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Erectile Dysfunction, Mental Health & Wellbeing | Kati Morton

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Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? http://bit.ly/2s0mULy Click here for your discount! http://ow.ly/NyLG30eExt3 Huge thank you to Canada Pharmacy for sponsoring this video! Remember to use the discount code "Kati50" for $50 dollars off your first prescription for erectile dysfunction medication! The average price for 1 month’s supply of 5mg of Cialis tablets is around $320. However, it costs around $139 at Canada Pharmacy. That saves patients around 56% Erectile dysfunction is not something that we talk about enough, especially when it comes to how it can affect our mental health. Today I talk about the reasons why we can struggle with erectile dysfunction (there are many various causes) and how it can even be caused by a mental illness! Many of you who struggle with depression, anxiety, as well as many other mental illnesses have told me how it has negatively affected their sex life and even their ability to have sex. Not to mention those of us who have been sexually abused or assaulted in the past and how that affects our ability to have a happy and healthy sex life. I hope this videos reminds you that you are not alone, that there is help available, and the more we talk about it, the less likely it is that it will affect our mental health. Also, try to include your partners as much as possible in your treatment so that they can support you as well. xoxo Please share! You never know who may need to hear this message :) xox BIG THANK YOU to my Patreon Patrons! Without you, I couldn't keep creating videos. xoxo https://www.patreon.com/katimorton I'm Kati Morton, a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos! Business email: linnea@toneymedia.com PO Box #665 1223 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403 Download my workbooks: visit Itunes and search for Kati Morton Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/9t0A/
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Text Comments (54)
Nick Peterson (4 months ago)
people constantly telling you not to be embarrassed about something makes you feel embarrassed about it if you weren't before
Power of The Secret (5 months ago)
I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and take a laundry list of meds that have resulted in ED and it's killing me mentally because I need the meds to function :-(
Richard F. (6 months ago)
Interesting techniques, very interesting, and yeah there are many ways to fix erectile dysfunction and get hard at will. It's about cascading your body with those male hormones that stimulate your true virility. This way you can get gigantic pulsating erections, like it should be. Everything is explained in Mario Volpstein's website.
G G (8 months ago)
I just noticed that I left my comment on the wrong page. The first time I called Canada Pharmacy, they told me that your code: Kati50/fifty(?) was not on the list. Today when I called they said I would need your Customer ID number to look up the discount. I was told this would not impinge on your private account. What's going on Kati, this isn't funny. Thanks, Gale M. Green ggreen@wisc.edu
Kati Morton (8 months ago)
Hey Gale :) Unfortunately I just checked with Canada Pharmacy and my discount code only worked for the first 45 days after this video posted. I am so sorry. xoxo
ihartevil (1 year ago)
it mostly comes from being circumcised thx for this ha bisky interesting vid
The Trumpian (1 year ago)
Limp dick. Many men who have been circumcised suffer vastly more from this. Do not circumcise its barbaric. Don't think so? Watch one being done on a baby and you will change your mind.
Darlene Hernandez (1 year ago)
May you make a video about sexual abuse at a young age and cutting? Also how they work together.
Cara Lewis-Rimes (1 year ago)
I have an psychotherapy assessment coming up soon, could you explain what this is and how this could help. Thank you #KatiF&Q
BigusDickus (1 year ago)
I know my comment isn't relevant to this video but I don't really care because this community is awesome! I think that self diagnosing is a bit pointless because it can only make someone assume that they have a problem when they really don't. Anyways I genuinely think that I have some serious Issues and that I am potentially a danger to family, friends and others around me (Doesn't really matter who they are). I intend to tell my mom that I would like to get some professional help but my only concern is that if I talk to a Therapist, will they tell me that the only thing wrong with me is that I simply have bad thoughts when I do believe that there is a greater reason behind the way that I am? I don't want to be told this and then continue to know that there is a deeper problem. I also don't want to Diagnose myself because I'm no therapist. I dont really know what im trying to ask but if anyone can respond with anything helpful, that would be great. I could give my life story and how things have progressed but its kind of a long story as it starts when I was about 5. Also I love the videos! they've been helpful so far to me.
