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The Player Secret of a Vegas Whale HD

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manjrajput a (4 hours ago)
manjrajput a (4 hours ago)
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Jim C (1 day ago)
Jim Murren at about 6:00 (paraphrased-)”you’ll lose $200 and we’ll give you $80 in comps.” Hahahaha that’s rich. More like $8 if you’re lucky.
Instead of looking at the knowledge, study and genius of Don Johnson, the people commenting here are focusing on media propaganda which is always going to be there no matter what. Don Johnson found an angle and he was very clever in the way he exploited it. Hard work and research pays off.
Danny Reagor (2 days ago)
Time to make some money!!!
Nigel Thomas (3 days ago)
If I win anything over 10k im hopping on the next plane home idc idc I will leave everything in the hotel lol
kirthguntaghl (3 days ago)
I don't think recessions are the only factor why Las Vegas is loosing revenue. The problem is that no matter how many light bulbs they hang from their walls, in the end what Las Vegas offers is tacky, low class entertainment. I'm not saying cheap entertainment. You bring money to Las Vegas and you will leave without it; guaranteed. But Las Vegas is artless and unsophisticated. It's flashy. It has millions of neon lights and skimpy dressed good looking girls, but tacky. It's probably not the favorite kind of town for most people. As an example, I have traveled almost all over the world and I have spent as many as 15 times in a single great vacation spot, yet I have only visited Las Vegas twice in 55 years. Both times I felt that it was an uncouth vacation. Maybe, if I was gambling 100,000 dls a hand and winning millions I would feel different about Vegas, but if they want to bring back repeat customers over and over, they definitely have to change their product.
Chris Conlon (4 days ago)
Yep, god casino ad. The title suggests it could be replicated, it can't. As for his next venture of using software to beat the odds. Won't work, the turn of a card happens in real time, it can't be "plugged" into a software spreadsheet. That might work for horse racing but not card turning.
ex0duzz (5 days ago)
Lol,doesn't explain how he has an advantage over the the house whatsoever. A little here and a little there doesn't mean he has advantage over the house lol
Nathan (6 days ago)
Hes lucky he even woke up the next day.
Online Casino Wala (7 days ago)
Not like him but some working tips are available at https://onlinecasinowala.com
Dennis Whiter (11 days ago)
I am even in Reno. I am down at AC, up more than 5x what I lost in AC in Las Vegas. Way up in private and after hour (illegal) clubs in NYC. And way up in private (home games). I've quit. Gambling was never a problem for me but I've known many for whom it is.
Dennis Whiter (11 days ago)
My #1 rule is no drinking before or while playing.
Andrew Bell (12 days ago)
Gorgeous reporter.
RepMontreal (13 days ago)
Man she wants that Don’s johnson....
austiinnnnnnnnx (14 days ago)
uhhh no bikini top? 12:48
Joey Parks (14 days ago)
My boy juelz hit 8,500$ in 45 mins playin blackjack at Tropicana in Atlantic City
E. Male (14 days ago)
Gary Loveman is this stereotype Americans to lower his voice for a gain of dominance. That only works in America, how can you even listen to a loser like him?
Deus042 (16 days ago)
26:19 they confused Kasich and O’Malley
John O'brien (17 days ago)
Why are you accused of cheating if you win they supply the cards they deal so how can you cheat and if you lose can you get your money back accusing the casino of cheating
Brian Williams (18 days ago)
LOL not watching this retarded video. The only "secret" is to NOT PLAY the rigged casino games. Stick to Poker or dont go to a casino.
Michael Dgreat (19 days ago)
evil place casino
MikeNJ27 (20 days ago)
There are alot of people that can win 1 million dollars if they sat down at the table with 1 million dollars to start. LOL. Guy is still a winner though, but he was already rich which makes it a million times easier.
Christopher Ashford (20 days ago)
Which casino paid his bill to Uncle Sam after he advertised his winnings?
troy lenz (21 days ago)
Yeah who cares if the dealer gets fired right? This guy's a piece of shit! I'm not impressed at all.
jayjayhere fre (21 days ago)
the host is soo hot.
TheNinja07 (23 days ago)
This video is a waste of time. DAMN give me my 5 minutes I spent on this stupid video cause IT DIDN'T TELL ME SHIT THAT I DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW.
TheNinja07 (23 days ago)
This video is all talk....
