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The Player Secret of a Vegas Whale HD

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Warren Purcell (15 hours ago)
Well there's no way I can walk in a casino and change table rules. 45 mins wasted lol
Chay Butta (20 hours ago)
Is he single? Asking for a friend. Lol
Ross Brooks (1 day ago)
Does everyone here believe that the casino's edge in blackjack is only 0.5%? I have seen a lot of players play the correct strategy and almost all of them lose their chips within the first hour of play. At this 0.5% player disadvantage, I would have figured it be a much slower pace of loss (ex: 49 player wins vs 50 dealer wins). But this doesn't seem to happen. One thing perhaps unconsidered in this calculation is that when you bust a hand you lose. However, when the casino busts their hand, they don't necessarily lose. Half or more of the table may have busted with them, and the casino collects those player losses.
leo arc (2 days ago)
Probably from Denmark.
Texas Ray (2 days ago)
Oh come on. The Casinos have to promote the idea that big winners exist and they beat the casino and get away with it. That's what keeps the suckers coming in. Real blackjack counters do exist and can systematically win. But they get banned for life and roughed up as soon as they are spotted. As for whales like this guy who win millions,again and again and still get special treatment, they are not just lucky big spenders. Believe it or not casinos often have direct ties to organized crime. And one of the biggest moneymakers for organized crime is money laundering US banks are too closely regulated to do such laundering on a big scale. But casinos can launder money quickly with no limit. Some money can be laundered just by becoming profit to the casino. But if too much traceable money shows up consistently in the the casino's till, it looks bad. So that cash needs to go back out as losses. It's still clean in that it was legally won, but its physical presence is not showing up in the casino's bank deposits. So the casinos and their mob friends have designated highly visible winners that serve not only to lure in suckers but also to clean up dirty money at the same time. They get to live high, but in return they have to spend that money in certain ways that funnel the wealth back to their mob connections. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.
Mast3r Race (3 days ago)
I need to move to Vegas. I was born lucky, 2 months premature with 6 toes.
joe bloe (6 days ago)
Why does this video flash bright unexpected explosions of light at our eyes? Why the fuck do they do it? Couldn't even watch it...another video ruined...and now I'm blind with a migraine you assholes.
Chris Baker (8 days ago)
How is there not a pitboss watching this guy every hand with him betting $300,000 a hand?
He’s asking for things that are standard in the U.K., dealer stands on soft 17, you can split any two cards tee same, you can double any hand, even hard 20 if you want to. And in my local you can surrender any two cards also. Counting cards and having the U.K. edge would be better than anything he’s suggesting
Chris Baker (7 days ago)
Most important rule is 3:2 payout in blackjack, followed by number of decks used fewer is better, than hit or stand soft 17 standing is better for the player but rare in a lot of casinos, split to 4 hands helps the players but barely because it is rare.
426 SUPER BEE (8 days ago)
Don't bet on horses bet on JOCKIES they control the horse > Atlantic City sux, a good place to get killed, off board walk, LOOK out into the water what do you see? SHARKS! They feed the sharks there> The air, Smells like death, can't swim in the water, its hard to get too, no place to go but a Casino LIKE A PRISON. can feel the horror that happens in that town. ITS a eerie feeling, 2 days i left. I NEVER WENT BACK
426 SUPER BEE (8 days ago)
ANOTHER SUCKER GAME IS> Roulette set at a blackjack table dealer at the wheel said pick a number i did. 3 it land on 3 pick another one i did 16 landed on 16, i picked one more 21 landed on 21 went to put 20 on 00 lost put 5 on 33 lost he heee I WAS SUCKER > They control every thing
426 SUPER BEE (8 days ago)
People like J0HN feeds the Casino's he might won 60 m, but lost 1 tr > If they can't beat you. they will cheat you> A WINNER DON'T go to casino's> I've even had them try to sucker ya, Hey you could have won and JACKPOT IN HERE But You choose that game YEA RITE! i'll take my 5k and RUN
Jake Baca (9 days ago)
Crock of shit video
Sam Sonn (15 days ago)
The RED Button...............
