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Top 10 Best Young Football Players 2018

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Text Comments (1210)
SEN31 (3 months ago)
The ranking is base on they form THIS SEASON ONLY .
matheus silva (1 month ago)
NeoSpartanHesperos9 (1 month ago)
So no defenders?
Samuele Senatore (1 month ago)
SEN31 Ok,Milinkovic Savic?
carlos cornejo (2 months ago)
And javier lozano from PSV?
Zuta BANANA (2 months ago)
SEN31 For me J.Kluivert must be on this list
Bahaeddine Mestini (7 hours ago)
Where is harit
pillo brothers (22 hours ago)
pillo brothers (22 hours ago)
pillo brothers (22 hours ago)
rashford ¿¿¿¿¿
badness it name (1 day ago)
Dele Alli is better than mbappe Mbappe is in a easier league
John Blackz (1 day ago)
Were is Leon Bailey
Janusz Tracz (2 days ago)
where is neymar ? he is now older sort player
Deniz Oyunda (4 days ago)
Asensio is my favourite
Shut up stupid American Dele Alli fucks your moms, such as Russian
Ibrahim Ahmed (5 days ago)
My favourite mbappe
GAMING ZONE (5 days ago)
ACCER KING 10711 (5 days ago)
name the song of pulisic
LORD SKiDDLES (5 days ago)
rumma stoni (5 days ago)
Dybala and Coutinho the sussesors oficina Maradona and pele
Daniel Alonso Golan (5 days ago)
Sane is a very good player but i think that the number 1 would be Asensio
Shivnarayan Brahma (6 days ago)
You should put name on the intro because they are new players so everyone does not know there names
DonBros (6 days ago)
No Milinkovic-Savic? Lol.
Ipoopyalot (7 days ago)
Wow daaady
Mohamed Fall (8 days ago)
Leroy sane should havd played for senegal in the worldcup
Syedbader Hussain (8 days ago)
My favourite is mbappe
aa (8 days ago)
Vinícius Júnior?
Ranjan Giri (8 days ago)
i think pulisic and mbappe were the god of young footballers
FİFASTAR Zeki (8 days ago)
Mbappe is the best young player
geogamer saba (8 days ago)
Timo werner is 25 years old
Ajit Avhad (9 days ago)
Dembele should be up the list.
Shaun Kouadio (9 days ago)
zeno Veno (9 days ago)
pulisic so underated
Shamir Avalos (9 days ago)
Mansour Diakhate (9 days ago)
mane salah hazar?
Como se llama la musica del intro?
Ahmed Imran (11 days ago)
Rashford over comane m8
Max Schultzwild (12 days ago)
You forgot Gelson Martins
Othon Rios (12 days ago)
H lozano?
Meng Sue (12 days ago)
saul is better than them
tsunami tutu (12 days ago)
Jesus died at the age of 33 and Jesus taking the no.33 is it a coincidence?
Kashir 07 (13 days ago)
Dre' Don (13 days ago)
Where his sterling isn't a 23 yr old a young player, just saying..Great Vid thou
this is not fear where's Marcus Rashford young Talent in england .
Marcus Rashford > Kingsly Coman
Manolito (14 days ago)
Lol Sané is not even at the WC !! And he is not the best young football player right now. Mbappé is !
Perlica Pernica (14 days ago)
Dembele, Mbappe, Assensio, Milenkovic Savic and Gabriel Jesus, Rodrygo are best young players for me
kate kal (14 days ago)
asensio's goals are fantastic
Gekke Lama (14 days ago)
Were is Rashford
i-Doneall (15 days ago)
how is Jesus better than Werner?
Olaseinde Emmanuel (15 days ago)
will pick asensio over sane...not to talk of Mbappe
Lord Gregory Han (15 days ago)
Pffff... I’m not even a Madrid supporter but asensio should be number one
Laura Rg (15 days ago)
Its not apparecce ¡GONCALO GUEDES¡
Perez Cristiano (15 days ago)
these is base on premier league stupid logic how on earth is sane even better than asensio or mbappe hahahaha
Riccardo Ciuti (15 days ago)
Where is milinkovic savic?
Luspa Don (16 days ago)
Guys why are you forgetting dembele he is a beast!
How to Smith (16 days ago)
Looking all these comments complementing sane, feel so sad that he's not play in world cup
Veljko R (16 days ago)
Sergej Milinkovic Savic?
Titir Sengupta (16 days ago)
Mbappe+Alli+Dembele= Magic.
Stepan Razin (16 days ago)
Cengiz under?? He played semifinal with rome
jordan abraham (16 days ago)
Martial and coman .not rashord. He is better than both of them. Dele is better than assensio. Dele is most proved yong players in this list.
