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BACK ON PC - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gameplay #137 (PUBG TPP Solo)

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Happy New Year! Back to PUBG PC after Xbox, feels good baby! 🌄Join the Patreon squad to send alerts and more - http://bit.ly/StoneMountaineer ►Live Schedule Mon-Fri 1-3 PM PST - http://fb.gg/stonemountain64 ►Subscribe: Main YT - http://bit.ly/StoneGoal 2nd channel - http://bit.ly/StonePlays ► Sponsors Fnatic(10% off code "Stone") - http://shop.fnatic.com?aff=67 ► Social Media: Facebook: http://fb.gg/stonemountain64 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/StoneMountain64 Discord: http://discord.gg/stonemountain64 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/StoneMountain64 Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/StoneMountain64 ► SwagMountain Store: http://dbh.la/stonemountain64 ► What do I use to make videos? http://bit.ly/SM64setup StoneMountain64 is my gamertag and primary channel on Youtube and Facebook. StoneMountainPlays was created to share full gameplays and moments from my livestreams and gaming experience that wouldn't quite fit the format of my main channel.
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Text Comments (205)
Saqi Lala (1 day ago)
J Boy (2 days ago)
what is your rig setup? 1080 ti?
Cozy Hipster (3 days ago)
How to get pubg in pc
Rider Rathod (3 days ago)
You're a good player
Adam Miller (3 days ago)
Why the fuck would he play this in first person mode? It just feels un-natural on this game.
Bianca Nicole (4 days ago)
very stupid gamer in the world :)))
Sub Playz (5 days ago)
Cool game but fortnite 4 life
loui828 (7 days ago)
I only know the mobile version of this game, but this looks fucking glorious I so want to play it on my pc now.
itsyaboirei (8 days ago)
Damn graphics
Johnny Rodriguez (9 days ago)
this looks amazing
Daren Games (11 days ago)
PUBG for pc ram?..
Luis Gaming (12 days ago)
I have 30 chicken dinner
PCFreak (12 days ago)
Death by tree :/
Thomas Vermaelen (13 days ago)
Dude how to download on PC?
Brandon Enloe (14 days ago)
Started playing on my brothers xbox a couple weeks ago but was going to get it for pc but do you have to play first person all the time?
Austin Woughter (14 days ago)
Looks so much better than mobile :/
Xx _Dre4mGamz_Xx (15 days ago)
good job!!!
Clayton Rabenda (16 days ago)
Clement Chhangte (17 days ago)
where can i download the game?? anyone???
KOsports (21 days ago)
he's able to see little small pixels of people but cant see a big ass tree
KOsports (21 days ago)
how does he know the vehicle would be right there
Yogesh Mahadik (23 days ago)
Can u tell me from where can we download this game ,official website?please I have tried a lot but I couldn't find the way to download it
Riyuuji (4 days ago)
Yogesh Mahadik you can find it on Steam
pond _ o (24 days ago)
-G A L A X Y (26 days ago)
What is a good desk top to play games in 2018 I really need a pc for gaming please respond
Benjamin Joseph (26 days ago)
PUBG got a campaign mode?
H J (27 days ago)
To be honest your not a good player You keep running like headless chicken And you don’t stay in one place and plan what you going to do No strategy... No plan ... and not in a place to keep cover you always blew your cover and keep jumping around
Laura Cruz (27 days ago)
omg the graphics
rony the gamer (28 days ago)
I have PUBG on my phone
Milkii Arias (30 days ago)
but ROS is so many cheaters it cant play challenge
Milkii Arias (30 days ago)
its the same of ROS
Dominique Bryson (1 month ago)
Damn dude you are really trsshing the Xbox I'm just trying to watch your channel but it's like damn I'm enjoying it..i got the one x so idk if that makes a difference.. Also i haven't played on pc.. i would like if you could expound in the differences specifically
AvG (1 month ago)
Anyone wanna play pubg? Someone hmu!
Wild Lion (1 month ago)
Sheela PSGRKC (CS) (1 month ago)
Pc is beast
game shower (1 month ago)
you asked somebody stop me and he stopped you so stop blaming the game LOL
Super Unconcious (2 months ago)
Mr.moutain what do you use to play pubg on pc?? controllers or mouse and keyboard?? because ur hand is so fast dude..its like ur change ur inventory like super fast...how long u play pubg??
Huehue Beep (2 months ago)
Worth getting Pubg?
Bruce Campbell (2 months ago)
Always grab a pan!
Balázs Kormos (2 months ago)
STOP freakin wish commercials utbe N O W ! ! !
LegitimateLettuce (2 months ago)
CupHead or PUBG. Thinking
Bartek Launay (2 months ago)
Boring game.
