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Kevin De Bruyne ● The Magic Midfielder ●2017

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fb : https://www.facebook.com/sarawin.mungmee snapchat : sen.31 Enjoy !! song: Ahxello - Forever Breathe Carolina & Shanahan ft. Haliene - Stars & Moon Laszlo - Imaginary Friends
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Text Comments (139)
John Conner (3 days ago)
hellrockermihir (4 days ago)
Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Aguero, Sterling, Sane and many more! City has got everything a club needs! Go City!💙
Locho96 sv6 (6 days ago)
Thiên tài kiến tạo
Neil Dickson (15 days ago)
massive chelsea fan i loved this guy since he played against us at genk.what a player what a guy.gutted when he went but hes a much happier player where he is.love watching him.magical
Sajid Abdullah (15 days ago)
I have a brother My Brother like K.De Bruyne
CraZer gamingTM (18 days ago)
De Bruyne said Team very stupid
Andy Blaze (1 month ago)
Sterling sucks...
Rimsha Ali (1 month ago)
Sad he's gonna destroy his career at Man city he should join Barcelona
Đạt Nguyễn (1 month ago)
2:55 😂😂
Dan quar (1 month ago)
Get well soon Kevin
No Name (1 month ago)
is his dick a binocular
Bharadwaj Kulkarni (1 month ago)
That pass at 2:24
Top 01demeio campos do mundo
ade mustopa (2 months ago)
kevinn de bruyne the magic
Nicolas Flores (2 months ago)
Martin Jackson (3 months ago)
If i could have his vision ill look into my future.
Outlaw Forever (3 months ago)
Linx of eyes...
TALFUT (5 months ago)
gianni Convertino (6 months ago)
Non c è stato nemmeno un gol di Kevin de bruyne
Hala madrid (7 months ago)
De Bryne > Eriksen
Old Songs (8 months ago)
I am a utd fan but I respect city and kdb. he reminds me of scholes. if only can he mastered long shot goals like scholes than he can be a complete jewel. if city can keep him away from barca and real they have a great future.
engdaa (8 months ago)
One could see during his time in the Bundesliga, how Bremen was totally relying on him. He was deciding games alone for them. I could not understand why the Bayern did not even bid for him. For me he was the best in the bundesliga during those years. He is now making Pep looking genious ;)
Kittipan kill (8 months ago)
ิbetter than omar abdulrhaman
cauã wippel (2 months ago)
Kittipan kill of course
Paulo Henrique Scheffer (8 months ago)
Phi Nguyen (8 months ago)
3:01 what's the song ??? Who can help me ? Thanks !!!1
Charles Lord (8 months ago)
I think KDB is in between R. Koeman and M. Laudrup did in Barcelona ( 1992-1995 ).
Juazeiro Da bahia (9 months ago)
M. Slezimmick (9 months ago)
His vision,his passing...Top Notch
manoey xd (9 months ago)
Elo elo 320
ariel de keyzer (9 months ago)
Isaac R. (10 months ago)
D.Silva is better
laura shane (10 months ago)
Fixed matches are real.contact the true agent onPaine1759@gmail.comRed cards,ht/ft,penalties.he just keeps making me money
fajar ilman (10 months ago)
2:25 was full of magic
Stam Garonda (10 months ago)
Wenger can't train his players to become kevin so wenger should buy him. Or maybe resign, wenger past his best.
cristian David Sm (10 months ago)
Lo hace ver tan fácil :(
Lefebvre Sebastien (10 months ago)
Penniless Pilgrim (10 months ago)
Like Robben before him this is another player that clown mourinho lost from Chelsea. I was telling everyone De Bruyne would be one of the very best way back in 2012! Shame he is gone, but thank god the clown is gone, Mourinho is abysmal at youth development.
ITZ YAHYA (9 months ago)
Penniless Pilgrim how did moanin yo sell this player, he is on another planet
Penniless Pilgrim (10 months ago)
Oh lets not forget lukaku also!
Silver Daàlmar (10 months ago)
our hero
Silver Daàlmar (10 months ago)
the special one
Adhitya Yudha (10 months ago)
Like he know how fast his enemy, how far the enemy can reach the ball, how much the curve of the ball needed, which way his teammate will choose and how fast he is, such incredible vision..
kdv Aus (11 months ago)
He is ongoing world class
Nugraha Tama (11 months ago)
De bruyne and thiago alcantara are the best midfielder in the world right now so far, hope to see them both in barca because i'm a barca fan.