Oscar S (1 year ago)
A whole new meaning to the phrase getting up in the morning :0)
Alex Proctor (1 year ago)
Hi Kati, I just found your channel yesterday and it has inspired me to make an appointment with a therapist Friday for the first time to get through what I know was an extremely emotionally abusive relationship with my stepmother. I know you say we should distance ourselves if we know a relationship would hurt us more, which I have for the last five years, however, I have younger half siblings and as they grow older I am faced with the dilemma of having to see her when they make milestones in their life like graduating high school. My question is what advice do you (or anyone else in the comments section) have when you have to be in a situation where you would see the person that had emotionally abused you in a public setting without making it uncomfortable for my younger siblings. Thank you
Eléonore Bem (1 year ago)
Wow the quality of the image and the sleek black background ! :) It's so beautiful ! Also thank you for always explaining things so clearly
JUSTtinaChen (1 year ago)
Hi Kati, Can you answer how to deal with being married to a recovering alcoholic? My husband is recovering and it's been really difficult for me to deal with. He's only been sober for 2 months and he's slipped once but he won't go to AA meetings. Can you answer how to deal with the alcoholism?
Star Power!!! (1 year ago)
I think the only thing that turns me on is space and the great unknown. Yet, apart from my brother and my dad, I don't think I have had a single conversation about it with anybody in nearly 40 years! (I don't get sexually aroused by it - I mean mentally stimulated :P). It's as though beyond our atmosphere doesn't exist! Does our atmosphere even exist!? - the nearest I have gotten to talking about that was at high altitude asking a friend to move their hand about to see if they could still feel the air they were breathing..
Samuel Barringer (1 year ago)
Years ago I talked to one guy that I was studying chemistry when both of us went to the University of California Santa Cruz, or UCSC. This one guy told me years ago that he used to smoke marijuana to deal with his depression. Then he go married and started using antidepressants. He told me that antidepressants caused Erectile dysfunctio. He told me that he wanted an antidepressant that did not cause erectile dysfunction. I do not blame him for telling me.
Heather Combs (1 year ago)
You are amazing Kati! I would love to do what you do.
SwanSong (1 year ago)
I love that you talk about all these things that most people don't really talk about. Thank you!
2LucidDream (1 year ago)
My counselor won't talk about it. I just wish people would understand it isn't because I don't find them attractive.
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
I am so sorry that your counselor won't talk about it.. could you forward them this video?? Maybe that could help them better understand?? xoxo
Lauren Peterson (1 year ago)
I'm really glad you're a female talking about this issue, because I feel like a lot of women dismiss erectile dysfunction as not really a big deal, but it totally is. There is nothing wrong with wanting a healthy sex life, and if you have an issue that prohibits from having one, you should definitely get treatment for it.
Ulonda Brazzle (1 year ago)
I would love for there to be more talk about the sexual dysfunction of women and mental/ emotional issues. I feel as though the sexuality of women is highly ignored in healthcare.
Ulonda Brazzle (1 year ago)
Kati Morton, Thank you for your response! I was thinking about a conversation about sexual dysfunction as a result of depression, bipolar, etc. Also, I've noticed that being treated for these issues (medicinally) can also lead to a lowered libido. How does one mentally overcome such issues. It's almost like taking away one problem to get another. This can lead to bigger issues long term in marriages/ long term relationships. Personally, I've known a few people avoid medication because of the adverse effects.
Jane Campbell (1 year ago)
vaginismus and how sometimes it's caused by generalized anxiety!!
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
I can definitely talk about that!! Do you have a specific question? Or would you like me to talk about lack of sex drive? or how we can have sexual dysfunction as a result of our mental health issues? Let me know :) Happy to talk about it! xoxo
Anna Kelly (1 year ago)
This channel is such a great resource and it's been incredibly helpful to me over the years. Nowadays I'm more here for my intellectual curiosity and interest in psychology but when I have friends who are struggling I often refer them to one or another of your videos to provide explanations that I'm not necessarily qualified to provide. Out of curiosity, would you ever refer your own clients to your channel or is it something you keep separate? And if so how do you find a balance between having an online personality/following and keeping healthy relationships with clients? There was a time when I wanted to share things that I've learned from experience in order to help people, but as I've studied more and done voluntary work I've been warned a lot about maintaining privacy and not sharing anything online so that I can be more effective, which I of course understand and I know you don't really share details of your private life but it's something that interests me a lot. Like how do you know what is and isn't okay to put on the internet given that a client might have access to it?
