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Growtopia I Legendary Player Caught Playing Casino [Must Watch]

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Hello Guys,Lebien has been caught playing casino! Please be informed i don't own this video Obunaga:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7QxPLAxo7g Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6IaUMAg3Dc
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Text Comments (142)
Erikaszz Grinding (7 months ago)
I have a some screenies Brebbiamats playing csn, renting his friends 21dls.
OzzTheGoaT (7 months ago)
I. Just watched For the first Time and I saw someone wearing razor wings so date is legit
EmpIrE_Yt (7 months ago)
DonatedvMe Your Dl In world 29DE
I have 269 subs wanan make a team and we road to 1k.
Ashton 5000 (7 months ago)
Lebien is a scammed!
Clash With Me (8 months ago)
Soo what that she bets? Its her dls she can do anything with them.Its not illegal to bet its illegal to HOST! And not only her. If we hate her now soo what can we say abou SCREEPY DONATAS huh?
annabelle hello (7 months ago)
Cookie Studio (8 months ago)
Did anyone see 9999 views?
Terra Legend (8 months ago)
LeBien is evil anyways, But one things occurred to me, *Why hasn't the system or the mods banned them?*
Blank Gaming (8 months ago)
If he permanently banned her,it would be unfair because other csn players only get cursed so she also get the same thing but I prefer having casino players banned for like 30 days so that they would learn about their mistakes
ClickBait Video (8 months ago)
I got alot proof
ClickBait Video (8 months ago)
I got alot proof
ClickBait Video (8 months ago)
LeBien are scam !
Earl Mcansson (8 months ago)
Unsub Lebien
Chorps09 gt (8 months ago)
free pass id Ckry09 pass kontol123 pro akunn
Rokamenas GT (8 months ago)
Lol who cares that he play lol trying to get more subs br bullshit or clickbait dumb ass
Ywnm (8 months ago)
It's true o think I saw someone with similar name few months ago and video is 6 months ago
Growtopiaxd Forumskdmsk (8 months ago)
The Gacha PH (8 months ago)
Fp he s making for video
iOfc FORTNITE (7 months ago)
is this a skit or something couse lebien dosent scam and hes right about her comment talk about ur self first
CringeAtMe_gt (7 months ago)
are u dumb?
Rem Chan (7 months ago)
u clearly dont even know that lebien is a BOY and not a girl. hmm fanboy but doesnt know that lebien issa guy? doesnt quite add up homie. BTW, if u do some actual researching (which doesnt actually require much), u can find tons of vids on lebien (or wallah, if u prefer) scamming people hundreds and thousands of DLS. : ) pls stfu and actually go watch those vids instead of supporting an oh-so-glorious legend player/dumb youtuber WHO BY THE WAY, GETS AWAY *SCOT FREE* FROM BANS !! wow, GT community sure is cancerous!
Ywnm (8 months ago)
Syahmi DM only if they use the item they will buy
Preseted (8 months ago)
iOfc gt Well, actually she just left TEMPER dead when all of the spots are sold. The spot buyers [Including me], we don't get any profits anymore like, AT ALL. So I'm very disappointed about what Wick and Leb do..
Zraxu GT (8 months ago)
Wicker i guess LeBien's not your manager of temper anymore after you have watched the video
Ywnm (8 months ago)
Bruh video is 6 months ago and wicker did see it he commented but maybe changed
SATURN GT (8 months ago)
Yeah, so don't treat her like a scammer...
Le Medic (8 months ago)
Maybe it's not a scammer but breaking a rule is not cool
SATURN GT (8 months ago)
A lot of it doesn't have fact behind it. Plus playing casino doesn't make someone a scammer. Neither does hosting it, its just not allowed anymore. And just to be safe they will ban you even if you don't scam hosting a casino.
Resta Nanda (8 months ago)
World:askyshop Growid:mrkelpo
Rip n Dip (8 months ago)
Its not bad to get fkings wls in csn -.-
Le Medic (8 months ago)
It's not 2015 when casino was legal
Le Medic (8 months ago)
And why in the love of god you were playing casino
Preseted (8 months ago)
Pogi S It's illegal actually...
Blank Gaming (8 months ago)
howcome if it is illegal?
9v1 VG (8 months ago)
Lol fpfp
Brozeus (8 months ago)
Aksa Negara (8 months ago)
Nama:aksaxgt_525 Name world:goiya
Andi Atira (8 months ago)
Growid:fadhil1324 World:ltd198
Utamajaya Komputer (8 months ago)
zKathx (8 months ago)
Guys when lebien was playing casino she didnt know that its illegal please stop bullying
Momm _GT (30 days ago)
zKathx lol go watch lebein scamer
Roadto 10K (7 months ago)
ojj1234567890 Didn't say that, just defending LeBien cuz I'm bored and I like to fight haters.
Nitromodd (7 months ago)
zKathx Gt you clearly know her? U mean him?
ItsMe (7 months ago)
Someone with Katana doesn't know that casino is illegal ? LOL
Roadto 10K (7 months ago)
Hypnix You didn't understand what I just said, this is just a game, your taking it seriously? The game will be deleted in years anyway, so whats the point?
