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The Rise of Fentanyl: Drug Addiction On The I-95 – Two Years On

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Drug overdose is now the main cause of death for Americans under the age of 50, they are more likely to die from a drug overdose than a car accident or gun. More than 70,000 people died from overdoses last year as opioids and illegal fentanyl – which is up to 50 times stronger than heroin – unleashed the worst public health crisis in American history. Two years ago, BBC News reported on the growing problem of opioid addiction in the US, now we return to find out what happened to the people we met along our journey down the notorious I-95, the interstate that runs from Florida to Maine, and to see what has become of their struggle against addiction. If you, or someone you know, have been affected by addiction, the following organisations may be able to help.: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1kS7QTDB16PWkywhsXJLzxz/information-and-support-addiction-alcohol-drugs-and-gambling -- Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: http://bit.ly/BBC-Three-Subscribe Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three: www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/bbcthree Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcthree Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcthree Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcthree Tumblr: http://bbcthree.tumblr.com Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.
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A'mari DJ Mona-Lisa (4 hours ago)
Have to take a break from watching this; my heart is full to the brim.
marijuana maintenance (6 hours ago)
im looking to help people through laughter and openness about my own addictions https://youtu.be/ZVu8_9jdLNo
Natalia Rodriguez (8 hours ago)
Escribo en español porque soy latinoamericana...bueno yo opino que este es un problema a nivel mundial la gente se vuelve adicta porque es una manera de suicidarse ..el mundo esta lleno de prejuicios y indiferencia...nadie te llama ni te busca nadie te dice que te ama si no hay dinero o algun interes de por medio vivimos en un mundo material lleno de odio y resentimientos ...si hubiera ese amor que todos necesitamos ya no exisitirian los suicidas los adictos los vendedores de drogas las prostitutas las.mafias ...
Southtacomamook (9 hours ago)
Good people get addicted. Usually starts through a doctor. A major injury or something. It happened to me, I was a leader in the community and went to living on the streets. All I wanted was my life back from the minute I figured out I was addicted. Unless you been on opiates you don't understand the physical pain, not sleeping, wanting death hoping it's better than the withdrawals. Losing all sense of self. It's like becoming a vampire, without the lifeblood your in a physical state worse than death. Since clean I've broken my back, burnt a finger to to where the bone was exsposed. The pain from those injuries failed in comparison. You can't imagine the pain and suffering. There are no words for it. It's almost super natural. No matter how a person gets addicted it's the same. I never imagined I'd pull my life together at the height of my addiction. I'm making well over six figures. Suboxone saved my life.
diana3741 (11 hours ago)
What better way for the communist Democrat's and Soros who thinks he's a God to depopulate the earth for their New World Order than with Fentanyl. They only want 500 million people left for their slaves. They've been working with the Mexican Cartel since Obama got in office.
Christ Believer (13 hours ago)
7 years clean by the grace of God!!!
Miguel Hernandez (8 hours ago)
Christ Believer GOD BLESS YOU
Patrick Stephenson (13 hours ago)
This is very sad ! There is no future in this but jail or death ! Big pharm did a great job getting everyone hooked ! And then just leaving them in the streets for the dealers to prey on ! This is what America does to its forgotten ! Its all over ! working just as the government planned RIP !
Trey Indica (19 hours ago)
It makes me do things that I normally wouldn't do. Lie. Manipulate. I've never been like the person to lie and tell stories, and to, you know, try and get over it,
Trey Indica (19 hours ago)
My mom's in the other room with my child and, and I just kind of nodded off and I felt OK for a little bit. And my mom's voice got distant and then everything went black. And I had the baby in my arms and I go into the bathroom and she is passed out, gurgling and drooling from the mouth, leaning against the wall, sitting on the toilet.
Trey Indica (19 hours ago)
BLAME OURSELVES !!! WHO MADE THIS DRUG? IT WAS MAD IN A LAB!! WHO THOUGHT WE NEED SOMETHING at least 50 times stronger than heroin ...I've had my battles with that mother fucker...my best friend od and died Feb7th 2010
angelshalo28 (20 hours ago)
Praying for deliverance Drugs is not the answer Jesus is. Repent cry out to the Lord HE will set you free from addiction! I am living proof msg me if you need help. God bless
COB (22 hours ago)
The source of all of this the BIG PHARMAS it's important to understand that an opiate/opioid addiction was first brought by those compagnies and the doctor's office where you are prescriebed the drug .. for 5 months I used Percocet which contains Acetaminophen and the Opioid Oxycodone in it and I was getting it from my dentist .. Now knowing how it is to get high on this stuff I understand how it leads to addiction and heroin which is now often laced with Fentanyl .. Sad sad world ..
