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10 Surprising Things That Happened When I Quit Drinking Alcohol

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Brugar18 (1 hour ago)
heres what happened to me. the world became a grey depresive place after few weeks, after i had a beer it became at least tolerative place
Billy Schibetta (8 hours ago)
I used to smoke weed now I don’t and am a Protestant Christian and sometimes have wine over food I agree Aaron
Fern Mccreary (9 hours ago)
Still short as fuck tho
Simon Ritchie (10 hours ago)
You're lucky, I quit drinking entirely after drinking, a lot, for over 25 years and I can't tell any difference from before except for when I was hungover the morning after. I still wake up and feel like I have a hangover sometimes even though I'm completely dry and have been.
Simon Ritchie (10 hours ago)
Fuck, 16 years of chew! I'm surprised that you still have your bottom teeth, unless those are not your original ones. You don't strike me as a chew kind of guy.
Logan X (10 hours ago)
Great motivational speech
Logan X (10 hours ago)
Hey Alpha you should've wore a cowboy hat with that nice shirt.
wickjamesgtar (14 hours ago)
i needed 1 second of this video to understand this guy wanted more money than he offered researched intelligence. avoid.
None Ya (20 hours ago)
Just skip to 2:35
Stephen Shearer (1 day ago)
great, upbeat, breaking the nicotine habit hard to do. soon pot will be legal
Trey Griffin (1 day ago)
By far one of the best no judgmental videos of those realizing it's perhaps becoming a problem, is a problem or has been a problem. A lot of the videos on YouTube make you afraid.
J. A. E. (1 day ago)
I am 20 and in college. I’ve been told by both friends and strangers that I don’t know what I’m missing because I don’t drink. They tell me being drunk is fun, that it helps me make friends, that it makes me look cooler. Every time I see them drunk and being stupid I seriously wonder if they tell me that because they really think that or because they are trying to justify their addiction. I’ve seen so many bad things happen because of alcohol. Have yet to see something good happen because someone was drunk
Nix Bronowski (1 day ago)
Tuned in for Alcohol advice ..Tuned OUT with an American sales pitch. Otherwise ..Great Advice for anyone.
azo (1 day ago)
its been 3 years since I stopped buying over $200 worth of booze a month and now I drink lightly once a week, I do not miss the hangovers and depression it caused.
Ludwig Harisuo (1 day ago)
Do you still drink non-alcoholic beverages? Or do you not drink anything like that at all except for those 10 times a year?
seadd1 (3 days ago)
Starting today....New life. New me. Life without alcohol..
MINDPOWER (3 days ago)
Nice video #mindpower
chetan bokade (3 days ago)
mike riolo (4 days ago)
Did u not have a video on drinking whiskey! Yah you are vain ! Lol. Trim the beard a little dude.
TheDragonfly (4 days ago)
Hey man quick question. I haven't had a drink in over a year now and yes I feel all the benefits etc and i'm exercising a hell of a lo more as I didn't work out at all when I was drinking but I have a fast metabolism and my body has never produced fat in my whole 30+ years. What worries me is working out with this high metabolism as I have no fat to burn off should I be concerned about the amount I exercise?
JULIE TURNER (4 days ago)
So just to clarify you didn't stop you moderated ,😘though I salute a great book I've invested in is the LIFE RECOVERY BIBLE, AMAZON best recovery BOOK/BIBLE
michael carey (5 days ago)
Alcoholism is not curable, but it is treatable
Essie Thebestie (5 days ago)
Very inspirational Thank you
J Borges (5 days ago)
Really? And what relevant thing did you create?
Ricky Maldo (5 days ago)
Weed saved my life
Nature Boy (6 days ago)
Corey Reiner (6 days ago)
You have a very punchable face
ihodges215121 (6 days ago)
The liquor makes me think randy!
Tails and Scales (6 days ago)
Anyone who drinks excessively is a fucking loser who's too boring to be capable of having fun without alcohol
Drew (6 days ago)
What did you do to help yourself while quitting dip? This has been a struggle for me. Maybe something you did will help me. Thanks
Rauly Duenas (6 days ago)
I can totally relate! Thank you for sharing and remind me. In the same boat my friend!
