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CS:GO - BEST PRO AWP Plays 2017 (Fragmovie)

24400 ratings | 704707 views
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Text Comments (954)
venska (6 days ago)
Also I remember joining the live stream randomly and seeing dupreeh hit the awp shots it felt so good
venska (6 days ago)
I witnessed 2:51 live and it's so weird because at first I didn't realize how amazing it was
samanthatct (7 days ago)
3:44 longest selfie stick
TARO ZAZA TV (22 days ago)
ProGamerkuzenler 619 (24 days ago)
Fast pick
ƏlizzaPvP y (28 days ago)
Melhor jogador BR *FalleN*
WinterTime !!! (1 month ago)
One day I will be there too
Nabil Abdu Xavier (1 month ago)
666k likes, ok bruhh
Alonzo 11 (1 month ago)
we need a round with only those awp masters
唐皓瑞 (1 month ago)
I wonder what the song that video started was?
abhishek salunkhe (1 month ago)
Really nice editing
ahmed ali (1 month ago)
Thats a wall hack and aim bot i dobt like this
Yoshi overwatch (1 month ago)
Great Pro
Gaming Killer_47 (2 months ago)
Nice good vidéo i liked it .....!!
javier rubio (2 months ago)
denunciados todos por jakers :v
똥손 DDONG HAND (2 months ago)
King Khalid (2 months ago)
your the best cs movie maker
Galang Fathoni (2 months ago)
please make video BEST AWP PLAYER 2018
x NverEnd (2 months ago)
I like the way u change the scene
Haru (2 months ago)
Uhh what's up with the video description?
-ГАВНО- Красава чувак лайк подписка
Frans Reaper (2 months ago)
I love you pasha 😂
D1CER KR (2 months ago)
Nifty's wall bang is unbelievable in 2018 june yet. I can't remember he's 3 wall bangs aginst Tyloo!
Na Vi guardiaN (2 months ago)
Weres Na Vi guardiaN?
The fucked guy (3 months ago)
This is inhuman
Lili Lola (3 months ago)
Too easy 7w7r
Kai C (3 months ago)
KennyS still the best CSGO player
KingWIgz 1 (3 months ago)
Dupreeh--->bae -=- Astralis--->bae
Sondus Hussein (3 months ago)
3:33 taste of his own medicine.
OMEGA (3 months ago)
Alex • (3 months ago)
KennyS is the Best awp player in my opinion
ザン - Lxrd X (3 months ago)
Wtf draken fast flick?
MrMateres (3 months ago)
very nice
ershad sulaiman (3 months ago)
You forget ska btw good video
OneSecondPerDay (3 months ago)
Draken's flick at 1:39. I didn't even see Hobbit on the screen.
Martin Gaming (3 months ago)
nice quick scope ❤️
Vale65ntin (3 months ago)
NiKo vs Na`Vi in EPL Season 5 (I think?) on Train was amazing. Also, no GuardiaN?
Young Zi (3 months ago)
where is Guardian ? :'(
กากสัส ควายยยยยหน้าหี
Jefkalefka (4 months ago)
What about Dupreeh's 1v4 vs SK
McGregor Kid (4 months ago)
*SERIOUS REQUEST:* Your video editing skills is just the best . No doubt about it. _But you really lack_ *Good Content* Like- 1)Coldzera's jumping awping in mirage 2)Simple's no scope in cauche. etc.... U really lack good content my friend,but apart from that u r really good in what u r doing keep up the work.
edriss (24 days ago)
"best awp plays from *2017* " are u blind ?
szok05 (4 months ago)
How to You make this thumbnail's?
Ahmet Erden (4 months ago)
kennyS=GOD nothing more to say :)
amir sarah (4 months ago)
their eye like a eagle
Prakash Sharma (4 months ago)
2:13 That laugh though.
SUMADiA (4 months ago)
do they just use 3-2 / qq to switch in awp to a knife or something else because they switch so fast its like theyre using quickswitch
ÐØØÝĦƔ DZ (4 months ago)
BUDDHADEB DUTTA (4 months ago)
Superb people
Eugene An (4 months ago)
2018 inc?
JhowZim Okl (4 months ago)
De aim boot até eu jogo a sim
Kartikey Singh (4 months ago)
[the wanted] Alfa (4 months ago)
[the wanted] Alfa (4 months ago)
Gud vid
[the wanted] Alfa (4 months ago)
Jk gif video
Abdelghafour Issaad (4 months ago)
best wideo
SuperExcelGaming (4 months ago)
Where is guardian and the Niko play a-site cache
UnKnown (4 months ago)
Winq51 (4 months ago)
Nice editing job on this one.
SAKNO RyUzzAki (5 months ago)
please some one show me how i can get this viewmodel ??
amir sarah (5 months ago)
2:56 i got chill bro
Shani Ijaz (5 months ago)
i am starting csgo
Andrian Cosciug (5 months ago)
nice video men very good
Antonio Zeferino (5 months ago)
S1mple better
OMG nice man you super
xd luckyjackie (5 months ago)
*Nice montage*
xd luckyjackie (5 months ago)
samurai ii (5 months ago)
Someone tell me how kenny hits sixer at 5:04 ??? Did he prefired or he was taking damage and realised it and flicked to it ??? Please tell me , thanks
Prakash Sharma (5 months ago)
Dude, you got some serious skills at video making.
LDT TV (5 months ago)
Pov setting?
Gray Murphy (5 months ago)
HAJDUKOVO DITE!!! (5 months ago)
normeme (5 months ago)
the transition is fuckinh good dude
TWC D-Crypt (5 months ago)
Please look at my AWP clutch, would mean a lot https://youtu.be/QFEIhkumo1o
GoldyS (5 months ago)
kennyS flicks in this?
CSGosu (5 months ago)
lol wtf nifty.
ANDeRseeeN (5 months ago)
whats name of song?
miles golino (5 months ago)
tayRRR (5 months ago)
what a nice movie
白芳源 (5 months ago)
Akshay khanapure (5 months ago)
Shoaib zaidi (6 months ago)
Draken :)
Ryan Plg96 (6 months ago)
prising shot
jerkkub (6 months ago)
1:12 simple. no words.
Kilian Lastras Betancor (6 months ago)
you still doing this type of videos? i will like to send a video of mine with awp
Lowren :3 Yea (6 months ago)
Nice montage ;d
mohd hafizuddin (6 months ago)
Some of them ar using vip hack just certain player have pure skill 1 player in this video that I like but it so disappointed when I know he using hack to play 😢
ghitse gaudin (6 months ago)
PLEASE stop To say "NO Scoop !!! Cause if they fast change after shoot to cut or other weapon, it s just cause they FAST SCOOP :)And for ne à little faster ..
Xue Rong Chin (6 months ago)
no JUGI?! hes so underrated, hes very good in awping as well
JavierNH (6 months ago)
4:08 is that wallhax
francisco Almeida (6 months ago)
RainbowApples (6 months ago)
5:04 lmao
Slaye Production (6 months ago)
nice editing
Ömer Faruk Uçan (6 months ago)
Good Job Man!!! Good Job!!!
Damian Reszka (6 months ago)
SAURAVJYOTI ROY (6 months ago)
rory duggan (6 months ago)
great editing 👍🏻
Christian Skoglund (6 months ago)
Noel huerta (6 months ago)
No podia faltar kennys
Ramon Pecenko (6 months ago)
cant believe u miss skadoodle lol
Ojas Jadhav (6 months ago)
Last Kill💥.💪
XxKeviandrapxX (6 months ago)
Me when firat time plays minecraft. Me: HOW DO I MOVE???!!! Edit: first not firat

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