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10 Surprising Things That Happened When I Quit Drinking Alcohol

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boi (4 hours ago)
Quitting cigarettes is the real problem though quitting them was my greatest decision
VarietyVideoGamer (6 hours ago)
10 days sober today. Haven't gone that long without a drink since October last year.
Dm3qXY (7 hours ago)
well.. it's simple: alcohol inhibits neurogenesis and muscle reconstruction, so.. you can guess the results..
Lisa Darnell (8 hours ago)
I think its kind of shitty that you are using this self help video to promote your douchy skin care line
Karl Nguyen (15 hours ago)
Thank you very much for the video. You inspire me to do my best.
Johan Rynjah (17 hours ago)
I've been introduced to alcohol when I was18, from then on I enjoyed it and it became my best companion for every occasion whether I'm sad or happy, . . .but on the journey I witness most of my college friends, my close friends, my elders in the community and my relatives who were slaved to alcohol passed away before their time, ,It was really sad and horrible seeing them gone before they could accomplish anything in this world. . It was then that I gave it up and discovered that alcohol is not everything in this world, ,, I don't need alcohol to live or enjoy life. ..this world is so big that there are billion of positive things that can bring me happiness and satisfaction with life hundred of times more than what alcohol can offer. ... .I guess every person sent to this world has an important purpose in their own unique ways and not just to end up become an alcoholic. . .
joe santo (1 day ago)
best thing that happened was i stopped living on the street and the yellow left my skin oh and the pain in my hip was a dead joint . got a new one . drinking wasn't my best move in life peace and love to all
IV the Polymath (1 day ago)
This is the weirdest skin care infomercial I have ever seen.
Manny Dhanoya (2 days ago)
i wana quit today man thats it atleast try it for 30 days. whatever this guy said salute to you bro
Junior Martinez (2 days ago)
I get really fu$^#*ed up when I drink and when you said you feel like shit that got to me. Because of doing stupid shit.. I actually decided to stop drinking yesterday lol and now I'm watching this.
lean. (2 days ago)
Quit drinking alcohol. Now I drink Tiege Hanley
Harry F (2 days ago)
I can't remember how many times I felt crappy and blamed it on alcohol only to be wrong. It's really the crappy food I ate. The popcorn which bloated my stomach or the spicy foods that made me hyper.
Harry F (2 days ago)
Wait until you're older. You'll be begging for a drink. Stop the BS with skin products. The best skin product costs like $15 a for a 8-15 oz bottle. That being unprocessed sunflower oil. At a teaspoon a day the cost is appx 25 cents a day.
M ELiz (2 days ago)
I totally get it. I teach fitness, and it got in the way. As an aside.....You're freaking gorgeous...... damn......
r. decline (3 days ago)
10 suprising things? Really? Those ten things surprised you? What's next surprising things when you drove places: Got there faster! Legs weren't as tired! ...Of course you go on do a video on drinking and abs...so guess that pride and skin and productivity and happiness is back to miserable senses.
Emanuel Mayer (4 days ago)
I quit last year, october 3rd... just said to myself: I am too old for this stuff.
D Beddows (4 days ago)
I subscribed but then you turned into QVC and I zoned out.
Chad Kusiar (4 days ago)
I recently stoped drinking for 8 months. Everything he says is true so true.
Dan J (5 days ago)
Thanks for sharing. Man that was transparent af. Good stuff.
NightsMay (5 days ago)
Never drink a lot of alcohol, if you choose anything, in my opinion; it should be red wine, red wine is fermented in red grape skin, which is rich in resveratrol. We do know resveratrol naturally boosts testosterone. Tiny amounts of resveratrol is also found in blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, cocoa powder, dark chocolate and more. I grow and eat plenty of strawberries myself.
SCOREFIVE (5 days ago)
what is the point?
Rio Kind (6 days ago)
I had to admit my problem finally. Thanks for sharing. I posted my video too. I drunk 0.5-0.7 litres of vodka daily
jolly fresh (6 days ago)
this drunks selling us crap get fukked drunk berady boy if ewe shaved youd look like agirl
jolly fresh (6 days ago)
yes bad decisosns on alcohol
cris sanchez (6 days ago)
u never quit you still drink fuck you
Alexandra Nikiforides (7 days ago)
I drink every single day. I’ve definitely cut back, but it feels near impossible to stop completely.
Mr. E Nigma (7 days ago)
There’s a thin line between friends and drinking buddies. Friends that always want to include alcohol in get togethers are simply drinking buddies. Real friends will be there with you especially when there’s no alcohol involved because all they want is to be around you and cherish those moments. Get rid of drinking buddies because in reality they’re simply drinking away the pain. They’ll drink whether you’re there or not.