PokerDreads84 (7 days ago)
man...it feels good to be not drinking
805 nigga Bakersfield (8 days ago)
💯 the truth
Otto Chamberlain (8 days ago)
Its AMAZING aint it bro, all 10 things you nailed. I had your drinking history and loved it from the first moment at about 12 but I became a FULL blown alcoholic for the last of these eight years, trying to stay sober periodically, and then in and out of the hospital the last 3 years. Ive got 10 mo sober and everything you said is exactly what starts happening evertime I quit. It is like being on drugs everyday, literally, I have to ask myself if Im acting normal sometimes, when you've put your system thru that hell and finally cleanse it out and start living your body and minds full potential. Alcohol is literally poisoning your body and your brain, (the drunkness and the hangovers and then the cravings) Im loving and living life like never before!! and man, the best is im getting the body and fitness that alcohol (even working out all my life) would never let me achieve.
Terd Nugget (8 days ago)
Haha I'm a teenager and a year or two ago I made a vow NEVER to drink alcohol. Hopefully I can live up to this
Bob Mills (9 days ago)
Great video. It’s very similar to my own story. Very inspiring.
Shawn G (10 days ago)
I quit smoking back in 2012 at the age of 24 after I went into the hospital for a collapsed lung... Wasn't because of the smoking according to the doc it was because I was 6'1" 130lbs at the time... I quit smoking that night. Haven't lit up since... I'm now 175lbs, healthy, feel great daily. Smoking is absolutely disgusting to me. I have no goddamn idea how I ever did it! I just know now how I feel and that is pretty damn good!
kevrs2 (10 days ago)
the biggest thing ive noticed since stopping 3 years ago is the amount of people who would love to see you fail and start drinking again sadly :(
Johnny Yum (10 days ago)
I quit drinking 30 years ago. Had bad luck then. Once I quit drinking all My Bad luck went away. Funny how that happens? All My Friends who still drink think I am weird now because I don't drink like them. Fuck em'.
raptor 12 (10 days ago)
Im 13 and i might taste alcohol when im with my older sister and my cousins since they are over 20 i dont drink much i may have a beer i might take a small sip of strong alcohol and i find it ok since its not like every day or every month
charles sedlak (10 days ago)
I quit drinking once it was the worst 20 minutes of my life and as far as health goes, consider this."There are a lot more old drunks in this world than old doctors"
RJ CRIKEY (11 days ago)
everything in moderation...guess you are the designated driver then.
GT Knives (11 days ago)
Are you Gary V's Muscular twin ?
Leo Oh (11 days ago)
It's funny how this clown claims he quit drinking but at 8:14 he claims he drinks casually lol
Sandra W (11 days ago)
everything is so clear now even if I have about a six pack every weekend I do not get drunk any more
Ivan (11 days ago)
I'm more addicted to coffee ,than alcohol. Anyone else?
Deceivingly Charming (11 days ago)
I dont have a alcohol "problem", but I am addicted to opiates. I took my last shot of Heroin last night and I want to quit. Hopefully I have the will power to stop.
I Love My Beard (12 days ago)
Awesome video, and the reason I quit drinking is because when I'm at a party sometimes and I get way too drunk I would be rude to my friends or strangers...which doesn't turn out good in the end, but thank God I got out of a situation when there was going to be a fight, and my friends had to really escort me out pronto before anything got heated. I backed off, and I walked home from the Bar thinking...what did I say wrong to offend some people? Then the next morning my friends would tell me, and I would feel so shitty...like I literally felt like a shitty person for acting rude. So that's why I quit drinking because I want to always stay on point physically and mentally...great video man and the energy I have being sober is such a great feeling.
Travis Cornelius (12 days ago)
wait.. this is aa sober dude above the age of 20 and he still has earrings?
TheRPM87 (12 days ago)
I quit drinking about 2 months ago ...its not that great.
Tina Tomaszewski (13 days ago)
Your brain is supposed to be a light grey color, like when they do an autopsy. They can tell immediately if someone is a serious alcoholic because when they perform an autopsy on an alcoholic, instead of the healthy grey color, the brain is pink! It's pink because it literally has become pickled from the alcohol saturation. Interesting huh?
