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CS:GO - SMARTEST Pro Plays - Fragmovie

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Text Comments (370)
Virre CSGO (9 months ago)
Hope you guys enjoyed this 5min fragmovie of smart plays! I've probably missed a few plays, but I can always do a #2 video! :) Time for me to find another good song for another fragmovie, stay tuned!
Vinay N V (7 months ago)
Virre CSGO what is your cross hair settings?
Kyl3 Pr0 (9 months ago)
2:02 I believe I can fly!..
VLmusik (9 months ago)
Virre CSGO you're just a beast video maker not like channel take part of stream of csgo player on twitch and call that OMFG KennyS go to the toilet of title. You're a god of montage
rich - (9 months ago)
Virre great work as always! How about best team strats like astralis b exec on overpass. Is it possible? :D
JK11LL (9 months ago)
Virre CSGO whit 1v3 deagle roca , very Smart <3
Fay Kun (3 days ago)
Hahaha this hlae animations r always funny
çicek abbas (22 days ago)
Mk adamlar akıl küpü
Công Trần (1 month ago)
Project Gaming (1 month ago)
The last part killed me
meiru (1 month ago)
anyone can tell me why he throw fire when he saw smoke coming? 2:42
FoxxA (2 months ago)
Spotlight Nifty?
Istribian Ligen (2 months ago)
Where is xgod moments?
perKi (3 months ago)
That Device smoke play tho... damn
Mathias Ottsen (4 months ago)
This is so great! Please more of this bro
Saurabh Suryawanshi (4 months ago)
It's Pasha my friend
When i ate Pussy for the first time 0:39
Manan Man (4 months ago)
1:05 how is it smart can someone explain plz?
james wun (1 month ago)
LazyData No he used it as a fake flash bang. Nitro was looking at the AWP while Simple came down and killed him off guard
LazyData (4 months ago)
With the door smoked and simple needing to retake with an AWP vs a rifle at window, not happening. So instead of not using the AWP at all, he at least gives it some use. Questionable, but it worked.
Pratik Patel (5 months ago)
Part 2 please!
NST (5 months ago)
I love this...
Cuddly (5 months ago)
What happened at 0:30?
Virre CSGO (5 months ago)
He did a fakedrop, the CT's thought he jumped down in the drop room :)
Murat (5 months ago)
This is by far the best you did imo. Really epic!
Lowgz (5 months ago)
Such an underrated fragmovie creator. You deserve much more bro!
Virre CSGO (5 months ago)
so davin Sok (5 months ago)
So speechless just Wow....
Never Surrender (5 months ago)
3:00 epic
Sean Harris (5 months ago)
this fragmovie was so sick ! thanks for sharing !
nibba 222 (6 months ago)
Tarik pushing through a smoke SO SMART. - _-
Night Pig (6 months ago)
Pls add Pasha's mirage play where he torches snipers nest while being there and tricks the enemy..it's was in Krakow 2017
Hype Frost (6 months ago)
can someone explain 0:39?
alexfv10 YT (6 months ago)
I ve seen this plays a lot of times but this edition makes them totally different
focuszCSGO (6 months ago)
1:59 The second guy definetally jumped out of his chair... ._.
Vhans (6 months ago)
Can anybody explain me Yel's play 2:40
Masterient (6 months ago)
I love the reshade in this vid :)
Brenton Teo (7 months ago)
Anyone understand what yel was doin with the mollie
Carmelo Almadin (7 months ago)
2:41 yel I didnt get how that gave him an advantage didnt he just waste his Molotov
Definitely flusha (7 months ago)
Carmelo Almadin he was able to get the pick also he can pick up dropped utility from fugly's dead body
GamingMasterX (7 months ago)
That Device movement to stop the smoke! Unbelievable.
daniel tran (7 months ago)
Fish Ball (7 months ago)
I don't understand the first one . The chicken
wibooCSS (7 months ago)
Puting s1mples dumb move as a smart play xD
Straya Mate (7 months ago)
wow, people still play this game? Lmao what a bunch of losers KEK
Namaji (7 months ago)
full name outro song ?
beshj (7 months ago)
Smartest pro plays, has tarik in the video. Funny joke mate
Chris Marcussen (7 months ago)
The smoke grenade bodyblock from Device in Mirage window was even sicker. That was unbelievably devious.
ela ela (7 months ago)
0:41 lmao it looks like he was commanding the chicken to go drop or wot
OhakoCore (4 months ago)
iBoron channel Lmao
DerDil (8 months ago)
The play from pasha was only possible because the pros mostly play on 4:3. But sick play tho
IAm Teslo (8 months ago)
What do you record with?
