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The Player Secret of a Vegas Whale HD

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Battlecam0 (5 hours ago)
Lovin'Life2016 (5 hours ago)
Wynn needs to skip the next plastic surgery trip.
Daniel Shannon (10 hours ago)
Great documentary!
Hey he's got an All Blacks shirt on! Nice!
Jens K (16 hours ago)
The how starts at 29:16.
The Code Provider (1 day ago)
can someone explain "free bet" in this context
Chris Frediani (1 day ago)
They swapped the labels for John Kasich and Martin O'Malley
ryan bell (1 day ago)
surprised the casino's didn't have him beat up or outlawed
Smug Smugly (1 day ago)
Looks like your average case of too much money and no common sense, skill or experience
Tom T (2 days ago)
She says "find out how he did it coming up next" like six times lol
rockrhymrr (2 days ago)
@10:14 she misses the water shooting up. Typical... Spend the dudes money and not fully appreciate it
Ruben (2 days ago)
This makes me nervous as a dealer myself. I'd totally get distracted by a bunch of pornstars.
Nike Reebok (2 days ago)
He probably smelled like pussy and scotch after a million dollar blackjack run
Ty Cobb (2 days ago)
I feel sorry for the people that believe this bullshit and then lose all their money at the casio
hiyacando (2 days ago)
the casinos hate him
peter wright (3 days ago)
Every 5 or 6 mins she says 'Find out exactly how he did it. Coming up next'
Kerrin Naude (3 days ago)
Go All Blacks
Livyatan Hagadol (3 days ago)
His whole secret is that he played against shitty dealers and exploited their mistakes. Not bashing on the guy, just pointing out a fact. He obviously knows the game, but if you hunt out shitty dealers you can obviously make bank.
Itchy Bum (3 days ago)
Its true, if you agree to buy x amount of chips, they will negotiate terms that will get them as close as they cant to the edge. Phill ivey also did it, but they refused to pay him, now in court. the house still has a advantage, but if you get a nice streak going at 25k / 75k a hand you can do some damage and leave.
Birdman wilson (3 days ago)
Bitches love money
SRV. 123 (3 days ago)
No one beats the odds. The whales are laundering money for criminals and politicians.
Russell Connelly (4 days ago)
One hot lady for sure .
Tommy DeNato (4 days ago)
David James (4 days ago)
Listening to this guy you can tell he is smart as fuck.
ekim955yt (4 days ago)
You're an fing liar. The only way to win is to swing the odds in the favor of the players and that isn't going to change anytime soon. This idiot is working for the casino.
Tong L (4 days ago)
The way that reporter was dressed in at that 250k table, yea, he bang her.
PokerDev (4 days ago)
So, if he is so rich, why is he speaking to casinos to make money? ;) Hint: play poker instead.
Gerhard Symons (2 days ago)
Ego. "I took USD15m from you. Now pay me to tell you how I did it, and pay me to tell you how to prevent it happening again."
Hector Morena (4 days ago)
Let's be clear, Don does not win at Black Jack. He plays his own game with different odds, discounts and lots of free bets that the average gambler would not get. Also take into consideration that this video is exactly what the casinos want all those would be high rollers to believe.
Hector Morena (4 days ago)
+ESLworld At Black Jack or Baccarat there´s another way that is not cheating but implies playing against a weak dealer and taking advantages of his/her mistakes.
ESLworld (4 days ago)
If you don't count cards, change the rules or cheat, you will never have an edge.
MrUtubePete (5 days ago)
It has been stated "There is no such thing as a $500 hooker, only a $500 john"
Denny Le (5 days ago)
dammm. so happy for Don. i lost 200$ at blk jk and i was pissed. lol
Coach (5 days ago)
I tried my best to follow along with this vid but she just looks so yummy! And I get the point about casino's coming out on top over and over. This vid was way more about one guy's lucky streak than some rainman style of gambling brilliance.
Emotional Adolf (5 days ago)
Why the fuck does she keep saying “Don Johnson” ...it’s like a big joke, is this a fake story with this actor playing Don Johnson? Wonder if he likes gay porn?