Diego Maciel (13 days ago)
To parando de beber tambem!
Steven Armstrong (14 days ago)
Surprised??? Duh!!!
Hassan Atros (14 days ago)
Never touched the stuff.
LoFi Hiphop Channel (14 days ago)
Usually when I feel the effects of alcohol poisoning going through my body and mind.. cause I'm a heavy drinker, I usually stop for a week.. then when I do? I go back to my healthy self.. I didn't truly understand these storys about people that were heavy drinkers and would get so angry.. but 2 days ago it felt like I was losing my mind, I was getting so angry about small things.. when I usually don't get angry about.. but I guess the alcohol was effecting the way I think. I'm usually a logical thinker, but I get bored.. and the boredom is killing me..
Benjamin Zarzycki (14 days ago)
When I quit drinking the main thing I noticed was I lost about 20lbs.
timmy D (15 days ago)
I'm trying to quit, I'm not an alcoholic but I average roughly 8 bottles of bear a day on the weekends going up to 18 bottles. I'm light weight but I've been drinking like this for closing in on 2 years.
KRISPY BEATS (15 days ago)
i...i...i...i... whats that in your eye ? :D
9009Jman (15 days ago)
Damn... 2 cans. That’s quite a bit
Auguste Iracaniye (15 days ago)
hey ,if anyone else trying to find out whats the best way to stop drinking alcohol try Skyarza Zero Drinking Star (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 got amazing results with it.
White Ram Songs (16 days ago)
Stupid video. He only cut back, he didn't actually quit.
Donna Benson (16 days ago)
When you don’t drink hardly anymore , don’t go out no friends ! Get up earlier while everybody sleeping . After losing so many friends, found easier deal with grief
Clint the Audio Guy (16 days ago)
I drink every single day. But I've now limited myself to one, and I avoid the calories with mixers and such. Usually a whiskey on the rocks, a martini, or a light beer, occasionally a heavy craft beer. My next step is to cut down on days a week. My mission is abs. I'm 41 and I want to prove to everyone that I can have ripped abs again. All I hear is, "too old", "Slow metabolism", "Bad genes" and so on. Not the case at all, it's all diet and exercise. People with abs can rule the world, haha.
Angie Dilaj (16 days ago)
Hahaha, "when I stopped being...a drunk." Love it, I just quit too
cory l (17 days ago)
I’ve quit drinking for about 3 hours now thanks to Tiege Hanley
The worst decision of my life when I was addicted to alcohol was getting married to a man I only tolerate when I'm drunk 😂it sound crazy but when I quite alcohol I took the best and difficult decision I DIVORCEDand I'm more focused and my health and skin and body and social life is so amazing..you guys must really get ride of alcohol 😒😚
Xavier Price (18 days ago)
Feeling inspired to try quitting for myself and see how it effects my life. Thanks 🙏🏾
Chacho Guevara (18 days ago)
I'm 2 seconds sober....wait...nevermind.
Patryk Turczynski (18 days ago)
U look like ur in amazing shape. For me its jist another vice Ive been reducing it more and more except hard to practice the discipline because im a social drinker. Same goes for food tho. Its all apart of a bigger discipline.
Rene Prive (19 days ago)
1:12 Two cans a day? You mean beer cans? You really have no idea.
mtraty (19 days ago)
never stop the madness!
Meta ModernSounds (19 days ago)
I was really enjoying this video up until the plug happened...
Malik Pridgeon (20 days ago)
Thank you so much for this. I’m following your lead. I really appreciate your transparency. Keep up the good fight!
Booty Sweat (20 days ago)
I stumbled on to this video just now. I lost my job a month ago and have been drinking like crazy since. My wife came home with a bottle of rum yesterday and I killed over half of it after drinking a 12 pack. I felt so bad today that I've decided to stop. I'm glad this was in my recommended feed.
Nathan Erbaugh (20 days ago)
Wow! How did todd Howard possess another persons body!? Dont worry todd! We'll get ya outta there! Just take deep breaths, trust me, it just works!
