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Phil Ivey Beats the casino for over 20 million Dollars playing Baccarat

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great video
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Joseph Reyes (1 day ago)
...the house NOT always wins😁
Alex Hazelwood (2 days ago)
I didn't know the casino had an advantage over me last time I played... GIVE MY MONEY BACK, OR I'LL SUE!!!
EL MECHE TV (2 days ago)
Players can't cheat, but Casinos can.
Lamont (2 days ago)
Unbelievable. You got beat now pay him.
Trap Life (2 days ago)
I love Ivy, he's the best gambler alive but he knew what he was doing. He made the requests specifically to set the edge sorting scam and that is why he lost both cases.....
itry2brational (2 days ago)
Yet another successful black person saying "no", he didn't encounter racism during his rise to wealth.
Minnymooooo (2 days ago)
Pay that man, and do it with class! You guy are quick to take everybody's money and send them home rebalancing their life savings. That action was laid and played so it should be PAID!
NaNoChain (3 days ago)
He ended up losing both of the cases, shame he deserves that money
adriaan van harrick (3 days ago)
They allowed him (them) to play, and they went along with his requests, af accommodated him (and his companion). He played accordingly. Then he won. They must not complain, they themselves did not use their right to keep him away from their tables or put of their joints. And also a good point in his favour, it is not forbidden to use your eyes, is it?
E Q (3 days ago)
Just make the back of the cards one solid color!
Joseph Shahbazi (3 days ago)
In the old days, he would have not walked out the casino with a dime if they thought he cheated them. 😜
JDR (4 days ago)
Cheater. Flat out. Gambling is not gambling if your calculating the outcomes.
Justin Damirgian (4 days ago)
Fucking idiots! If its no longer a game of chance u r cheating. Looking at the back of cards and knowing the outcome b4 the game is felt is not chance
Dennis Delano (5 days ago)
Leave it to a fool to bring race into this.....WTF....C'mon James brown
Al Ghost (5 days ago)
the funny shit is the casinos won the suit. even when they agreed to everything ivey asked for. fucking disgusting imo.
rathernot say (5 days ago)
Shitstains casinos only wants suckers to play only people they can suck all the money out of
rathernot say (5 days ago)
x The casinos are the ones that are the crooks and robbers
mitch blum (5 days ago)
Great guy,honest
J P (6 days ago)
If casinos are calling him a cheater . then they should not be aloud to feed people free drinks and have no clocks or Windows. These things give them advantages to making money
John Doe (6 days ago)
Casinos hold a monopoly on cheating.
Jonathan (7 days ago)
Ivey is a genius. Who the hell can remember cards based off hundreds of dots.
PaterTenebrarum1 (8 days ago)
In the meantime, Ivey has lost these court cases against both casinos, which I personally find totally flabbergasting and disappointing . I hold with the expert they interviewed above that if Ivey had actually cheated, the police would have arrested him and he would have been interdicted by a public prosecutor for fraud. The very fact that this did not happen should have been reason enough for the courts to side with Ivey. In effect, he turned the tables on the casinos: normally, they make money by playing on an emotion of their customers, namely their greed. The casino knows for a fact that the house has a small, but persistent statistical advantage in every game of chance it offers. In the long run, every customer simply *must* lose. All the casino needs to do to win big in a very short time is to reel in a whale with a lot of money who thinks he will out-luck it. There is in fact only one game of chance in which the customer has indeed a chance of obtaining a tiny statistical advantage over the casino, and that is Black Jack, and only when he engages in card counting. Note that if one simply plays „mathematically correct“ in Black Jack (i.e., the optimal strategy without card counting), the casino still enjoys an advantage of 1.42%. This is far smaller than its advantage in other games such as roulette, which if memory serves amounts to 3.27% on a single zero wheel and is absolutely crushing on a double zero wheel (well over 5%). What this means in the Black Jack example is that over time, players who play mathematically correct are apodictically certain to lose $1.42 for every $100 they bet - for all eternity. Because this is so, it has long been accepted from a legal perspective that casinos have no legal claim against card counters who turn the tables on them and use their skill to eke out a tiny advantage for themselves (as Ivey notes, even if you do that, you can still lose!). Since casinos are private establishments, , they can ban such players from their premises in the future, but they bloody well have to pay out their winnings. Edge sorting to win in Baccarat sounds perhaps a bit more „iffy“ than card counting in Black Jack, but in principle it requires almost the same skill set, namely a mixture of precise powers of observation , a very good memory and an understanding of the underlying maths. Legally it is undoubtedly not different at all - it simply amounts to the player turning the probability tables against the casino by using his or her skill. Now, Ivey asked for certain preconditions to be fulfilled contractually before he would sit down and play for millions. The managers of these casinos *must* have known from the outset that he was going to try to win by some sort of advantage strategy. It is freaking obvious to anyone who thinks about it for five seconds, and it is beyond belief that the people running the casinos somehow couldn’t tell (if that was really the case, they should all be fired immediately and be replaced by people with an IQ above room temperature). That means they thought that he would try and fail. In other words, they were naively expecting that they would end up taking his money anyway. And then they lost. Oops! So what they are now saying is effectively: „Unless it is mathematically certain that you, the customer, will *definitely* lose when you come to play at our casino - which by the way attracts customers by advertising to them *how much they stand to potentially win* - you are simply not allowed to play at our establishment.