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CS:GO - Best of Team EnVyUs

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Some of the best frags from the France Team EnVyUs! Enjoy :) Want to see more in the future? Go subscribe! http://tinyurl.com/lm9spqf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virrecsgo I hope you liked what you've seen and stay tuned for more! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Frags by : Happy, NBK, kennyS, kioShiMa, apEX ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♬ Song name: LCS 2015 LoL Login Screen Music [Worlds Collide - Instrumental] ♬ Outro song: Aero Chord - Surface ● Support CanisGaming: http://goo.gl/IpghBr ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My Website: http://www.virrecsgo.com Created by Weblaan: http://weblaan.eu (Leon Vazdzihan) ● https://steamcommunity.com/id/viRRE3 ● https://www.facebook.com/virrecsgo Trade link: https://goo.gl/c8sLaj Incase you want to donate any skins! :) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join my SteamGroup! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/virrecsgo ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ WANT TO WIN BIG SKINS? then check out http://www.csgo-raffle.com/?href=viRRE ! Great gambling site with active support & smooth system! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Buy cheap games at G2A! - https://www.g2a.com/r/virrecsgo ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Software used: Sony Vegas Pro 12 Photoshop CS6 Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Shadowplay HLAE Adobe After Effects Viewmodel & Crosshair: https://goo.gl/nYS9kN ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (436)
Ognjen Jakovljevic (4 months ago)
I miss this team
Umut Kemal Kurt (4 months ago)
1:30 lul auto clutch
Jay Ish (5 months ago)
I'd like that u made kenny:'s head go up... XD ur de best
twixxeR. (6 months ago)
Atlas Neptune (8 months ago)
This team used to be a god.
Janbertnel C. Bacorro (11 months ago)
I missed the old EnVyUs! :(
I call hax
they are so good I'm getting envious.. get it??
CraiYzeuuR (1 year ago)
Game csgo/ music league of legend lulz
x Frieza x (1 year ago)
zMaXii ツ (1 year ago)
R.I.P Team Envyus 03.02.2017 :(
Márton Ferenczi (1 year ago)
cs:go, LoL song???
Daniel Nguyen (1 year ago)
Came here when I heard of the 2017 french shuffle :)
Khiro Joker (1 year ago)
Kio :( i really miss you
luiz (1 year ago)
song league of legens world
Hattrick (1 year ago)
Devil plays like silver 1. I don't understand why envy have this bastard as team member.
NiijuMeme (1 year ago)
+Daniel Sherwood yeah i know just missclick i think
Dan10101010 (1 year ago)
Sixer* not sixter
NiijuMeme (1 year ago)
Hattrick He is not in the team ! The hope of envyus ! Now it is sixter (not kio but nice player)
Nick Martin (1 year ago)
Still one of the best teams, don't care what the haters say <3
NiijuMeme (1 year ago)
Niiju That looks nice :) I subed 😀😀😀
Niiju (1 year ago)
Justin White Yeah sure ! I just post a best of video too and then I see this one xD i swear not copied :p
Justin White (1 year ago)
EnVy is mah fav team BOi
Nick Martin (1 year ago)
+TheJaiMangé4PommesHier78 tru dat
NiijuMeme (1 year ago)
Nick Martin This is THE best team EVER
ravi_ arithocrix (1 year ago)
Nice video for an amazing team. What is the music at the end? Please reply if you guys know.
Horizon (1 year ago)
Aero Chord - Surface :)
Ophitone - (1 year ago)
why did nbk have to leave :(
Lokyy HD (1 year ago)
Babo koliko godina imas
Ven0m (1 year ago)
nbk didn't leave
b a 2 g ! (1 year ago)
Ophitone - (1 year ago)
yup :(
b a 2 g ! (1 year ago)
did he leave?
Odin R (1 year ago)
such a amazing video
Virre CSGO (1 year ago)
thank you!
Robson de Souza (2 years ago)
k1o <3 :(
Michaloo (2 years ago)
You have very good cs:go movie, but this video... OMG! WTF! It's beautyfull ! <3 I love your videos ! :P
Hungry4 Memes -.- (2 years ago)
2:29 he said: "Its a Kenny ACE!" xd
Pablo Blo (2 years ago)
They traded tier 1 kio for tier 74 DEVIL, and also lost their skill in the process, so sad...