Abdelrahem Lafy (16 days ago)
You should to see seire a Moise kain , peligrini , donaroma... ect
Abda Ray (19 days ago)
Bang tentang bolanya kasih tau lebih banyak lagi!
Yuh (19 days ago)
Ronaldo and Messi at 19 were shitting everybody beyond any level that these guys are on
jimynuma5634 (20 days ago)
chuky lozano
St0rm (21 days ago)
I really feel violated knowing that you forgot Rashford ;-;
Samuel Adedeji (21 days ago)
Neymar came at the wrong time. these kids will wrestle with him for balon d 'or. the truth is these kids are really really good, reliable and consistent for about at least 2 seasons now. SEN31 thanks for the good job.
Gerusio GsR (21 days ago)
Weak ranking Why Coutinho isn't there?
Arsene Wenger (21 days ago)
In 5 years France will be so OP
Duffy Vanessa (21 days ago)
I feel like: Asencio: young Ronaldo Sane : young Messi Mbappe : young Neymar
Duffy Vanessa (19 days ago)
The best young player in the world not sure, i think ronaldo is serving as a model for asencio and that he is going to follow his footsteps
Sane young Ronaldo and Asensio young messi
LUL Mohamud (22 days ago)
1 Sane 2 Asensio 3 Martial 4 Jesus 5 Mbappe 6 Rashford 7 Dembele 8 Dele Alli 9 Coman 10 Pulisic honorable mentions Dominic solanke loftus cheek Alex Iwoi
Matthew Graul (23 days ago)
10. Rashford 9. Lozano 8. Pulisic 7. Dembele 6. Allí 5. Jesús 4. Kimmich 3. Sane 2. Mbappe 1. Asensio
Sassy Ranma (23 days ago)
Marco Asensio!
yunis jelle (23 days ago)
Sane Asensio Martial Mbappe Jesus Rashford Dembele Alli Coman Pulisic
Milán (24 days ago)
Asensio ❤
Jorge Luis Segurola (24 days ago)
This players are great dribblers and runners, but only a few of them proved that they are big game players (specially mbappe and Asensio), they do it well in their leagues, scoring some goals and giving some assists, but they are not so decisives in big games, they have a lot of fandom cause they are young and their haircuts are cool, but I prefer a winning team. Best in the world are Messi, Ronaldo, Modric, Marcelo, Suarez, Muller etc experienced players that win matches
ELraze (25 days ago)
Dele alli over coman no way
houcine ak sash (25 days ago)
Mbappe is just strong when i saw him i tought he had like 24 years but damn man hes just 19 i 100 sure he will get a ballon dor cz hes so strong fast and tall remember me
Eric Wayodi (26 days ago)
mbappe should be number 1
YJ 21 (27 days ago)
song wirner
Medelhavs Korv (28 days ago)
Imo asensio is getting overrated, his stats are average.
Mattia Barbieri (28 days ago)
Dembelè is terrible
Jmoii Neymar (29 days ago)
Leroy sané and Marco Asensio are The Bests
Amin Solihin (29 days ago)
Asensio,mbappe and sane can be deadly trio
Raphäel (30 days ago)
Anyone else think Gabriel Jesus is overrated
bast ali (30 days ago)
Mbappe the Best
LeandroChannel (1 month ago)
Bernardo Silva?
Fernando Morientes (1 month ago)
Sané and Asensio
Luccas Pacheco (1 month ago)
reis nation (1 month ago)
1 assensio 2 mbabe 3 sane
reis nation (1 month ago)
Assensio and mbabe beter than sane
Abdulmohsen Alzayer (1 month ago)
Where is Pele
Boss (1 month ago)
Mbappé 19 old Sané 22 old
PPX EDITZ (1 month ago)
Hacker ok
atanderson93 (1 month ago)
Mourinho is an idiot for wasting so much money on Sanchez when he had Martial
Tijmen Freriks (1 month ago)
you forgot mathijs de ligt
Ali Haji (1 month ago)
lorey sane is a magical player but keep your mind pulisic, he is unstoppable i think there is another magical player you have forget Arthur malo Brazilian play maker watch again and again new inesta
kenneth (1 month ago)
abhishek yadav Hace 1 mes Leroy sane , Hes the future star. What hes been doin all this season is just world class.
Bunny Kinda (1 month ago)
Werner is good dribling
abel MABALA (1 month ago)
Fusion Theboss (1 month ago)
Maxi Gomez has the most headed goals in top 5 euro leagues and has 17 in total #underrated
Marco asensio is on fire and dele ali hard work
Kai Rat (1 month ago)
Mbape Music?
The Half Chops (1 month ago)
I like how they forgot Gelson Martins lol
Dulat Tagaev (1 month ago)
Asensio super 💪💪💪👍👍
BosniaKing 1 (1 month ago)
Dembele is worts player

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