“ Fine, but then they actually agreed to *every precondition Ivey asked for in writing* and let him come and play anyway! At that point, the foregoing (which they of course never said beforehand - it only came out after the fact, implicitly, in their law suits) was no longer relevant - if they allow someone to play and that person wins by applying a skill (as opposed to doing something that is legally defined as cheating), they cannot retroactively refuse to pay out the winnings, in my opinion. I have to add „in my opinion“, because obviously, both courts disagreed with me. I haven’t seen the rulings in detail, so perhaps I am missing something, perhaps there is a fact that is not revealed in this documentary. I am pretty certain though that no such fact exists, since no prosecutor has decided to pursue Ivey for fraud. Thus the facts seem crystal clear: he won by using the unlimited greed of the casinos and his (and his companion‘s) skill against them. He did to them precisely what they normally do to their customers, hence he deserves to get his money, and they deserve to lose. More importantly, I think the courts made an extremely misguided decision here, that is simply not tenable on legal grounds. As a precedent, it opens the door to all sorts of shenanigans by casinos in terms of trying not to pay winning players - essentially any people who the casinos believe are smarter than they „ought“ to be. Even players who just get lucky may henceforth run into problems when it comes to collecting their winnings. What if a casino decides their winnings are „too big“ and they then simply allege that they were outsmarted (as opposed to „out-lucked““) by the players concerned, who therefore have have forfeited their right to get paid? Potentially this is quite a big can of worms... I sure hope Ivey wins these cases on appeal.
vu Tran (8 days ago)
If anybody can win the casino" I'm happpy.
vu Tran (8 days ago)
Fuck casino" they the one that scam.
TheSeanMcLean (9 days ago)
The interviewers moustache is pissing me off... did he purposely shave it so it doesn't connect to his nose like a regular moustache? Like now it doesn't look like a moustache, it looks like he missed a really big spot. Does he think it looks good? It doesn't... Ivey did nothing wrong btw
Christopher Do (10 days ago)
Why are his eyes so cracked out (O.O) lol nigga got eyes like an owl on ecstacy after a long night of smoking meth
carmeldipped1 (11 days ago)
Wow, he lost both cases and had to pay back 10 mil.
Moonpie Spotlight (11 days ago)
Obviously the game doesn't stop at the table. It continues in the courtrooms. Advantage is advantage, whomever has the tools to win the money will have the money.
FENTON (12 days ago)
How can they prove he edge sorted (before he admitted it)? How do they know he wasn't just lucky?
dubcindub15 (13 days ago)
If the Casino/House want to let him play, they should pay if he wins. Otherwise don't let him play at all. They're changing the rules after they lose, what a total bitch move.
Dean Nez (13 days ago)
If camera on that table 24/7 how in the hell can Phil cheat
stevebeauy (13 days ago)
the law is an ASS
Syna-/-matic (13 days ago)
Cheating is having unfair info alright advantage is strategy dumbass casino.
M Vart (16 days ago)
Yet the Casino itself is an advantage player. They do everything they can to put the odds in their favor. They use psychological tricks and games that have terrible odds. Phil picked them apart and they can’t stomach it.
Lawrence Parkes (16 days ago)
Good on 'im. 😀👍 Also, the interviewer is a racist 🤔🤨
Billy Mitchell (16 days ago)
Its like agreeing to give a guy the first punch in a fight and then disputing the results after he KO's your ass Pay Up, Chumps!
Todd White (17 days ago)
They (both casino's) should pay him (Ivey) now with interest on the unpaid balance!
LostSpider (18 days ago)
colluding with another player is call cheating in any book
sjewitt22 (18 days ago)
Casino's are hardly moral, so good luck to him.
Darnell Hill (18 days ago)
Baccarat is a game thats easily winnable. If you got a million dollars and stick to one side, Martingale every bet from $25 on, you'll always be a winner. Now betting $30,000 to win $25 is insane but I've never seen the banker or the player drop 16 or 17 straight times. Thats why I wait until theres a 7 or 8 game streak for either bet and go in betting the other way. If the banker won 10, 11 straight then the player is due for a win. At a small house, you can win everyday. But strange things happen in Vegas. If there's a chance you'll lose, you most likely will lose it all. The Casino knows gambling better than everybody. They shouldnt allow requests and cry foul when someone knows what their doing. They expected his routine to fail then found out the man is smarter than them. Corporational ego.
