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Fortnite Is Better Than PUBG…on an iPhone X

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I play Fortnite Battle Royale vs PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground) on my iPhone X! Here’s a quick review and comparison of the iOS game and why Fortnite looks way better on the Apple iPhone X than PUBG. I’ve never made a vid like this so it’s something new, but more gameplay and Twitch streams coming…maybe with Drake? ➽Subscribe if you’re new!! ➽ http://bit.ly/SubTechSmartt Fortnite is a live-action building game from Epic Games, normally it’s played on the PC or Xbox but they’ve recently released a mobile version for iOS so you can play it on your iPhone X! You and your friends lead a group of Heroes to reclaim and rebuild a homeland that has been left empty by mysterious darkness only known as The Storm. It’s a super exciting game filled with a lot of surprises, I personally like it because everyone starts out on the same level (no guns) and you have to go through the map collecting supplies to stay alive. PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground) is a more serious take on the game style - and has both iOS and Android versions so you can play it on your Galaxy S9+ like me. This video a full gameplay review, and it’s super easy to download/install on mobile. It’s pretty awesome BUT it takes some time to get good (as you can see). The controls and gameplay are the same as the PC & Xbox versions, which still means you can get some CRAZY kills and be the last man standing! Fortnite Insta Giveaway Rules (17 iOS INVITES) * 1. Follow http://instagram.com/techsmartt * 2. Like Fortnite Photo I just posted * 3. Comment your favorite game, PUBG or Fornite *winners picked/announced/DM’d on Insta Story 48hr after this video drops I Bought $290 Worth of Gaming eBay Mystery Boxes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EavItmK7JdE&index=2&list=PLPCx-1KKqYKwde82jpG9Gnl8G4olUKFzo&t=0s Twitter ➽ http://twitter.com/techsmartt Instagram ➽ http://instagram.com/techsmartt Facebook ➽ http://facebook.com/techsmarttyt Snapchat ➽ http://snpcht.me/keaton NEW VIDEOS ➡️ Monday, Wednesday, Friday Music: http://instagram.com/brayden.ables comment ‘sniped em’ if u see this 🤣
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Text Comments (10458)
TechSmartt (3 months ago)
Fornite Codes on Insta...grab ‘em - @techsmartt ✌️👊
Techno Lab (9 days ago)
TechSmartt fortnight is for kids
Oskar100GT (15 days ago)
I thought it was Fortnite
Oskar100GT (15 days ago)
What is fornite
QUAN GAMING (19 days ago)
TechSmartt am going to be honest with u, fortnite gets kinda addicting when u start to play but in real life pubg is the way to go because all the mechanics are based on real life,on the other hand fortnite not so much. But I play both games,but pubg 98.99% of the time. U could say I'm average in fortnite mobile tho.
Pepito Rico (22 days ago)
TechSmartt _
dachigrifer toxic (26 minutes ago)
pubg is better now and fortnite is good but in tel pubg fuck fortnite
Dianna Lapitan (6 hours ago)
Both games are great bro
diana mzayek (8 hours ago)
My lvl is 3
The Random Kid (11 hours ago)
The thing is you don't know how to play pubg!! 🙌
Michael Que (13 hours ago)
Please this doesn’t mean that PUBG mobile is worse on mobile. It just means you don’t like the whole game in general so please clarify next time. Also please at least play a couple matches of fornite mobile before making the video because it gets me very triggered every time you miss a shot
unseenvidstation YT (13 hours ago)
PUBG is way better
Cnash 2099 (14 hours ago)
PUBG mobile is definitely alot better than Fortnite mobile. Fortnite Xbox is better than PUBG Xbox. PC I have no preference.
rayan aghrib (15 hours ago)
I'm in level 42
some guy (16 hours ago)
this whole video was just an advertisement for fortnite I personally like pubs better
BlazingArmy 101 (17 hours ago)
PUBG Moblie is the best moblie game how can fortnite moblie win. I like playing but the controls on fortnite moblie are bad. If we were comparing PUBG Moblie wins. I play PUBG moblie 24/7 that is how fun it is on mobile. The graphics are awesome, Plus PUBG Moblie was made for 2018 . 100 like or more to say PUBG moblie is better.
Nman3000 (17 hours ago)
Plus why are people wanting more realistic graphics nowadays, and they just hate PUBG 😂. I’ve played both games, and Fortnite’s controls are stupid, like to shoot you have drag the screen, and to move the Cam. In PUBG you can customize your controls and have different vehicle controls.