John Doyle (8 days ago)
Your voice is too annoying to listen to this video.
TAR MACK (8 days ago)
Thank you 🙏
Eddy Storms (8 days ago)
Pablo Fierro (8 days ago)
Day 3, wish me luck. Im ready to get my life back. I've never been so determined.
kefkapalazzo1 (9 days ago)
I’m fucked on this alcohol shit. I ask friends and family to help but they don’t
Top Naga (10 days ago)
Day 7 without alcohol....please remember me in your prayers
Mr & Mrs K (10 days ago)
3 days without a drink.. I'm not looking back.. But I'm keeping the Mary Jane..
JUST CALL ME WEBB (10 days ago)
Penis gets bigger, harder, and increased sex drive.
Erdin Hoxha (11 days ago)
Thanks to Allah for you converting to Islam.
Camera (11 days ago)
Listen to Neil in the UK on his alcohol problem https://youtu.be/d0t_jyt6z1Q
sam (12 days ago)
you being sober is me once ive had a few vodkas
Luca Della Casa (12 days ago)
New ways of marketing
Krishna Teja (13 days ago)
Damn!! I don’t know how it feels like to be drunk and I’m 28.
Mitchell Darland (13 days ago)
I've tried to quit a few times but couldn't go more than 5 days. Finally I discovered Naltrexone and the Sinclair method and I'm finally in control... Ask your doctor or find one who knows about this if you can't quit cold turkey!
r mac (13 days ago)
I never had this problem
Sailing Perseverance (14 days ago)
I quit drinking and smoking after doing both for 35 years. I consider myself a problem drinker who would drink 6-8 beers 3-4 times a week. I’ve never tried quitting before so I was expecting to go through withdrawals with a strong urge to drink and smoke. I have not had one single urge so far, I am very surprised at how easy it’s been, I’m 24 days into it as of today. My face looks leaner, my blood pressure is down by 20 points (systolic) and I have more energy and a clear head. I have not socialized at all during this time and my concern is how I can continue this trend when I start hanging out with my friends again, whom all are social drinkers.
palletbitch (14 days ago)
12 weeks sober it just kills my stomach
Theresa Hannahs (14 days ago)
im day 3. pray for me.
Manuel Rocha (14 days ago)
I'll never quit drinking. But more than a few years ago I quit drinking to drunkenness. The ability to display control is important. Enjoy a good craft beer or a glass of wine with dinner but never let yourself be seen as somebody that can't be trusted with alcohol. Women will see this display of control and you'll attract a better one.
bjj kids bjj kidz (15 days ago)
Inspiration mate 👍
Juanbo Smiley (16 days ago)
I've been sober for like 40 days. Not in a row or anything, just total.
Burnzy Raps (16 days ago)
My biggest problem with alcohol is my anxiety and boredom it always brings me back to do it I can never last more than a couple months.
Frank (16 days ago)
I drink 1/2 whiskey every evening 7 days a week. 3 years ago I drank one bottle per month. I tried stopping but can't even be without whiskey for a day
Pinhead Larry (16 days ago)
God damn bro i 16 and i got this bottle of wiskey all to myself and i feel like im at this really important moment in my life like i either keep messing with drink cuz why not and ruin my life or just dump that shit right now
Daz Mayes (16 days ago)
I don't believe a word you're saying you look way too vain to be a piss head chewing tobacco.
Brendan Townsend (16 days ago)
Thanks for the video. I don't drink everyday , only at weekends, but man, when I drink i drink too much, from Friday until Sunday :-( I just can't simply have a few beers. It's also a trigger then for me to take cocaine and other drugs. I black out many times, do stupid things, don't remember anything, I fall out with good friends. I feel so ill on Mondays and even Tuesdays. I feel that I certainly need to quit drinking, but my lifestyle revolves around it. There is nothing more relaxing than meeting up with friends on a Friday after work and having a few beers. I worry that cutting that out will get me depressed or anxious. I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. Feel free to comment .Thanks
Mark G. (11 days ago)
Brendan Townsend I socialize every week, but do it with other sober people. And “no”, I don’t go to the pubs. If you hang out in a barbershop long enough, eventually you’ll get a haircut!
Brendan Townsend (11 days ago)
Thanks Mark. Every Saturday or Sunday I am saying that that's it, enough is enough, but when it comes next Friday, I do it all again. I know, it's all a familiar story no doubt. I'm not on here looking for sympathy, but mainly to hear the people who are / were in the same boat and i'm trying to understand how life can be sober all the time. I'm guessing a massive percentage of people go on the booze at the weekends and potentially drink alot, but in my case I go too far and not afraid to admit that it's a problem. It doesn't affect my career in any way thankfully. I never drink during week days. How does the socializing aspect work out if not drinking alcohol. Do you still go to pubs to meet people, or completely avoid the places?