Darnell Hill (18 days ago)
This is all stupid.. The game is Baccarat. You cant change your bet once the cards are drawn so even if you know you about to win, you cant possibly cheat. Phil Ivey lost his cases because he didnt stress the operation of the game. Only if Ivey was allowed to add or take away money once the cards that leave the shoe but thats the casino responsibility. Just like allowing gamblers to see the top card of a shoe. Its unfair to the gambler to present a negative expectation game, allow all requests and go after the money once they get beat. But Im sure they made money having Ivey physically in their house. The Casino should not be allowed to be a sore loser. We cant be sore losers.. We have to pay rent after losing the rent money. It is possible for people to get lucky. To have great runs at negative games. But the Casino wanna say you cheating. Smh. There is no spirit in gambling after that. Its all demonic.
Mr Tibbs (19 days ago)
Why did the interviewer bring race in to it? Why?
Nerthus (19 days ago)
"Has race been a factor?" Leave it to the (((media))) to push racial division.
Its Freddie (20 days ago)
Fuck these salty ass casinos they ruin millions of people's life's everyday but get salty when one person wins against them? Should torture these greedy cunts
Johnathan Butler (20 days ago)
Cheated. Casino let him.
Miguel Pena (22 days ago)
"In Poker, they only see one color. That´s Green." Perfect phrasing.
armando bevard (22 days ago)
edge swording is a casino ways of saying that they are sore losser, this guy with the ugly gotee can suck on phil ivys dic , i consider him a genius
theCUBE403 (23 days ago)
How is this guy allowed to be playing at the table with an electronic device and headphones.. lmao.. 5 minutes in and the race card gets thrown down... how typical
BangEmBeatZ (23 days ago)
Casino should know better, he won so pay him. But as we now know the courts sided with the casinos. Im sure they paid people off for that verdict.
The Institution (23 days ago)
He cheated, but, they agreed to HIS conditions, a cheater outsmarted another cheater. Conclusion: pay the man.
Sara Herrera (24 days ago)
Didn’t he lose the lawsuit and have to give it all back?
Biniyam (25 days ago)
what's up with the big eyes? is he on something?
jenis betzke (26 days ago)
super smart, almost never blinks.
Lee Robinson (26 days ago)
Who can afford to gamble with £42k?....i had beans on toast for tea last night...
bjfdog (26 days ago)
Weird. i didn't think of him as black until it was pointed out. Fuck. Let it go.
Tomas Veigas (27 days ago)
Blacks always make everything about race. Props to ivey for not taking the race card.
Tadow001 (28 days ago)
A Shark, A Shark.... Ooops, I mean Sharp...
Souper (28 days ago)
It's too bad he lost the suit
Garon Bradley (28 days ago)
5:22 Shut the fuck up interviewer. People like you talking like that keeps racism alive. Obviously skin color is all he sees.
bishop198666 (1 month ago)
casinos are stupid....people outsmart them all the time...unfortunately there is a lot more stupid people then there are stupid casinos..sooo thats that ..ivey is the man
Britton Hucks (1 month ago)
I swear...the race baiting these days is a f***ing joke. Get over it! Let it go! And I appreciated the way he reacted to that "question"...
the brain (1 month ago)
It's in his favor, not sure what the courts decided. I'd find someone wearing headphones at a table suspicious.
XymXir (1 month ago)
Phil "Eyes AF" Ivey
Blake Johnson (1 month ago)
If the casinos had won they wouldn't have said shit.
UGNA 27 (1 month ago)
Fair play. Pay the man
Stanley Hudson (1 month ago)
I should’ve played poker. Now I’m stuck an in office
Mandi W (1 month ago)
Daniel Wymer (1 month ago)
Wow how smart is Phil Ivey that he picked apart a casino game that's designed to take away your money baited them with their own greed and whipped their asses
Manuel Lopez (1 month ago)
Baccarat is "similar" to blackjack ??, no it ain't.
Charles Waldon (1 month ago)
These casino's thought they could still beat him with a 5 or 6 percent advantage over the average player and still got beat. He made them look like assholes and now they are making it worse. I hope that he gets more than he beat them for.
jams4041 (1 month ago)
Pay the man Phil is the GOAT. The casino tried to take him, they agreed and he won. I will never play at those casinos.
