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10 Biggest Gambling Losses Of All Time

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From losing millions to billions at a plethora of casino tables, we count down 10 Biggest Gambling Losses Of All Time. Subscribe to MindChop by clicking here: http://bit.ly/YRz4G9 Follow us on twitter here: https://twitter.com/TheMindChop Follow our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themindchop Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MindChop-490... Subscribe to the MindChop Gaming Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvED... Music Notes: Miles Of Prints https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3uT9... --- Check out other videos like this one here: 10 Most Mysterious Places on Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWOeZ... 10 Most Haunted Objects in the World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elljN... 10 Hidden Secrets In Disney Movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-9J-... 10 Abnormally Large Animals That Actually Exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-9J-... --- Have a video that you would like to see done? Comment below an idea and we'll consider them! 10 Biggest Gambling Losses Of All Time
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Text Comments (1150)
Ron Dobson (1 day ago)
Whoever put this list in order is retarded
zane Alpha (3 days ago)
What losers hahahaha
Nick Horner (4 days ago)
8:54 t3's and spices?
Gawjuss khan (11 days ago)
Bad habbit ever👎
somon bhi (12 days ago)
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DoubleLucky777 (14 days ago)
204m dollars is insane
Bon Scott (29 days ago)
The keys to gambling are 1.The type of bet. 2. Money management. 3. Determining value
97sswcubes 78 (1 month ago)
Fkn dumb asses. They were gambling for what? They already had the millions we wish could win at the casino!
TrecNine (1 month ago)
Is this loss?
kerry Muller (1 month ago)
weird- shows photos of Kerry Packer, and then oddly enough shows a photo of Lachie hume- the actor that Played Kerry packer in a doco type of series. Not many people would understand why this photo is included with Kerry Packer or even know who this person is. Off
Rozay Mills (1 month ago)
I understand casino is fun and all but if you already got 200 million why would you go to casino and gamble that much ??too much money
Fran (1 month ago)
Millionaire doggy? hahaha anyone?
Said Roble (1 month ago)
Easy come easy go, education of gambling
FreshlySnipes (1 month ago)
Time 2 Starr a Casino
Dougie Jones! Mr. Jackpot!
Gor Simonyan (1 month ago)
10 stupit piople
MrKonan Wood (1 month ago)
If i had that money i would buy n entire buisness and expand my money
God OfCupid (2 months ago)
I feel sad
123456 78 (2 months ago)
Lost 70 euros last night, i feel better now lol.
Noori Nut (2 months ago)
I can just say wow!
Sheen's Dream Channel (2 months ago)
These guys need to play poker and not games that rely on 100% chance
saban saulic (2 months ago)
I can across your video on Alchemy hasty fixer - there plenty more good videos there that may help you
Andrew C (3 months ago)
Paker's son is opening up a casino in Sydney hahahhahha
Joel N. Reagor (3 months ago)
I wish the casinos would lose for once. They make billions each year!
Crazycraigy (3 months ago)
Trump put a hit out on Kashiwagi
Bill Jon (3 months ago)
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John Hennessy (3 months ago)
LOL... dollar bills, what you couldn't scrounge up a dozen $100 for your vid..
Eoin Joseph (3 months ago)
Who gambles when they have 200 million
Mr. C (3 months ago)
First asian dude is ugly as f@#k
Eddie Uromyeh (3 months ago)
Crazy Aussies!!! 1.5 BILLION LOL Love being an Aussie
Buddika Kumara (3 months ago)
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ashwadhwani (4 months ago)
Wrong! #1 lost a nickel in a cheap slot machine
Aaron Russell (4 months ago)
If someone dies owing casinos money how do casinos get the money from them?
Richard Harris (4 months ago)
Click baited by photo of Jamie Gold
isäsmutsiskaima (4 months ago)
This video was made awfully
NICHOLAS SMITH (5 months ago)
Hambog Ng Sagpro Krew (5 months ago)
Just lost $1900 last night. Makes me feel better watching this lol
Gamboling has ruined my entire life
hej san (5 months ago)
"Tell the gamblers that they first gamble away their life and eventually everything that has been given to them for their life. For gambling is a well filled with poisonous dirt. The gamblers believe it to be a hidden source of gold and keep burrowing in it daily, inhaling its pestilential odor, poisoning themselves through and through and finding their spirit's eternal death instead of the imagined gold. www . jakob-lorber. cc/index.php?s=HG+1.1&l=en&b=
Mimit Primyastanto (5 months ago)
1. By Al-'Asr (the time). 2. Verily! Man is in loss, 3. Except those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma'ruf)which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar)which Allah has forbidden), and recommend one another to patience (for the sufferings, harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allah's Cause during preaching His religion of Islamic Monotheism or Jihad, etc.). (Q.S. 103 : 1-3)
john smith (5 months ago)
Being rich doesn't make you smart.
xKyriakoZ- (5 months ago)
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Gnome or Troll? (5 months ago)
Well that was a short vid. Number 10 was the largest
Jackson lee (6 months ago)
Is it 1-10 or 10-1 Am confused
Van Van (6 months ago)
Vegas love these guys.
Justin Strike (6 months ago)
Ohh my God. here is the world best casino list http://thebestcasinointheworld.com/ . You will be shock.