Nman3000 (17 hours ago)
Techssmartt: Hey Epic can you Pay me to promote your game while keeping it a secret. Epic: Hell Yea If your talking about PUBG, then have at it!
Fire Elf (22 hours ago)
Games will definitely be faster on fortnite bc the map is much smaller. Not bc of building. 😂
You’re kinda bias, just saying.
- xGoD iOS - (1 day ago)
Both are my fav
Its very cartoonist nahh not my favourite
Unfixinglion 1 (1 day ago)
超暇人はな (1 day ago)
PUBG the best!‼️
Agya Hernanto (1 day ago)
yo wtf, why did u changed tghe Title ? Your a fucking fortnite kid lover, who doesn't understand Facts, but just understands about good reviews on NAME, Fortnite has most reviews on PC in other hand, Pubg mobile is the most overrated game,and one of the best game in 2018, not fortnite mobile, cause it is such a big failure
Koko Cody (2 days ago)
Are you jealous when people play PUBG? Fuck you
Koko Cody (2 days ago)
Fuck that
Ana Garvia (2 days ago)
If u know the fornite its only for iOS not for android
That1Idiot (2 days ago)
This is seriously biased. I mean im not saying either is better but if you are gonna make a comparison of both games you should try to research more instead of stating completely idiotic statements. Its giving me the vibe of being paid by epic games just to talk smack about pubg
DNA max (2 days ago)
It’s bcs u love fortnite but we don’t if u like PUBG u think PUBG is better
TheTruNibber (2 days ago)
Pubg is better Come get me squeakers
F**k fornite
Akshath Surwase (2 days ago)
I just hate u for supporting fortnite just because it's the new gaming trend and so that u get more money n btw ur such a noob at both the games....😹😹😹
TSM_LeXo (2 days ago)
Level 20292 jk lvl 70
aiman azman (3 days ago)
Fortnite mobile stupid and sucks.pubg mobile is the best. Fuck you fortnite (epic games
Joshua Concepcion (3 days ago)
Pubg is cool u just suckkkkkk
JRninja 1234 (4 days ago)
How is it the same as gta? Cause if it’s realistic graphics? That’s all?
JRninja 1234 (4 days ago)
This guy is a legit nub.
JRninja 1234 (4 days ago)
Did you really just say H1ZED1 in the beginning of the video?
JRninja 1234 (4 days ago)
I like both.
Josue x crack (4 days ago)
Nigga your crazy,pubg is better than fortnite in mobile because pubg has less buttons on pubg and you can drive cars in pubg
Alex Does stuff (4 days ago)
I can make it below 52nd without a gun.
Alex Does stuff (4 days ago)
I’m at level 11 or 15 I forgot also I play frotnite so much
Zhang Jacky (4 days ago)
You are so fucking lazy, even tried of open the door?
Gamer Slime (4 days ago)
Pubg better in mobile than fortnite mobile
Abdullah Ahmed (5 days ago)
I’m level 25 tier 18 and 100 vbucs
THEOG5!! (5 days ago)
PUBG is definitely better than Fortnite on mobile but anywhere else, Fortnite takes the win
Dasian Campbell (5 days ago)
ITapMIlk (5 days ago)
He is sponsored by Fortnite just look at the video description
aboo yaman (6 days ago)
Is look like pc 79%
Birendra Shrestha (6 days ago)
Nman3000 (17 hours ago)
Birendra Shrestha add me @Nman4000
Lucas Gaming2103 (6 days ago)
Fortnite mobile on my phone is broken, every time I reach the top 10 in a match the game always crashes and I cannot reconnect after I reentered the game
acrazythunder12 (6 days ago)
O like your videos
Soma Schawk (7 days ago)
level 99
Myviolin999_ Gaming (7 days ago)
U said: u have to tap to open doors When I play pubg : I can open doors automatically Also u said ur going to get sick of pubg of like an 1hour I going to get sick of ur face
Mr Dope (7 days ago)
I'm level 5
tiff tiff boi (7 days ago)
Pubg people are triggered AF
Xxxtentacion Fan (7 days ago)
Vojtěch Baláš (7 days ago)
Fortniteis more popular bcs it's free to play.. that's all and if it will cost same amount of money like PUBG, then Fortnite will be dead....
