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Are you going to Slot Con? http://www.slotcon.com I'm VegasLowRoller and this is my DUMB GUY THINKS HE WON $12,000 IN LAS VEGAS! video. Filmed at the Cosmopolitan Casino here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Outro Music (used with permission): "Vegas Baby" by Jesse Allen Harris. Buy it on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/vegas-baby-single/id1147836368 I may not be a high roller, but you will find plenty of BIG WINS, sometimes a HUGE WIN, SUPER BIG WIN or MEGA BIG WIN, and yes, even the occasional PROGRESSIVE or HANDPAY JACKPOT here. Please Subscribe if you've enjoyed my video so you can be informed whenever I upload a new slot win. You can easily do so by following the link below: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=VegasLowRoller Please like and follow me on any of these social media sites if you use them: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VegasLowRoller Twitter: https://twitter.com/YoutubeVLR Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/VegasLowRoller/las-vegas-slot-machine-bonus-big-win-board/ Google+: https://www.google.com/+VegasLowRoller Whether you're an avid gambler who enjoys playing slots regularly or even if you never gamble and just enjoy watching the occasional video of the pokies, I hope you will find my Youtube channel entertaining. While you may see me gambling more often on WMS or Aristocrat games, I am a fan of all slot machines and go where the bonuses take me - and that includes Bally, Konami, Ainsworth, or IGT. If you have a favorite slot machine you'd like to try my hand at, please feel free to suggest one in the comments section and I will do my best to give it a shot! Or if you just feel like asking me what the weather Las Vegas weather is like, you can email me at: LasVegasLowRoller["at"]gmail.com And in case you missed these videos, here are a few Handpay Jackpots from my channel: AMAZING HANDPAY JACKPOT on the Dream Time Slot Machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDixFinUaRA Swiss Chalet - MASSIVE HAND PAY JACKPOT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnbCy-ITFDw HANDPAY JACKPOT on Electrifying Riches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCK2RuMXs8I Raging Rhino - MAX BET and HANDPAY JACKPOT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO51vN4oqb0 Queen of the Nile Deluxe - HANDPAY JACKPOT ON A QUARTER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTMFNcpknfM HUGE WIN on Jackpot Catcher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHqBDh0Vep4 Thank you so much for watching and I hope you've enjoyed the video and decide to subscribe and stay. - Vegas Low Roller
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Text Comments (362)
Good Win !!! Viva Las Vegas !!!!!
COOL !!!!!!!
Mark Colabella (16 hours ago)
Reminds me of a Three's Company episode where Jack thought he was on the roll winning big
Vegas Lover59 (1 day ago)
Well, done, bro. Nice winning anyway.
Nigel Hector (5 days ago)
Wait What ? What happened??? How much did he won????
Poopie Sharper (6 days ago)
Why do you sound like Homer Simpson?
joel diaz (12 days ago)
Going to the casino and winning $242 is like winning $50, it's hardly exciting. I need to be winning a $1000 and up to get my juices going. Can anyone relate?
Shiloh Dawn (12 days ago)
If it all filled up u shoUld win a jkpot
Leonard Villanueva (14 days ago)
I love that you called yourself out. too funny! the "scratched record" sound clip is perfect.
Rob Ricci (15 days ago)
I don't know much about slots, so how do you win the big jackpot on this machine?
Myles Yoshimoto (18 days ago)
lucy galvan (23 days ago)
Scott Shields (23 days ago)
When I first saw the title I was about to comment that maybe it would be tactful to rephrase title to “less experienced gamer” ...upon realizing you were referring to yourself ...nothing but tears and hiccups ..and an hour of locked cheekbones 😂
KaPex (26 days ago)
jamie midge (28 days ago)
That Seth Rogen?
Victor Adamson (29 days ago)
Lol... It just doubles your winnings you actually have to get the heart that says Grand on it..... Nice win anyway....lol
Morningglory (1 month ago)
Lol lol what an idiot!
marchbabi323 (1 month ago)
Did he say he almost pooped himself? 😭😭😭😭😭😭
lucaboden (1 month ago)
Remember with some older slot machines when filling up a screen with a $1.50 bet would give you $750? Minimum bets on these slots are now like 50 to 88 cents inflation but the wins haven't increased but deflated.
