. Not a crime to be smart!
ned kelly (10 days ago)
Neal, yep there are money management systems which work at least part of the time- most involve doubling up to cover all previous bets lost, some get a bit more complex. But if you don't hit the table limit very often, you can win a little. Problem is just what you said- they will ban you solely for winning, with no evidence at all of cheating.
paul huang (13 days ago)
thanks for sharing
DrLab61 (2 months ago)
he still could have lost....You think the casino's would've given his money back if he did? Hell no.....Pay the man
rlouis215 (2 months ago)
Yup he did nothing illegal the casino allowed his request, they hire and pay millions to so called experts to look at those request to see if there could be any advantage but no they didn’t deny anything and he cooked their ass now pay the man his 20 million.
Dutch Mojo (2 months ago)
he lost both cases
colfrankslade (2 months ago)
Why not use a solid color on the backs of cards instead of the weird patterns ?
Casper YC (2 months ago)
Where dose Baccarat come in??????? Waste of time!!!!!
jonathan bell (2 months ago)
Close your eyes and listen. Phil Ivey sounds like Brad Pitt!
Jason Fletcher (2 months ago)
Ivey is my Hero
How4Basic (2 months ago)
Does he even blink?
Nicholas Sway (2 months ago)
That's like playing with a marked deck. He cheated.
MrPittsburghJ (2 months ago)
They were ok with taking wired $$ but not when you win. That's a casino for you. All they can do is pay him & ban him if they don't like it.
BRICKCITY9MM (2 months ago)
you win some, you loose some and you now need to pay up suckers!
nimble fingers (2 months ago)
Lol, card playing a sport...

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