Xero (1 year ago)
They turned to shit before kio left...
Dan10101010 (1 year ago)
Devil isnt in the team LOL
Lokyy HD (1 year ago)
Devil is better than kio atm LOL
manuel Gomes (1 year ago)
If they had shox kenny nbk scream and apex they would Be one of the bests again but not devil is just terrible at this game
#-# #-# (2 years ago)
Nice viedeo my friend ;) You create in sony vegas pro 13?
PatrickStar Our Hero (2 years ago)
Why did they trade kio for the shitty devil
Forty Seven (2 years ago)
Do you make the intros yourself? If so, may i know what did you use to make one of those sick intros?
xlover 123469 (2 years ago)
Envy beasts
Soe San (2 years ago)
What song?
RTV (2 years ago)
If u watched clockwork4 like this comment :D
Linus Larsson (2 years ago)
Im swedish... and uhm ye i have fnatic and NiP but Envyus playstyle is always going to be my favourite
Pulkit Madan (2 years ago)
I thought i was good at cs go but after watching this I'm feeling I'm a noob 😂😂
John Pascua (2 years ago)
Anyone miss Kio playing for Envy?
Chip (1 year ago)
Kind of like you.
SwitchCS (2 years ago)
Then you go and prove your worth.
TIFO13 NightFury (2 years ago)
nope i hate that guy he looks idiot anyone in his place it's better
Z.Mattias NiP (2 years ago)
You're going to get 100,000 subs. OK?
Guys Wer is di fon box (2 years ago)
The best team #GoEnVyUs
Guys Wer is di fon box (2 years ago)
no matter, #GoEnVyUs
X Pilot (2 years ago)
not anymore lol
Paul (2 years ago)
I can only get so erect
george will (2 years ago)
Rip Kioshima traded for Devil.
george will (2 years ago)
+Radith Rafee Like a month ago or some shit like that
Radith Rafee (2 years ago)
Yea when
george will (2 years ago)
+Radith Rafee Already hapened
Radith Rafee (2 years ago)
the replacement
george will (2 years ago)
+Radith Rafee When is it what ?
Victor Perkins (2 years ago)
Happy and Apex, complete beats.
ahah hoho (2 years ago)
do i need to pay money to play cs go or nah ??? plz answer
darknessseess64nin (2 years ago)
+Sifou Djeddid 15 bucks on steam
Armoured Banana (2 years ago)
Is Kio bowing after every play?
Tag Thomas (2 years ago)
One of the best edits ive seen in a long time
Dhruva Kumar (2 years ago)
and these players rank's are not even global elite.
Rykolynth (2 years ago)
that league of legends world championship song tho, r8 8/8
stuqedits (2 years ago)
is virre the ine who filmed the footage at the start of the vid ?
Rulio :P (2 years ago)
"the noscope on the third" wtf does that mean and BOW DOWN TO TEAM ENVYUS!
Weedeater 66 (2 years ago)
Dude Kioshima has some of the most fluid ak work in the game
hung nguyen (2 years ago)
i'm sure in 2016 they will be best team in the world
Spelling Mitsake (1 year ago)
hung nguyen Watching in 2017
hung nguyen (1 year ago)
+darknessseess64nin haha sad for envy now
darknessseess64nin (1 year ago)
nelpan (2 years ago)
Thoorin look at this comment pls
Jean A. (2 years ago)
+ Pendurado Nguyen luminosity :)
kryz (2 years ago)
What is the fond on the thumbnail ?
TheGamefan2001 (2 years ago)
Do more of these please :p
wolfyCSGO (2 years ago)
Has anybody got the viewmodel from this?
Troye Nev (2 years ago)
more plz !!!
TES:V Rocks (2 years ago)
Haha using LoL music on a CS:GO video, anyway nice montage man! :D +1
Sp00di (2 years ago)
Crosshair ? pls guys
LiveLong Sniipe (2 years ago)
These edits are fucking amazing dude you just earned yourself a sub keep up the montages bro. :D
GeorgeTheChicken (2 years ago)
sirdocblob (2 years ago)
poor TSM
Dániel Sprok (2 years ago)
Happy's Deagle Kennys's AWP Kio's Ak ENVYUS <3 Apex's 5-7 I love you guys! :3 NBK's auto..... ok
ease (2 years ago)
What about kennyS eco ace on cobble vs fnatic?