TheDarkGaver (2 months ago)
is this Fortnite But Not cartoon
GAMERSTEVIEJ (2 months ago)
I plan on getting a much higher refresh rate monitor in 3 weeks then i will play this game on pc and try it out
Andrew Saleh (2 months ago)
https://discord.gg/FwFC7YM Finally you can queue up with English players. If ya wanna join feel free if not it’s cool
Zain Zinhom (2 months ago)
you are really pro man
sirnate54 (3 months ago)
Thought you was going to cry at the end lol.
72 Gs (3 months ago)
This Nigga got killed by a tree
Skytheshinx (3 months ago)
that love of fps is frome console once you play on console and play pc it really rocks your would i got my desktop recently and its hard going back to console
brad lowe (3 months ago)
What’s the best keyboard set up? Using default atm
Yubin Liang (3 months ago)
When you see a moving pixel this guys sees it as if it was 3 meters away. Jesus I didn't even see that person
Jake Worthington (3 months ago)
Hi u live
Shamboozler (3 months ago)
fucking hell 130 fps..? what gpu does he have a 1080 ti?
akocisrael (3 months ago)
First Person View FTW! love seeing players using this and actually good at it. I hope this games only involve that view.. 3rd person is just overpower and not realistic gameplay.. i think so. :)
Mr. C Harris (3 months ago)
This game looks really good on PC. Looks terrible on Xbox. That's why I'm selling my Xbox One X and getting a PC.
Gruffgamer (3 months ago)
Is there any particular reason you bunny hop as much as you do? Idk the meta in pubg to be honest, just wondering if thats for any sort of advantage.
Mundex_ BR (3 months ago)
Like +1 mim der uma força para o meu canal creser!!!!
TrCookieGamer (3 months ago)
4gb RAM ATI Radeon HD 5470 Intel 5 64 bits Can It run pubg in most lowest settings
PapaJay (3 months ago)
TrCookieGamer probably just upgrade the ram in the future. Will help a tom
I'M AJ (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for coming back dude I couldn't stand watching on Xbox OMFG lol welcome back stone 😃👍
Aviral Singh (3 months ago)
If I see scar in thumbnail I just tap on it . Even its potato edition .
James R (3 months ago)
Jesus you can throw grenades farther than Aaron Rodgers on a hail mary pass in this game lol
Keith Klassen (3 months ago)
I don't like trees... They're rough and coarse and irritating...
Icanhasmovies (3 months ago)
HOSTILE TREEEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonathon Irvine (3 months ago)
Yeah console is casual sunday, everyday lol. The last three circles they tend to die of to the play zone hahaha.
Pankaj Verma (3 months ago)
1000th Like! ;)
beck nairn (3 months ago)
I love your pubg gameplay ilove it
Kxng Meatt (3 months ago)
How do I enter the top 10 plays?
Lau Shun Ting Isaac (3 months ago)
Love your vids man, especially those intense moments!!!!!
Jaeross Transformation (3 months ago)
What key to customize weapon??? Im a beginner
Fat Boy (3 months ago)
What controller do you guys use on the pc? Or are y’all using the mouse
Narciss Bakutibe (8 days ago)
can you please show me how to download pubg on pc cuz i just herd of it and im having a hard time downloading it. pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasss?
ThatBoyJovan (2 months ago)
yes you can have fun while getting owned lol
Shamboozler (3 months ago)
im a pc gamer but i honestly dont care all that much, play on whatever platform suits u m8
Shamboozler (3 months ago)
xerxes (3 months ago)
Jin- this is wrong. Whatever you like to play on, play on it. If you like FPS games in console, don’t let some PC douchebag like this tell you how to have fun.
cdduffy (3 months ago)
Stay calm dude, hug a tree...!!!
Your Father (3 months ago)
Stay on pc with your mouse and keyboard. Your a joke for playing pubg on console with a mouse and keyboard
SusBusGaming (3 months ago)
deathkser on Xbox yes. That's why they took away mouse and keyboard support on it and now you have to use an adapter that makes your Xbox think keyboard and mouse is a controller. They don't want you using it on Xbox clearly.
Your Father (3 months ago)
deathkser yes it is in all console based mlg or any in game tournament is is banned so to say it's not putting him at an advantage over others is the retarded comment. Go get some info on the subject if u want to have an opinio
deathkser (3 months ago)
retarded comment. is it against the rules to use a mouse idiot??
Richard D (3 months ago)
SusBusGaming again... use it!
SusBusGaming (3 months ago)
Richard D no shit it's better. It's easier to use. Using it on a platform that's meant for controller is certainly cheating.
Brock (3 months ago)
to find kar98 and Scar in the same building you land. I hope i get that lucky one day playing solo. Most of the time i land and die because everyone gets loot and i don 't.
Johnson 6T9 (3 months ago)
He found the KAR and the SCAR in his first building? LUCK!
JM de Vera (3 months ago)
NOMAD XGAMER (3 months ago)
I have a request stone it is if you could try out the predator dlc in wildlands that would be awesome!
