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Mohamed Salah ● The Flash Skills & Goals ● 2017/18

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Text Comments (295)
Cheikh ka (1 month ago)
Ahmad Roi (2 months ago)
FIRMNASAH=firmino mane salah
Sorban Putih (2 months ago)
Salah panggah yg terdepann
Guilherme Tieppo (2 months ago)
Kane is better overall
Omermahmedzaki Zaki (2 months ago)
فاخرل عرب 00967735903583/00967776224326
Omermahmedzaki Zaki (2 months ago)
فاخرل عرب 00967735903583/00967776224326
what music
Ahmet Demirel (2 months ago)
Ne zaman görsem tanırım 😠
ALII TAMALA (2 months ago)
M salah adalah jagoanku
Abdullah Abdiallah (2 months ago)
Who is here after dogmos injured salah
Highlight YangYo (2 months ago)
The music such a perfect suit with him
Rini Rafi (2 months ago)
Gürkan Aydın (2 months ago)
Adam sadece top sürüyo aw
Hamza Kaplan (2 months ago)
ACE 54 (2 months ago)
Dude only runs and shoots boring af
BARAN OZBEK (2 months ago)
Abi adam benim gibi oynuyo aynı ben
HerSey Burada (3 months ago)
Like Delpiero
-KroZz (3 months ago)
Bu hangi takimli la
Hababam E-sports (3 months ago)
김영민 (3 months ago)
Görkem Tunahan https://youtu.be/yJg-Y5byMMw
김영민 (3 months ago)
god god god one allah ~
Essam Rageb (3 months ago)
Some people are sincerely looking for the truth; others waste their time to assure themselves that whatever they believe-in is the truth! The word "ISLAM" means; "The Willful Submission to our One Creator and the Acceptance of All previous Messengers who came to promote the same RELIGION". We all are responsible for our DEEDS. Islam is clear and easy to understand however some ignorant Muslims fell also for the "Salvation" trick just because they believed in the Oneness of God and all of His previous messengers. Please watch; https://youtu.be/y8HqtnuMrmA Listen to the Qur'an while reading the translation to find out proofs in all aspects of knowledge.
Afarsemon shop (3 months ago)
.amazing player, but Messi is still on top
Kemallettin Selam (3 months ago)
Ben mi 31?
zulfikar irwan (3 months ago)
Cee (3 months ago)
1:02 the flash
Asborverk Çözümleri (3 months ago)
Abdulhamidin hafiyesi olabilir...Dikkat!
Helal olsun kardesim#m.salah
Suleyman Mehtili (3 months ago)
muhammed salah cok iyi bir oyuncudur
Suleyman Mehtili (3 months ago)
Cem Karakuşş (3 months ago)
Gollerini koymamışsınki adamın hermaç gol atıyo amk
nothingever (3 months ago)
İman power
Mr.Grand Ex (3 months ago)
Metin2 xCILLIx (3 months ago)
iAlicqN Winner (3 months ago)
Metin2 xCILLIx aynen
Vaqif Eliyev (3 months ago)
Mane Firmino Salah dangerous and Chamberlain
Mikail Pedley (3 months ago)
herve k (3 months ago)
Looks like messi when he was learning how to play soccer
KhAlid Shaaban (3 months ago)
I love friend Mohmmad salah
Fútbol 3M (3 months ago)
please watch my new video 🙏❤️🙏 Mohamed Salah - dribling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxiOgpLVHns&t=3s I'm damn sure you will enjoy this video ❤️
Souna Samdy (3 months ago)
Again mo Salah is th best but really got the best skills deserved it 2018 best player 😉😉😉
Zuu Saa (3 months ago)
Arabs are strongest humans...did u know that
Kurniati Dewi (3 months ago)
what the song.?
Ahmet Doğuş Arslan (4 months ago)
bu nasıl vidyo bomboş lan
mauricio s (4 months ago)
... I'm still waiting to see his skills haha
Orhan Yılmaz (4 months ago)
Bu Bir Kanal (4 months ago)
Good player
Darren1000 (4 months ago)
#Fred it's you
LİVERPOOL FAN 11 (4 months ago)
liverpool fanatic +1
Amar Udin (4 months ago)
judul lagunya apa nih bang
Clash Of Clans TR (4 months ago)
He are legend running
Elly Ron (4 months ago)
Salah is the best #THIS IS KOTA BHARU
Jair Giraldo orozco (4 months ago)
Es un espectáculo ver jugar a Salah, dentro de poco estaremos hablando del mejor jugador del Mundo!!
