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Football Players Look Alikes ● ft. Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho...

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Hilarious footballers lookalikes - 2017 - ● Follow me on Instagram - @Luka.Mamson ● Facebook - @LukaMamson
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Text Comments (1019)
Paulo Dybala_10 (1 day ago)
Blazikennn Boy (5 days ago)
Cavani like pocahontas
Ahmet Batu Yaşar (6 days ago)
Ronaldo look likes is adanlı ronaldo
Adam (8 days ago)
I saw a picture of Kenny McEvoy a few months ago and couldn’t believe how similar he looks to Gareth Bale. Them two guys must somehow be related.
Adam (8 days ago)
That’s not fair, you can’t put Fellaini’s cousin in there.
Adam (8 days ago)
I had to rewind it because I was thinking, “Who was that scary looking bastard behind Jamie Vardy 2.0?”, but then I realised it was a dude in a mask. 1:06
andrisoul 88008 (10 days ago)
Where is Cuadrado??
Khwaja Mustafa (12 days ago)
Ibrahimovich savage😎
Zenkun Gamer2 (16 days ago)
2:23 reversed
PEACE KEEPER_YT (20 days ago)
Bale looks like a monkey
exploring world (21 days ago)
you have put it wrong the left wone is reza and the right is messi
Pettymo (21 days ago)
There's only one Zlatan :D
Aybars Ala (30 days ago)
Adanalı Ronaldoooo
Pufi Ofuofu (30 days ago)
0:51 Yes... No?
Joins Tutorials (1 month ago)
ქართველი ხარ?
Joins Tutorials (1 month ago)
LukaMamson ვა რამაგარია
Pro Gamer (1 month ago)
You type with pictures and players everything wrong
pure sarcasm (1 month ago)
It is ment to be like that.
Full film Download (1 month ago)
Fuck ibrahim he pushed that fan he doesn't resoect his fans fuck him
Adrian Gashi (1 month ago)
The only u can tell is by the jerseys
DMCC- Veysi (1 month ago)
ronaldo look alike from TÜRKİYE/ADANA
Tobi Duda (1 month ago)
Ronaldo look alikes 💩
TALON FLAME (1 month ago)
the real ibrahimovic is an idiot he push the fan
Claudiu Deiac (1 month ago)
*😂😂😂😂😂👈😎😎😎😎😎👈👈👈👈😂😂😂👈😛😛😛😛Cicciominchiagamer Cojone*
tree and fallaini lol
Vadim Zakapa (1 month ago)
Ronaldo look alike James Rodrigues? lool
Julio Saavedra Horta (1 month ago)
Like si creiste que el que parecia bale era el pero mas pequeñoi
Klea Ndokaj (1 month ago)
Ronaldinho - like a Messi's fan Fellaini - his hair like a tree/real Cavani - tarzan/real Messi - noooo/he is better Luiz & Silva - children Ronaldo - his fan
Crazy Memo (1 month ago)
Bizim Adanalı Ronaldo Fenomen Hee
Massimo Berruti (1 month ago)
KacperKing 33 (2 months ago)
The fellaini one 😂👌
Otaku Doidão (2 months ago)
Cavani looks like Pokahontas
Animesh Chaturvedi (2 months ago)
If torres was lie that😱
Georgian Gamer (2 months ago)
0:43right :D
Potatoe Fat (2 months ago)
márk- GAMEPLAY (2 months ago)
Ronaldo fan look alike james.r
THE GAMMING LEGEND (2 months ago)
Bale looks like a monkey
Hong KiTo (2 months ago)
Face salah like bullshit
Austreberto Medina (2 months ago)
All the names are backwards
BossGhulam123 (2 months ago)
That's sad for fellani
Shannon Sakaria (2 months ago)
Zlatan is asshole. His fan came to meet him and he is angry. That's why I hate him
THEzAcxel_Gamer YT (2 months ago)
Es Malo Ibrahimovic
Martin Rakitic4 (2 months ago)
Pobre Fellaini. Lo conparan con un Arbol Jajajaj Denle like si les gusto el video👍👍
Mayra Esmeralda (2 months ago)
El maldito de ivramovri no le quiso dar un abrazo
Crazysoccer Kid (2 months ago)
The Ronaldinho look a like is Ronaldinho
jyoti nair (2 months ago)
in messi photo it is reza and in reza photo it is messi
GİZLİ ÇOCUK (2 months ago)
3:17 Adanalı Ronaldo
I meant harsh
Zlatan was harh with that boy man Man i hated that!!!!!
