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Asian Casino Gambler Wins $30'000.00 Playing Baccarat

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Gambler wins 30 thousand dollars playing baccarat at a high limit casino room
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firewing6 (2 months ago)
Asians are the best at this game
CouveTJ (3 months ago)
$30,000 win in a high limit room? That ain't shit. I deal in a tribal casino in the Portland, OR. We don't have a true high limit room. Our maximum bet is $500 (however, they can bet 9 spots for a maximum possible wager of $4,500 a hand). If this video was guy wins $3 million playing Baccarat, that would be something. And by the way, this Baccarat dealer is terrible. If I didn't want to move away from the Northwest, I would love to move to Vegas and audition (and become) a high stakes mini Baac dealer and make more than just my piddly $30k a year (including tip) salary.
Poseidon99Jeus (5 months ago)
Hello, can someone translate what the next player was bickering to the 30k man?
Stephen McAllister (7 months ago)
5:23 Done!
Cwang Denzongpa (8 months ago)
asians are better gamblers
Stick Warrior (11 months ago)
Omg the worst cameraman
Jerico Biermann (1 year ago)
02:32 Those cards look like potato chips
Calvin Japson (1 year ago)
I used to play baccarat before. But all i have is empty wallet. All earned is nonsense, it's funny small amount. I was lucky to find this guy in totally different game. He got some connections with football managers. I was sceptic for the first time. He said that he want to earn my respect, so he gave me the first game for free. And man he got it...I earn a lot of money from it. This is not joke just check it out , contact him on Skype " hallrobinson@mail2beast. com" . I won't play baccarat anymore
Franklin Elliot (5 days ago)
last week was amazing, wallet growing up ! :D
fabian matsche (16 days ago)
I still cannot belive, too good to be true.... i won $6000 without any risk !
Jimi Dickson (21 days ago)
those tips are crazy
Nate Risch (1 month ago)
Easy money, thanks for advice, his tips are REAL !
Jinc Jin (2 months ago)
Yeh I make the big big money
Jonathan Tan (1 year ago)
Attention white people. If you want to stop the Chinese from dominating your country's economy... open more casinos.
Xingyu Lu (1 year ago)
Dealer is stressed?
BLUE PRINT (1 year ago)
Sounds like bloodsport before they fight when the guy is playing HAJIMI LOL
lucas balags (1 year ago)
Have you read, ‘The Ultimate-Bullet Proof Baccarat Strategy,’ the system in this book works really well. http://amzn.eu/95ZImKl
Raidel Pichardo (1 year ago)
love when they all scream MOnKey !!!!! u hear that alot at the baccarat table
URCHIN SAM (2 days ago)
scream like monkey or scream "mon-key"?
Shoot1ngStar (1 year ago)
I'm not the type of person to believe in superstition but man am I starting to with how bad my luck was in baccarat. When I first started out on this game I was winning a lot, more than anything I've before. But after I sat down next to a certain player, who also seem to be a frequent player as I have seen him almost every time I went to that casino, his extremely bad luck seem to have rubbed off on me and we both ended up losing all our bets. Not to mention that I shook the hand of another player who is also a frequent player that's always losing. After that I just got completely destroyed at the game every time I went back. My luck and timing was so bad I wanted to laugh hysterically. I ended up losing everything I had won from the game and more.
URCHIN SAM (2 days ago)
it's the tables and dealers, not individuals
Poseidon99Jeus (5 months ago)
😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅, it's all in your fucking head. If your mind is strong, nothing can beat you
jane jones (1 year ago)
I read this book and it gives a way of winning. I recommend it https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1541370643/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_eq6zyb688WRYZ
Muhammed Hussain (1 year ago)
i have been playing for 12 Years.All Cassino game are fix. Roulllete and black jack are fix.