Sam Sonn (15 days ago)
MGM owning 10 LV casinos is alot!
Sam Sonn (15 days ago)
Ivy League Math PHDs LOL
Hubert Hubert (16 days ago)
Casino advertising
Shawnta Gambles (20 days ago)
I just want to sit and watch Don play! Like it would be interesting
Beav (21 days ago)
This broad is a smoke show
Zane Pierce (25 days ago)
spu3 (28 days ago)
I think if you played the same as the dealer in blackjack, you would win more but piss off the other players.
William Morrissey (30 days ago)
Whats with the automatic weapon soundtrack??
John Pratts (1 month ago)
27:07 "I am concerned--" Okay shut up xD
Hexspa (1 month ago)
What's this guy's twitter?
Hexspa (1 month ago)
The more you play, the more you lose. This validates my hit-and-run strategy in online cash NLHE.
Blue Bird (1 month ago)
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Blue Bird (1 month ago)
love don, but for you people who don't know. Most people lose at black jack , but if you want to win play craps and go here now www.jimmybondshow.com
boom Vas (1 month ago)
My hero
John Bailey (1 month ago)
Winn can’t hold a candle to Sheldon adelson
david aikens (1 month ago)
Why was she so excited? He must’ve paid her for some private lessons.......
Richard Lanza (1 month ago)
Wanted Dead or Alive Steve McQueen movies TV series
mike larry (1 month ago)
They glorify a card counter
mike larry (1 month ago)
O u know this nigga count cards
liz prkr (1 month ago)
fake story created for the losers to keep on gambling and losing more money in the casinos, don't you all believe everything they tell you in videos?, bunch of paid actors here. casinos have ways to turn your luck around to bad lucks, they either change dealers right away, more or less every 10 minutes, change the decks to new ones, add a mystery player to change the dealth hands to multiple plays. close the table and open another table to switch atmosphere. a story like this, the pitboss and other money hungry casino executive perverts is probably in on it and takes a winning cut from the player because they let him win millions, in other casino strict places if player is allowed to win like this,, the pitboss gets fired., who cares anyway, but all in all, never gamble, theres a lot of demonic spirit around gambling areas, we are talking millions, they will tease you to win then takes it all back till youre out of control. and sometimes you wonder why these losses happens and it pisses you off, its like the game knows your next move because the demons are watching you and they can manipulate the cards and the outcome, they can even change the numbers in a blink,, you ever see those dealers gives you that look when you lose and takes your money? they seem to enjoy you suffer the loss, they are possessed , all gamblers suffers at the end. its a big sin,
Wolf Man (1 month ago)
Best way to win is don’t play!!
Andrew Fred (1 month ago)
that guy is doging the rest makes money for himself of the casino then helps the casino stop them from making money bit selfish !!!
Mon Nguyen (1 month ago)
He definitely count cards . That is why he is ban
Phenomenal GABE (1 month ago)
I hate how this thing teases you with information and then side tracks. Get to the point.
911LexVegas (1 month ago)
Ironic that Greed is the casinos biggest weakness.
Lawrence L. (1 month ago)
Don't bother trying to master and beat casino games....spend your time and money and knowledge and experience....doing so with the financial market, stock market...the S&P 500, SPY/SPX ticker daily. options.
Lawrence L. (1 month ago)
Why do you even need casino dealers? You'd think by now....that computers or machines...would do their job.
Aaron Bess (2 months ago)
In that white dress, SHE is the most dazzling thing on the Strip.
Eric Frederich (2 months ago)
@26.18 John Kasich and Martin O'Malley swapped
allen mosley (2 months ago)
he was marking the cards
Tom Underwood (2 months ago)
Save yourself a lot of time and jump to 35:00
David Bond (2 months ago)
The interviewer is so cringe
B Freedo (2 months ago)
This video cut have been cut in half or 1/3 but interesting
mef12727 (2 months ago)
"Special rules". Lol. The casinos here do this as a normal thing. Mohegan and Foxwoods
Ryan Bahnsen (1 month ago)
mef12727 Newport Grand will be closing down and Twin River Tiverton Casino and Hotel will be opening on September 1st. It says the place will feature 32 table games and up to 1,000 slot machines at inception. They also seem to offer a small variety of restaurants as well.
mef12727 (1 month ago)
Ryan Bahnsen I was just in Rhode island at twin rivers. Friday night. What's the tiverton?
