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15 Football players who Nearly Died on the pitch

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Text Comments (9844)
Rachmad Satta Fadillah (6 hours ago)
Tores masih hidup woy
lana muslic (18 hours ago)
Daisi Pajula (1 day ago)
R.I.P who ever died😢😢🙏🙏😔😔
jusef salem (1 day ago)
Love yos Comment ✈
Sam Brocklebank (1 day ago)
Unbelievable amount of players that know the recovery position and procedure
I never even hit the ball with my head when I play football because i'ts dangerous. I either want to lose, than hit the ball with my head.
Márk Nagy (1 day ago)
Ohh set
Mohamed DJ (1 day ago)
In soccer they hate the other teams but it's not boxing it soccer
PRO GAMENG 101 (1 day ago)
GAME- LIVE (1 day ago)
Pop Freeze (1 day ago)
asifur rahman (1 day ago)
Some of this r very hard to watch
zeeaap 123 (1 day ago)
Thats so sad 😧😭
all sports (1 day ago)
Hi i subscribe your channel plz you subscribe me plz !!!!!! Replay me
pencils pianos (1 day ago)
Why is the music so sad?
Lasse Lummpi (1 day ago)
Respekt on the players😢😣
Very sad
Phuoc Nguyen (1 day ago)
God bless them
SR MATRIX (1 day ago)
Www.omg.com oh My god
Rhys Jay (1 day ago)
Number 11 did actually die, the kick snapped his neck
Andre Sinaga (1 day ago)
yg no 6 kipernya kurang ajar tu
Eva Albarran (2 days ago)
😢😢😢😢😭😭😭 Im crying say #love everyone and god😙
Martha Antonio (2 days ago)
Diego Luna (2 days ago)
Diego Luna (2 days ago)
Diego Luna (2 days ago)
Diego Luna (2 days ago)
Ooo wath's
Mickey Møuse (2 days ago)
they didnt clearly died they just got hurt really bad
Andres Dookieram (2 days ago)
I felt so sad
Andres Dookieram (2 days ago)
Jessica Medina (2 days ago)
Jessica Medina (2 days ago)
JuiceOg1 (2 days ago)
These soccer players are going to kill their teammates one day jumping all over them one day. Unreal on what they do in panic mode. Dangerous for sure
Murilo Gomes (2 days ago)
man where is brazil ;=; #BRASILLOKO
Alan T (2 days ago)
😭😭😭 1:30
Jared Duncan (2 days ago)
Damn at the 3:29 mins part is terrible
Dr.Mohamed Yusuf (2 days ago)
You have to be carful
Dr.Mohamed Yusuf (2 days ago)
This is dangerous football
Mason Daniels (2 days ago)
Holy cow is so sad
Sharjeel Ahmed Ahmed (2 days ago)
I hope the Muslim footballer who died are in heaven
Sidra Mazen (2 days ago)
Best Morina (2 days ago)
Nane ju qifsha
Best Morina (2 days ago)
Lopt e gjlla sngajn me pshtujekt mjekt po kalavenen
ryan lwlr (2 days ago)
https://youtu.be/cQfv6rpqx4A a real mans sport and these were hits in one year, at the collegiate level...
David Smith (2 days ago)
I love torres but hated it when my dad said he chocked on his toung
Mike Easton (2 days ago)
They take so many dives that when someone actually gets knocked out they, "almost died."
t8t boy (2 days ago)
o no he fell over you have to be pritty tought to make out of that alive
Deadpool911 (2 days ago)
This is not football retards
Mlichal (2 days ago)
Petr Čech Is czech player
Hacker Gamer (2 days ago)
What is the backround music?
Reem Alharbi (2 days ago)
Mihájló Norbert (2 days ago)
Omg :'O
Riku Pörhö (2 days ago)
Doge (2 days ago)
Well now they are now rest in peace... :'(
Photoshop editz (3 days ago)
Compare this to a game of rugby they'd all be pussys
Shangyo Shangyo (3 days ago)
afraid to play football
Guillermo D (3 days ago)
not cool
E Maitland (3 days ago)
I don't think you know what football is because that's soccer
Gu YI (3 days ago)
Oooooommmmmmmggggggggg that looks super sad😭😭😓
Ari Og Øri 2 (3 days ago)
7,2 K dislikes!!!! What is this world
saad 8bp (3 days ago)
please help him 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭
Jacob Waffles games (3 days ago)
I almost cried thank god they are still alive
ZHIROMA Tv (3 days ago)
Joel Gutierrez (3 days ago)
What's happening to them
Narwhal Cuttie (3 days ago)
Cech keep using a helmet 😢
Dakota Mathews (3 days ago)
What was happening to him at 6:04
Mathew Keating (3 days ago)
I hope that all soccer players died fuck soccer pussy
Radu Nastase (3 days ago)
Football is the name of the game. Americans stole the name and use it for a version of the rugby
John Murillo (3 days ago)
This is all so soccer man yal. Dont now sports
Caleb Siyavong (3 days ago)
Om Re (3 days ago)
Shay (3 days ago)
I’ve been a soccer player for 10 years now, and this absolutely breaks my heart, and absolutely scares me. Pray for these people :(
i feel so bad
AAron Thom (3 days ago)
Fernando was knocked out cold by that son of a bitch 😢
thelarsens44 _ (3 days ago)
What’s with the sad music they all lived
thelarsens44 _ (3 days ago)
I keep thinking the title is American football.
Radu Nastase (3 days ago)
Rugby with protection?
yves king (3 days ago)
Ollie Goode (3 days ago)
Football players are fucking pussies
Anelka S. (3 days ago)
O ..... M ..... G !
Nick Gray (3 days ago)
Bunch of pussies 😂😂😂 hockey players would walk away in 2 seconds from every one these
Radu Nastase (3 days ago)
BS. Take that protective gear off.
Ashley Williams (3 days ago)
😭😭😭😭how sad I’m in tears waaaaaa
Anil Srivastava (3 days ago)
i m soccer player i know this type of injury very well and i face this type if injury this is too dangerous
jonex xd (3 days ago)
Alfred adzemovic (3 days ago)
My friends dad died it was the. Last one I cryied
Alfred adzemovic (3 days ago)
This is sad
Pretty brutal, for such a gay ass sport.
Soffie2008MSP ! (3 days ago)
_THEHAYPER _channel_ (3 days ago)
Дураки а не болельщики! Они умерают и лицезреют что с ними! А они хлопают! В лодоши!
Bogdan INFINIT (3 days ago)
Mr 4 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Robertiño Ross (3 days ago)
Que futbolistas mas cerdos.. La verdad que deberían renunciar
Ogre YT (3 days ago)
I fill so bad
rcplaying (3 days ago)
Sleep Good footballers 😫😫
Kartuś (3 days ago)
Gábor Frank (3 days ago)
Nicolas Zuppello (3 days ago)
What is the name of the song at 3.10 minuts?
WESSE HAMMAn (3 days ago)
Klimis Gougousis (4 days ago)
It's a shame 😢😢😢😢

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