Cary Rohan (1 year ago)
Jack Liu (2 years ago)
this looks like river rock
zuo edwin (2 months ago)
Jack Liu it is river rock lmao
Andrew Mckeever (2 years ago)
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yuna yuna (2 years ago)
바카라오토,룰렛오토 (호게임) 무료임대 아무조건없습니다 kakao id: ksv567
William Cheung (2 years ago)
My friend (who makes 50k a year) lost 37k playing baccarat in one night
Emmanuel Castillo (1 day ago)
+James Tan sure bud
URCHIN SAM (2 days ago)
I'd say this happens to me more in roulette
William Cheung (1 year ago)
Nope, they're just crazies that bet over 10k a hand.
UFO ALIEN (1 year ago)
do they cheat in Macao ?
Eric Luo (2 years ago)
+Supra Blue not quite, excluding ties, banker wins around 51% of the time
chen170180 (2 years ago)
finally they all beaten by the cisino
NaK4 parallax (2 years ago)
I'll bet he watched the god of gamble first before hitting the casino.
J Tenn (2 years ago)
(no shit I'm watching this in my "free" room at fallsview) was that at Rama?
J tinks (2 years ago)
and lost it the next day, degen idiot asians
James Lee (2 years ago)
suck my player nd lick it ..lol
T Le (3 years ago)
lol. 30, 000 is a lot to you and i, but to the asians it's pretty common. just came back from casino niagara a few hours ago and one guy had 40 orange chips in front of him. each is worth 1k.
Peter T (2 years ago)
+RRSYS.info - Roulette Prediction (Paul) Fuck off with your bullshit.
I should make this clear that this reply is in regards to ICYBOY771z about the 40M... The casino where you speak of in singapore, will likely be the marina bay sands, where they have multiple vip levels including the garden. The top level vip they do not even openly discuss the table limits with anyone. That casino has the most unbelievable table limits, if you have the money, they will negotiate crazy limits. +icyboy771z
icyboy771z (3 years ago)
+David Le 40k is nothing, there was one indonesian businessman in singapore casino playing with 40 million chips lol...
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BebeMr123 (3 years ago)
+RRSYS.info - Roulette Prediction (Paul) Please can you take me with you i need to win like you
Peanutology Institute (3 years ago)
30 G's ain't shit to these Chinese dudes.  It's not unheard of that Chinese win/lose 8 figures a night.
ᄒᄒ이쁜이 (3 years ago)
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rooneyfan6292 (3 years ago)
this is like the only game I dunno how to play but the Asians must really like it  every time I go there always at that table lol
+Kevyn Bamboo True words kevyn
Kevyn Bamboo (2 years ago)
It's like blackjack kinda. Instead of 21 being the best hand, 9 is the best. Face cards and 10's are 0 in this game. You either bet on player/dealer or tie. You draw 3 cards unless you have the nuts which would be 10/9
It simply lets you bet alot more on average in comparison to the other table games, but depending where you play the table limits go up the better the casino in the better location +rooneyfan6292
Aquarius (3 years ago)
Is this game rigged?
Ch az (2 years ago)
+iximoneyixi3 play perfect strat and the odds are better than baccarat, thus blackjack having the best odds.
No it ain't rigged, and since 2011 I discovered first hand that neither is roulette, its a fair game and to this day I have played the very same way since winning in 2010 overall. +Ray Haynes
Cameron Williams (3 years ago)
+Ch az  Depends if you're playing perfect basic strategy or not if you're not playing a good strategy Blackjack can have the worst odds. For the average punter having a quick bet, Baccarat does have the best odds. Yes if you're playing Blackjack perfectly you can take the house edge down to 0.5 percent comparing that to Baccarat's one percent but most people fail to implement Perfect basic strategy anyway. Baccarat you can get the one percent house edge with no strategy at all.
iximoneyixi3 (3 years ago)
+Ch az that is definetly not true lol... black jack literally as one of the worst odds in the casino. baccarat is 50/50 basically.