bercem teker (2 months ago)
giga gamer (3 months ago)
giga gamer (3 months ago)
Adnan Shahriar (3 months ago)
2 great deffenders Thiago Silva and David Luis
Adnan Shahriar (3 months ago)
Zlatan is a bitch
Kawsar Ahmed (3 months ago)
Amazing video tnq u bro
Adrian Gaming (3 months ago)
Best idol
Adrian Gaming (3 months ago)
Adrian Gaming (3 months ago)
Fuck you ibraimovic
Ryu Sasaki (3 months ago)
Zlatan thinks "there's only one Zlatan".
Sebas Isa (3 months ago)
Lol fellani
Purshottam Singh (3 months ago)
It's true
DJ PRIME (3 months ago)
1:16 xlatan rejects him he is soo cruel
jonson felipe (3 months ago)
XDXDXD fellaini as a tree
AHMED ALBADRI (3 months ago)
When I saw the Ronaldinho look alike in another vid a said why they were pushing him so hard he's Ronaldinho wtf
Conquer (3 months ago)
Cavani = Taylor Kitsch
Richard O'Hara (3 months ago)
That person who stand bheind is osum..xd.1:11
K Killking ツ (3 months ago)
Cavani,Tarzan is real
Bob Akar (3 months ago)
Just h
poke HD (3 months ago)
Toż to Pokachontas a nie Cavani
Kamizem Mapper (3 months ago)
Сих Özil
Kamizem Mapper (3 months ago)
Огузы тшук этак эжт цльвритфд ротвпиты дгру шла бритья лвбжы !!!
Arda Yazbahar (3 months ago)
Turkish ronaldo
Itz_dzoni FTW (3 months ago)
Abdul Mumin (3 months ago)
messi looked good
RylieBoyGaming 1 (3 months ago)
Some of the pics are the same people
Game of Thrones (3 months ago)
Ibrahimovic has no respect for his fans
Ross Williamson YT (3 months ago)
Cavani is pocohantas
xHiDdEn (3 months ago)
Lol when I looked at the thumbnail I died 😂 😂
Yusuf Hassim (3 months ago)
Fellani I and a tree
Joseph 123 (3 months ago)
He changed the names around
Krish Dusoruth (3 months ago)
Fellaini XD
FÖÖTBÄLL KIŇĢ (4 months ago)
help me? https://youtu.be/wFOPLTnQHzw
Kakda (4 months ago)
At 1:17 i feel so bad for him 😢
Fut drafter greek (4 months ago)
Tree fellaini😂😂
PRO GAMER MANIAC BG (4 months ago)
0:45 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zlatan 0 respect
Match attax man Hamza (4 months ago)
The Ronaldo gay looks like hamas Rodriquez
mattia riccardelli (4 months ago)
Robloxian Gamer22 (4 months ago)
Tarzan=Cavani xD
KEV 77 (4 months ago)
Check out my new channel:)
GomakiNS (4 months ago)
My frist dislike
Ramil Quliyev (4 months ago)
İbrahimoviç, fuck youu!!!
Can Aras (4 months ago)
3:23 gstv mikrofonu
Valerietto_ De Luca (4 months ago)
Fai nuovi video di questo genere
Bayern the best. (4 months ago)
Guntaas singh sekhon (4 months ago)
ੌੱੱੱਨੱੁੱਨਿਨਨਮਵੱੁੱਿਿਿਪੁਵਪਪਕਰਲਰਵਰਪ ਵਸਤ-ਵਲ਼ੇਵੇ
3:20 that guy looks like more like james rodriguez anyone agrees? No? Ok ....
Sandrik Zapata (4 months ago)
Que era eso del minuto 1:11
ULTIMATE GAMER (4 months ago)
David luiz looked a lot like kwebblekop right
flipping flipping people (4 months ago)
That fellani one tho

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