Bob Hob (6 months ago)
Number 11: The guy that bought this channel
Adnan Rafique (6 months ago)
Mother fucker casino always win.... these Mother fucker are originally & legal thieves. ...
Kelly Smith (6 months ago)
Why is the list in reverse?
Danny Irish Greene (6 months ago)
The most iv lost was $165,000 In 2.5 Years...Not much compared to some people..but TO The Avg Worker it's A lot of Money..A lot.
kesty11 (6 months ago)
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vpngor (6 months ago)
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NTBB NTBB (6 months ago)
All that doe, get the face fixed. Jeez
KJ SLOTS (6 months ago)
Do you guys/gals think their enormous losses were worth the swag they received? Keep in mind, these guys were treated like Gods while in Vegas and every casino wanted them!!
The One Above All (6 months ago)
Gambling is for uneducated people who are poor minded
Derek Cantwell (6 months ago)
If you win it's okay everyone wants to be your friend and when you lose its oh you have a gambling problem. lol
da ne (7 months ago)
a little bit showboating is ok LOL
da ne (7 months ago)
we cheked lol lucky you didnt get a fat lip and sore knees
Don Dressel (7 months ago)
Remember people the casinos have to have someone pay for those elaborate casinos
Nick G (7 months ago)
So what they r saying is go to AC not Vegas
Sameer Kumar (8 months ago)
Oh no I lost 190 million$ today in rahas casino
Straw Hat (8 months ago)
i lost about 10k on casino in the past year i wish i didn't gamling i'm also addicted on lottery scratchers and prequently buy $20's and $30's ticket i promise to myself to quit from now on F#ck gambling
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chris roberts (8 months ago)
I never understood the mindset of someone stupidly rich pissing all their money away at a casino. I mean regardless as to how you got the money I'd think that if you owned more then what you could ever try to spend, that you'd invest it into something that actually benefits the community as a whole.
Movie2k (8 months ago)
Reda Elhana (8 months ago)
Dude, cut the fucking music, will you?
skatermaninred 51 (9 months ago)
remember gambling is for entertainment purposes only so I tell my wife when we lose lol
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Officer Oinker (9 months ago)
And my heart races betting only $30 bucks on a 3:2 blackjack table lol.
Homer Simpson (9 months ago)
I lost around $700 total gambling. It's so easy to get hooked on gambling especially if you get some nice winnings in the beginning. Luckily i stopped before getting addicted and haven't gambled for over a year now. One advice I can give to anyone who really wants to gamble. Never see it as a way to make money. See it as entertainment and the money you put in is what you spend on entertainment and not an investment to get money. And stay the hell away from slot machines! They are designed to make you addicted. If you wanna gamble play blackjack or roulette. Or even better... just don't
Jay Santos (9 months ago)
Chinaman no gamble Vegas!!
The Hardways (9 months ago)
lol I want to be rich enough to not care about the hundreds of millions like these business guys lost haha
arnold diaz (9 months ago)
3rd guy borrowed from a samurai and didnt pay him back, so genji and tenchi assasinated him for dues
Paul Trigger (9 months ago)
4:09 Is there anything more Jewish than Casinos? They'll accept high-rollers as high value when they lose money, but as soon the players start winning it's time to SHUT IT DOWN
1stMil.com (10 months ago)
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Andre arya pramantara (10 months ago)
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Brian Kilu (10 months ago)
I would get more enjoyment out of giving money to people than gambling it away to these jew casinos.
Nameless balloon (10 months ago)
And I cry about losing 2k jesus...
Rachel Morton (10 months ago)
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Jordan Lewis (10 months ago)
Gambling is for fuckin degenerates lol
Nw HustleTeam (10 months ago)
“Dinero the roof of evil”
Wildman Group (10 months ago)
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Herb Wandrei (10 months ago)
Jamie gold is a fucking idiot he totally shit out hand after hand at Key moments to win the WSOP
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camgere (10 months ago)
Can you image cops finding $100 million in untraceable cash? Hope they were are wearing cargo pants!
illenessOne (10 months ago)
Yet I only need 1 million to set my life straight.
Mirrelle Lucresse (10 months ago)
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Abraham Nortey (10 months ago)
In all your dealings fear God
Finks Darrel (10 months ago)
You lost me when you put up a picture of the guy that played Kerry Packer in the TV show Howzat.
Kenyadik Juak (10 months ago)
All the gambler is Satan's desires...stupid.
Cass Tan (11 months ago)
The first guy has coke nose where his nose literally collapses because he snorts to much coke
Conception Rabe (11 months ago)
@8:46 Flour, Aspirin, and Green Tea have what to do with drug habits?!
VI (11 months ago)
The secret to never lose at gambling is to buy the casino.
Slots N-Stuff (11 months ago)
We love to gamble win, lose or draw -> it is all about the possibility right? Cheers and great video ! Thumbs up :)
Syed Hussain (11 months ago)
Tafari Boozer (11 months ago)
As I say again a fool and his money!
Positive Manifestations (11 months ago)
Sad-when people have gambling addictions, the more they have, the more they may lose.
oneil laura (11 months ago)
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平cat (11 months ago)

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