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Top 10 Best Young Football Players 2018

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Text Comments (893)
SEN31 (26 days ago)
The ranking is base on they form THIS SEASON ONLY .
Zuta BANANA (3 days ago)
SEN31 For me J.Kluivert must be on this list
Steve III (6 days ago)
F Nitro 😂😂 dybala might have a baby face but he's the same age as pogba and lukaku the guy is turning 25 this year and that's not very young he's almost in his prime
Steve III (6 days ago)
David Uchitel like he said the video is based on form this season dembele hasn't been in form because he was injured for half the season
F Nitro (6 days ago)
Guys !!! Where is Paulo Dybala ??????? He s very young and very very well player
Andrea _jtv_ (7 days ago)
SEN31 paulo dybala?
Mikaplayz YT (9 hours ago)
rashford is better than pulisic
Why you are not write the names
Roxad Lesley (1 day ago)
Coman should be #1
DiamondCreeperPro (1 day ago)
Of course Sane 1 they won league
azua ikmal (1 day ago)
leroy Sane
li88pieces (1 day ago)
Dembele hahahahahahahahaha so bad this guy, he doesn't even know what to do with the ball hahahaha 150 million the theft of the century. Werner could be an interesting option for Real Madrid for a low cost, same with Pulistic, Martial? I think Rasforhd is better than him. Marco Asensio pure class what a vision of the game that he has *^*, and his magic passes and his shoots . Mbappe is just pure speed nothing more, he reminds me a lot of Dembele, it's like he's clumsy with the ball in his foot. Sane awesome dribbling and speed
YAZ Club (2 days ago)
Cutrone ???
Fjdxj Ujxjc (2 days ago)
Amine Harit next SCHALKE supertalent after Leroy
amin Məmmədzadə (2 days ago)
Dele alli ❤❤
labib rohoman (3 days ago)
i think mbappe should be in no 1 and dembele in asensios position
Катя Борька (3 days ago)
strong , I were in shocker from what you saw
Alex Lynch (3 days ago)
Probably should have done top 15, to include the likes of Sterling, Leon Bailey, Rashford etc.cuz they have been in form especially sterling and Leon
Ilias El Boudihi (4 days ago)
Ascensio 3the he scored 2 beautiful goals that doesn't mean that he is better than dembele
Wooow awesome, U hv done a great work. Mbappe is a Goat. I like watching him play
Diego Bernini (4 days ago)
Dembele hahahahahhaha This season was shit
Luka Bakoc (4 days ago)
Forgot Paulo Dybala bro
David Nunes (4 days ago)
ToniCR7 BG (4 days ago)
Where are Rashford,Lingard and Goretzka ?
El mejor jugador del mundo será mbapee
Cool Brothers (5 days ago)
wtf dembele u ent savage
Mohamad Ali El Saifi (6 days ago)
Mbappe is 18 or 19
Claudia Brown (6 days ago)
Ousmane Dembele
Gouled Djama (6 days ago)
Awesome video you did a great job keep it up
Nick Greensage (6 days ago)
Sane can’t stay on sides for shit 😂😭
Tonkpils CZ (7 days ago)
Rashford? 😔
? ? (7 days ago)
Asensio BEST
NT7Comps (7 days ago)
Aziz Yılmaz (7 days ago)
Neymar is 26 age messi 29 ronaldo 34 and iniesta 35
João Soares (8 days ago)
Gelson Martins???🤔where is??
Alysson Alves (8 days ago)
faltou o gigio donnaruma
Alysson Alves (8 days ago)
esses são os meus garotos no fifa 18
Vaclav Dolezal (8 days ago)
Where is rashford lingard etc
Mikes Tv (8 days ago)
Werner 👍
Noam Rc (8 days ago)
Rick Bloemers (8 days ago)
Ŕicky Kurosawa (9 days ago)
Sane is blessed with everything but he have the tendency to hold the ball for so much time and try to dribble past the defenders by his own everytime when teammates are in better position to score...got frustated watching him vs Liverpool when once KBD was open to score .
Ŕicky Kurosawa (9 days ago)
Left foot of Asensio is god gifted but he needs to improve his pace in training and have to stop giving the back passes everytime when surrounded by the defenders. #Halamadrid❤
Everton Felipe (9 days ago)
Marcus Rashford?
Cris Carrasco (9 days ago)
Justin kluiviert ?