Ryan Bahnsen (1 month ago)
mef12727 Oh thanks, good to know. I live in RI, I'm hoping that the Tiverton casino will be a hit.
mef12727 (1 month ago)
Like soft 17. Certain tables at Mohegan the dealer must stay on soft 17. Doubling down is allowed every where.
mef12727 (1 month ago)
Ryan Bahnsen To my knowledge there isn't any. This videos stated things they called special rules in which we consider normal game play.
Eddie3074 (2 months ago)
27:55 damn, girl.
Foreign Toenail (2 months ago)
Good, fuck the house
Investor Jess (2 months ago)
He counted cards
TonesTheGeek (2 months ago)
If I had Don's advantage I wouldn't mind taking a big win only half the time and only breaking even or even losing a small percentage the rest of the time just to maintain those perks. If the casino is willing to shell out free stuff, might as well give them something back so they'll keep coming.
Sara Herrera (2 months ago)
So boyd and mgm co-own the borgatta?
Shawn Afshar (2 months ago)
No place in the world like Vegas
Sara Herrera (2 months ago)
Why do they theoretically take 100% of my money? Where the heck did they get the 20% #??
Michael Knight (6 days ago)
Sara Herrera over the long term. That’s even true for 99% payback video poker. You can go broke quickly and win other times.
thesock0011 (2 months ago)
I hope people realize that this is just one long casino commercial and that's why the CEO's were willing to be in it. They want the average guy to think maybe he can beat the casino like this guy did. They couldn't produce a better commercial for 6 million and I wouldn't even be surprised if his play was completely bankrolled by them. They want people to think perks give them an edge or advantage over the casino. They want to look like they're easy to beat but trust me the odds are always against you. It's like rolling a dice and they win on 4 sides and you win on 2 sides. Does it make any sense to gamble with those odds against you? NO. You could win a few times but, if you play for almost any length of time, it's easy to see that you can never win enough to cover your losses, never. The odds are so against you that most of the time, even during the short term like a few days, you'll lose at least a small amount. Apply that loss over a longer time like a few months and that small amount adds up to an amount over their biggest payout possible in most cases. After a few months you'd have to win a huge jackpot multiple times in a row just to break even. That's how it works. They call it a hold but it's really a theft or a scam. Every betting round the odds give them a tiny profit or hold as they call it. It works because people don't just play their $100 and walk away after they lose the $8 to $20 hold. They keep playing and losing that $8 over and over until your money is gone in hours if not minutes. That's just the facts. Sure you can win $50 from just a quarter bet, but that's so rare that doing it a few times in a row is nearly impossible. So after you've lost $600 over the past 2 days or 2 months, then winning $50, even a few times in a row, even 10 times in a row, still doesn't break you even!!! You know how rare it is to hit $50 once, think about 10 times. It's impossible odds. It's just stupid to ignore them and to give away your money when you could buy something real that could make you more comfortable, healthy, or satisfied and maybe something that retains some value even after giving you those benefits. How many times do you have to give away your money then say hrm I could of bought that thing I always wanted with what I just lost. I hope people also realize that most of us will make excuses to keep playing because it's fun and thrilling when we win even though it's just getting back some of our old loses. We'll say we know the odds and we're just playing for fun and that we know we're going to loses. But the truth is just being in the casino makes you feel alive and it makes you happy even if you're losing. You have to fight these emotions and desires that trick you into losing your money. Please be smart people. Don't gamble away your rent money. Heck don't even gamble away what you can afford to lose. Buy something with real lasting value. Or just place a single dollar bet then give or tip the dealer a $100 just so the corporations and the rich who own all the stocks don't get it. Unless you really want to just keep giving your money to rich people who own a majority of the casino stocks. If you own a single stock in the casino then maybe you can ignore me. I bet you don't. I win. lol