Cynthia Harris (1 day ago)
any person that picks drugs over their kids should not be a parent. We all have a choice in life and your kids should come first no matter what.
CANNIBALCORPSE666 (9 hours ago)
Cynthia Harris exactly and they can’t use the it’s a sickness excuse I know close friends that have battled heroin and they are all like “it’s our actions we are responsible for them” it is not a disease people just say that but the users feel different, thank you for commenting this, also my mom always tells me she would never do anything to harm me and my sister and she stuck to it always has now she counsels kids with crappy meth parents at a school it’s terrible the things people do.
Sara Cason (1 day ago)
Fentanyl, rhymes with Ventanyl
ŠĀĐ ŚŤÖŃËŘ (1 day ago)
| | \/ That person is correct people do this to escape this world
ŠĀĐ ŚŤÖŃËŘ (1 day ago)
Damm poor baby. This shit makes me feel like giving up hope.
Daughter Of A King (1 day ago)
These damn drug dealers dont care who they kill
jake hanzvik (1 day ago)
I’m not going to sympathize with any of these people, they make the choices that put them in this situation.
Jennifer Carroll (1 day ago)
This isn’t coming with a certain class, race, or any thing else! It’s happening even in the best of families. Keep your eyes open and bend over backwards to help your friends and family off this shit or lose them just like I did my father and just recently my brother. It starts usually with prescription meds.
ian foley (1 day ago)
I live in a small town in Ireland and Fentanyl is here, Young guys like zombies.. It's a disaster coming to a lot of unsuspecting families
Natty Games (1 day ago)
Natural selection also remove disease with choice
Opioid addiction is a sheer fucking HELL
Mike E (1 day ago)
Fuck these people
Lisa Yu (1 day ago)
Kelly Kaos (1 day ago)
I almost lost my life to addiction before I met my husband and had my son, that I opened my eyes. I have lost so many people, one recently last month...it's honestly more then I can count on 2 hands. I live in NJ by Camden, look up the death rate and what kind of area that is. I lived on the streets there for almost a year. It's awful and tragic.
Hagen Rehmsmeier (1 day ago)
instead of catching the dealers you punish the customers 45:00 why????
Hagen Rehmsmeier (1 day ago)
carfentanyl is even more dangerous than fentanyl its about ten times stronger than fentanyl so 1000x times stronger per milligram than morphine is
Cherokee Miller (1 day ago)
My brother was 1 of them.... Broke my heart.... 2yrs next week since he died... I'm still broken..... GET HELP PLEASE
Laurie Burgess (1 day ago)
I hate that you say OPIOIDS, I am chronically ill and have to take opioids to live each day worth the day. I am tired of the doctor's not giving pains killers for chronic pain patients . I have to pay for the addicts. I told you below that my daughter died from fentanyl but I don't take meds like that. I take them to function each day and have taken them for 20 years. I have had no record of using them out of control. Look at my record, and it is not abused. What about people like me and so many others with debilitating pain every fucking day. I can't work, and the social security have denied me twice, and I am going for a third time. I am going to raise my daughter's two sons and I have to function to take great care of them. They are getting raised Christian and will never see a public indoctrinated school. I have to have my medication because over the counter is bad for my liver. I have been there. I have quit every drug (Pain) and I don't have withdraw. I am taking something now that I will not mention but it helps my pain and my pain level is about a 4 and I can function. The doctor's and nurses are disgusting these days. I had a two hour panic attack about a month ago and then I had something weird happen to my legs where I kept collapsing and the doctor's can't figure it out. I know what medicine that works but they don't want to give it to me because of the abusers and I had a gran mal seizure in May of last year and I still haven't gotten any help with meds for it as of yet. They want to give me this Lamectal or something like that which is like Depakote. NO WAY, been there, and will not take any ANTI DEPRESSANTS EVER> They re highly addictive and they are chemical lobotomies. I just want regular phenobarbital. I had this seizure nd I had my ex husband called the ambulance because I thought I was going to die. THe police showed up with fire and EMS and the cops said to my ex husband that if I am Overdosing, I am GOING TO JAIL. The EMS man checked me out and told the dickhead cop that this woman is NO Overdosing but was having tremor's or a seizure. My husband was pissed the pig would say such a thing. I know there are many people who overdose in Sumpter TWNSHP but not me. I dislike the corporate, socialist medical complex. They are all women PA's and NP's females. I hate female medical careworkers. They are all have suspicions that EVERYONE IS ON DRUGS AND ADDICTS. THey are addicts but are quiet about it. Read about these bitches. NURSES ARE NAZI's. They are hypocrites and there are more addicts in the hospital and are worse that street addicts. They are keep it quiet, sent them to rehab after stealing patient drugs and shoot that up and go to work HIGH. SO quit talking about the addict on the street. The nurses are driving high too. Doctor's too. I know for a fact about these people. HEROIN and COCAINE they take to.