Eric Whitemore (6 days ago)
Money is the root of all evil
William Burdon (6 days ago)
Yeah he's going to tell her how he beats them lol what a doof
randy trew (6 days ago)
Jesus just tell us how he did it Shitty Vegas commercial
mike212916 (6 days ago)
Isnt there a cat that says "ohh don johnson" lol. i think i saw it on tosh.o
Leon Allan Davis (6 days ago)
Content theft...
Kevin Afton (6 days ago)
Could this documentary be just an advertisement for casinos? Saying come and play you also can win 5 million dollars!
Bum Booz (7 days ago)
I'd smash that reporter!
Brent Edward (7 days ago)
Don Johnson reminds me a lot or has a similar voice and mannerisms as Mandy Patinkin from the series Homeland. It's quite remarkable actually.
Richard Hernandez (7 days ago)
He fucked that reporter
gillotte (7 days ago)
I was interested in this until I googled and found it wasn't him being that skilled so much as the casinos letting him changing some rules that were very much in his favor. These are the rules they did in the wiki and they might have done others not listed: He negotiated several changes to standard casino blackjack in order to gain a mathematical edge. These changes included dealers being forced to stay on soft 17, a 20% rebate where casino would refund 20% of his losses (20 cents to every dollar) for losses exceeding $500,000, six decks, re-split aces, and others. I'm curious to what the "others" covers.
shafta99 (7 days ago)
where is he now? see they go from park avenue to park bench, don't believe the hype, its all about taking your money out of your pocket.
Taylor Bailey (7 days ago)
Don Johnson is the asshole that takes shots at dealers by making shady hand signals. Don says "What's the worst that could happen? I get a free bet." The worst that could happen is that an innocent dealer loses his job over your petty tactics. Pathetic..
SK8EVERYTHING 4EVER (8 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the repeated use of the clip where he says, "It will test you, it'll test you a lot, and it's hard" ,for 2 completely different questions? There's many more inconsistencies and fumbles throughout this installment. Stay sharp out there folks.
MrGadgets (8 days ago)
Hold up .... my man don rocking the AB’s jersey 😎
TheSP4RH4WK (8 days ago)
Mandy Patinkin
AC/DC.4.LIFE ! (8 days ago)
SIN CITY ... FACT: your play is still welcomed on our SLUT MACHINES but NOT on our CARD TABLES ! (Period) & YES the cameras fellow you to the next Casino. (Believe)
Gabzi (8 days ago)
Dan Bilzerian ;)
Joe Magnets (8 days ago)
THOSE DEALERS are under constant scrutiny, they may make one mistake, then they are removed from the table. FUCKING JEW< always scheming. Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets (8 days ago)
Nothing the JEW does should surprise anyone, such as ALLOWING Donald Johnson to win BIG and deceive the public to believe they too can't lose. Joe Magnets.
Joe Magnets (8 days ago)
The States surely do miss the 'help' the Fed gov't USED to give tax dollars to help them with their money problems. But since the JEW has totally corrupted America, into JEWmerica, the colony of isreal, the zionazi IDIOTS for the JEW, JEWmerica has wasted over 6000 USA SOLDiers lives, WASTED TRILLIONS of USA TAX Dollars, not to help Americans that actually work for that money raise their kids only to be sent into the Middle East by 'our' JEW corrupted GREEDY, TRAITOR BASTARD, the call themselves 'american politicians',to KILL and DIE< wasting OUR FUCKING TAX dollars, TRILLIONS of them, to 'help the INSANE JEW, keep a PIECE OF SHIT LAND that ain't worth a bent penny, KILL REAL PEOPLE that, according to the INSANE but very clever JEW that, AS USUAL, pays nothing in lives or money to enforce the INSANITY of the JEW that invented the INSANE CLOWN that gave that land only to the INSANE JEW and their JACKASS, dONALD dUCK, calls 'god'. The JEW and 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians, why are they still alive in JEWmerica? That's WHY. Joe Magnets
Joe Magnets (8 days ago)
The IMPLOSION, of the 'Stardust' gambling casino', kinda reminds one that BUILDING 7 the one that Larry Silverstein 'pulled' on 9/11 and destroyed the evidence of the CORRUPTION of the WALL St JEWS. that was under investigation, that Larry Silverstein, claimed the 'terrorists' did', and he was correct, the JEW and 'our' JEW corrupted politicians, ALL TERRORISTS, dangerous to everyone but the JEW. AS USUAL. Joe Magnets
Jordan Smith (8 days ago)
It’s called counting 😂
Brenden Waataja (9 days ago)
This is the stupidest video I have ever watched.
henry hache (9 days ago)
1:00 Insanely hot!
