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Angry Casino Gamblers Caught on Camera

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Text Comments (41)
Doo Little (2 months ago)
Why must men take their shirts off when they fight? Oh I must take my shirt off, it will make me stronger.
Aaroni Peperoni (3 months ago)
Fuck yeah the guy with beard that got shirtless on the first first is hot 💖
Anyone who gambles on a computerized system deserves to lose - go play roulette !
brad lafferty (4 months ago)
That Hispanic woman knew if Jose got arrested AGAIN, she'd be raising Jose jr alone. Jose not a smart man
Ronnie Caporuscio (5 months ago)
Somebody needs to do that in the Northfield Rock Casino one of the dirtiest fucking casinos on the planet come on who's got the balls taking x to the fucking owners I'm tired of motherfukers taking my money kill all the fucking Casino owners I don't give a fuck if they're the mafia or not blow them motherfuckers they don't deserve the fucking live destroy all fucking machines Don't Hurt No people though I don't give a fuck blow the machines up take a tractor-trailer through the fucking Casino run all that shit over put them out of business for a while they're dirty rotten motherfukers man please somebody fucking do it
Ronnie Caporuscio (5 months ago)
Yes that's what I like to see that guy had every fucking right to destroy those fucking machines the owners of crooked motherfukers it worser than drug dealers unfortunately he should have grabbed the fucking owners and hit them with the fucking axx they're the ones who really deserve it take an axe to the fucking owner dirty rotten fucking crooked motherfukers kill them all kill all fucking Casino owners hopefully somebody will read this message and fucking and kill him they don't deserve the fucking live in casinos are crooked they don't all they do is take your fucking money don't give you shit in return
Ralph Filigenzi (8 months ago)
The brawl at 1:10 must be the Orleans casino in Vegas.
Daryl Ramos (10 months ago)
"You wanna go bitch lets go!" Instantly backs up 3 feet and waits for friends to jump in
Austacker (11 months ago)
Those people destroying the slot machines - doing god's work.
rainbowl1988 (1 year ago)
he did the right thing casino suck all your money
Metz (1 year ago)
I've broken a slot machine before then ran out of the place...they couldn't get me muhahaha
Apocolyptic Princess (1 month ago)
Your comment matches perfectly with your profile picture
Kirsteen Mór (1 year ago)
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Irinne Jacks (1 year ago)
Good one :)
allan88qt (1 year ago)
casino never loose money that why people can't take the loss
Buck Futtler (1 year ago)
they never lose either...
serratop (1 year ago)
not angry, but drunk
gggggggg (1 year ago)
lets think about it logically for a moment. its a preprogrammed machine that pays out less than it takes in, what the fuck do you expect to happen to your money???? fuck me, its not rocket science, the majority of wagers staked are losing bets.
aleksandar kostic (1 year ago)
fucking casino it all big scame and set up to take a money from people ...burn them all and would be no crises in world burn everyone who scaming you....it is a devils machinery ..it is a big SCAME ...TRUST ME I NOW.
Corporation (1 year ago)
making money of dumb people is not a scam.
Joseph B (1 year ago)
i wont lie, fucking up a slot has crossed my mind alot when i loose.
PODFUN (8 months ago)
Daryl Ramos no drinking for you at my casino
PODFUN (8 months ago)
Omg please don't come to my casino
Daryl Ramos (10 months ago)
Just accidentally spill some liquor inside it
David Michael (1 year ago)
Joseph B lose*
YoshTG (1 year ago)
but what do they expect? they play on a 0,5ev most of the time, ofc security & casino workers have to get paid somehow
carmen chubeck (1 year ago)
las vegas casino dealers
mesa45 (2 years ago)
are you kidding me....it took security that fuckin long to show up. every casino ive ever been to there is security just a few feet away.
PODFUN (8 months ago)
mesa45 don't you know security at the casino is really like that lizard meme where they're like oh hell no and the lizards running off replace lizard with cops when the donut store closes replace that with security at a casino equals truth
Marky (2 years ago)
wow the first one is class!!! smashes all the machines and walks out with his axe!!!
Christopher Drennan (2 years ago)
that guy in the first clip is a schizo.
thegougy (2 years ago)
actually the only logical thing to do with slots ;)
Kinga 050900 (2 years ago)
Word Unheard (2 years ago)
0:55 - 1:00 Zynga poker, whenever two or more people start talking
casino tek (2 years ago)
some bad slots days... ;) nice vid, thx for sharing.
J. Forgione (2 years ago)
What's with the Popeye-the-Sailor-Dork in the big brawl taking his shirt off? He was the first one taken away by the police-ROTFL!
bentan bent (4 months ago)
Destroyed the boss is better .
Stephen Luke (1 year ago)
J. Forgione white and black shirt. he walks up then hangs out by the column to the right till the fight was over
Stephen Luke (1 year ago)
J. Forgione funny thing about that if you re watch the video he hangs out in the back the entire time till the fight is over then he steps up and takes his shirt off lol
Mike Brophy (1 year ago)
J. Forgione lmao that's hilarious
Lotus Bee (2 years ago)
good video

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