XxSlySlinger v1 (3 months ago)
Long live delta force..
Yabneel Marrero (3 months ago)
Literally this is my PUBG training video haha
Aaron Navarro (3 months ago)
StoneMountain64: and now I'm back with 130 fps Me: (plays at 30 fps, lowest settings)
I AM GAMER (16 days ago)
AK Jay47 can you suggest a rig? What did you order? Like what's all your specs and brand name. I need a new computer.
AK Jay47 (2 months ago)
SOIBand I get 50 fps on medium and some low settings but I have a gaming pc on the way with a i7 and a gtx 1080 ti
LegitimateLettuce (2 months ago)
Me irl
SOIBand (3 months ago)
i know the struggle
Enochias (3 months ago)
Anyone else feel like the sound of his gun going off is not timed correct through whatever program hes using? Sounds so weird.
Jin- (3 months ago)
John Owen (3 months ago)
Played my first game of PUBG the other night on my Xbox, and managed to net 6th place. It's not pretty, but it's the only way I'm gonna get to play the only Online competitive game I've ever been interested in.
D4zzler (3 months ago)
This isnt TPP
frank carrillo (3 months ago)
Dude!!! Your a beast lol 😂
DeVante Chisolm (3 months ago)
Those damn trees!
Mr.Thatcher (3 months ago)
fai nahlii
Dope Reefer (3 months ago)
I ordered my first gaming pc, can't wait to be playing pubg on it! playing on xbox is rough.
LEGENDARYJAY JAY (3 months ago)
Do ppl mod this game and cheat on PC?
LegitimateLettuce (2 months ago)
Jordan Rosenfeldt (3 months ago)
Avery Chastain (3 months ago)
Bra ...u just suck at xbox ... U prolly cant use mode you use on pc with xbox ... None of you PC users are gonna like xbox cause they cant use location/gun alert/aimbot mods
Avery Chastain (3 months ago)
Marco Gallo the aiming is hard ..nor gonna lie
Marco Gallo (3 months ago)
no pc gamer is gonna like Xbox because it sucks. You can't aim correctly without overshooting when you aim in a direction or undershooting it. Because the sensitivity isn't tuned correctly and it's also not the easiest thing to tune on a controller compared to a pc where you can mess with mouse speed and sensitivity relatively easily. Graphics aren't close to as good as pc either. Pc version has the newer updates as well. The game even though it has tons of issues is still built for pc, they rushed it for console.
Nex (3 months ago)
you look just like Dragaest but your less poupler
Free Thinker (3 months ago)
I never knew this game existed until I seen all these videos of you on FB playing it with all your hilarious "tacticle" talk. Hopefully it wont be all fucked up when it comes out for ps4 because I'm not getting a expensive pc just to play it. Looks awesome though, keep up the good work
Muskett (3 months ago)
Does he tap fire that scar or does he have full auto?
breathe and squeeze (3 months ago)
LV bumpstock.
GGFlips D (3 months ago)
R.I.P fuck the trees
TYE&DEE 4Eternity (3 months ago)
Lmao un sub he was my favorite PUBG youtuber... not anymore he is a gay ass PC head . Pc players think they are so cool . It takes no skill to play on pc first of all.. you play with nothing but hackers .... the game just came out on console and let me tell u im a xbox one x player and its not that bad on that console. Maybe if you didnt have the rachet ass OG xbox you would know. All pc players talk about is FPS FPS FPS thats all they care about .
CoachPeteQuinn (3 months ago)
2018 and you still gotta deal with these hostile trees. Smh.
Flyers Fannn (3 months ago)
Stone, you talking about how smooth your pubg is, I'm curious, what are some of your computer specs? I just ordered parts for a build I'm working on and wanted to know how my game would compare to yours.
Grigley (3 months ago)
colby randall (3 months ago)
Less than 30 people before the first circle has even shrunk? On Xbox there is that many people when the circle is 300 meters wide.
Isaac Mortimore (3 months ago)
Streamer loot much 😂 finds k98 and scar in the same building love the videos stone keep it up
Sweatyy (3 months ago)
Isaac Mortimore tbh I've had it before on Xbox just more luck than anything
Valka Solidor (3 months ago)
When you said "Somebody stop me!" I internally heard Forrest Gump reply " It's funny StoneMountain said that 'cause right then someone did!"
GVY UU (3 months ago)
i take it you dint have xmas tree this year then
Flamy (3 months ago)
Got my first chicken dinner today!
Ryanator 87 (16 days ago)
Where? KFC or Popeyes?
rony the gamer (28 days ago)
Flamy LIKE ME !
MiCrOLoVIn DuDE (1 month ago)
I had chicken for dinner
MadsEmil A Andersen (3 months ago)
Gj dude i love you and my mom you wanna marry me ?
W1NT3R SKYE (3 months ago)
“Hostile trees inbound!”

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