Veo 16 (1 month ago)
what a shitty grandfather. keep your kids away from gambling. xD
Balanced (1 month ago)
he ended up losing the court battle with the uk casino and they found him guilty of cheating
CrimsonSoldier (1 month ago)
because the house always wins....even when they loose.  You lost pay the man his money, period.
Christiaan Leibbrandt (1 month ago)
Phil sounds so much like Brad Pitt, just close your eyes and listen
neonicon (1 month ago)
lol you win they sue you and call you cheating... they win and it just suppose to happen
Chopz (1 month ago)
There's a word for all this ladies and gentleman. Haters! Find another profession and dont hate! APPRECIATE!!!!
Ted Boyer (1 month ago)
Edge sorting may be of help in a poker game but who cares? The casino's money is not at risk. It is virtually impossible in black jack and absolutely impossible in Baccarat. Even if the dealer was "in, they would have to break procedure and that draws attention. Conspiracy theories are like roses, they only grow if you water them.
T-Jay Boom (1 month ago)
Maybe the casinos should eye the cards that have the same edge after they are cut & use those.
dpj1 (1 month ago)
They all like to repeat each other sentences
LESTER KNIGHT (1 month ago)
Fuck U Pay Me
Pete Corey (1 month ago)
This guy isn't smart if he learned edge swording from that asian chick
Kevin Solo (1 month ago)
Wait so you let him set this up and you lost and got pissed then sued. If you ask me the borgata and the UK casino are the ones that lost face. They looked stupid and told everyone that they don't honor there bets. I'd never play in those casinos.
Brian Dido (1 month ago)
Agreed with Ivey
death painful (1 month ago)
It's To Bad The Court Doesn't See It That Way. PHIL LOSSES AND MUST PAY CASINOS BACK.
Stephen Pruszenski (1 month ago)
I'm all in with Phil. If those casinos granted him his requests, he should get every penny. He did nothing wrong. What he did was take their money and make them look foolish. Hurt pride is no legal reason to win in court. This young cat is as smart as they come. If I owned a casino, I'd either set a predetermined amount that he could take the casino for and if he hit that amount, he would lose gaming privileges in my casino. Or easier yet, don't let him gamble in your casino in the first place.
Raul Coto (1 month ago)
these fucking casinos! they get mad when someone outsmart them... but yeah they can take all your money and be content right? fucking bastards! great job Phil!! keep it up!
Chris May (1 month ago)
There was a guy playing the slot machines at the Georgian Downs Casino a few years back. He won the $1,000,000 progressive prize. The casino managers came out and told him the machine was defective and they would not honor his win. The gave him a free dinner ticket instead....he hired a lawyer!
eddie centeno (1 month ago)
Man he’s a beast. Keep it going Phil
Radza Martin (1 month ago)
After watching this vid I'm convinced Phil is a genius. Like who's pulling off this shit besides the movies?
FullTimeSlacker (1 month ago)
“Has race played a factor in a card game” “Literally no you fucking idiot” -Phil Ivey
Kerry Kalls (1 month ago)
Goes to show just how idiotic most people are. They gamble without any kind of unfair advantage at their side and expect to get lucky. Always do your homework. Always have an unfair advantage. Always have a plan. Have statistics and information on your side. Not alleged luck
Mr Bass (1 month ago)
At the end of the day it they never saw it coming they dumb
Dehaut Design (1 month ago)
Boycott both casinos... simple no?
Messiah (1 month ago)
I think he did some fuck ups though, why ask for an asian dealer and then have someone with you as partner in crime which is also asian. I am pretty sure co-operating in casino games are forbidden and asians are the most sneaky gambling cheaters there is on this planet, systems and tricks for everything. I mean why an asian dealer that only she could communicate with in mandarin, was he in on it for a cut, I mean it do raise flags? I like Ivey but I think he got greedy and flew to close to the sun here. Also there is hesitation and morale doubt when he is asked if he was cheating. I think he knows deep down that he might have hustled them a bit too much and it is all in his last moments responding to the accusations, the eyeblink, the feeling of uncomfort that make him squeeze in that smile instead of looking guilty for even a second longer, you can see there is focus to not start moving also which is another sign of a person feeling cornered and uncomfortable with the question. I can spot a liar from miles away and something is off here.
neosomato hypergenesis (1 month ago)
casinos that whine when they lose SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED out of biz
1662ninja (1 month ago)
Phil's house literally looks like Franklin's crib from GTA V, as well as the neighbourhood it is in.
southerneruk (1 month ago)
I cant see that he did any thing wrong, they agreed to the conditions
mrBDeye (1 month ago)
wearing headphones while playing in casino is not allowed.
Brian Ferrini (1 month ago)
No matter what Ivy wins! Give him the credit already.. casino is all about greed and power.. tsk!

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