G R (2 days ago)
White people take drugs... no!
TheSocialHandGrenade (2 days ago)
6:27 was that Coolio?
Georgia McDonough (2 days ago)
I understand the people not wanting to go to hospital. I live in Australia, but it's like super expensive even as an inpatient for one night there right? Most of these people wouldn't be able to afford it/have insurance etc
Chi B. (2 days ago)
So people who did crack received prison sentences....but these people are considered to be sick...oh ok.
Boom Boom Pow (2 days ago)
I don't understand why people even try it when we all know it could kill you!
HL Watts (2 days ago)
The fact that these pharmaceutical companies (the King pin) can pump this poison into the streets and get away with, is the epitome of American culture.
Jade hunter (2 days ago)
I have no idea why the fire department went to a drug overdose case but ok lmao (nvm I got further along don’t mind me)
Jasonm Gavitt (2 days ago)
Fentanyl is garbage.its fast acting and has almost no euphoria.it just makes ya fucked up feeling and gives a nasty nod along with that whack ass chemical smell it gives ya when you sweat. Heroin is far better imo.i feel bad these folks are so addicted they don't have the will power to quit using opiates/opioids for the simple fact that they don't like the content and quality of the opiates/opioids.i know this is a massive incentive for myself to not use.
Janie Marie Garcia (2 days ago)
Quick question I know this is supper irrelevant but I just want to know who did Brittany tattoos
Jen M (2 days ago)
The peircing dog whistle singing of the anthem >.<
TheGschultz (2 days ago)
Lol....we are all crawling. Some stand up by leveraging on the backs of others.
Cody Levinson (2 days ago)
I sincerely believe that The United States; as well as every other nation- should decriminalize all drug use. This: "War On Drugs" has never worked and it will never work. All of the money that goes into Law Enforcement and Prison systems is a 100% complete waste of resources. People should not go to prison for harming themselves. Did it look like ANY of those people was having a difficult finding drugs? Did ANY of them say that sometimes they can't find drugs or that there are shortages because the "War On Drugs" is stopping the supply??? All of those funds could be much better spent on helping society in areas like Education and Health Care; where it WILL make a difference. OR, just keep on doing the same thing that doesn't work and continue to get the same results. What was the definition of insanity again???
Robert Andersson (2 days ago)
I don't understand why so many decide to be addicted. I suffered from depression for 4-5 years, but never took any shortcuts (drugs). I started meditating daily and now I am better than ever.
Romil Panthi (2 days ago)
My brother relapsed again. Its his 5th time this time around. He now has married but wouldn't understand. My mom is 50 over and she has taken this trauma all her life. I wonder when he will start thinking about himself and us. He is 31 and we are planning to get him to a treatment centre this week. I never took drugs but i have seen its effects on my family for a good lifetime. Please Don't do drugs. Its of no good.
Xassan Daxir (2 days ago)
l ron (2 days ago)
heartbreaking, this poor 23 year old woman. I can see inside she is a lovely person who's lost. When I saw that man shoot up from her neck, made my skin crawl. I really hope she manages to get help.
CSVXML FAN (3 days ago)
Recording the little child, instead of cuddling it to calm it down, what kind of people does such a thing ... but hey hopefully your instagram and facebook likes are high ... egomaniac...
Karen Carney (3 days ago)
That baby girl in a pink one-sie.. Trying to wake up her mommy on the store floor..shattered my heart into 10000pieces!!! Omfg!!!----
Justa Clapper (3 days ago)
I don't believe anyone is worth less than ANYone else. Everybody deserves compassion and help. Including those who have children. We need to support them by giving them help and putting their child in safe hands until the parent is ready, if ever, to be those safe hands. Everyone is worth saving and I appreciate the men and woman of emergency services who believe and who try to save those who need saving 😇God Bless those Angels
Justa Clapper (3 days ago)
RIP Randy Clark...one of the good ones gone too soon because of this.