Mark G. (11 days ago)
Brendan Townsend Brendan, you don’t have to live one more day like that. I am totally familiar with the deep, dark hole you’re in...but there is a way out! Millions of people around the world have surrendered to alcohol, and are living great lives. I am one of them. Nothing will change, however, without taking action. I sincerely wish you all the best!
Brendan Townsend (11 days ago)
i'm here at home, destroyed from last night, the weather is great and sunny outside, but i've no energy to do anything. If I wasn't drinking , I would be out living life. For me, the positives can only out-weigh the negatives in terms of giving it up. Fuck it
Brendan Townsend (11 days ago)
I hear you man
Travy Bear (17 days ago)
I drink from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep (If I feel like it that night) and am perfectly functional. In fact I drank a fifth of rum 10 minutes before typing this as well as 2 beers. Hell, I'd wager I have the nicest yard on the block as a matter of fact. I have had a rough past and it get's me through the day so why not drink alcohol in excess? I don't, nor would I ever want to live to see the same shit my grandparent's went through in a nursing home just wasting away on medication anyways. Every human is their own king or queen and is in charge of their destiny and I'd rather do what brings me reprieve as well as pleasure rather than quit something due to societal pressure or norms and I couldn't care less what others think of me for it, be it more or less. I'm 30 and have drank to the point of getting drunk nearly daily since hitting 21 and well before that (although not as regularly obviously) and own my own home, vehicle, and have my own business so the stigma towards alcoholics is rather skewed as far as I'm concerned. I do have high functioning autism supposedly so from what I've read... mental clarity is mostly unaffected for people such as me, but I still believe that the average person can drink regularly and still function more than adequately. Then again I have smoked weed, tried ecstasy, as well as acid and an awful lot of opiates and out of those the only drug I noticed an effect for is weed believe it or not, and I have done each around others as well as alone with nobody being able to tell if I'm "using" other than with weed which seems to relax my nerves and make me happier more than alcohol ever could. Sadly I moved to a place where weed isn't legal and is hard to attain so I'm fucked in that regard so alcohol is a decent substitute. Sorry for the pseudo-rant, I am just baffled by videos such as this honestly... the guy wasn't even what I'd call an alcoholic and I would know one when I see them. I needed a good laugh and this video supplied it so thank you for that anyways haha ;). It's sad when you''ve already watched the majority of comedies on Netflix and must resort to Youtube to supply such fulfillment lol.
AI Ishmael (17 days ago)
thats real been sober now for a year...the clarity is amazing
Jon Smith (18 days ago)
I enjoy one beer a week or so. Because I like the flavor. Never pick up what you can’t put down.
cielholo phantomhive (18 days ago)
3 weeks sober today after drinking every weekend (and the rare weeknights) for the past 3 years. It really does make a difference. I'm having a couple of friends over today, and I've bought them alcohol. I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty tempted by it. But I'm more tempted to wake up bright and early tomorrow and come down to them destroyed and feeling like shit lol. I feel like I've actually accomplished something, yet along the way I've lost a few "friends" because I've realised how nasty drink can make them. I was never an aggressive drunk, and if I was, I would definitely have stopped drinking long before now. Stay strong everyone, it's worth the battle.
Carlos Gonzalez (18 days ago)
I put down the hard alcohol but did begin to drink wine almost daily and what notice was that I more social and not as sloppy or brain dead, and the lucky part is that you wouldn’t feel shitty the next day🙌🏻
Mitchell Johnson (19 days ago)
Its like Charlie day if charlie day was a GQ Model
Travis Williams (21 days ago)
I'm on day 8. It's tough but I'm trying to hang in there.
Mark G. (18 days ago)
Travis Williams Good for you Travis! I encourage you to find a support group. Alcohol is NOT the root problem!
Travis Williams (18 days ago)
Mark G. Thanks! I'm on day 11. Feeling better and better. Getting a lot of exercise and becoming more and more productive. I appreciate the encouragement!
Mark G. (18 days ago)
Live in the solution, instead of the problem. Good luck!
Sweety mary nongkynrih (21 days ago)
You are a white version of exactly me
The Skyrim Assasin (21 days ago)
So you didn’t quit alcohol lol
Jennifer Massengill (21 days ago)
Harry Maynard (22 days ago)
Drinking booze is expensive because you waste money on FOOD that night and the day after I can't stop stuffing my face with shit food.