IBNU AKBAR (8 months ago)
Silent Assassin mode: ON
Stefan Az (8 months ago)
miss some hiko plays but very nice video
Mr Eee833333 (8 months ago)
2:44 i didnt know what he was trying to do
OhakoCore (4 months ago)
Mr Eee833333 The Incendiary make the smokes not bound,so the smokes didnt block the sniper nest
InsaneNoerian (8 months ago)
Virre, you are so talented ☺
Virre CSGO (8 months ago)
-Z- (8 months ago)
Too early for Dosia's nade
FlashTV (8 months ago)
naf copy shox fake drop :) xD
Definitely flusha (7 months ago)
FlashTV naf did it first you retard
yash deherkar (8 months ago)
do u know which crosshair is that ?? plz
DeejBot (8 months ago)
Can anyone explain the clip on mirage where he Mollys snipers before the smoke?
Gabe Newell (8 months ago)
1:05 smart?
Onion KnighT (8 months ago)
u should have included that 4k stewie did waiting for all of them on mirage
JTBSpartan (8 months ago)
2:02 "To infinity, and beyond!"
刘海博 (8 months ago)
m.bachtiar setyo (8 months ago)
Summit on mirage plz
Armorized (8 months ago)
great video man
Skellington 37 (9 months ago)
Did not expect to see LDLC on here
ZyonicTV (9 months ago)
4:40 4:3. (I got 4:3 but stretched)
Akash K (9 months ago)
No 1 is nothing, killing guardian and taking c9 in finals with 3 frags in last round.
Matt Eagle (9 months ago)
sicc video
Faris Alfaisal (9 months ago)
dev1ce smoke block is sick
p1nk (9 months ago)
ur fragmovies are amazing. u and superstitum are 100% my favorite two
Portgas D. Ace (9 months ago)
Naf copied shox.
Matt Litherland (9 months ago)
How did Krimz ninja defuse on Mirage not get in this man!?
Matheus Orides (9 months ago)
hey make a video of fnx pls
Danny Walker (9 months ago)
Olofmeisters 1v2 against astralis on overpass, he kills dupreeh and fakes the defuse with 4 seconds left. device peeks and gets killed :)
AccuracyS (9 months ago)
Please make a video about your Render settings. I would really appreciate that because your video have a super high Quality on YT
rafael :] (9 months ago)
kennyS pls
Faisal Ikam (9 months ago)
Nice Video Dude :)
KOREA CSGO (9 months ago)
Andre Bračun (9 months ago)
I have a question for you...If i send you some of my cool clips could you edit them in a frag movie?
Aztec (9 months ago)
hey! do a #2 with flusha letting guardian (or was it fallen?) pass him, on mirage and he stays at the garbage can letting them retake
Chandra Shekhar (5 months ago)
It was flusha.
Nikhil Korgaonkar (9 months ago)
fucking love your videos man. your work is excellent
Virre CSGO (9 months ago)
Endless (9 months ago)
Very good video virre! Love your editing and the music makes this even better. Keep it up!
Virre CSGO (9 months ago)
Rumiani CS:GO (9 months ago)
guys pls watch my video pls i need to get more views
Devrim Yavuztürk (9 months ago)
diemoN (9 months ago)
How the hell can you be so good to make this things? i don't even know how to make a video :P
Jonah Mosevoll (9 months ago)
Hands down:This is ur best vid
Texual Moose (9 months ago)
subbed loved that video ;)
Patrick (9 months ago)
I really like this movie!
Misha Shevchuk (9 months ago)
There is no clip where Edward shots when he is jumping from b apps on mirage to mask noise
TommyLV (9 months ago)
fnx sent them 3 meters in the air, valve fix
Hanif Anggawi (9 months ago)
i wish i can spam the like button
Shane Reading (9 months ago)
Crosshair command?
Tom Voyage! (9 months ago)
Edit on point as always bro.
PhilintoshHD (9 months ago)
This is definately my favorite Fragmovie! Please do a #2 :D Those smart plays are absolutely stunning...
abdulaziz barbas (9 months ago)
that was great^_^
Adrien 1 (9 months ago)
Sincerely loved your vid !
navE (9 months ago)
People are saying s1mples play was stupid, not smart. But wasn't nitr0 the one that looked dead at the AWP when it came over the wall??????
King Kien Kee (9 months ago)
Hauns91 (9 months ago)
Really liked this idea. Very cool and unique.
Virre CSGO (9 months ago)
Skojarn (9 months ago)
Asså jag älskar dina vids!!!<3
Arundeep Singh (9 months ago)
😱😍 superb edit.
Axel Rajiv (9 months ago)
HarrySahne (9 months ago)
Great vid dude. Are you gonna be making a Krakow major qualifier highlight video or esl one cologne highlights?
Eisx3TeeLP (9 months ago)
Where find you this music ? i need for training.
sound pls
Red Wood (9 months ago)
Virre > Sparkles
Jevon Campbell (9 months ago)
You honestly might be top 3 fragmovie creator/editor in the world right now. You're so good at making clips I've seen before come to life in a new way. Keep up the good work.
Virre CSGO (9 months ago)
Thanks so much!
Pan veksaN (9 months ago)
Pasha full control

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