WayneTheGamer69 (24 days ago)
how much longer are you gonna make me watch before I find out how he did it
AL (25 days ago)
I think he just got lucky. People win lottery too
low boon chai (25 days ago)
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Matthew Miller (26 days ago)
They repeated his line, “It’s hard; they’ll test you. They’ll test you a lot,” twice to different questions
bhauger1 (26 days ago)
To win millions you have to bet millions. Where did this guy get his bankroll? Probably not by being a welder.
kagney13 (27 days ago)
I really liked him on Miami Vice
Kenneth Barlow (28 days ago)
The implication is that Johnson has some great secret when its really negotiating rules that lessen the casino edge and having enough of a bankroll to handle variance and swings.
philchips (1 month ago)
It's not the dealers money. They can't play personally in the game. They have to react and play the same way. If you negotiate a special rule and the dealer doesn't read your hand signal and you play that hand for free, that's just neglect on a weak dealer.
just me (1 month ago)
Bullshit , all made up by las vegas to make people play blackjack. Fake stories.
johnny walker (1 month ago)
Hey just give me a %20 discount(on what), let me change the rules 37:08, and let me bet big. How in the world do you phrase all that and who in the hell do you talk to?
J.W. Allison (1 month ago)
Three minutes into this video and i can promise you this guy can't get action any casino anywhere lol
Milquetoast Eugenicist (1 month ago)
Killer Whales eventually get harpooned. Give him time. 90% of all big winners lose it all. They start thinking they're teflon. It all runs out eventually. One giant bet, devastation, a want to get even or get more than even, a few hours. Gone. And I would WRECK THAT CHICK!
tony 'too sweet' swann (1 month ago)
doing it $1000 dollars at a time, playing catch up, doubt if a white Ferrari testarossa(get it done) is in the mix! but I'm game!
Jim Pollard (1 month ago)
48 Million visitors a year plus in 2018 to Las Vegas! NEXT!!!!
Matthew Singer (1 month ago)
Be rich, get the rules changed
Chase Smith (1 month ago)
This video should have been titled "We're gonna tell you how this guy won, after this. No, after this. No, I mean next. Alright, now we really mean it, we'll tell you after these messages. Okay now." but I suspect the title would have been too long.
Rick Schwab (1 month ago)
Funny how she is so fascinated as to how Wynn made his fortune and describes him as an "unlikely candidate to become the most influential casino developer in history" and just some "English major from the University of Pennsylvania".....lol Like most rich people he inherited his opportunities and likely ill gotten wealth. Maybe he didn't deal with the mob but doesn't mean his daddy didn't! Instead he's backed by WALL STREET! Like Wynn said: " how does a boy of opportunity take up a life of crime" .The answer is find the biggest rigged game in town for a backer and that's Wall Street!!!!! And just like the crooked bankers THIS GUY CAN"T LOSE!!! I think the mob has more morals and values than your average banker or Wall streeter!!!
Peter Quill (1 month ago)
Gamble my balls with your mouth
Christian G (1 month ago)
I work right by Bensalem and go to Parx a few times a months. Nice place. Didn’t know he was from there.
Amelia Dixon (1 month ago)
Monkeys can count cards ? Yes, he CAN COUNT CARDS ! And take shots too.
gerald3637 (1 month ago)
I wish he would take me on as a student
04dram04 (1 month ago)
This dosnt add up. If hes really coming out ahead, why are the Casinos comping him still? He may win big, but he must be losing bigger
04dram04 (1 month ago)
How did he not end up in ditch in the desert?
Horse Face (1 month ago)
Don is a gambling god. I doubt there is a counterpart to him in the world. I wonder how his horse race handicapping worked out?
Fabian Gjerazi (1 month ago)
This was BS gallore. First every game at The Borgata with minimum $25 bet stands on soft 17, let you split up to four times and let you double on any 2 card. Second : the idea that he came up with his own signes and if the dealer made a mistake Don got a free bet is pure horsesh..t. Third he lost alot of that money back.
Livin' Rob (1 month ago)
So..... He just plays by the rules?
striker161 (1 month ago)
Black jack is a card game for morons (fish) and maths geniuses (winners)
tsdon1 Smithee (1 month ago)
totally crazy to talk to reporter
Carlos Vasquez (1 month ago)
To sum it up perks and getting dealers Fired.
lakerchamps100 (1 month ago)
Rumor has it there are people out there still waiting to see how Don Johnson did it
Mr Trix (1 month ago)
Not it doesn’t 10:49 l Where tf did you get 10,000 from?
Colton Wes (1 month ago)
With this guy doesn't know that he was paid by the casinos that just cost them six million dollars for other high rollers to think that they could come in and take their money
Aaron Soto (1 month ago)
That fucking table at the Bellagio though...GG!! Lol 250k a night...
Jason Myers (1 month ago)
the best way to win at blackjack is to count cards. Its not illegal. They dont like it. but you cant go to jail for it. i do it every time i go to AC. i live in maryland so im not going all the way to vagas to play, i like AC, and i do very well there. I dont count with a team. its just me. Teams are a no go. Too easy to get seen.