thesock0011 (11 days ago)
Do you have any actual arguments against anything I said? Or do you just enjoy criticizing people's English? I may not know how to write perfect English but I know one thing, the longer you play slots the less chance you have of ever winning more than you've spent. The odds against us may be small on each play but, because they are always against us, every single play, then they build up over time. I did not say, nor do I wish to imply, that the odds change over time. It's just that, by playing with the odds against us, all the time, for long periods of time, our overall odds of winning more than we've spent become almost nothing. I really wish I could explain it better and I will try if anyone has any question at all about what I'm trying to explain. You can argue the money lost is worth the entertainment. You can argue many things. Saying playing slots is like giving your money away is just my opinion. I don't mind if people don't agree with that opinion. I just want everyone to be aware of what they're doing and how the odds might be more against them then they realize. It's like eating something with a little extra fat. It might not hurt you one or two times but do it hundreds of times day after day and it's going to hurt you. In the same way, we don't play slots one or two times, we hit the buttons hundreds of times an hour. We don't stop after we spend the money we brought, we keep playing the money over and over until it's all gone. I'm just explaining what we've experienced. Now you know why you lose 9 times out of 10 and why you'll never win more than you've lost overall. If this helps one person than it's been worth my time. And if it's helped you than maybe pass it on, pay it forward with a few minutes of time to explain it someone else.
67hundredthz (13 days ago)
You dont sound like anyone that should be giving anyone advice. Your comprehension skills are non existent and you can barely write in english. The drunks in the alley might think you know what your talking about but only the real drunk ones
Christoffer Feser (2 months ago)
He cracks that smile as a tell, good thing hid game isn't poker.
Christoffer Feser (2 months ago)
Just keep swallowing more and more propaganda America, stop reading books, and thinking for yourself. Why do you think even those on death row have cable piped into their cell?
WonderingAboutThat (2 months ago)
Axillax (2 months ago)
damn never knew don johnson lived in my town, I remember when they build the parx casino, was a big deal bc it was closest casino to Philly.
Investor Jess (2 months ago)
He counted cards!!
Wild West (2 months ago)
does it really cost 10 grand to fire up those fountains when you hit that button?
Sara Herrera (2 months ago)
Wild West yes
j spec (3 months ago)
This jackass probably got some dealers fired cuz he wanna get free bets... tsk tsk if a dealer make a mistake with that much money they r most likely be looking for another job.
Show some fucking respect. To Don he’s beating the fucking Casino these people make BILLIONS AND BILLIONS each year and he’s getting 10% back for the normal guy. Take you’re fucking tongue.
67hundredthz (13 days ago)
I watched the video and cant figure out what makes this guy a jackass but i read a short comment that you write and i get the sense that YOU are a mega douchebag inside a jackass. Unless im wrong id love to hear it then i ll be dja
67hundredthz (13 days ago)
+Apryll Cardenasi dont see why you're hating and calling him names. He did nothing illegal and cheating is illegal. This dude is smarter than me and i dare say smarter than you. Casinos dont like when people count cards either. Is it illegal? No. Is it cheating? Absolutely not. This guy and the casino by agreeing set the terms before he starts playing. Why is he wrong for holding a dealer to the terms that were already negotiated? Its not his job to train the dealers if they make a mistake or dont hold to their agreed rules why is he all the rather vicious shit you said about him. Please if im seeing this wrongly please explain to me how. Im open minded and willing to look at things from different perspectives so i can make a fair assessment of it. I get the sense that you arent that way but i cant judge you just because you left an ignorant sounding comment.