Nick Adam (4 months ago)
the teacher (4 months ago)
you compare him to cristiano ! he's just running fast
Kado (4 months ago)
Neymar > Salah
Amro Atif (4 months ago)
Even though I am a Real Madrid fan, but I am Egyptian who will go after Mohammed Salah and support him... Time for Lionel Messi and Cristano Ronaldo to shut down ... the beast came to eat
Burak Evrensel (4 months ago)
Christopher Woods (4 months ago)
PSG? I'd love it!
Themadmistake (4 months ago)
is it possible i can use some clips for my new song please . will leave your logo on for your channel
r10skills (4 months ago)
Song 1
Sertooes (5 months ago)
Osama Elalwany T.C (5 months ago)
Mu Salah ♥
Mo Salah (5 months ago)
what is Name this Remix ?
Sarippp Nur Hidayah (5 months ago)
better bale
Barış Emre Aksu (5 months ago)
Vivão (5 months ago)
Mehmet Han (6 months ago)
Hes skills and physic look like Arda Turan 18-25 years..Hope Salah will do better..Cos Arda Turan played with Girls and money more thn a ball..
nova bc (6 months ago)
Rosel castañeda (6 months ago)
alguien m podria desir cm se llama la cancion actualñ x fa
Abdulaziz Adyljanov (6 months ago)
Зор гап йок M. Salah
Tom Tin (7 months ago)
فهد (7 months ago)
أبو مكه الغالي😍😍
TRY THIS AT HOME MYTHS (7 months ago)
Im jordanian and let me tell u this, he is the best arabic player anyone has ever seen yet
ONUR RR (7 months ago)
Besiktasin tam aradigi adam aq
fhmy milanisti (7 months ago)
nada de refrear o ócio (7 months ago)
Quem e o messi? Comparado a arranca desse motor
Franny YNWA (7 months ago)
Legend has it Sallah is still running and has broke the sound barrier and is nearly back in Egypt..😜🌋
king of technology (7 months ago)
عمال اقول لنفسي خلاص اخر مرره اخر مره ومش قادر خااالص ههههههههه
king of technology (7 months ago)
والله العظيم المقطع متعة عدته اكتر من 10 مرات اللي عاد المقطع اكثر من مرة لاااايك Any one returned the video more than once like
Abdul Qadir Ma'ruf (7 months ago)
Incredible speed😮
TomTannerLFC (8 months ago)
Hi. Where do you find the clips?
2day studio (8 months ago)
najenai (7 months ago)
Botelho Guimaraes (8 months ago)
cara ruim da porra.
William Pefok (8 months ago)
What song is this
Be Smart _ كن ذكي (8 months ago)
Neymar Jr ► Don't Let Me Down ● Amazing Skills & Goals 2017/18 | HD https://youtu.be/g02uCBbvZIU
mo chir (8 months ago)
He goes for strength.There is more magic to Mahrez ball touch ....
Nesteaa Funnn (8 months ago)
i don know why but he so fast
amr fahmy (8 months ago)
Go Salah 💪💪💪
Rahina Muhammad (8 months ago)
He is absolutely fast!
Sticky Straw (8 months ago)
He now the football Usain Bolt very fast and skilful ,I have been saying that Egyptian has alot of good talent since the day of Mohammed Aboutrika but now the whole world has seen how good Egyptian players are .
Freddie Lab (8 months ago)
There playing my song
Donovan Lewis (7 months ago)
Freddie Lab. best song out
Andres Costilla Fornes (8 months ago)
Promete mucho este jugador y en el mundial puede ser interesante.
Ahmed Hassan (8 months ago)
I wish u the best for ever, SALAH. The name of the soundtrack?
Internet dude Found (8 months ago)
dwamba savage (8 months ago)
Masallah salah
i.e.m. (8 months ago)
are you guys hyped for next year? : GK: Keylor Navas RB: Clyne CB: Van Dijk, Manolas LB: Moreno (version 2.0) CDM: Henderson/Goretzka CM: Coutinho, Keita CF: Firmino RW: Salah LW: Mane
oussama azzzouz (9 months ago)
his runs are like from messi only he lacks the exp
sifat Mohammad (9 months ago)
Victor gonçalves (9 months ago)
Whats song ?
king of technology (9 months ago)
Every time I see the video and imagine myself the place of Mohammed Salah Hahaha

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