SoapsKing GTI (8 months ago)
Grow id :ZROXx World: PIXSG
SPONS0R GT (8 months ago)
I don't hate anyone but most of legends cheat with getting dls by casino and scamming (most casino) I don't hate anyone. Note: don't misunderstand me I said "most" not all so don't reply to me Rude things Remember i don't hate anyone just saying :)
Nur Umairah (8 months ago)
Why always lebien? U Think Just Lebien Play casino? -_- Ur self Play Too
Roadto 10K (7 months ago)
Rem Chan Besides, I'm a boy, I'm not a fan of LeBien, I just like to fight haters and see ratkids fight about a really small thing.
Roadto 10K (7 months ago)
Rem Chan Meh, cuz in this video, the title says *LEGENDARY PLAYER PLAYS CASINO* its gambling not scamming
Rem Chan (7 months ago)
Nick I gota isnt that what i typed lol
lil Nicky (7 months ago)
Rem Chan (7 months ago)
dOeSnT mEaN hE dOeS iT eVeRy dAy. okay but what about the proof that lebien is actually wallah, and that he scams? uHH okay. yall fangirls just gonna ignore the fact that she has scammed tons of dls, sure. my bestfriend got scammed 16 dls by lebien :)
John Niño (8 months ago)
GROWID:FelizaSecuya World:6UAM TY
Kexto 10 (8 months ago)
So lebien is Wallah
Ywnm (8 months ago)
Dino Adrif (8 months ago)
Tofuh - ROS (8 months ago)
Evilspark (8 months ago)
Lol LeBien was probably playing this at FX it was a casino before they were illegal then people started getting scammed and shit so they make an announcment
X - R (8 months ago)
The Owner Of World FX is sydeFX (Idk)
Blank Gaming (8 months ago)
this is illegal when she play it,as you can see the host is noob and he's using a new account so that his main won't get banned.
HEEL GT (8 months ago)
You know that casinos were legal once right?
AlyMky (8 months ago)
yes, but this video is new bro and as we all know his a scammer and his making people plays in his friend/brother casino so he could scam lol or maybe make illegal profit
Annaz Firisky (8 months ago)
Hamka putraGT the HOST or OWNER is using alt acc so he won't worry if he got banned mean it is ILLEGAL
ItsKindaSecret :P (8 months ago)
Rashan GT the Host??? Ei Wha Happen
Blank Gaming (8 months ago)
lmao,did you even realize what I am pointing?I said it's illegal right now when she played it because the "HOST" meaning the one who controls the casino duh
ItsKindaSecret :P (8 months ago)
Rashan GT His Name LEBIEN its Same And If Its Second ACC WHY HAVE Legendary katana wtf. HE Wont Do That Lmao ;3
DanZ Gaming (8 months ago)
GrowID:QynzxJr World:o6wh
I don't watch kinda videos make me sick with LeBien. Its a fucking scammer!
Ichigo Kurosaki (9 months ago)
Everyone has done something bad in there GT life, Its normal! So dont use famous players names to get more views! Aka money I hate people like u. Gtfo man
Blank Gaming (9 months ago)
fyi this is my channel so I can post anything I want. not only that I don't earn money on this,can't you see this is a 3 minute video? does this video have ads? I'm doing videos because I'm having fun with it. If you don't like my content then go away. I hate people like you,people that doesn't have a brain.
JamesWick Gt (9 months ago)
Omg i done subscribe
JamesWick Gt (9 months ago)
My growid:bjpogi22 My world:0I8I
LEB Games (1 year ago)
You stole the guy video to get views. So talk about ur self first hehe
CringeAtMe_gt (7 months ago)
damn wallah ur so CUTE AHAHHAHAHAHA little piece of shit
Sgl_ Bigred (7 months ago)
LEB Games fuck u wallah
SATURN GT (8 months ago)
Again, please stop acting like you are me. And yes the rules say its not allowed. Here : ''asking player's to pay for a chance to win something''. And if you think 2 day's is 1864 hours then yeah, I did start Yesterday :D
AlyMky (8 months ago)
if you read the rules closely you know betting is not allowed dweeb lol you seem like you started growtopia yesterday dmn boi
AlyMky (8 months ago)
or maybe he will make wicker10 your friend hahah thats the reason your defending him
Hilmi Maulana (1 year ago)
Me subs you name growid : CONVICgt_251 name world:diofc
Arkaan Hafidz (1 year ago)
Reupload from obunaga lolzz
Norivelis (1 year ago)
Dude if he want play to double your wls...!?!?!
WeakEr 011 (1 year ago)
you sub me me sub u back
Kaltim Pro (1 year ago)
id sucigti world:dimas683
OneT0uch _ (1 year ago)
Id gatrej world gatrej already sub and like i hope i win
SwagDurt GT (1 year ago)
I have subbed and liked :) Can I get a sub aswell?
Ponnies GT (1 year ago)
Ponnies FarmLowKey
Majji66 Gaming Vids (1 year ago)
I subbed and liked now sub me
Blank Gaming (1 year ago)
done :)
Wayne Art (1 year ago)
I watched in full , cmt and sub for U. View and Sub me back
Blank Gaming (1 year ago)
done :)
Kane Thomas (1 year ago)
Hey, Nice channel. You deserve a lot more subs! I host a shoutout series which might be able to boost your subs if you would like to enter all you need to do is sub to me and tell me why you should win :)
Blank Gaming (1 year ago)
ty :]
PokemonFlame (1 year ago)
1st like and comment

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