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
Hey Anna :) Great questions! I do not refer my clients to any of my online content, although 2 of them do know about my channel. From what I know, they don't regularly watch though. Since my online stuff is mostly mental health focused I don't worry too much, but it is something I constantly consult about and check myself about :) xoxo
Mspretty (1 year ago)
Hi Kati I have questions, is it weird to not want to fix your "problems" because you feel like you will lose a part of you? I feel like if I get better i won't need to go to therapy and then I'll have no one, no one to be there and actually help me. Also when I feel myself having fun I suddenly feel a wave of sad come over me and I feel the need to be sad. Why does this happen? Should I be worried? Keep up the great work.-skye❤️
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
Have you seen this video of mine? https://youtu.be/o-6G1sUJ4T8 Hopefully this will help!! xoxo
Quantum Wizard (1 year ago)
Hay Kati, awesome video! It would be soooooo helpful, if you could speak about how alcoholism in a spouse effects a marital relationship. My wife is dual diagnosed. She suffers from Alcoholism and anxiety. She takes diazepam for her anxiety, and drinks because of her alcoholism. The two drugs combined can create a fatal reaction. I'm lost because neither she nor I can control her drinking, her drinking changes her personality, and causes enormous stress in the relation when we argue, usually after she drinks..... and the diazepam, combined with alcohol can kill her. She seems unconcerned, as she feels as though her drinking is under control.... which it isn't. Al-Anon has been a help to me in understanding that I can't control her drinking, but what do I do when I understand that diazepam and alcohol can, and likely will.... kill her? I mention this now because of your video on ED. I have ED. Its hard to have a sexual, sexy relationship when you know that your wife can die any day from a mixture of alcohol and Diazepam. The stress kills almost all possibilities of having an erection. Sad for me..... sad for her. We've been married for 26 beautiful years, we've been to therapy, she has 3 doctors, but the drinking is not controllable, because she WANTS to be a 'social drinker'. She likes to drink and doesn't see her illness for what it is.
Star Power!!! (1 year ago)
(I'm not an expert) I know that stress reduces testosterone levels, and low testosterone is one cause of erectile dysfunction and low libido. I'm not sure of the exact way stress reduces testosterone levels, but it could be similar to the way testosterone levels reduce in men who take steroids to enhance performance and build muscles: when we are stressed the pituatory gland triggers the adrenal glands of the kidneys to release cortisol (a stress hormone). Cortisol also acts as a steroid hormone with similar effects to testosterone - this can be seen in women who have cushings disease as they have hairy bodies and male fat distribution - so it could be that the body reacts by reducing testosterone production to keep overall steroid levels stable - the side effect from chronic stress (and certainly chronic steroid use) is that testosterone levels become normalised to a lower level. From what I've seen things that reduce stress and raise oxytocin levels like exercise (in men) can lower cortisol levels. I think in a resting state a man's oxytocin levels are lower than a female's but I don't know if that is related to stress levels? I've seen studies on rats that have shown male rats who exercise more have higher oxytocin levels and that they are more likely to mate. That's just my amateur assessment anyway. I left another comment yay!
lloydgush (1 year ago)
Here's what I've noticed about erectile dysfunction with the men who confided me about it: Most times it isn't a dysfunction, guy just doesn't want to have sex right then, maybe the woman pissed him off, or he's depressed, stressed, tired and he's trying to brave off those things and failed, and they are used to brave those things off, they are trained to brave those things off, but as one gets older (or if the situation is less serious) the willingness to overcome something one is not supposed to overcome dies off. Same thing with delayed ejaculation, god, even premature ejaculation is usually nothing but the guy over compensating for the fact that he's not in the mood. And the reality is, yeah, it affects negatively womens perspective on a man saying no even once to a woman, but what's overblown is how important that negative perspective is. And part of the fault is on the men, as they love to lie about how they want it all the time because they love the positive attention from women they get from telling that lie, and certainly love to partake in passive aggressive pissing contests against each other. A problem both sexes, any gender suffers from. Now, I understand how important it's to overcome sometimes, but guys over do it and girls under do it, there's a healthy medium.
mr happyface (1 year ago)
I'm glad you made this video. I would've never seen a doctor about this because of true embarrassment. It's a touchy subject but im glad you made it feel normal.