Ch az (3 years ago)
+Cameron Williams not true, blackjack has the best odds
max chen (3 years ago)
high stake????????????   on many occasions i saw gambler  betting 50k if not more while sitting in front of at least 500K worth of chips ( not always asian ,there's many Caucasian high stake players who can afford to bet 6 figure at a time )   ,  and that's not counting the super high roller who bet 6 figure u.s during my trip to Macau,  those ppl can literally lose my entire networth within a matter of hour if not mintues , still cant figure it out why ppl with massive fortune still gamble in casino??????
I started with literally loosing everything before I managed to win, its the risk in gambling, but if I had never discovered gambling I would never be in this position which I am today. This 30k USD aint big either, thats only 15k GBP- I often win 18k per spin on roulette as thats just £500 on a straight up number, I am not a high roller, but I am not scared to bet big as I literally have played the same method for years now. +BebeMr123 +max chen +BebeMr123 *Paul UK ENGLAND*
Richard III (3 years ago)
+max chen Because it's fun.
YOA (3 years ago)
BebeMr123 (3 years ago)
i have a friend that works in melbourne's crown casino, apparently 90% of high rollers are chinese gamblers, they're even offered a private jet for travelling between melbourne and china. It's the adrenalin rush, the intense excitement, the euphoria that evokes within you when you win a hand It's bliss, that's why hardcore gamblers are addicted to gambling, i'm one myself hehe.
sukuvar (3 years ago)
I see lot of Chinese always playing baccarat..do they win ?
James Lee (2 years ago)
+sukuvar ...they fuck with backra at night ..lolz
They can do, but most of them rack it up on roulette, but they risk to much for too little +sukuvar
Steve Hunt (3 years ago)
Mit bong!
atchicago1 (3 years ago)
Phony video. Someone filming from behind the table in an area reserved for employees in a casino where pictures are definitely a no-no?
steve steve (3 years ago)
I played black jack at the high limit table tonight with 4 Asian guys. They all left with no money. I don't know what they think they are doing, but there is a massive amount of them in the casino. The one guy randomly bet $500 on one hand when he only had like 700 left. It was odd.
Mike Hundredson (6 months ago)
Lol this guy thinks $500 in a hand is high limit. That's about standard on a regular casino floor. High limit rooms are more like 5k - 100k+ per hand. I'm considered nobody at the casino I play at and when I play baccarat I'm betting $250 -$300 per hand plus $25 on the panda and dragon bonus bets.
Jeremythevirus Huang (10 months ago)
Full of comments from idiots. Seeing bunch of Asians and nobody wins? I see more other races lose than Asians. It's hilariously how dumb people are on the internet. Man-child nowadays.
Tez Jackson (1 year ago)
Kevin Xiong that's why you only go in with 20 and come up from that 👌🏾
Kevin Xiong (1 year ago)
Your a idiot along with them, no one wins in gambling? Although you may turn up some winning night, it doesn't add up to all those losing nights. ha
of course they do win, I have seen someone loose 250k in a few spins playing right next to me with no emotions, they risk to much for to little return half of the time +Genes *Paul, Liverpool UK*
downtownlife (3 years ago)
"I have a system." said every losing baccarat player everywhere.
RockRobster71 (3 years ago)
Ah, the gambling version of The Blair Witch Project....thanks?
gatsby79 (4 years ago)
he won 30,000, but probably lose 60,000 before
Kevyn Bamboo (2 years ago)
Stephanie SC (4 years ago)
I love asian gamblers...they will literally sell everything..including their children for gambling money! Lmao! Just kidding!!!!
Jonathan Tan (1 year ago)
My sibling knows a man who's father sold the family home because of gambling debts. They ended up living in a car for a few years, before they were assigned to public housing. Apparently that bad childhood memory wasn't a strong enough deterrent for him... because he's now a privileged member at the local casino in Sydney.