Kristin You know (1 month ago)
Aww I wish you could have. You seem like a good hearted guy that deserves a great streak of luck🤗💟💥😉
Kristin You know (27 days ago)
+Raymond Aranda thanks I try😁
Raymond Aranda (27 days ago)
You do too
Cutting Edge (1 month ago)
JoJo-Show (1 month ago)
What casino you usually play? In Las Vegas
SaltyBrains (1 month ago)
Hahaha this is the *OPPOSITE* of what happened to me on a lightning-link-type-machine (but not actual lightning link), i don't remember what it was called (something like 'casino casino' or something, you get 6 poker looking chips to start the feature). I filled up the screen during a very similar feature to this at $10 hits, and thought 'meh is that all' when the win was like $500 as it added up, and then it went BOOM and awarded the grand! (only $8k but i was mega surprised and thrilled!) lol.
Jerry Petardi (1 month ago)
Same thing happened to me , I thought I won the grand, had the full screen of hearts
Mit Zonum (1 month ago)
Wait, i assume too is you filled it in you'd get at least an oppertunity for a second bonus for the progressive? Oh well. They would have had tp call security on me. I would have gone ape-shit.
Abba Higgins (1 month ago)
OMG!! I would have thought I won too! O so sorry you didnt, We all know you sure desreve it.
Charlie Harrell (1 month ago)
You made this so entertaining. The first time I played it and got the full screen I thought I had the grand because I thought it did the same as lightning link but no.
Charlie Harrell (1 month ago)
Great job though
Dexter Morgan (2 months ago)
This dudes voice is so comical. Every stupid spin... I need a heart!!! How did he not realize that the grand prize heart has to come down especially when he already got other prize hearts??
Dee (2 months ago)
SenoraSofia (2 months ago)
yup, same thing happened to me. I guess it is Lightening Strike that pays you for the full screen. You were cool about it.
Sandra Borg (2 months ago)
Iv done the same thing on this game . Got all if them but not the big one darn
Jeannie Ortiz (2 months ago)
Omg. That is so funny! My mom has the same thing happen to here but the jackpot was at 14 grand and she started screaming until she was waiting for the 14 grand to come down and it never did. Lmaooo! That is so funny! Love your videos! Keep on winning!!!
MsJinkerson (2 months ago)
If you make 4 or 5 times the money you paid walk away
Tom Dick (2 months ago)
Good for you, being honest ! I love your humanity and innocent fun. (Yeah, I know that sounds a bit gay but I love the way you sometimes don't have a clue. LOL !!)
Patricio Aviles (2 months ago)
The casino I play if you get full heart screen you win up to 10.000 beating with 50 cents
SuperMohegansun (2 months ago)
deelo (3 months ago)
I did the exact same thing recently lol
stay true (3 months ago)
I filled out all of then but never got that grand I was playing 50 cent bet
Robert Esensee (3 months ago)
I honestly would have acted the same way you did. I also would have thought I hit the jackpot!
Alex Stewart (3 months ago)
Hahahah not lighting link. 😂😂
sxti (3 months ago)
The Slot Machine Bully You 🤣🤣🤣
Sylvia Walker (3 months ago)
You got to play the max to get that grand jackpots.
Paula Koester (3 months ago)
I did the same thing but I did yelled ,no one was around .lol
mike hawk (3 months ago)
MrNobody808 (3 months ago)
So how do you win the $12k?
Shiloh Dawn (12 days ago)
A a1♡ with GRAND on it.
Nightwish Master (3 months ago)
Lol so funny!
James Mclaughlin (4 months ago)
You have to max bet for the grand? Right?
Controversial Kevin (4 months ago)
Well you dummy, at least you ended up being a dummy with more munny hehe
Petx X (4 months ago)
lol lol lol... 😂😂😂
Aaron Bennett (4 months ago)
His laugh and voice sounds like that Camel that says "HUMP DAY "
ssmudsville (4 months ago)
I got all of them and thought I won 19000. Some nearby little old lady probably did think I won it.
Lyle Neep (4 months ago)
Funny shit
Maria Saldana (5 months ago)
Lmao 😭
Menirules (5 months ago)
Whats that Sound in the end? I'm heading Out to Vegas in October and i definetely need that Sound in my Rental Car :D
nuttty peanut butter (5 months ago)
wrath of the lamb (5 months ago)
john smith (5 months ago)
You deserved more.
The Judies (5 months ago)
You sound like the flinstone character
Ben Stant (6 months ago)
this slot can be good it depends if its the lucky won i won 250 off it in wendover nevada
Kenn Tollens (6 months ago)
Nice save
Zack Seifert (6 months ago)
LOL I did the same thing watching an old lady play loteria at Graton. I was so happy for her, then I realized it was lock it link and not a lightning link game hahah
AttnJack (7 months ago)
What a dumb poopy head! Kidding! Love ya, man!