Kronos magnon dogma (22 days ago)
What does the title say it's says I quit look it's your life but if youQuit that means you don't drink at all.Being an alcoholic my self I haven't had a drink since a day before thanksgiving 2014.I noticed all the changes like u did.Its my opinion that once you quit u shouldn't drink at all. I also think you drink more than u say and still smoke.Its a total oxymoron to evendrink at all your like all the rest of the so called social closet drinkers Who lie about having a oroblem.
Jennifer Juhl (23 days ago)
You kinda sound like Jake Johnson and look Nico Tortorella. Good combo 😄 lol. But for real tho, I agree 100% with everyone you said here. I've lost 35 lbs after I quit drinking. I started to respect my body again, meditate, take yoga classes, read more, go to parties sober.. Was even the DD for the first time in my life lol. In the past, people knew not to even ask me to be the DD. Anyway, it gets so much easier with time being sober. And the benefits are far too many to even list.
Erica Young (23 days ago)
Very inspirational
Steve Wodell (23 days ago)
Chew is a huge turn off for women
christschinwon (25 days ago)
I need to watch this video every morning!
Amber Throckmorton (25 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this!
R. M (25 days ago)
3000+ weak ass people are mad that you did something positive.
NoHoRider 818 (25 days ago)
8 months sober.
TN Valley Yoga (26 days ago)
I to was an abuser of alcohol and drugs. Thanks for this video as it is the best advice you have ever given. Dressing well is a good thing but being well dressed and f'ed up is no good for anyone.
taylor metchum (27 days ago)
can you do a video on quitting tobacco??
Daniel Pro (27 days ago)
Anyone else drunk while watching?
SpriJokes (27 days ago)
I just want to put it out there for alcoholics watching this video: by no means is the idea that an alcoholic can return to "normal drinking" a reality. Fun video though. Just not something to follow for any sort of inspiration.
M. Renfroe (29 days ago)
2 Tins a day? HOW do you still have gums bro?
Vivek Awasthi (29 days ago)
U r duplicates
Noel D'souza (29 days ago)
Been an alcoholic for 22 years I want to stop ,I need to stop drunk as I'm typing 😊
Honestly, I’m not sure why anyone would stop drinking alcohol...
Stephen Tyler (29 days ago)
8 months sober
Irish Countryman (29 days ago)
Drink is great if you keep it under control.
Derpy Derp (29 days ago)
My name's Brandon. I'm drinking I'm 35 and I really need somebody to talk to. 7755017614
jacintoaries (29 days ago)
The problem is as soon as you quit long enough to forget why you stopped you do it again and start over, that’s my issue anyways been on the roller coaster for over 25 years now I’m 41
enedino gasca cabrera (30 days ago)
Hey buddy you'll never know how much you help well ir I might call this acohol things and many others like no fap thank friend.
Jose Daluz (1 month ago)
I relate to everything you said but quitting all together makes me really nervous and stresses out.
Jose Daluz (1 month ago)
I am down to a Guinness a day. On occasion a little vodka.
Julio Santos (1 month ago)
I never comment on anything as it is, but I wanted to say thank you. This video helped me be a better person and I have been sober since June. Not very long, but coming from drinking almost every night and getting blackout drunk, it has been the best decision of my life after a turbulent turn of events that affected me deeply recently. I just can’t describe how thankful I am to you and your open honesty. You have made such a difference in so many lives and definitely in mine. Just... thank you, Alpha!
Quazi Roberts (1 month ago)
Quitting alcohol didn't help him stop looking like a rat
Randummm (1 month ago)
Apparantly quitting also makes you yell when you talk. Simmer down, you loud little hobbit. And stop taking steroids. They don’t make you taller.
Tony Olivares (1 month ago)
I quit drinking and lost a lot of weight! There is no better feeling than being sober!
jan kokot (1 month ago)
I am one year now daily drinker.hope i will quit.last time have been sober 4 years
Underground Wes (1 month ago)
I've been sober 8 years now. My life is much better now.
numeral uno (1 month ago)
Just smoke weed if you want a happier life i quit drinkn in 08 was a alcoholic myself you right you feel reenergize down da line hell even da next day libido pick up in men as well i drink only pure water keep kidneys flush blood flow circulation.
numeral uno (1 month ago)
Anything da government promotes is poisonous cigarettes alcohol prescription drugs as well and soda wit sugar and meats pump up wit hormones dat are bad for ya health.
Tireguy331 (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing your story but it sounds like you have an addictive personality I wish you all the best
Pierre Huard (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video its gonna be 1 week and i can tell you thanks because you open my eyes alot
Opportunity (1 month ago)
Millions are doing so well you are not the only one
Opportunity (1 month ago)
I love the attitude dude I'm still reducing it's so hard
Loess Rube (1 month ago)
drink .fuck.die....resurrect.....repeat

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