Karan Koul (11 months ago)
Id put him a very close 3rd to isco and modric just my op
moatasem shihadi (10 months ago)
Karan Koul He is far better than Isco
Clyde Woodward (11 months ago)
The guy's a genius, period. He's always one step ahead of his rivals. And he's the most unselfish player I've ever seen...
Elozor Orshansky (11 months ago)
the title is 100rocent right!!
Dream Big (11 months ago)
His passes are drawing magical curve.
Noah Hamdani (11 months ago)
best in the world so far this season by milesssssss
coloow abdul aziiz (11 months ago)
most of city's forwards need to learn how to finish the assists. if that happens KDB would be KDA or KEVIN DE ASSIST lol
EMM Studios (11 months ago)
wow ,simply world class, his decision making and vision is breath taking ...imagine him with real madrid...his assist tally will boost to 3X bcz of the striking ability real have...
Khairul Arifin (9 months ago)
lol benzema will miss all chance xD
SwiftNinja 889 (10 months ago)
ya with players like benzema xD
Mia Khalifa (11 months ago)
Hope he comes to Madrid one day. Doubt it doe
Terminal Muksor (11 months ago)
De bruyne is best midfielder
Just Do It (11 months ago)
Best Young Talent
Leander Strand Malkomsen (11 months ago)
He is the best fotball player in PL
Dank Meme (11 months ago)
To bad team for a.good plsyer like debbruyne
Ahmed Haji (11 months ago)
Dank Meme who do you support
안녕하세요 (11 months ago)
아니 진짜 왜 이렇게 잘해 너무 잘하네
NaldinhoShow (11 months ago)
bate com as duas vixi
Elijah Moyo (11 months ago)
how i wish KDB and hazard can inspire Belgium into winning something major soon..would be awesome to witness coz Belgium has some really excited players damn
quitan o (11 months ago)
honestly hes so underrated one of the best imo
Edithiryanto Dekaapi (11 months ago)
best of the best
P-J Wittocx (11 months ago)
He's unbelievable ! Best vision and fastest reactions/passes ever seen. Truly magic.
Samme lito (11 months ago)
best player in the world
Shahzaib Khan (1 year ago)
his view and long passes and through balls are greattt... best midfielder (Y)
ArsenalRey (1 year ago)
How Ozil is suppose to play for us 😔
Hat trick (1 year ago)
When I first see kdb, the magician. He became my favorite, thank you for making the video
matthew (1 year ago)
then united fans say,"he's not that good"
Millionaire Laish (1 year ago)
for me he is one of the best mid i hve ever seen,
Sue Shi (1 year ago)
He's a genius.
pigmon (1 year ago)
he is not like Messi and Ronaldo, but he is one of the best player in world because he alway has special vision and intelligence.
Crescent Dmonte (1 year ago)
He is perfect replacement for kroos in Madrid even better
Ahmed Haji (11 months ago)
Crescent Dmonte his far better then kroos
한윤석 (1 year ago)
@2 song name??
Lil Chuckle (1 year ago)
This video only confirmed to me that Leroy Sane is Faster than Bellerin & Kyle Walker
william vieira (1 year ago)
De bruyne is Beckham's new apprentice!!!
Kevin De bruyne (1 year ago)
Ringmuscle (1 year ago)
Joshua Phillips (1 year ago)
FOOKFLOYD! Get lost he is city's and always will be. Kevin is our man
Ribhav Bhatt (1 year ago)
De bruyne is my fav player n there is no other midfielder who can play better than him
Steven North (2 months ago)
I think he means who are still playing
Chavall (10 months ago)
Xavi??? Zidane??? KAKA??
Ribhav Bhatt (1 year ago)
Resign ASAP Txiki exactly
Edizjer Ξ (1 year ago)
Fasial Nisar (1 year ago)
kante and de bruyne partnership in midfield thats what i want to see
Fakhrul Asyraf (1 year ago)
damn that fps. Very nice work !