MELISSA 84008 (3 days ago)
For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world. (Titus 2:11-12)
RAUL CASTRO (3 days ago)
Just buy candy and pretend there drugs
Retro Progress (3 days ago)
Your tax dollars, folks. I feel no remorse for these junkies, BUT for those kids of those junkies. And even then, they carry their DNA. Waste of space - don't anyone tell me that it's circumstantial. No one with a single brain cell would take ANY chemical drugs. Lesson: Weak-ass DNA that is holding us back. We gotta move forward. If it were up to me, I'd establish places for them to take all the fentanyl they desire, let them take it in a controlled, safe environment, and hope to rot them away from our society. ASAP
Mike Stamper (3 days ago)
Trump needs to step up and admit the United States is in a state of emergency! You don't turn a blind eye to people dieing in war,or starving or disease. This shit has to be brung to the light. #AddictsLivesMatter. #BigPharmasFault.
ivyshaolin (3 days ago)
also the crack and herion issues are different at the time crack was americans first drug issue so they didn’t know how to properly deal with it not to mention it was in the 80s not to long after segregation ended
Hems Villarreal (3 days ago)
Patty Lee u are an angel sent from above, we need more ppl like u so that we can stop this shit.... MUCH LOVE to you Patty.. God Bless you for doing what u do!!!!!
Something that I think would help is for the government to open state funded Methadone/suboxone. Clinics where the patient doesn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for treatment and also making it more widely available to obtain Narcan the antidote to opioid overdose. Another thing that I don’t think they’ll ever do but possibly a center for safe injecting where addicts can go and do their opioids but the center is equipped with Narcan Incase of overdose. Making a ban obviously doesn’t work and cracking down on drs prescribing opioids doesn’t work and only hurts the 20 million chronic pain patients in the US.
Thank the drug war and prohibition
Derek Wall (3 days ago)
they should pass laws so that this drug is not available outside of the hospital. and if they do that in addition to increased efforts in stopping the people who peddle this shit onto our streets... then we won't have so many people dying from ODs. if they thought the death toll in 2017, the toll may have doubled throughout the entire year of 2018. AND I HAVE A BAD FEELING IT'S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE
Mary Bloomsburg (14 hours ago)
bobby bagley No it isn’t. My late husband had stage 4 cancer and he was prescribed Fentanyl for his pain. I myself changed his patches every 3 days.
Derek Wall (3 days ago)
+bobby bagley oh yeah then why do people get it as a prescription in the form of a patch or pill? the goal would be to tell china to stop exporting fentanyl to any country especially through mexico or anywhere else. or just telling china to stop manufacturing the stuff period
bobby bagley (3 days ago)
lol it is a illegal outside of hospitals
Romila Thapa (3 days ago)
Prayers 😭
ivyshaolin (4 days ago)
there’s also more fuss now because more people are dying the death tolls have more than doubled
ivyshaolin (4 days ago)
she looks so rough plenty of addicts don’t look this rough i feel like they were selective with who they put on here
ivyshaolin (4 days ago)
i lived on i95 and this is not a lie all the small cities young kids are doomed
J Kaye Walden (4 days ago)
I haven't heard one person in this video, mention God is needed in these people's life.
J Kaye Walden (4 days ago)
they need God...they need to get off their pity party. they need to get on their knees and give their live to God. I just don't feel sorry for them. I watch this and want to slap them across the face.
LeShay Brown (4 days ago)
I lost my brother 2/18/18 @ 4:08p in Baltimore, MD to a $3 pill that was laced with heroin and fentanyl
John Doe (4 days ago)
What’s the percentage that recover and do not relapse? Ok let em parish
Brooke Kayseas (4 days ago)
Her voice is rough like that from heroin..lieeeeer
Solo Hands (4 days ago)
Folk do not realise you can detox by changing your addiction substances... *Strange as it may seem,* however one can slowly exchange *opiate addiction for steroid addictions.* Steroid addiction will give you the *extra time* to professional/properly withdraw from such large doses of Opiates... The Euphoria can be derived by maintenance via steroid Use, less opiate and natural enzymes the body releases for coping.