Gui Games BR (9 days ago)
My top 5 0 dybala 1 sane 2 pulisc 3 mbappe 4 wenner 5
Hardy Vlogs (9 days ago)
Where is dybala
angry puppy4 (9 days ago)
I am American so pulisic is my hero
Aloroister Causi (10 days ago)
sebastian araujo (10 days ago)
Name of minute músic 4:50 please
Miguel Toledo (10 days ago)
Music 0:03 ? Nombre de la cancion favor?
Ernesto de Alba (10 days ago)
amazing, other great young players: Goretzka, Weigl, Malcom, Neres, Harit, Brandt, Keita, Tielemans, Bailey
Roger Cruz (10 days ago)
Musica de la intro?
Global All Videos (10 days ago)
Manchester United (11 days ago)
Where is rashford ???
1life To live (11 days ago)
Lol bro you forgot to put their names
Nik BG (11 days ago)
This gay is fan of man city
Sofia orozco (11 days ago)
Marco 😍👑
What is your Gamertag (11 days ago)
I’m a Tottenham fan but sane is good and so Is dele
sadia amjad (11 days ago)
Joseph Sanchez (11 days ago)
I like Leroy sane
Lewis FFC (11 days ago)
What about Ryan sessegnon age 17?
CrazyPOCO LOCO (11 days ago)
Christian Pulisic is a great player for the future,dont get me wrong currently he still is ag reat player but in the future who knows what talent he brings
jessilicious243 (12 days ago)
Its better for next time to put their age nation and all , it’s just a suggestion . Good thing there is 4 french in it 🙏🏾😘😘.
Angel Gonzalez (12 days ago)
Irving lozano - leon goretzka-dybala
Kevin Enriquez (12 days ago)
You forgot Hirving lozano
OLeX (12 days ago)
There's missing Harit and Goretzka.. lol
Lee Dan (13 days ago)
Asensio is d best
Juan Kila22 (13 days ago)
Weres el shaarawy he is 24 and plays good. You need to watch more of hes goals
Diego Ramírez (13 days ago)
What is the name of the intro song
Tb-ga Somalida (13 days ago)
Rashford is next Ronaldo
Hugo Rodriguez (13 days ago)
falto Lozano del PSV
75Oblur (14 days ago)
My ass Sané is better than Mbappé
Asura _ (14 days ago)
Why is Martial rated higher than Dele Alli? Obviously Dele Alli is better.
nikhil hagawane (14 days ago)
I think you miss leon goretzka
mihail shallo (14 days ago)
1mbappe 2sane 3dembele 4asensjo 5gabriel jesus 6pulisic 7rashford 8d.sanchez 9werner 10brandt
Giorgos Valavanidis (14 days ago)
Who is better? Leroy sane or Sadio mane?
Diogo Ruan (15 days ago)
Sané on fire .
Folaju George (15 days ago)
Nice one but you forgot Rashford... 😂
Royal Wes (15 days ago)
What about Paulo Dybala
Kuchiki Byakuya (15 days ago)
sane the beast
Nick CA (15 days ago)
How is Donnarumma not on here?
kimo nouini (15 days ago)
kluivert jr????
趙子丹 (15 days ago)
Dark Knight543 (15 days ago)
is asensio not even better than mbappe i mean did you see mbappe against real he got lost and was not nowhere to be seen
Andrei Vlasie (16 days ago)
where's Rashford
totalverzockt (16 days ago)
Joshua Kimmich is the best
Marwan gamer (16 days ago)
Sane and mbappe
Sorin gaitu (16 days ago)
zombie (16 days ago)
Joao Contreiras (16 days ago)
Justin Kluivert?
CR7 TFM (16 days ago)
where salah sun of bitch fuck you nigga
Insane In the brain (16 days ago)
You missed Marcus rashford... Deslike
hack men (16 days ago)
Leroy sanè is my dad
Tadhg Melady (16 days ago)
Christian Pulisic is so underrated
Jimmy Simon (16 days ago)
I completely agree with this Top 10 video. Great video 👌💪💯
Delano Blanco (16 days ago)
Fosu mensah
Negster (16 days ago)
Sane is amazing but Mbappe has to be number 1
Shardul Rajwade (16 days ago)
which is the starting song?
Eldin Markovic (16 days ago)
I think Asensio is better than mbape
Pənah Cəfərli (16 days ago)
Pənah Cəfərli (16 days ago)
Paulo dybala
Pop corn sucré (17 days ago)
Mbappe is stronger than sane
GiorgiImnadzeTV (17 days ago)
intro music??
Spicy Juune (17 days ago)
Dembele, Coman, Martial, Mbappe.. France's gonna be great.

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