Elias Hegle (2 years ago)
best team!
Nir Yatskan (2 years ago)
hahaha man , that's the sound of the Login Screen in League i think it was in about a couple of weeks , Lol :D
loof (2 years ago)
"Takes out 4 of them on banana!" *pulls out banana*
LAiN ^.- (2 years ago)
What next? tsm please ;´/
Vikterr (2 years ago)
1:30 Autonoob...yeah so hard to do an ace....
fake aryan (2 years ago)
kioshima aim is too op
wilde (2 years ago)
1:30 "best" of team envyus????????????????
Climax (2 years ago)
Forgot about Apex for a sec there xD
Jaiden huehuehue (2 years ago)
Kyle Azzam (2 years ago)
What headset do they use?
Villemeister (2 years ago)
https://gyazo.com/5f884020c2369b395f953b6ca5756157 I made this myself :D
Tushar Singh (2 years ago)
+Virre CSGO You are the best :D <3
Partical Studios (2 years ago)
1:28 Auto noob NBK :)
Best Team In The World!!
Jay Ish (5 months ago)
SythZz (1 year ago)
MitsaPJESUSS even though the era failed they are my favorite and I hope g2 can bring back that French hope
Now.. Sk Gaming.. :(
emrevaleska (1 year ago)
But now...
Xero (2 years ago)
+Crizox ?
Gr8 video! Thanks for the shoutout :)
Virre CSGO (2 years ago)
+CanisGaming I League of Legends thanks! np, your music is sick!
Intelligent Gaming (2 years ago)
I never thought Kioshima is that good, but recently he has been one of the best players. Specially with spray control!
박현재 (2 years ago)
Isnt kio more of a burst/tap player? :/
EDL Urbex (2 years ago)
is it just me or are alot of them against TSM
MeteowS (2 years ago)
yes des fr qui défonce tout ;)
NiijuMeme (1 year ago)
+NDT Phoenix csgo : EnVyUs (presque la meilleure team du monde) Cod : ah bah osef de call of
NDT Phoenix (1 year ago)
ca depnds quels jeux et en ce moment cs c pas terrible et cod les americans defoncent tout
NiijuMeme (1 year ago)
NDT Phoenix Les français c'est quasiment les meilleurs en esport, on a les meilleures teams
NDT Phoenix (2 years ago)
Ça fait super plaiz
Truie Violette (2 years ago)
Envy us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Francois Ben-moura (2 years ago)
Who his kennys????
Androw Blackshot (2 years ago)
My father
ZTBros CSGO (2 years ago)
You totally deserve more shit than any normal youtubers mate :)
Eric Qian (2 years ago)
Jared W (2 years ago)
Dude your editing is dope af
ZSyn3rgy (2 years ago)
do a scream spotlight plz
Kiril Tanev (2 years ago)
Best frag videos!!! Keep it up <3
Simo444r (2 years ago)
Loved The Video Please help me to reach 100 Subscribers <3 im just 82 Subs away have a great day :)
james williams (2 years ago)
Virre, your edits are such fire you don't understand. Hopefully one day I'll be on a team and get featured in one of your great edits!
Virre CSGO (2 years ago)
+james williams thanks alot dude :)
Shrade. (2 years ago)
Can i have the viewmodel settings?
Kwan (2 years ago)
Dude make a Best of Mouse Sports!
Maxime Savary (2 years ago)
Damn, k1o is such a beast !!
Goozy GamEZ (2 years ago)
Love you VIRRE <3 dat guy from steam you know me ♥
Nicholas Howard (2 years ago)
why didnt you include kennys' eco ace against fnatic?
are you making each video of this of team
so fucking awesome
hunt (2 years ago)
sick af <3
Alepfi5599 (2 years ago)
Amazing edit :)
hi im exo (2 years ago)
Loving the League of Legends Worlds music <3 xD
Luki buggi (2 years ago)
Hey Virre rly nice edit and a awesome video like always
WonderWaffle (2 years ago)
Nice League song though
Zopa (2 years ago)
Used the League of legends worlds song I like it haha
Zopa (2 years ago)
+Zek well atleast I thought it was going to be by the sound of the starting beat haha
BigBlackGl0ck (2 years ago)
S1leNMFPy (2 years ago)

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