Victor Espino (9 days ago)
Vegas is whack.
Victor Espino (9 days ago)
Single handedly bankrupt Donald trump
Victor Espino (8 days ago)
+AC/DC.4.LIFE ! you're the one that obviously took offense to my comment and resorted to name calling, yet I'm the snowflake.... riiiiiight
AC/DC.4.LIFE ! (8 days ago)
Victor❄️Espino - from California.
Conrad Walters (9 days ago)
12:47 that chick is topless walking down the beach lol
Uncle Putin (9 days ago)
The Casinos probably ultimately win on a guy like this because when word gets out that he won $15 million, the rest of the whales will come running to try their luck and will end up losing.
Kong 76 (10 days ago)
This is a very smart man. I like Don. I like how his brain works.
Chris Auten (10 days ago)
That is one smart dude folks!
OldManNutcakez (10 days ago)
There is more to this story, probably much more. The deals & rule changes he negotiated are freaking insane when you combine them. Playing perfect is serious discipline & focus, but that's nothing new among pro gamblers. Why he kept getting this deal at multiple casinos instead of getting cut off the first night is the real question. He did not have a name for himself prior to the stories that starting coming out, and within hours his play was being monitored closely. He should and would have been cut off. But he was not. Hmmm. I would guess he knew the managers & key decision makers to keep working the system, there was some good politicking on his end. It was also good publicity for other high rollers, it can be a great word of mouth marketing point. They get excited, start negotiating similar deals, try the same, and lose, because they are still there to have fun, drink & party with the Hos, instead of work & focus. There may have been an actual net positive outcome for the casinos even though DJ hit them for millions a pop. Also, the ultimate edge of the casino is capitalization. It's really about surviving the swings. This guy did not come in with millions in cash, he had established serious credit lines at the casinos before he enacted his plan into action.
Bin Dardundat (10 days ago)
Airplanes , shows, dinners , clubs, suites........ya whatever, these aren’t the real enticements offered by the hotels to their whale clients. I wanna know what’s offered , that they will never admit too .........
Rob Krulish (10 days ago)
In my opinion Vegas sucks these days! They might offer you $35.00 rooms and then they say, oh yea there is a $39.00 resort fee PER NIGHT! It seems like they think we are stupid! If you pay that I agree that you are!! I go to Laughlin Nevada on the beautiful Colorado River. You can get a room for under $20 dollars a night with no resort fee free parking. You can take a water taxi for $5.00 that will take you to other casinos on the river. From Laughlin you can also take a guided jet boat to the London Bridge in Havasu City! I did that, it was awesome! Laughlin is only about 90 minutes from Vegas but is totally worth it! Mesquite NV is also nice with no resort fees. It is about 1hr 13min. Mesquite is on I-15 north east of Vegas. I have stayed at the Virgin River Hotel and Casino several times and it is very good. It is kind of a old casino but it has a lot of good qualities. The prime rib dinner is awesome! I had a beef rancher in line behind me and after talking to him for a while I asked him why he was here when he had his own beef. He told me that the Virgin River had the best cuts of beef in the region. The special is only $6.99. I live in Longmont, CO and I go out of my way to stop here and stay here to have the prime rib and the good nights stay. From there I usually go to Laughlin where there is no resort fees. Sorry but Vegas is dead to me!
sportstalk Joey T (10 days ago)
beat your bookie come see my free videos with best bet
Chris Grieve (11 days ago)
Trish is a dime piece
Ryan Mc Caul (11 days ago)
'Once your ahead of the house a couple of million dollars. Why not just keep playing?' I see Don Jonson say it here, but my mind pictures a casino executive saying it in reality. Haha
damon clayton (11 days ago)
was this about don or building hotels?