GOGO (1 year ago)
City missed so many chances KDB created T.T
Jay Anguilo (1 year ago)
his vision and placement of the ball is amazing!
littlespacegaming (1 year ago)
Cracking plur
Axel Vanderoost (1 year ago)
Congrats. Best video on de Bruyne skills
Haris Manolidis (1 year ago)
only I think city's forwards should practise their finishing?
Syaifullah Edi Azman (1 month ago)
That's why now pep bought MAHREZ😉
RHQ (2 months ago)
They have now
Luis Silva (1 year ago)
No city forwards cant think that only need to play well 2or3 months a season When Aguero plays well Sane plays well and De Bruyne and Sterling play shit after that switches Aguero and Sane play shit De Bruyne and Sterling plays well in The Defence Otamendi plays well 2 months and 2 months plays shit Stones the Same Kompany always injuried Gundogan looks like the next permanent injuried Hart goes to Torino when signed Bravo to make horrible mistakes The Only excelent player they have all season is David Silva Guardiola needs to scream to these players they have to play well all season not 2or3 months
Falufale 2 (1 year ago)
right especially leroy sane
Sue Shi (1 year ago)
Haris Manolidis True. He could have easily 10 more assists this season...
Fernando Gomez (1 year ago)
Best midfielder in the world
Alexis Chabanis (27 days ago)
No kante is thé best
S.P .Fortnite (5 months ago)
Fernando Gomez xhghtrffsdh
Balli5tic_I4n (5 months ago)
호나우지뉴 iniesta,busquets
호나우지뉴 (9 months ago)
and kroos , modric
Gavin Walters (10 months ago)
Fernando Gomez d
Damge Loyi (1 year ago)
love the fps
Ahmed nur (1 year ago)
he is magic.
Ahmed nur (7 months ago)
Khadra Osman ..... yeah.
Khadra Osman (11 months ago)
Kevin de bruyne Nur you.are.muslim
Paul Kim (1 year ago)
Love your channel. No stupid editing, no tunnel vision for goals and assists. I love how you highlight the smaller moments of brilliance – turns, controls, feints, through passes, off the ball movement etc. It's the sum total of these moments that separate the good footballers from the great footballers, and you showcase them well.
SEN31 (1 year ago)
Thank you very much man :)
soung #2 name
Seigneur Beerus (1 year ago)
The most underrated football Channel ever
Moosa Ali (1 year ago)
Seigneur Beerus midfielders score 15-20 goals O.o
Seigneur Beerus (1 year ago)
+Tsako Mkansi because Silva and De Bruyne don't score 15 goals or 20 in a season, that's why they are underrated
Tsako Mkansi (1 year ago)
all city players are underrated. silva, toure, kevin, etc....and all united and chelsea players are overrated..... silva>>>>>>>>>hazard
Seigneur Beerus (1 year ago)
SEN 31 yes you're are the second
SEN31 (1 year ago)
The most underrated is Gaebba. My inspiration :)
Zhen DING (1 year ago)
all good, but what makes him superior is his view he's born with a binocular
Gabriel Arlys (1 year ago)
joga muito
HUSSAIN MARCO (1 year ago)
ITZ YAHYA (9 months ago)
HUSSAIN MARCO the won’t give balon dor or whatever it is called now, to a premier league player, because of pure European jealousy. Real can buy hazard instead
Ahmed nur (1 year ago)
he belongs to man city not real Madrid my friend😃
Rollerbear712 (1 year ago)
He's more of a Real player than a Barcelona player to my eyes.
Amanbir Singh (1 year ago)
ballon d'or highly possible... but Madrid? get lost!
SEN31 (1 year ago)
I dont think so but in football anything is possible
VEGETARIAN LION (1 year ago)
Daniel Ivanov (1 year ago)
Our ginger prince KDB
Chavall (10 months ago)
Daniel Ivanov he said he isn't ginger 😂
SEN31 (1 year ago)
student helper (1 year ago)
oooooo kevin deruuuuunnaaaah
Ashwin Bhoomkar (1 year ago)
he's the best
greeniz (1 year ago)
WayTo Stun because he played in wolfsburg
Seifo FC (1 year ago)
Love this video! Keep up the good work
SEN31 (1 year ago)
Thx man
Rubén Ruiz Morales (1 year ago)
NICE KDB ...The Besth Team City
Chavall (10 months ago)
Rubén Ruiz Morales yup he is the BESTH

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