Stephanie SC (1 year ago)
Stephanie SC (1 year ago)
*he's Rolex
Stephanie SC (1 year ago)
+Kevyn Bamboo I'm Asian and my dad loves gambling. One time, he came home with no shirt and he's role is gone. He got it bad like that. But I'm glad he stopped. He's too old to be hanging out on those casinos.
BOSTON Griffin (1 year ago)
can you give me this method please and thank you
call attendant (4 years ago)
he won 30,000.00 pang-ton dollars which comes out to almost 40 dollars US
Mucker3000 (3 years ago)
+homemadejobee inflation means that their dollars are worth a lot more than worthless USD.
advantage08357 (4 years ago)
Richmond riverrock?
next video, Asian Casino Gambler blown $50'000 at a strip club
SoFaKinG Co_OL (2 years ago)
If he blow 50k at the strip club. U kno for a fact, the strippers gonna blow him after lol
Dany Hermawan (4 years ago)
yeah he won 30000, but he lost 300k already, that's why he doesn't look happy
anna rori (4 years ago)
roripon.com vs google.com
Jason Cruz (4 years ago)
wow so lucky
Luminol (4 years ago)
David S (4 years ago)
Play Russian roulette
David S (4 years ago)
Put 50000
Awaken Now (4 years ago)
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ken edwards (4 years ago)
I feel sorry for you guys that don't fully understand money and how it's works in decimal form he added .00 as the change
Tiktak tokou (4 years ago)
What an idiot playing his money against a machine
McFlySwatter (5 years ago)
Yep, casinos don't want winners playing. If you want to see a perfect example where a customer is told he can't bet the way he wants, caught on undercover camera, see watch?v=6HjwzJyCQlQ Watch the pit boss "back him off" and listen to the hilarious logic the casino uses when they are questioned why. Unbelievable!
McFlySwatter (5 years ago)
Yep, casinos don't want winners playing. If you want to see a perfect example where a customer is told he can't bet the way he wants, caught on undercover camera, see watch?v=6HjwzJyCQlQ Watch the pit boss "back him off" and listen to the hilarious logic the casino uses when they are questioned why. Unbelievable!
Fedor Amerikano (5 years ago)
What happened at the end ? there was a Bomb blast in the casino or what? why no images ?
james Anderson (5 years ago)
EZ baccarat with no commission is better
CensorshipAuthority (5 years ago)
Incorrect. However, a Casino can (and regularly do) make up any reason they want and still get you banned from the premises legally. It's your word against theirs. If you win too much, they always ban you.
asala2116 (5 years ago)
where do these asians get this sort of money from?
kyle toettcher (5 years ago)
what the hell is Baccarat??
kyle toettcher (5 years ago)
what the hell is Baccarat??
karan sharma (5 years ago)
yeah im soo addicted to online poker, you should get started with a no deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site go here POK22.COM A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.
Mark Deny (5 years ago)
Or they dont need a reason at all because its their casino.
CensorshipAuthority (5 years ago)
If you win too much, you cost the Casinos money, therefore Casinos can ban you from the premises based on your ability to win. Figuring out a way to beat a system that is designed to make you lose more than you win, is a legally bannable offense.
Tracey Leech (5 years ago)
Maybe you're 30k up today and maybe you're 1 million up in a week, but in the VERY END, the dealer will get the last laugh!
Ole Fella (5 years ago)
Two universal truths on gambling; - In a long run, casino always win, - To win at a casino is to own one.
Olbix Gaming (5 years ago)
And he did it with his eyes closed..
John Wu (5 years ago)
Plenty of videos that will show you how to play. Just search Baccarat
KevinPFS35 (5 years ago)
Where's the other video of him losing 30,000 an hour later?
Bill N (5 years ago)
I was there he lost it all back the next night>>>
Merv Watson (5 years ago)
So 10k a hand? Asians... They go for it.
mady madyson (5 years ago)
fuck wins

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