MinoritiesRlazy (11 days ago)
I love how they say “when we come back” but you’re on the FUCKING INTERNET BITCH FUCK COMMERCIALS
MinoritiesRlazy (11 days ago)
I loved Vegas so much
termite122 (12 days ago)
he totally blows off that he counts cards..counting cards is absolutely the first thing that needs to be mastered...then waiting and watching for the rite table to sit at knowing what the count is..many other things also come into play but card counting is where it all starts first..its not difficult to do either with simple plus minus count...doing it fast at the table is what takes alot of practice..
Michael Turner (12 days ago)
It is kinda messed up that the lady kept saying "You'll find out exactly how when we get back." She did that for almost the entire documentary. Basically: This was during the 2008 financial crisis, Atlantic city was desperate, they offered Don amazing discounts and lucrative "rules" for him, the casino didn't do their homework (didn't realize that Don wasn't an amateur), Don wins big by betting big.
Michael Turner (12 days ago)
26:18 You got the two people mixed up. The first is Governor John Kasich and the second is Governor Martin O'Malley. The video has it the other way around, but it is incorrect.
realitycheck833 (12 days ago)
How is Vegas doing today???
joe johnston (12 days ago)
WOW , the old STARDUST came down just like the Twin Towers on 9/11/01
Noah Zwart (12 days ago)
Why isn't this guy my dad😂
b1itsjustme (13 days ago)
Thank goodness for the fast forward button so I could skip all her boring re-hash shit.
KowchKumfey (13 days ago)
Screw owning the Casino I want to own the electric company that runs Vegas. CHA-CHING
Greg Travels (13 days ago)
He bets that much money and is rolling his own Ross Store suitcase around the hotel? Sure buddy, good job selling the sucker bet to suckers.
Idiot Savant (15 days ago)
What kind of idiot would go bankrupt owning a casino? Donald Trump...of course.
Plus, Don Johnson was awesome in Miami Vice. 5:00 is best shot of lady.
David B (16 days ago)
Personally, I find breasts infinitely more fascinating in gambling!
lochinvar00465 (16 days ago)
I play the slots. My take is anywhere from breaking even to making about $50 for a couple of hours work. The machines are rigged to pay out most likely around 80%. And, if I played them continuously that would probably be the case. Can't say that I have a "system" exactly, but I play the machines by "feel".
whip (17 days ago)
am please to see him win and not lose
Trius (18 days ago)
This for sure is an advert for the casinos. The message is saying you can win millions from the us. Yes it is hard and requires work but it can be done so come and have a ago - this non mathematician did it, so can you.
Gerhard Symons (2 days ago)
This non-mathematician, who just happened to have been in the gambling industry his entire life and was coached professionally by Wharton/MIT statistics PhDs, and who negotiated special odds from the house. As a non-gambler, I would never, ever think that I could repeat what Don did, and I have no inclination to try.
rideforever (20 days ago)
edwinhopkins0 (20 days ago)
X this is so bullshit
Don F (21 days ago)
I've seen the same scam pulled by foreigners playing blackjack for much lower stakes. They pantomime their hand signals quickly and change their mind as soon as they see a Bust card coming. Then if the house refuses to let them change their decision from a Hit to a Stand or vice versa, they pretend like they don't speak English and try to take their money back.
MightyJabroni (21 days ago)
"The Player Secret of a Vegas Whale" Don't tell your wife!
CT2507 (23 days ago)
what a crazy city.
SuperHkang (23 days ago)
not be greedy you fucking CEO
SuperHkang (23 days ago)
fucking idiots... they forgot the basics. dont be greedy. invest wisely. the casinos made very costly mistakes. they shouldve had a large capital surplus. sometimes common sense goes out the wind and these casino people are meant to be so smart and intelligent
SuperHkang (23 days ago)
gambling ruins society, turns women into gold diggers and prostitutes and men lose all their life savings
GREY E CAT (23 days ago)
This is bullshit. It's presented to fool ordinary people into thinking they have some slim chance of beating the house--then they get sucked in and become problem or even compulsive gamblers. Don't buy it.
Rodney Farmer (26 days ago)
My favorite place to play poker is Binions
Mike Lisa (26 days ago)
He didn't really beat the casino, the casino beat themselves.
s404n1tn0cc (27 days ago)
nicaskey1 (27 days ago)
He’s changed a lot since he was in Miami Vice.
tweet2999 (28 days ago)
Casino's only want losers, not winners. 🤔

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