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Text Comments (8421)
HARISHA K (4 days ago)
Happy my daughter to see this
*Voilets are blue* *Roses are red* *you came for the* thumbnail *So did you!* Like if True Never mind
Ethan Hill (6 days ago)
Ayan Mamun (6 days ago)
5 minute crafts = 5 minute same things i did in a 100 other videos
Jesse Chavez (19 days ago)
Thanos towel
ممكن الاشتراك https://youtu.be/vTg0iKIIp4I
bria 917 (25 days ago)
This is not kid toys i mean what kinda kid uses pins and needles
SparkleTimeGod (26 days ago)
may be 5 minutes to build but not 5 minutes to drive to target to get the things for it
SparkleTimeGod (26 days ago)
you know how hard it is to cut a tennis ball?
Hasanabba Agumbe (27 days ago)
Was super
Hasanabba Agumbe (27 days ago)
Was super
Hasanabba Agumbe (27 days ago)
Was very nice😊
فارس بن فهيد (28 days ago)
فارس بن فهيد (28 days ago)
Luisa Roldan (28 days ago)
eso es un engaño, solo para confundir a los niños ..... deshonestos, tramposos
Kirushanth Sivakumar (28 days ago)
Sarah Deutsch (1 month ago)
5:14 I gave one to my mom and she loved it sooooooo much! Thank you 5 Minute Crafts
Planet Cadie (1 month ago)
You rock 5 minute craft !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CC Fun Toy Play (1 month ago)
I love your videos. Some ingenious ideas https://youtu.be/4TQIEYAFaMg
Uzma Jafar (1 month ago)
These are not toys
Detty E Raichel (1 month ago)
That was my daughter
Detty E Raichel (1 month ago)
Yeah I would really love to play with a glass jar, a mop and a picture frame!
Talent Central (1 month ago)
Do you idiots even KNOW what a lonely sock is? 😤😤😤
katy nguyen (1 month ago)
It's amexing
Hari Govind (1 month ago)
Tennis ball was the coolest.
Ahmed Ahmed (1 month ago)
Love 2
Ellen Feagans (1 month ago)
The projecter didn’t work 😡
I like the pics of you and your kids so cute
Ashok Kumar (1 month ago)
Ye 2vala ho nahi raha ha
J Gowling (2 months ago)
Kavita Bangera (2 months ago)
I am fan
Kajal Saha (2 months ago)
It's really good 😀😁🤣😃😄😅...I do this very much ....
Anna O sullivan (2 months ago)
I watch these videos even though I am not going to do it . I'm addicted! 😬
Anna O sullivan (2 months ago)
The tennis ball is a great idea but won't fall off
Dylan Street (2 months ago)
How do we play with these? I guess u can rip it apart and idk 😂 throw it in the bin
104.0301吳依庭 (2 months ago)
Can anyone please tell me what is 1:12 called or tell me what is the function of it
Respawn_Craz3 (2 months ago)
6:09 or just use binoculars
حسين عماد (2 months ago)
كلش عجبتني قناتكم ستمرووو روعه❤😊👑🎂💍💐💐💐💐🔊
ashok jha (2 months ago)
Nice all
enchanted girl (2 months ago)
Most of these are not toys
Creativekitty 10 (2 months ago)
These aren't even toys
Yoshi Israel (2 months ago)
Anyone else realizing these aren't kids toys🤔
anurag chaturvedi (2 months ago)
Ok first ,we will go to find spray paint ,buying will waste our money then to the the things you've done for using spray paint and what if we unsucceded
Weirdness Factor (2 months ago)
If the sock is not lonely and it is doing fine on it’s own then you may not use it 😂
M D (2 months ago)
Kalpana Ghorpade (2 months ago)
You are very clever 😁😁😁😁😁
Dayani and Dante (3 months ago)
Who thinks 5 minute crafts is the best😍😍
Satanista (3 months ago)
5:50 wooow
gaea player (3 months ago)
I love the old 5 min crafts
Natasha Hanney (3 months ago)
Some of these weren't kids toys
Lincoln Justice (3 months ago)
This is amazing
Harper Melody Simone (3 months ago)
I don’t see how pins in lipstick is a fun kids toy
MINI D (3 months ago)
7 Kids and a Husband (3 months ago)
this was such a awesome video, I loved how you edited it. great job, i will be checking out more and subscribing
manoj manoj (3 months ago)
plz add your using items for craft
RoseyCherry 366 (3 months ago)
cool now they don't need glasses
Leor Weber (3 months ago)
there are no toys!!!????
Lilyana Aladdin (3 months ago)
Alice Stapleton (3 months ago)
awesome and cool
Jess Hopeful (3 months ago)
How are these kids toys...
Doom_X_Dude (3 months ago)
Danielle Scott (3 months ago)
vedansh Panthri (3 months ago)
Philip Studios (3 months ago)
his video is for life-hacks!!! NOT FOR TOYS!!!!!!!
Vlogging with the Yeets (3 months ago)
Bet you can’t scroll lol the way down. Read more
Penguin HDF MEGA (3 months ago)
10-second hacker (3 months ago)
nice glue gun
rocky rocky (3 months ago)
bilkul bekaàaar
Lianna Thomson (4 months ago)
9:16 is the cutest bit with the pug
Andi Chris (4 months ago)
Where are the kids toys?
Tyler Willson (4 months ago)
smart.. i love that
Its Claudette (4 months ago)
Ummm this is not kids toys this are decor but I still love it 😍
Krista Denty (4 months ago)
The first one isn’t a toy
Meena Mukherjee (4 months ago)
spekdon fugo (4 months ago)
En el minito 3:4 se movio el carro
Super galaxy (4 months ago)
Umm where are the toys
npolash (4 months ago)
What the flip
كجه تا قا نه (4 months ago)
Some what nice but I like it
Redita channel (4 months ago)
Kreatif ya
Senni Heiskanen (4 months ago)
Wow!!! Nice!
Kiki Jvc (4 months ago)
Shaurya Rathore (4 months ago)
I Like 5 minute craft
Shaurya Rathore (4 months ago)
Mast hai
seher Yılmaz (4 months ago)
Benim puanım 10👏
Jude Lagus (4 months ago)
Yehey Mr lonely sock turns into a rabbit yehe
jan chung (4 months ago)
Kid toys.......
Helian Lee (4 months ago)
none are toys
The Mythical Unicorn (4 months ago)
Why do people choose gold is it coz its good amazing or what ugh whatever
Ram K (4 months ago)
Has anyone tried the telescope one? Does it actually work this well? I'm skeptical. Also, I get the one magnifying glass is just a normal one but what is the strength of the little one? Where can I get it?
Rama Prihardi (4 months ago)
A lonely sock😀
Vivi Luthviani (4 months ago)
Hashir TV, (4 months ago)
Silver & Gold (4 months ago)
Subscribe to my YouTube channel!!!
CatsRuleTheWorld Meow (4 months ago)
Thats one lonely sock
sami hassnmqdad (4 months ago)
im ded (4 months ago)
Aren't they supposed to show you how to make 19 kids toys ? I'm only seeing 4 they even made something for a dog ! Are dogs human ?
Claire Holt (4 months ago)

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