Battlecam0 (1 month ago)
Lovin'Life2016 (1 month ago)
Wynn needs to skip the next plastic surgery trip.
Daniel Shannon (1 month ago)
Great documentary!
Flat Earth is Retarded (1 month ago)
Hey he's got an All Blacks shirt on! Nice!
Jens K (1 month ago)
The how starts at 29:16.
The Code Provider (1 month ago)
can someone explain "free bet" in this context
Sweet Baby Bladefoot (1 month ago)
They swapped the labels for John Kasich and Martin O'Malley
ryan bell (1 month ago)
surprised the casino's didn't have him beat up or outlawed
Smug Smugly (1 month ago)
Looks like your average case of too much money and no common sense, skill or experience
Tom T (2 months ago)
She says "find out how he did it coming up next" like six times lol
rockrhymrr (2 months ago)
@10:14 she misses the water shooting up. Typical... Spend the dudes money and not fully appreciate it
Ruben (2 months ago)
This makes me nervous as a dealer myself. I'd totally get distracted by a bunch of pornstars.
Slick Beacon (2 months ago)
He probably smelled like pussy and scotch after a million dollar blackjack run
Ty Cobb (2 months ago)
I feel sorry for the people that believe this bullshit and then lose all their money at the casio
hiyacando (2 months ago)
the casinos hate him
peter wright (2 months ago)
Every 5 or 6 mins she says 'Find out exactly how he did it. Coming up next'
Kerrin Naude (2 months ago)
Go All Blacks
Livyatan Hagadol (2 months ago)
His whole secret is that he played against shitty dealers and exploited their mistakes. Not bashing on the guy, just pointing out a fact. He obviously knows the game, but if you hunt out shitty dealers you can obviously make bank.
Kyle Dec. (2 months ago)
Its true, if you agree to buy x amount of chips, they will negotiate terms that will get them as close as they cant to the edge. Phill ivey also did it, but they refused to pay him, now in court. the house still has a advantage, but if you get a nice streak going at 25k / 75k a hand you can do some damage and leave.
Birdman wilson (2 months ago)
Bitches love money
SRV. 123 (2 months ago)
No one beats the odds. The whales are laundering money for criminals and politicians.
Russell Connelly (2 months ago)
One hot lady for sure .
Tommy DeNato (2 months ago)
David James (2 months ago)
Listening to this guy you can tell he is smart as fuck.
ekim955yt (2 months ago)
You're an fing liar. The only way to win is to swing the odds in the favor of the players and that isn't going to change anytime soon. This idiot is working for the casino.
Tong L (2 months ago)
The way that reporter was dressed in at that 250k table, yea, he bang her.
PokerDev (2 months ago)
So, if he is so rich, why is he speaking to casinos to make money? ;) Hint: play poker instead.
Gerhard Symons (2 months ago)
Ego. "I took USD15m from you. Now pay me to tell you how I did it, and pay me to tell you how to prevent it happening again."
Hector Morena (2 months ago)
Let's be clear, Don does not win at Black Jack. He plays his own game with different odds, discounts and lots of free bets that the average gambler would not get. Also take into consideration that this video is exactly what the casinos want all those would be high rollers to believe.
Hector Morena (2 months ago)
+ESLworld At Black Jack or Baccarat there´s another way that is not cheating but implies playing against a weak dealer and taking advantages of his/her mistakes.
ESLworld (2 months ago)
If you don't count cards, change the rules or cheat, you will never have an edge.
MrUtubePete (2 months ago)
It has been stated "There is no such thing as a $500 hooker, only a $500 john"
Denny Le (2 months ago)
dammm. so happy for Don. i lost 200$ at blk jk and i was pissed. lol
Coach (2 months ago)
I tried my best to follow along with this vid but she just looks so yummy! And I get the point about casino's coming out on top over and over. This vid was way more about one guy's lucky streak than some rainman style of gambling brilliance.
Emotional Adolf (2 months ago)
Why the fuck does she keep saying “Don Johnson” ...it’s like a big joke, is this a fake story with this actor playing Don Johnson? Wonder if he likes gay porn?
Eric Whitemore (2 months ago)
Money is the root of all evil
William Burdon (2 months ago)
Yeah he's going to tell her how he beats them lol what a doof
randy trew (2 months ago)
Jesus just tell us how he did it Shitty Vegas commercial
mike212916 (2 months ago)
Isnt there a cat that says "ohh don johnson" lol. i think i saw it on tosh.o
Leon Allan Davis (2 months ago)
Content theft...

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