Apryll Cardenas (17 days ago)
“Free bets” !!?? Are you kidding me? Can we all say scum bag together? I don’t care if this story is real or not he is a simple man with an no integrity. How he did it......? He tells you point blank, cheating. Ya ya some will say, “it’s not cheating Blah blah blah’. IMO setting out to try and make dealers distracted so he can take advantage IF they make a mistake, that is a slime bag cheater to me. The worst kind, especially making a HUGE scene if it’s against him. Sad excuse for a man. Hence the reason nobody wants his action. Now the casinos are trying to learn from him 🙄😂PFFT PLEASE.
Sara Herrera (2 months ago)
j spec yeah so sad, he even got the ceo of Tropicana fired
mmodnao (3 months ago)
After the red button, she got fucked in the ass and pretended to like it, cause you know, huge fountains and a sense of power.
Frank White (3 months ago)
this is horseshit
Jason Borne (3 months ago)
Completely. Look at what he was able to do: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Johnson_(gambler) 20% rebate program on losses. Stand on Soft 17. Re-split Aces. 6 decks. ANYONE could win under those conditions since the 20% rebate alone more than balances off the house edge for 6-deck blackjack with those favorable rules. And I don't know why they're talking about Vegas.. Don played in Atlantic City (they hit Soft 17, 8 decks) and this was c. 2008 (2010) when it started getting bad down there and they were desperate for players. But: Since the common person isn't Don Johnson, he won't be able to negotiate those changes. The casinos live off the small fry this way. Don's "losses" will be made up by the Little Guy, of course. Same as it ever was: The poor subsidizing the rich. He wins big. Everyone else will pay for it.
1bigjohn11 (3 months ago)
the bigger the sucker, the bigger the whale
Paul Finlinson (3 months ago)
Sounds stupid letting him change the rules
daehttub (3 months ago)
find out how don johnson did it... coming up next
David in LA (3 months ago)
still comes down to pure luck... all of these tweaks to get it close to 50/50 odds. If you have thousands of whales doing the same thing, the odds are that 1 of them will win overtime. This shows the 1 winner and ignores the 999 losers
Ray Spore (3 months ago)
Why did she dress like a soccer mom to the casino
cslsweak1 (3 months ago)
Very good, interesting and informative video...
Guy Owen (3 months ago)
The secret starts at 35:00
phillychef72 (3 months ago)
I took $9000 from Harrahs in AC in March, couldn't even fn imagine winning millions!!!
Sonofsin (3 months ago)
Phil Ivey did this and lost in court and had pay back
El Astronaute (3 months ago)
The people saying this is fake... the casinos always win blah blah, they have not understood the documentary properly. These comps and special rules this guy negotiated are not available to most people and not even to him any longer. It was a one off, where he was able through skill, manipulation and mathematicians to negate the casino edge. It is not trying to say anyone can do it, if people try obviously they will fail. You idiots saying its a 'commercial' or 'marketing ploy' haven't paid attention to the documentary at all. You also don't understand why casinos win. It's not just as simple as 'the player will always lose' or 'the casino will always win' - there are mathematical probabilities behind it, the casino generally makes sure it has a house EDGE. This guy was able to off set that edge, and this simply explains how he did it. But its not replicable. So stop spouting this age old rhetoric without even understanding basic things like why houses win and players lose.
Mundo Mando (7 days ago)
Variance is all... Small bets over a long run aka. the house wins... He clearly stated how they allowed him to make "big bets" and his sample size were small just less then 12 hours... and the dealers didn't deal fast cos' of the high stakes... He just made a luck streak with huge bets and quit with the winnings.