Khaled Hassan (4 days ago)
Been off smack since 2003 after 4 years of heavy addiction which i shared with my old man, he passed in 2013
Leeroy Jenkins nli (4 days ago)
Gangstalking causes addiction. Most of these ppl look like TIs
Uhus Hahas (4 days ago)
can someone explain to me, why do all these people act like they are the victims? I mean the first time they use the drug is usually their choice, right?
Dr Cheats (4 days ago)
Why does an fire truck need to be deployed for an overdose? In the UK, we send ambulances.
Dr Cheats (4 days ago)
I'm addicted to coke. The drink Coca-Cola.
Amanda Pacheco (4 days ago)
I'm a paraplegic my name is Mase i got shot in my L1 and L2 and the nerve damage is so bad at some points and ppl that legit have pain problems are in the circle of this but i understand why we need to pull togeather America 🇺🇸
Peter Zingler (4 days ago)
yeah well Theres a reason for this
2 days clean pray for me
Aliyah Roane (5 days ago)
I understand I wish I could run a house to teach people how to live again cuz they put you in a programs and teach you how to get off of drugs then they put you back out there in that world some people strong enough some people are not but you do have to learn how to live all over again and I think that's the hardest part
LeeWhy (5 days ago)
23 year old Anna looks 40!
Dawn Schnack (5 days ago)
my life is hell watching my daughter do this and wont get help
JudahBenLevi (5 days ago)
Okay, that's Bull shit, this girl is positive for AIDS! They do not use that code word for being pregnant! They would have just told her that she's KNOCKED!
Justin Mastrelli (5 days ago)
What happened to the war on drugs?
mork mindy (5 days ago)
As a human being how could you ever have sex with a women that has all of those sores and second knowing she is lost and needs help HOW!!!!!
NIX 5 Cents (5 days ago)
The war on drugs is lost because it wasn’t ever against Drugs, but the people who used them. It’s getting better with some programs, but most treatment centers cost money that 90+% can’t afford!
drunkenlahey (5 days ago)
They all have "Dead Eyes"... Shame
koila maoh (6 days ago)
Ah pain killers, mercias favorite drug. Even their old people are addicted to prescription grades in which they are not accounted for.. Darwins way of sorting out people. Either that or you die of boredom or troll deaths(suicides) due to social media which is more common now for youths. Parts of europe/scand/asian where its more modern with education/quality of life without religion, suicide rates are high, while CRIME/rape/violence/etc Is very low vs low educated/religious countries like USA where rates are much higher; hence why you see overdoses, crimes, gangs, and such; drug addicts are treated much in worse in the USA even with religion which is suppose to help them lol.
funny videos show (6 days ago)
Drugs turn you into a damn ghoul
funny videos show (6 days ago)
Just another way to get money quick and mix drugs with poison
funny videos show (6 days ago)
I 95 highway to hell
funny videos show (6 days ago)
Damn instead of putting out fire they taking on addicts wow really world
funny videos show (6 days ago)
Hell kid plays with it what about kid find it takes it and dies😵
funny videos show (6 days ago)
I believe it's a drug put out there by the government can like we are lab. Rats
Peter Zingler (4 days ago)
actually its caused by the legalisation of weed ...the cartells need other incomes so opiods geht cheaper
funny videos show (6 days ago)
I mean these black people had lives too families good job veterans too or just life
funny videos show (6 days ago)
I don't see them helping the addicts that are black they either shoot them Taz them or throw them in jail wake up this is a global epidemic
funny videos show (6 days ago)
They're arms man flesh eating drug
funny videos show (6 days ago)
Poor Anna lost soul if she loose her piece of shit boyfriend she can be ok he pimp's her uses her gets her high damn only 23 she looks older she be rotting her feet lower leg maybe she needs to get locked up
funny videos show (6 days ago)
It also cause mental health that if you live 😱
funny videos show (6 days ago)
Fucken damn sad 😭 did the young mama die? I feel she just drop dead babies Kno they are more sensitive and spiritually woke sad 😭😓
Mac Turner (6 days ago)
We was ViKangs in ships!
Rob Ford (6 days ago)
The scary part is that underground chemists are making drugs way more powerful then fentanyl...
Louise Dumais (6 days ago)
the men who pay for sex with these addicts are part of the problem, as is the doctors who over prescribe and the pharmaceutical companies who make the stuff

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