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
I am so glad you found the video helpful and normalizing :) I hope you feel more confident and comfortable talking to your doctor about this. xoxo
seven23july (1 year ago)
Hi Kati, I'm so sorry to comment here as it has nothing to do with this video. But I just watched a YTer who lives in Houston and vlogged about her experience and I realized how many people are going to be suffering from PTSD from #hurricaneharvey. I've already made donations for people and animals, but I would like to donate to something reputable specifically regarding mental health services for people who have been impacted by Harvey. After watching her video this video popped up, and I thought maybe you might have resources to find out. ? I will do my own research as well but in the spur of the moment I saw this video and I was compelled to reach out and at least ask. Thank you regardless!
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
There are local resources available.. but my guess is that they will be needed even more after all the aid has left. Cause right now we are still in the crisis.. you know?? I haven't heard of any other resources.. but if I do I will share!!! Great idea btw!! xoxo So thoughtful of you! xox
ShortNanxious (1 year ago)
Karlos Traves (1 year ago)
hello :)
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
Hi there! xox
Jam Brownies (1 year ago)
I love the way you professionally explain any topic in a very open way. ♡ It would be great if you could make a video about asexuality or especially sex-repulsion. I've never had any sexual experiences but the thought of a human (no matter the gender) seeing me naked, kissing me or even touching my naked skin makes me want to vomit. Is that simply asexuality or could this be part of mental problems?
Jam Brownies (1 year ago)
Kati Morton That would really be helpful. Thank you so much!
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
I am so glad you enjoy the videos!! xoxo I can definitely talk about asexuality.. and all the reasons we can want or not want sex. Would that cover your questions?? xoxo Let me know! xox
Robert Willea (1 year ago)
I'm 6'1" an 280lbs My Dr. Told me to lose weight that was my problem I do have low testosterone I had to check with the doctor VA Doctor
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
Weight loss can help with erectile dysfunction. I did read about that as well. But low T can also be the cause. Hopefully your doctor can find out more information for you :) xox
Divya Utreja (1 year ago)
You are amazing! You simplify everything and make people feel okay...normal...when they hear you talk about something that might be happening in their life. Lots of love and keep up the great work :D <3
Divya Utreja (1 year ago)
Kati Morton I hope to become like you sometime in the future. I m doing masters in psychology at the moment. And I m sooo glad you replied ❤😀
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
Awe thanks!! I am so glad you find the videos helpful!! xoxo
Eva Lore (1 year ago)
First! Hi Kati, great video! I was wondering if you could talk about preparing for the loss of a loved one? I'm currently taking care of my father who is suffering from pancreatic cancer and going to pass soon, probably before Christmas. It's physically and mentally draining. I feel like I should prepare for the inevitable, but I don't know where to begin and I still have a tendency to avoid thinking about it. How do I do this?
Eva Lore (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
I am so sorry that you are going through this :( I have talked about losing someone who has been sick for a long time.. see if this video is helpful: https://youtu.be/W8DBZgAROpM as well as this one: https://youtu.be/HHmM1vlqVl8
Ameena (1 year ago)
I think she may have talked about this before, but you have to get therapy/counselling and go to a bereavement group. Also it would be good to watch her videos on bereavement and the stages of bereavement.
Jay Loves muffins!! (1 year ago)
I deal with low T. Can you please make a video about low T?
Kati Morton (1 year ago)
I totally can.. I will have to do some research, but more than happy to learn about it & create a video :) xoxo
Psygnostic (1 year ago)
Look up a channel called "bignoknow".

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