Chris Hill (7 months ago)
Was that 2.50 not the max bet? Prob not..if it was you would have won.the progressives on both I believe...but max bet was prob 5.00....right? I know it's a tear old or so..guess I will have to go through the comments now..too bad if so.
Action Figures Inc (7 months ago)
The slow dissapoinment in his voice. Sucks been there, feel your pain.
Brittany Jackson (8 months ago)
I literally watched a woman get a full screen 2 days ago. I was excited but she wasn't. I wondered why...then I figured out its not like the lightenings.😒
Bryan C. Mackey (9 months ago)
I recently found your channel. I really get a kick out of your reactions your plays. I like "I hate you" when you don't hit something. I play to much and never win, so I figured, hell I'll watch others play.
Juann Antonio (9 months ago)
U got jinxed !!! 😁🤣😂
Jeremy Seals (10 months ago)
such bs, at choctaw they have a bunch of games similar and if u get all 15 u get the grand lol
Ramond Kirk (10 months ago)
And I notice that your voice has changed quite a bit from stopping smokes
Ramond Kirk (10 months ago)
Were you smoking a year ago
Jarel Keefer (10 months ago)
Only because he wasnt betting the max.had he betted the max ooh wee they would have had to cash him strait out.peace 12.000$
Mark M (10 months ago)
guy sounds like howard stern lol
princess 💚 (11 months ago)
this looks fun ! going to Vegas first time in December(im a Biloxi girl) I cant wait to ply this game
gggggggg (11 months ago)
I'd probably have drop kicked the machine and got banned from the casino after realising I hadnt won the grand
BrandonJ123456 (11 months ago)
LOL You almost pooped your pants! :D
Charlene Sofele (11 months ago)
lol VLR but nice win
Kevin (11 months ago)
Bro I played for first time in Tunica and this old lady said what you thought. Get em all and win the grand. I got em all and she started clapping for me. My heart raced and when it didn't lock up for the handpay the old lady said oh no you got a malfunction. Cause the grand kept going up. I never hit 2 for service so fast in my life. The old lady said she would be my witness. So after a crowd formed and the floor supervisor and attendants was talking this drunk dude asked me what happen. I told him. He said it's not like lighting link. Old lady slipped away leaving me to look stupid. Moral of the story don't listen to people read on the machine before you play if you are uncertain.
TROPICANA157 YT (11 months ago)
Bastards how dare they play with our emotions 😟😞😂😂😂😂😅
Debra Walde (1 year ago)
LOL I would have thought you won the 12K also. If like lightning!!!
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
you think you played on lighting links slot ^^
SLOTmachineWINNER (1 year ago)
Classic I did the exact same thing!!!
Ben Elliot (1 year ago)
You need to get the grand bonus to win the 12grand.. dumb dumb lol
Karma - Nick Music (1 year ago)
dazza724 (1 year ago)
I play this machine alot if you havnt figured it out yet the grand is paid at complete random. :)
This just makes me mad
Texan Candy (1 year ago)
Hahahahaha I watched this long ago and I guess somewhere in my subconscious I remembered the OMG but forgot you were wrong so I had the exact same "OMG! What?!" Moment a few days ago. 😂 😂
Charles Smith (2 months ago)
Very entertaining video
technicalscience (1 year ago)
Hahahaha, that sucks dude, I bet you were gutted!
Striplyfe (1 year ago)
Nice content.. Nicely done!! Greetings from Vegas Strip
AZE 01 (1 year ago)
i think its on purpose
Carole Schauer (1 year ago)
I was the dump gal last night. The day before someone said they worked like the Lightning machine, so when I got the screen full of heart, I thought I won the $12,000. What a disappointment. I was told you need to be betting max. (That might be $25 or $50 a spin. ) On the Lightning machines you can win the Grand prize on a 50 cent bet. They were fun tp play until I realized I couldn't win the big prize on a lower bet. I went back to the Lightning Machine.
Kitty doub chan (1 year ago)
omf what a fucking retard
Jame Hall (1 year ago)
BUTCH ROYAL (1 year ago)
monizk (1 year ago)
lol you should of did like I see people all the time at my casinos....hit the service button and tell the tech...run the diagnostic the game cheated
Beau Broome (1 year ago)
Don't tease him
Avalon Park (1 year ago)
I thought you won a lot of money as well, I was like we rich, we rich, oooppps you rich, you rich, lol love your videos
Ralph Bennett (1 year ago)
Funny..... he sounds like Homer Simpson... Gimme heart, gimme heart, Gimme heat.... Heart heart heart...
T Lang (1 year ago)
ROFLMBO, title is hilarious because I seriously thought you were referring to some other guy HA HA HA you are too freaking hilarious! LOVE IT!

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