Scott Kelly (21 days ago)
All this for a plug...lol
Billy Dingle (21 days ago)
i loove dip though
Barbusie (21 days ago)
I haven't been stung by one mosquito in 20 Years after I quit drinking....
Corey S (21 days ago)
Hey man, if you wanna preach about the great benefits of not drinking anymore and inspire people you should take down those lame videos of drinking whisky and such. You are a influence to many people old and young. There really is nothing classy about drinking and 0 healthy benefits. If your viewers health means anything to you and you don't want to negetivitly influence some, especially teenagers (kids) into thinking being a alpha involves drinking your so called (classy whisky drinking) remove those videos. Money isn't everything man. Be a good influence.
GunsAndPoker (21 days ago)
Nothing new here folks. Move along.
Auke De Boer (22 days ago)
How do you know it isn't from quitting tobacco?
Gordon Greenwood (22 days ago)
This guy hijacked us.
Carjack Malone (22 days ago)
7:10 - 7:30 struck a chord. Thanks man.
filipe beat (22 days ago)
last 11 years i drank 10 LOL as much liquor as i can everyday, mix with lots of otha stuff 2 LOL this is d good life
jorge novais (23 days ago)
How to quit coke? I am struggling myself to stop But it's painful Cocaine is a hell of drug
Sills71 (24 days ago)
my mom didn't raise no quitter
J.P. Wiser (24 days ago)
The first 50 seconds was hysterical!
john sims (25 days ago)
You over built nut. I have ADHD noone will treat it.
Debrica Webster (26 days ago)
You have no idea how much this just helped me. Thank you.
Vaibhav Chadha (26 days ago)
I had to quit drinking coz of heartburn. I’m still lazy af
Ryan Cobb (27 days ago)
Lol so you didn't quit
JAVi ROTH (27 days ago)
I stopped drinking , but my Doctor said I still needed to drink water!!!🙄
Solataire (27 days ago)
I won't quit but Ill have a few a week
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John Lwin (27 days ago)
I'm a biochemical engineer, i drink daily. get trashed. I still get up every morning at 6am to go to work. I excel at my job and i am revered by my peers as an excellent employee. I can also solve a rubik's cube under 20 seconds. So tell me now, is alcohol a problem? NO! its not. its people and their weak mentality.
Bobby smith (27 days ago)
Oh heck, what a coincident he is handsome and charismatic. Preach brother (maybe for height) get real guys this is not an example of sobriety. (I was mean about his height to make myself feell better and also what? I just had to edit to put in one/ maybe multiple more points. 1) It is so hard. 2) You can and will beat this. 3)My number 2 is bullshit. 4) 3 is even more bullshit what works for you is a miracle and powerful. 5) I love you and wish you the best, I am scared to even though i do not know you i wish you the best.
Colin (28 days ago)
I enjoyed drinking throughout my youth and I don’t think I would go back and change it, fun times were had. I stopped drinking when I started dating the love of my life, she’s straight edge and honestly didn’t care if I drank or smoked. After it barely got in the way of our relationship once, I quit cold turkey in a heartbeat. I have absolutely no regrets and some of my friends think I’m crazy, others support it. I’ve realized who my real friends are, being in your 20’s drinking really is at the top of the social chain and to be honest without drinking most of those people actually aren’t your friend. In retrospect, I’m extremely happy and proud of myself for not wanting it. I get offered all the time, on the day of 4 months sober I got a free bottle of tequila at work and I gave it away. Love is one of the most powerful things in the world, I don’t need to get drunk or high when love does all of that for me. 💙
bath21man (28 days ago)
Man I really want to give up tobacco and alcohol and I feel a lot of it took away my confidence and I gained 3 stone but it’s been a year and every day I go to the gym and cycle 16miles and lost 3 stone but I feel when I do give up smoking and alcohol I’ll be happier thanks for the video
GUCCI_SUSHI (28 days ago)
ahahahahaahaha ALPHA ELF lmfaoooo im crying look at this dude
Himmel Nuss 831 (28 days ago)
Started out great-than info mercial-too bad!!

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