John G (7 days ago)
PUBG+Fortnite (Accident)=RulesOFSurvival
PUBG/CøldPanda (8 days ago)
Because The Map Is Bigger
The proof that fornite is copy Pubg
olt i (8 days ago)
Pubg mobile is smoother in android
pack - edits (8 days ago)
The music makes me want to jump off a bridge
TITANIC ANIME (8 days ago)
Fortnite is the worst graphics
Jizray Amargo (8 days ago)
Lol you suck
Siyam Soyeb (8 days ago)
Go to doctor pubg is best
cardina hillaire (9 days ago)
Prime Playz Gamer (9 days ago)
F*ck fornite fortnite is so f*ucking greedy about money and fortnite is f*ucking rip-off
Alston Li (9 days ago)
xXDo_ThisXx (9 days ago)
Bro just turn your PUBG graphics up!! You turned it down because you want the game too look bad!!😡😡😡 By the way I like both fortnite and PUBG.... so fortnite fans don’t hate on me!!
Jack Ultra (9 days ago)
Noob cuz u sucks at pubg
TNFSG's OLD ACCOUNT (9 days ago)
These kinda things suck. They have different specialties and style, so it's up to your opinion. Sometimes, some cunt like you just show up and made flame wars between the communities. Stop that shit.
Subzero 561 (10 days ago)
Shame on you
loli nguyen (10 days ago)
1 dislike
shayan ahmad (10 days ago)
yes bro you are right but in pc pubg is betting then fortnite not in android
Rupesh Aryal (10 days ago)
Includes paid promotion...
Ninja (10 days ago)
take that pubg fan
Nman3000 (17 hours ago)
Ninja sup Ninja Fake 😂 (Not a Ninja Fangirl)
Subzero 561 (10 days ago)
No you
Enzo Ferrari (11 days ago)
I’m in level 25
NCM (11 days ago)
You can't drive cars in fortnite
Retro Soul (11 days ago)
Those 11k liles are Fortnite fans that haven't even played pubg mobile but still like thie video because fortnite won.
LobstersForLunch Lol (11 days ago)
It’s slower because the map is way bigger than Fortnite and u landed in the middle of nowwhere
LS7 Gaming (11 days ago)
Fuck fortnite
Roadkiller gaming (11 days ago)
Well I don't have the money for an iPhone so ill stick with pubg
imran Syarif (11 days ago)
NOOB! pubg better...youre noob in play games that why you say fortnite is better
Carl Clinton Catulpos (11 days ago)
For a child perspective like u its a perfect game. And does meet the standard of a kid. Cartoonish? Check vibrant? Check and so on.
RB 16 (12 days ago)
Pubg lovers like here and comment brother pubg is better than fortnite.
EgeSS (4 days ago)
Pubg is better than fortnite
Subzero 561 (10 days ago)
RB 16 hi
Brandon Tan (12 days ago)
Team PUBG!
FlamingX Gaming (12 days ago)
Level 48
Elijahxxc Linux C (12 days ago)
Ur just bad..like plays bad..
unspeakable Gamer (12 days ago)
T2 Bray130 (12 days ago)
How did you judge this: 1. This mans legit had 3 mins of footage of pubg and called it quits 2. The whole video is him playing fortnite 3. And saying it is best out of a game that is for big kids and not little kids 4. boy that is very biased you got paid buy Fortnite. 5. There is actually graphics setting on PUBGM and not one setting for that on Fortnite Mobile You sippin' lean boi Take a break
Andre Hernandez (12 days ago)
Lvl 31
action gamings (13 days ago)
Pubg is best
I like Fortnite but I prefer PUBG
Winchurlz Soriano (13 days ago)
Fortnite is awesome!!!!
Anamay 1857 (13 days ago)
Why did you take the crossbow ? instead of guns
Tech Halt (13 days ago)
This guys is an asshole Says pubg is fucking rustic? Old? Kidding me It's a SPONSERed video
Arthur Lutsyk (13 days ago)
Big fan of Fortnite mobile. But it’s really not Fortnite. The controls were fine, you get used to them but now since new updates they took away build buttons and shoot buttons on both sides. Building is harder on mobile because turbo build barely works and setting up the build manual gets you killed. They should really work on controls. For pubg I have nothing tos ya the game is perfect you could customize what ever button you want. And could play with better players since it doesn’t matter if you play pc or other consoles with mobile because you get the hang of it.
Braden Rowe (13 days ago)
2 months late In fortnite it’s season four
enma c (13 days ago)
Patricia Lugo (14 days ago)
Max Bailey (14 days ago)
I’m level 100
Normie Poop (14 days ago)
The controls on Fortnite mobile were completely shit, I play it once and uninstalled the game afterwards.
Eric Sanchez (14 days ago)
This boi clicks bait

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