Don Blade (3 months ago)
IT ALL A GAME AND STRUCTURED TO LOSE-- Its all fake.. Say Mr.Don is special because he has it all figure out in MY OPINION IS BULLSH#T.. its all set-up.. They like to give the average joe a dream
Linh H Le (3 months ago)
She good at Bloomberg
Lenny Pepperidge (3 months ago)
u gotta play a minimum of 4 hours at a minimum average of 250 per hand for comps in high end casinos
TeflonPimp (3 months ago)
This story needs to be turned into a movie
Bitwise Magick (3 months ago)
Bunch of bullshit. It's suppose to manipulate you into going and throwing partys in casinos and living large(and spending) , exactly what the casinos want by developing yourself the ideea that you can somehow distract the dealers atention and try to pull some scheme . The communication is very subtile and well engineered . This is the kind of stuff psichologists get involved to do to increase sales . This is very likely a staged event, he is very likely in on it. The target is not the rich people but the poor and the average. This is very professionaly done , Vegas style. If you understand how visual communication works, think at this as social communication . It's the same as when you see an advertising on tv of detergent and you see a bitch in her home acting casual and putting the detergent into the washing machine - exactly the same thing
mdaje (4 months ago)
true warfare. i'm surprised that when a "whale" comes in like Don Johnson, the casino doesn't bring out their best dealers. some of the dealers are players themselves and some are mathematicians who know math like this guy. Just like a coach in baseball, time to call in a pinch hitter or pinch runner. but i'm sure the houses have considered that as well.
Andrew Kerr (4 months ago)
So many people do this he jus went biggg that's what's up
Hung Kevin (4 months ago)
38:55 cant believe that women is still there at the aria, saw her few month ago worst dealer in vegas, rude as fuck
MusicMan86' (4 months ago)
I’d love to smell her feet’s
ZackAmilee (4 months ago)
Having skill is cheating in Vegas lmao
XxxJuicyJayxxX (4 months ago)
Jim Murren is NOT the the owner of any of those properties ... he's the CEO.
Daniel Godlewski (4 months ago)
This whole vid just repeats itself until you find out exactly what my man Don did to get to the top...It's basically an add to get you to "learn" about the games so you believe you have an "edge" on the house and can win like he and a handful of others. They try to make it seem like Vegas, AC, and some other cities are looking for these players and YOU can be one of them. Sure, anybody can potentially win, and there are a bunch of "pro's" out there, but to think that just anyone can be one of these players is crazy. Just think of all those you don't hear about that fail miserably, and lose everything they have ever earned. There's a reason why gambling is illegal in so many places. Selling this dream of success is exactly what people hold onto, thinking that the next hand could win them millions. Just be careful out there, just as quickly as you can win you can lose it all.
Rexman Ng (24 days ago)
aye to that. something seems strange about glorifying all these people who "took vegas"
Blah 0o (4 months ago)
Said wynn was the only one not financed by crime but by wall street??? Isnt wallstreet a bunch of criminals XD JS
67hundredthz (13 days ago)
Isnt your family reunion all criminals
Elias Bargee (4 months ago)
Las Vegas is Such a shithole!
mottthehoople684 (4 months ago)
The Asian market is going to continue to grow and the domestic Market will flatten out and Vegas will be more of an entertainment center for Americans
jeff gostomski (4 months ago)
Great piece. Completely screwed up the Maryland and Ohio governors though, they had them flip flopped
Sara Herrera (4 months ago)
I love this video! I’ve watched it several times already
Scott Finnegan (5 months ago)
This man reminds me so much of the actor Mandy Patinkin it's not even funny....
hunter logan (5 months ago)
fucking D M F J .... my fucking hero!~
Razamadaz (5 months ago)
Garbage video packed with false promises;"when we come back i'll tell you his secret",yet she never does!...lol.
CyberArmy (4 months ago)
are you a horse jokey
taylor pierce (5 months ago)
I bet the movie 21 was made some what around this guy lol you already know he’s counting and shuffle tracking
tribefenatic (5 months ago)
Tombola, a real place to gamble https://arc-aws-cf-cloud-resources.tombola.com/images/playmates/playmates3/not-eligible-for-vouchers.png
samey pen (5 months ago)
I think don jhonson is came from another solar system,because he is meditation two times a day.alien brain.
Biff Tannen, Esq. (5 months ago)
"Any monkey can count cards!" Translation: I'm so practiced at it I can do it in my sleep.
E con decoro M.González (5 months ago)
Tis Video Is A TOTAL FAKE,i cannot belive that casino´s permits this man wins huge amount of money. I don´t believe it.One time ok,second time...(no more)three times....NO WAY...Why??....

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